Why Are You Leaving Me

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I have always wondered what life would make me out to be in my career, family life, and another thing we all wonder and want as a child. I have had a plan for my whole life to get a simple job in high school to save up for college and to have a good start out in my life. I have known what I have wanted to be since I was in 4th grade. That all changed when my best friend the love of my life was leaving. Everything changed with one simple little kiss. Will he stay or will he leave me.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

I have always wondered what life would make me out to be in my career, family life, and another thing we all wonder and want as a child. I have had a plan for my whole life to get a simple job in high school to save up for college and to have a good start out in my life. I have known what I have wanted to be since I was in 4th grade. I want to be a doctor preferably a physical therapist after seeing my dad go through losing his leg in a car accident when I was in fourth grade. Seeing him go from being in a wheelchair to using a prosthetic was amazing. Being his only support and only child be both lean heavily on each other. My bitchy ass mom left us when I was only 6 months old since then it has been just my dad and me.

My dad has always been my rock and I am his. We do everything together on his and my days off since I do not have many friends just a few close but not as important as my daddy. Many people envy my relationship with my dad that does not understand the bond we have. My dad had a bad life growing up and has always wanted the best for me no matter how much he had to bust his ass. I want to show him every day that his sacrifices are noticed and that I will make him happy. I have always tried to make my dad’s life easy by not drinking, smoking, or touching any drugs that are not the occasional prescription, birth control, or over the counter allergy, flu, or cold medicine.

I have never been someone to swore away from my plans for my life by not dating in high school or having a boyfriend in college and waiting a few years after I graduate and get my dream job to start even thinking about dating or having a family. I have always wondered what it would be like to have a boyfriend. Go on date, have him kiss me at my door, the occasional flowers, chocolate, stuff animal or silly stuff like that, but I don’t want that in my life right now. I love my life how it is I love my dad and my friends.

This was all until I met him the champion of the football team the star player. Every girl loves him they all want a piece of him I don’t blame them he is so damn gorgeous. He is a player on the field and with women not my cup of tea. He has been my best friend since we were little, we basically grew up together. His dad and my dad were best friends since they were in kindergarten. This boy has these million dollars smile messy brown hair with the most beautiful grey eyes. He has always been my rock especially when I am dealing with my daily silly problems but also when it comes to the stuff shit like my issues that is a story for another time. This boy’s name is Alexander Henry Lockwood and he is the thing that made me break my rules and break away from my plan. I am the only one he lets call him by his real name He has been my best friend for my whole life.

I have never been the cheerleading pep squad kind of girl but ever since Alex’s jointed the football team freshman year, he encouraged me to be a cheerleader so we can hang out more and it will look good on my transcript. I became the cheer caption in my sophomore year the youngest in my school’s history I might add. Everyone has always said that Alex and I would be perfect for each other since we spend almost all our time together. I also secretly believe our dad’s want us together because my dad loves him, and he is the only boy my dad trusts around me to try not to get into my pants.

“Mary Ann, get your ass downstairs your going to be late for school.” My dad yells at me as I am putting the last final touches on my makeup.

“I am coming, Daddy.” I grab my wedges and quickly slip them on and grab my back to grab my daily dose of coffee and my dad’s amazing muffins he spends Sunday night baking so I can have them as my breakfast for the week.

“Here is your coffee and muffin. I will be off when you get home so we can work in the garden.” “Yeah, I can’t wait I will see you later” I gave him a big hug as I grabbed my keys and my bag.

“Love you, bye Daddy.” I walked to my car putting my stuff in my car turned my car on and turned out of my driveway. I pulled into my school I saw all my fellow classmates talking smoke secretly drinking or smoking in their cars or at those little picnic tables. I saw my friends on the corner of the school I know exactly what we were going to do at that corner. That corner they would always secretly smoke and drink I never really took part in this since my dad would kill me. They are the popular kids who can get you into any party or any club or sports team with just hanging out with them. They are the popular cheerleaders and football players or jocks in general but since I must befriend them since this will look good on college applications and my resume. I parked my car and grabbed my stuff I headed over to them.

“Hey girly, you want a drink” this plastic perfect blonde blue-eyes bitch passed me her water bottle I know it has vodka in it. “No, I am good I don’t drink remember.”

“I forgot your miss goodie to shoes I forgot how you became our cheer captain when you aren’t even fun.” Another one but a guy this time “I also bet she is a virgin,” They all laughed but the one who did not was Henry he knows my reason for not drinking, doing drugs, smoking, and for being a virgin. He came over and giving me a hug, I always felt safe in his arms. I always loved the woody smokey smell of his colon. “How was your dad’s birthday yesterday did he like the gift I gave him.”

