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The Unknown

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Chapter One: First Encounter

Once you meet this girl, you’ll see how attractive she is. You’re going to be struck at her immediately as you see her.

She was walking around the garden brushing her fingers along the lane of flowers.

The ray of the sun made her fair skin show up more. Her slender body was accentuated by the floral dress she was wearing.

She has a well-rounded chest, small waist, voluptuous hips, slimmed legs and arms. Her hair was wavy making her come out with elegance.

“Miss Romero, you’re father have arrived and is asking for your presence.” a servant boy came up to her.

The blue in her eyes sparkled with delight as soon as she heard what the boy said. “Where is he?” she asked.

Her voice was light and you can feel the sweetness in her tone.

“He’s in the office, Miss Romero.” the servant boy answered. “Thank you, Antonio.”

The girl walked into the inferior of her house and move towards her father’s office.

She knocked unto the door and said, “Dad, it’s me.”

“Come in, dear.” she opened the door and saw her father looking at some paper files. “How are you, Dad?”

“I’m fine, dear. Take a seat.” Her father instructed.

“Are there news?” she asked as she sit on a sofa. “Nothing yet, but I want you to be ready for tomorrow.”

The girl looked at him in confusion, “Why?”

“We have guests coming tomorrow and they’ll have dinner with us.” her father said. “Is it for business?”

“You can say that, dear.” her father looked at her, “Dress nicely tomorrow, Roseanne.”

“Okay, Dad.” as soon as she said that, she went out of the office and proceeded to her room.

She was wondering who the guests were and why her father would invite them. It was the first time her father accepted guests.

She walked towards her patio and stared at the wall in front of her.

‘What does it look like outside?’ she thought.

She was locked inside, she didn’t know why.

One time, she asked her father if she could go outside but he said, “Its better if you stay here, dear. I have a lot of enemies in business. You should stay unknown.”

All her life she stayed in that house surrounded by barriers. She studied, played and celebrated annual events in there. She basically grew up inside the barrier.

She fiddled with the necklace she was wearing. It was a gift from her mother. It has her initials ‘RR’.

She was ten when her mother died. Her father said that she died because of cancer.

She couldn’t believe it at first, but only believed when she saw her mother’s corpse.

She was already seventeen but still can’t move on from her mother’s death. Her parents were her sanctuary.

It was broken when her mother died. Still, she has her father but hasn’t had a good time with him as he is always busy with work.

She doesn’t know what kind of work, her father does. Like her, it was unknown.

After the funeral of her mother, her father went straight to work.

Roseanne didn’t care if her father doesn’t spend much time with her, as long as he is still with her, she is perfectly okay with that.

It was getting dark so she went outside her room and went to the dining room.

She saw her father sitting there, “Roseanne, you’re here. I was about to ask someone to call you.”

“Shall we eat, Dad?” she smiled at her father earning a smile from her father too. “Sure, dear.”

After they eat, she went to her room. She planned to take a shower after eating so she stripped out of her clothes and turned the shower on.

While she was shampooing her hair, an alarm broke out. She quickly panicked as she was confused for what was going on.

A sound of locking a door was heard, hence, made her look up and saw a guy wearing all black and a mask.

She was about to scream but the guy covered her mouth. “Shout and I’ll kill you.” She slowly nodded realizing the guy was holding a knife.

The guy’s voice was low and a bit husky. It was alluring. She scanned him from top to bottom.

She was looking at a masculine body, it wasn’t that bulky but you can see the muscles in his chest, biceps through his shirt.

“Who are you?” they both asked. The guy chuckled.

‘Even his laugh is alluring.’ she thought.

“I am Jacques.” the guy said. “Roseanne.”

“You have a beautiful name, it’s as beautiful as you.” he said making her blushed.

A knocked was heard making Roseanne alarmed. “Don’t tell that I’m here.”

“Miss Romero, are you fine?”

“Yes, I am fine. What was that all about?” she tried not to stutter. “We thought there was an intruder, but false alarm.”

“Okay, thank you.” She said.

They heard the closing of the door so she breathed out. She looked up to the guy and said, “You’re the intruder?”

The guy nodded, “I thought Sebastian didn’t have any other relative?”

“I’m his daughter.” she said. “What are you doing here?” she added. “I’m looking for a stolen file.”

‘Why is he looking for a stolen file here?’

“I didn’t know Sebastian had a daughter.” he said. ‘So I was really unknown.’

“I was hidden here.” she said.

“A daughter who’s so sexy.” The guy smirked as he eyed Roseanne’s body.

Roseanne suddenly got flustered and covered her body with her arms. “Look away, you pervert.”

Jacques laughed and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll see that more often starting today.”

He winked at the girl and her cheeks were immediately tinted with red. The guy went out of the bathroom and Roseanne quickly finished her bath.

She expected not to see the guy anymore as soon as she was out the bathroom but he was still sitting on her bed.

“I thought you were gone, already.” she blurted out. “Why? You want me to stay here?”

“I don’t.” she said and turned her way to her closet.

As she was changing, “You have a cozy room.”

“Well, thank you.” she said. “It’s cozier if you sleep with me, want to?”

“You might want to go already, they might catch you here.” she said as she dries her hair.

“I appreciate your concern.”

Roseanne turned around and was stunned as she saw her face near with the guy’s.

“By the way, I really like your scent.” he said and made his way to her patio. “See you soon, Roseanne.” and he jumped down.

It was the first time they encounter each other. Roseanne finds herself thinking of Jacques.

She was already interested with the guy. Roseanne lied on her bed still thinking of Jacques.

She rolled on her bed back and forth remembering the scene on the bathroom. She was still embarrassed.

Will Roseanne meet Jacques again?

What was the stolen file, Jacques was referring to?

Who were guests arriving?

Stay tune and let’s find out what will happen in the next chapter.

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