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Accalia King is lost, her pieces are broken. Can Silas change that? High school's baddie Accalia, the no dating girl. Will she become the highschool lovebird with Nerdy Silas?

Romance / Drama
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Left alone

Present day
Accalia's POV
I glared at droplets dripping from the glass of the window. I don't know, maybe I've been staring at these droplet passing by for a minute or an hour. Every thing just seems blur. I left for a reason, was it valid enough?
To get me pass my immortal thoughts, my Grandmother whose home I've been living in since a week or so interrupted.
"Cheryl please, I need to be alone."
"Accalia, you've been here for a week without being alone. What happened? Was it something with Silas?"
"Don't! He an I were just a highschool romcom, ended with time."
"Was it? Just a rom-com or whatever? He looked at you as if he couldn't even bare the though of a feather hurting you. What changed?"
273 Days Ago

I moved the last suitcase of Nathan's stuff in the car. He was going to Sarah Lawrence, being his cousin, we were strangers in school and icecream partners of midnight. But him going away meant that now I have to deal with everything on my own. My legal guardian of a contract, highschool and most all the truth. I put my hands in the back pocket of my jeans and took a deep breath.
"So? Leaving me? May Sarah Lawrence treat you harsh so you just come back."
"Oh please! I'll FaceTime you enough to make you wish to get rid of me."
"You wish."
"Hey! Im going, you're the only kid of the house. So...."
"Stop going out so late, the backdoor won't be open without me here. Stop being so straightforward, its really harsh. Start writing in the journal. Leave your parent's truth for a while, atleast until I come back. Okay?"
" I have a choice?"
"Come one, grow up ace!"
"Fine!" I hugged him and tried to hide ny face in his hoodie, saving me from crying. Because I need to be strong, let go of him. Him not being here, meant to deal with my my annoying uncle and aunt, who are just my gaurdian for ny dead parents' money. Only sane relatives I have is my cousin who's going to college and my grandmother Cheryl, whose MIA nine months out of twelve. And if my mother's journal count, than that too. As soon as I stepped on the porch, Vannesa, my bestfriend, texted me.
Motorcycle race to the fun fair. You in? -V
I'm so fucking in. But why such a sudden plan? -A
You need this -V
Atleast she half understands me...

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