“Yeah he loved it he wanted me to say thank you and wanted me to invite you and your dad to dinner Saturday.”

“I will talk to him tonight.” The bell rang I went to my first period then as fast as the day started it ended. I walked to my car as I was walking, I saw Henry leaning against my car with his big ass goofy million-dollar smile.

“Hey, why did you wait for me don’t you have practice or are you hanging out with your dick ass friends,” I said opening my passenger side door putting my bag in the seat. I turned to face him I knew he was pissed since this morning.

“Hey Mar, Coach canceled practice and why would I hang out with those dicks especially after this morning. I can’t stand the way they treat you because you don’t do the shit they do.” He was always protective of me since we were little kids.

“You know why we do they got you on the football team and me on the cheer team. They are our tickets to college Henry I do not like them anymore then you do. I need to go home to see my dad I will text you if we are going to dinner with your dad.”

“Mar, are you mad at me or something please tell me.” I looked at him and all I wanted to say was “How could I be mad at those beautiful eyes, smile, body, or how much you care about me and my family. I love you so damn much, but you would never go after a girl like me since I am not the type you ever go for.”

” No, I am not I just need to go help my dad in the garden. You know how he gets about his garden he does not like to garden when it gets too hot. I also do not like to keep him waiting on his days off that are rare.”

“Ok well, I will see you later Mar love you.” I loved how he said that, but it was not in the way I wanted. “Love you too Henry Bye I will text you later” I walked to my driver’s side and waved at him as I left. I pulled into my driveway I saw my dad in his dirty gardening clothes and his old Toyota hat I got him for Father’s Day when I was 5.

“Hey, you started without me. Henry and Allen wanted to invite us to dinner on Saturday.” He stood taking off his gardening gloves wiping some sweat off his forehead. “Did they say why they invited us?”

“No, he didn’t I am going to go get changed so do you want me to text Henry that we are going.”

“If you don’t mind Mar.” I rushed upstairs to get changed I have always loved gardening I always loved the beautiful flowers, plants, and veggies my dad and I grow. I quickly changed into my dirty gardening clothes and headed outside. We pulled weeds and planted new plants. I texted Henry that we were going to dinner Saturday and we had dinner then headed upstairs to get ready for bed.

“Can you meet me outside in a few minutes I need to talk to you.” I quickly responded. “Yeah, I can just give me a second I just got out of the shower.” I quickly changed and threw some shoes on and headed outside. “Hey what did you need to talk to me about.” Before I knew it, he pushed me against a post and kissed me. His lips were so soft like velvet as soon as he kissed me, I kissed him back. It was electric as the kiss started to build in passion and need for more he stopped.

“Why did you stop kissing me and why did you kiss me, Henry.” He just stared at me “I’m sorry I just needed to do that before I leave soon.” He started to walk away, and I pulled him by his arm to stop him. “What the fuck do you mean you are leaving where the hell are you going?” he just stared off in the distance and I pulled his head to look at me. That is when I saw his beautiful eyes glossed over with tears like he was holding them back. The only time I ever saw him cry was his mother’s funeral and the day he lost his favorite stuff dog when we were six.

“I… got accepted to early admission to Harvard we wanted to tell you and your dad Saturday, but I need to leave next month to get my apartment set up. I wanted to kiss you since I will not be able to see you for a while. I have always loved you not like a sister or a friend as something more.”

“Why didn’t you tell me any of this sooner Henry I had the right to know that the one person who…” I felt tears start to sting my eyes I knew him leaving would break me knowing school was ending Friday I could not take it. “Has always been by my side who I have loved for as long as could remember why the fuck couldn’t you tell me any of this.”

Tears were streaming from my eyes I have never been the type to break down like this ever I hated crying or feeling weak like this moment. I never thought he would be leaving so soon. I could not even process the fact that he said he loved me and that we kissed. “I couldn’t bring myself to tell you that I was leaving or how I felt I am sorry for putting all this on you Mar I will see you at school,” He started to walk to his house and I let him go. I fell to the ground bawling my eyes out I could not believe he loved me or that he was leaving. I walked into my house and I saw my dad sitting at the kitchen island with a cup of tea in his hand.

