Ghost Town

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A human that falls in love with a ghost, but what is the price of eternity?

Romance / Humor
The Late Night Owl
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Chapter 1

“You sure you wanna go sweetie?”my mother pleads for the fifth time in two weeks.

“Yes, I remember too much here, I wanna go mom, please.”I say as I fail miserably at the attempt to prevent tears from trickling down my face.

I then look at the family photo hanging on the wall of my bedroom, we took that 16 years ago, my grandmother was holding me so securely in her arms, a genuine smile on her face instead of the ones you fake for a picture.

This makes me more sure of my decision.

She then looks at the picture and sighs.

“We had all lost our loved ones before darling, you’ll get over it soon.”the patience in her tone is obviously getting duller each time she repeats this sentence.

“Just leave me alone mom.”I moan as I shove her furiously out my door, that went a little ruder than I intended.

I am gonna to have to apologize to her for enduring this someday, she’s just trying to help, and me taking half the food portion I usually take because of having a bad appetite isn’t exactly easing her anxiety.

I grab the taser grandma had given me from the drawer, examining it, odd for a parting gift, just a few days before her death, she had given me this. Not that I’m good at self-defense, but for a high school girl that goes straight home after school, isn’t this a bit much?

I double check my stuff, then I think about bringing the taser, not that I would have to worry about the luggage checks, since I’m taking my father’s private plane, just that I don’t want to be reminded of grandma, but not that I wanna forget her either. I sigh, then take it and shove it into my bag.

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