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Here are 12 Stories on any topic , any scenes any part of anyone's life. It can be on anything. Hope you'll enjoy it .

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The carving

Today i am Cooking a traditional dish. This dish has a good amount of garlic. I smelled it. It smells delicious.

I walked towards my dining table and kept my plate and a glass of water.

I live alone. And and i am satisfied with this but something i am bored..or sometimes i feel like i have forgotton to smile.

*Ting tong*

I heard my doorbell. Who will be here at my house at this time??

I took a peek from spyhole. There's a lady standing behind the door who looks pregnant and has a bunny type bubbly face. Oh! Shes' standing with a plate and a spoon. Why ?

I opened the door. She looks 6-7 month pregnant. " Hello " she greeted.

" Hello "

" How can i help you? " I asked

"Umm...i am your neighbour. I know we don't know each other but can you please give me a a bit of food of whatever you are cooking. It smells delicious. "

I think she is having carving. Cute. Her face is cute and eyes full of Hopes.

I smiled at her innocence. " Yeah sure. Come in. " I said.

" Thank you..and i am very sorry..i am very sorry..oh god this is so.. embarrassing ! I am sorry.." she apologized.

" Its'ok. Btw what's your name dear ?" I asked.

" Sheena. And i am sorry. "

" Hey ! Its ok...it happens in pregnancy no need to worry, Btw i am rita. So ..how many months ?" I asked while packing my traditional dish for her.

" 7 "

" Great ! Take care..and call me if you want any help " i said while handing the packet to her.

" Yes, and thank you very much !! And i am sorry " she said with various expresions changing on her face. Shes'embarrassed and her nose and cheeks are red . I Chuckled at how cute and bubbly she is. You can sense that innocence in the way she talks.

We walked till the door. " Bye ! Take care. "

" Bye n thanks. " She said and started to walk towards her house with the packet which i gave her.

She looks like a small rabbit who's happy after her small hunt and is happily returning to her home.

I closed the door.

Maybe after a long time..but i ate my dinner with a big smile on my face.

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