The River.

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Luther was destined for greatness but that greatness has a downfall. He must mate. Not just with anyone. With someone his father has hand picked for him. Marjorie is the daughter of Alpha Heizel, of the Riverside pack. She is unaware of the match made for her. All her life she has been treated as a weakling. Being the youngest and the smallest child of Alpha Heizel and Luna Aurelia, she was always picked on by her brothers friends. Told what to do and how to do it. When they are forced to marry will they falter or become a force to be reckoned with?

Romance / Fantasy
EA Austin
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Introducing the riverside..

Sitting by the riverside has been my favorite pastime since before I could even remember. When my brother Julian and his buddies would irritate and taunt me, my resolve to the situation would be to find solace in the sound of running water.

Leaves rustling.

“Hello?” My eyes dart to the tree lined to see if anyone is near. I’ve jumped up to my feet and slowly twirling in a circle to eye my surroundings.

Branches cracking.

“Julian it’s not funny!”

Leaves and branches moving.

My breathing becomes heavy. I can feel an asthma attack coming. I feel like I’m spinning. When I fall to my hands and knees that’s when I see it. Those two eyes.

“Little girls shouldn’t be out in the middle of the woods, especially near a river.” A deep masculine voice says. Without a doubt that the voice belongs to those grey eyes.

Without taking any chances I make a break for it and run. Run before my breathing becomes worse. Run to find quiet to fathom what just happened. Running back to our home. The alphas post.

“Marjorie! Your not supposed to be in the woods! Come wash up and meet your father in his office.” Mother yells into the woods. I can hear her echo, letting me know she isn’t too far. Hopefully I won’t get another lecture from alpha to play nice with my brothers and they’re friends. Such assholes they are to always play victim.

I make my way to the clearing ahead. No one in sight thankfully. Making my way to the back door I slip in hoping no one will see me. As I turn around from closing the slider, mother stands before me.

“Where have you been?” She asks as she rests he hands on the opposite arms after crossing them.

“I was just clearing my head mom.” I say as I walk away into the hallway. What I was hoping was that she wasn’t going to follow me. Whelp. I was wrong.

“Alpha wants to speak with you now. Go change and make yourself presentable.” She states as she holds onto the railing of the stairs and watches me climb them. I wave my hand back to her in defeat as I enter my room. Shutting it and locking it, I look at myself in the mirror on the back of the door. Look presentable?

I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Something simple. Maybe she means something girly? Quickly switching out my basic white t-shirt for a leopard print one, I make my way out of my room, down the stairs and out the front door. I finally exhale the breath I’ve been holding and try to center myself.


After making my way to the municipal offices for the pack, I enter the building and walk towards alphas office. I feel like all eyes are on me and as I pan the room, I notice all eyes are really on me. Is there something on my face?
Arriving to fathers door, I knock and wait for a noise.
“Come in.”
Opening the mahogany doors, I make my way into the room and close the doors behind me.
“Come sit. We have much to discuss before our guests arrive.” Alpha says as he is still looking over paperwork.
“We are having guests?” I ask as I make my way to the chairs that are opposite him. Sitting down I try not to make complete eye contact with him. My hands find the other and they hold on for dear life.
“Now Marjorie, your mother and I feel you’ve reach the correct age in which breeding or mating should come into play.” He starts to ramble on as he is still looking at his paperwork.
“I’m sorry what? What breeding? I’m not a dog.”
He slams his hands down in response. Lifting his face and making direct eye contact with me.
“You will do as I say. I am your alpha and if I say it is time to fast you to another, then it is time. Do I make myself clear?” His voice booms out. His eyes are tearing their way into my soul. I can feel tears leaking onto my cheeks.
“Do I make myself clear Marjorie?!” He yells at my face.
“Yes alpha.” I say lightly as I breakdown into tears.
“Oh good our guests have arrived. Stay there and stay quiet the whole time. Your voice is not needed in this discussion. Only speak for a yes or no question. Understood?” He says Ashe makes his way to the door.
“Crystal.” I say as I wipe my face.
He opens the door and welcomes in our guests.
“Arique welcome! I see you’ve brought Luther. Such a charming young man. Come in and take a seat.” Father says in a more upbeat tone than what he just had.
Closing my eyes to remain calm, I can hear them moving.
“Heizel you brought the girl in? I thought they were going to meet on their own accord?” Alpha Arique questions.
“We have.” It’s that voice. The one from the river.
“You?” I yell out in disbelief.
“Marjorie calm down.” Alpha says and continues the conversation with Alpha Arique and his son, of which I’ve learned his name is Luther from the Blackstone pack. I feel like I’ve lost. This creep that was watching me at the river I now have to breed with?
“Sir is she alright?” Luther asks of Heizel. Looking over towards me with concern and bewilderment.
“Oh she will be okay, especially after you are sealed to one another in two days time.” Heizel says with a crooked smile on his face.
Two days?
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