Blaire x Jax

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Chapter 2

Wow..... this house is big. I don't really see why my mom decided that a four bedroom and two story house was just right for two people. Like was it super cheap or-

"Blaire!" Mom calls from the living room and I groan. She wants help for rearranging the couches, says that "There is a specific way for everything" Ughhh, I was hoping she would forget I'm here and not ask for help. Ughhh, I go downstairs to help her, resigned to my fate.

Later in my room my legs hurt and I just want to sleep. Jeesh why did I let my mom make me do most of the work. I groan as I flop onto my bed. "I'm an idiot" I groan while looking around my room. My bed is against the wall, in middle of the room with the headboard on the opposite wall of the door with a huge walk in closet right next to the door, which has all my clothes and shoes, which I got to say I really only wear my sneakers, the rest are just collecting dust. I found a spider in one of the heels once and let me tell you, that was terrifying. I have a TV on a stand with random knick knacks like trophies which are very little.

My first place trophy for the Hoop Shoot is the one I'm the most proud of. Although I only got first because there was only one other girl in my age group and I made one out of 50 tries and she made zero. But still first is first so all the haters can back-

My mom comes in right at that moment while I'm remembering my trophy and asks "Do you want pizza" I look at her astonished and say, "Whoever doesn't want pizza is not trustworthy"

She just rolls her eyes and says "I'll take that as a yes" I smile at her saying "Yep". She leaves and I just go back to staring at my ceiling. "Oh and hun, you start at your new highschool tomorrow" My mom yells from the kitchen.

I groan thinking about how I'm going to have to get through people staring at me. Then I sigh, knowing people can't just mind there own business and are going to ask questions. "Ughhhh" Hopefully they'll realize fast that I'm fine sitting alone in the corner.

"Get down here and help me unpack the kitchen" my mom yells. I just groan again


"Wake up!"

I jerk up surprised and panicked and yell "Are we being robbed?!" I stare blearily at my mom who is on the floor by my bed laughing her butt off. Then I realize she was just waking me up for school. "Ugh why do you have to be so mean" I say and roll over away from her and throw the blanket over my head.

Mom snorts and says "If you dont get up right now you are going to be late for school"

I jerk up again and look at my phone. 7:30am. School starts at 8:30. I jump out of bed and run to my closet to go get some Jean shorts and a sarcastic T-shirt. I hear my mom leave my room and grumble under my breath.

When I go outside I see my light teal convertible. That's my baby and her name is Ocean because as you can see she looks like the ocean. I run my hand across the hood as I walk by and give her a pat on the dash when I sit behind the wheel. My baby took me forever to save up on.

When I finally get to the school, after yelling at some idiots who need to look up what a blinker is. I groan as I hop out and grab my bag. I flip my ponytail over my shoulder and stroll right up to the front doors, ignoring all the kids standing in groups staring at me.

As I start look around I suddenly feel someone right behind me and turn around ready to tell this person the meaning of personal space. The words pause in my mouth when I see him. The first thing I see is his chest, which damn you can see that this guy is built. The black shirt he is wearing really complemented his muscles, like seriously what is this guy eating? When I finally drag my eyes up to look at his face I see his strong jaw and his eyes which are green with flecks of yellow. His hair is just long enough to brush his eyes and neck. And jeesh he looks like he's 6'5 for crying out loud. Damn he's hot. I hear him grunt and realize I must've said that outloud and I blush.

I see him smirk which knocks me out of being creepy and just staring at him. I frown and cross my arms while I glare at him."Do you need a dictionary so you can look up the meaning of personal space" I say to him.

He gives a small laugh and says "Why would we need personal space." I frown again and say "Because it's what normal human beings do"

He gives me a confused look and says "humans?" I look at him incredulously and say "Yeah, like you and me" He just continues to look at me confused, so I roll my eyes and turn back around to look for the office. Suddenly I feel him lean his head into my neck and sniff me, automatically I jerk forward.

I whip back around to yell at him and I see his surprised face. "I literally just told you to stay out of my space, alright, now leave me alone!"

"Jeesh I knew a new school would've been kinda weird at first but holy moly I didnt think the students would be this creepy" I grumble under my breath. I finally see a sign that leads to the office and realize the creepy guy is standing in front of it. So I turn back to him and ask "Can you move, your in my way"

When he doesnt move, still looking at me surprised, I roll my eyes again and brush past him so I can open the door to the office, where I can see a secretary.

I hurry to close the door so I won't feel his eyes on me, making my heart race.

Creepy and weird, but damn was he hot.

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