“Hey sweety what’s wrong have you been crying.” I just hugged him and cried in his arms for what felt like hours. “Henry is leaving he told me, and he told me how he felt I know you don’t want me to talk about boy drama to you.” He hugged me rubbing my back “You can always tell me anything Mary and I know he was leaving his dad talked to me at the office we were going to tell you Saturday.” I was furious that he did not tell me or was I just mad at Henry for wanting to leave me. “So, you knew he was leaving, and you didn’t bother to fucking tell me, dad, why is everyone fucking hiding shit from me.”

“Language Mary Ann, I was going to tell you Saturday at dinner and I know that you are pissed at Alex right now and not at me Mary.” I stormed upstairs I could not handle the people I care about most hiding things from me that I needed to know. I hated being fucking lied to my mom had secrets that broke my family and me. She left after cheating on my dad and leaving my dad for this man. I knew she probably had this new family and that breaks me knowing I was never enough for her to stay at least enough to be a fake mom for me.

I woke up the next day I just laid there staring at the ceiling I just wanted to die right there in my bed. I need to see Henry and be able to enjoy every moment before he leaves. First things first I need to get ready for school and go see Henry. I put on the cutest outfit in my closet which is a cute flowery crop top, black jeans, and my favorite wedges. I just did my make up quickly and curled my hair lightly, so it was slightly wavy. I looked in the mirror one last time took a quick deep breath and headed downstairs to see my dad.

“Morning Mary you look pretty why are you so dressed up.” I looked at what I was wearing and then back at my dad. “Dad really this is dressed up I wouldn’t call this dressed up and thank you though I need to head out so I can get some coffee on the way to school,” I gave my dad a quick hug then grabbed my bag and my keys. “Why I can make your coffee will save you money and the gas I know how much you hate wasting money that doesn’t need to be wasted.”

“Yeah, but I really want something different today and I am meeting Henry too.” I lied I wanted to get Henry his favorite coffee and breakfast from our favorite little coffee shop. “Oh, ok well drive safe I am going to be working late tonight so I left some leftover or you can make yourself something else.” He took a sip from his black coffee. “Ok, I will figure out what I am going to do love you daddy.” I gave him a quick hug “Bye love you too Mar.”

I ran to my car and drove off to my favorite little coffee shop. I ordered mine and his favorite coffee and breakfast. He loves his triple espresso latte and his breakfast sandwich that I think is gross since all it is grease. I always get my signature double shot mocha latte with almond milk also a chocolate croissant lightly buttered. I quickly paid for our drinks and left. I quickly drove to school grabbed my stuff and headed to that corner with all my so-called friends and I saw him laughing that gorgeous laugh that always makes me smile. “Hey guys how are you guys and I got you something.” I handed him his coffee and his sandwich he gave me a warm hug. He looked in the bag then took a big swig of his coffee then said “Thanks, but why did you go all your way to get this for me.” He took a sip of his coffee giving me his signature smile. “I wanted to surprise you and I need to talk to you in private please.”

“Ok let’s talk we have a lot we need to talk about.” We walked to the gate outside of the football field and I just looked at his beautiful eyes before he started to talk. “About last night I am sorry that I kissed you.” I took a sip from my coffee. “Why are you apologizing for I kissed you back I wanted you to kiss me I have always wanted you to kiss me and I have always wanted you to tell me how you felt about me.” He came closer putting his hands on my waist and I could feel his breath on my lips he was so close to me only inches away. His nose brushed against mine only for a second, I could feel this bolt of electricity through my body for the second our skin touched. “You have beautiful eyes Mar, beautiful smile, hair, and just everything you are beautiful” I stared in his beautiful eyes. “Like what do I do that is so beautiful to you” I felt my breath hitch when I felt his lips kiss my neck, he slowly traveled up my neck to my jaw while his hands traveled up my body slowly. “The way you get so happy when you see your favorite food, the way you laugh at my stupid jokes that aren’t even remotely funny and the way you dance to a song like no one is watching.” He kissed my cheek he was holding me so close to him and he just stared at my eyes. He moved his gaze to my lips I wanted him to kiss me again I need to have his lips on mine. “Kiss me, Alexander Henry.” At that second, he kissed me it wasn’t like the first kiss it had more heat and passion that build up fuels a kiss makes you want more than just a fucking kiss I wanted him all of him. I lightly pulled his hair hearing him groan while his hands played in my hair. We kissed for what felt like years I did not even realize that he had pushed me against the gate of the football field or that we were at school.

“We need to get to class Mar I will see you after school.” He kissed my head and then walked into the school.

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