Blaire x Jax

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Now I'm a normal girl, and go to a normal highschool. The only thing weird about me is my aversion to social activities and incredible sarcasm. Not everyone appreciates my sarcasm but hey, not my problem. Now I'm definitely not a nerd, I mean, come on I make B's and C's, not super smart. So when my mom says were moving well... I didnt really care. But when I get to my new highschool and Jax the resident "Badboy" is quiet as hell and walks the opposite way I do, well... let's just ask what the hell have I got myself into.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Ugh..... this is why no one likes math, especially when we're so close to going home. I mean come on this should be illegal or something. Hmm maybe I could get a petition or something. Nah, I'm way too lazy.

What if I left a bad comment on the school's web page. Now that might work. Ha and people thought I was dumb I mean just look at how thoughtful and sma-

"Ms. Walker!"

I slowly look away from the window to my math teacher, Mrs. Good. Now dont ask me who thought her name fit her in any way. I mean seriously, this woman is evil. Now I know, dont judge people, but this lady really made me scrape gum off of all the cafeteria tables just because of a little accident.

It's not like I meant to knock over a bottle of hand sanitizer, or for her to walk by me at that exact moment, or for her to slip and get it all over her clothes. I mean seriously this woman can hold a grudge. It wasn't even-

"Ms. Walker! Can you explain to me why the window is holding your attention and I'm not." Now that's a good question, to watch the hot football players or to watch an old lady try to tell kids how to solve problems from hell... hmm.

But instead of saying that I just put an innocent look and a big smile on and say, " Mrs. Good! I'm so sorry, I really only meant to glance outside, but I mean come on, look at the view" and point at the football players with there shirts off.

Mrs. Good looks, then turns back around red and glares at me. "Ms. Walker this is unacceptable behavior and if I catch you again I will give you another detention!" She yells, while I silently groan.

Don't even get me started on her detentions, I swear she has the devil on speed dial to get the best torture tips. She makes us watch these terrible videos where an old man sits and lectures the camera about what is right or wrong and how to this or how to that. Ughhhhh, it's so annoying.

So I say nothing and put a properly chastised look on my face. She gives a Huff and turns back to the rest of the classroom.

When she starts her lecture of Mental Abuse To Humans again I tune out and go back to looking at the football players. I mean damn... look at those abs though.


When I walk through the door to my house I immediately smell the scent of chicken fried rice. Mmm... that smells so good.

"I'm home!"

My comes running out of the kitchen to hug me and I can't help but laugh. My mom has bright blue eyes with short blonde hair, she's also 5'8 and wearing a t-shirt with overalls covered in paint. The only thing we have in common are our eyes which are both blue but mine are an icy blue. The rest of me is 5'2 with long dark brown hair I get from my dad.

"What's that for" I can't help but laugh again.

She smiles a nervous smile and says, "Guess what, Blaire"

I look at her warily and ask "What?"

She suddenly grabs my shoulders and yells, "We're moving to the North Pole!" I look at her excitedly say, "We are! Seriously"

She let's go of my shoulders, puts her hands on he hips while looking at me with an "are you dumb" face. "No, why the hell would we move to the North Pole, it's so cold" she says and shivers. "And no we're moving to Seattle" she says and turns back to the kitchen.

I yell "What!", and drop my bag. "So much for having a normal night with some good food" I grumble.


"Nooo, why must you torture me this way. Have I not been a good daughter. Have I not done mostly good in school. Oh god what have I done to deserve this" I say dramatically while falling onto our last piece of furniture, our grey couch.

From the other room my mom yells, "Get off the couch so the movers can move it" and I realize three guys are looking at me with confusion and immediately hop off.

I go look for my mom and see her trying to lift a box marked "heavy" and ask "Do you need any help?"

She looks at me and goes "No, I'd like to continue to struggle and continue to break my arms" and rolls her eyes.

I beam at her and say "Ok!" And skip to the next room. My mom yells "Blaire get ass back here and help me with these boxes!"

I laugh while I go back to my mom and she glares at me. I just laugh harder.

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