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TW: contains smut and rape Katarina Jackson (Kitty) is what most people might call a bad girl because of some things that happened in her past. After being raped by someone whom she trusted with her life, her life changed drastically. Trey and Troy Moore are twins who have always shared everything toys, food, even women. They own and operate T&T tattoo parlor as well as work at their dads bar. They meet Kitty after she hires their little sister to babysit her daughters on the weekends. The three of them will face many trials before they can settle down for a happy life. Are you ready to go on this wild ride with them.

Romance / Drama
Konstance Wright
Age Rating:


TW: This chapter contains explicit scenes of rape, suicide, abuse, and teen pregnancy. Read at your own risk.

“Please stop,” she cries as her uncle forces her legs apart.

“It’s OK, KitKat. I’m going to make you feel good. I’m going to make you into a real woman.” He pulls her nightgown off and starts rubbing her growing breasts. She squirms, trying to push him off, saying, “I won’t tell anyone if you just stop, please, Uncle Keith.” Keith then takes out his flaccid dick and starts stroking it until it gets hard. He then gets between her legs and pushes into her virginal cunt.

After several long hours, he finally leaves Katarina’s room. Thirty minutes after he leaves, Kitty walks to the bathroom and cleans herself up. When she walks back to her room, she is greeted by her best friend, Olivia, who examines her sheets with tears in her eyes. When Olivia notices her, she walks over and pulls her into a hug, telling her that it will be OK. With Liv there to comfort her, Kitty breaks down crying. Once she calms down, she tells Liv, “I couldn’t stop him. He said that I asked for it because of how I dressed and acted around him. But I didn’t want it, Livvy, I didn’t ask for it”. Liv hugs her again as she starts crying once more and says that she will call her mom.

An hour later, Liv’s mom, Kathy, shows up and asks what happened. Liv gives her a rundown of what happened, and her mom tells Kitty to go put on some clothes to take her to the hospital. Once they get to the hospital, Kathy tells the doctor what happened, so they decide to run a rape kit and call Kitty’s parents.

--3 months later—

As I’m sitting in the bathroom waiting for Mrs. Kathy to come back with the pregnancy test, Liv bursts in, screaming, “KEITH JUST COMMITTED SUICIDE IN HIS CELL!.”

“What the hell are you talking about? Calm down, Olivia.” I tell her.

“Keith was just found dead in his cell. They’re saying he hung himself.” I sit on the side of the tub, dumbstruck. So many emotions are running through my mind, first and foremost shock, then fear that this isn’t real, next understanding, and then finally joy it’s over he’s dead. I start crying, and Liv runs over, asking if I’m OK. “I’m fine; these aren’t sad tears, these are happy tears, he’s dead, Livvy!.” As we are laughing, Mrs. Kathy walks into the bathroom with a brown paper bag. “Is that it,” I ask, dread settling in my stomach.

“Here you go, sweetie,” she tells me with a sad look in her eye. As a mother figure, Mrs. Kathy has been there since my own kicked me out of the house a month ago after I was raped.

“Olivia, let’s go.”

“But, Mom, I have to be here. I’m her best friend.”

“Olivia now!” Hesitantly Liv walks out of the bathroom after looking back at me. Ten minutes later, Liv bursts into the bathroom after hearing me start to cry, saying, “What’s wrong, Kitty? What is going on.” I point at the three pregnancy tests on the counter and start to cry harder.

“MOM!!” Liv yells, her voice cracking.

“What's wrong, Olivia?" Mrs. Kathy asks, barging into the bathroom, worry etched on her face. Her face becomes ashen when she catches sight of the three positive pregnancy tests on the vanity.

"Oh, Kat baby are you OK, honey?" she asks as she comes to hug me, making me cry harder.

"I'm pregnant." I breathe out. "What am I going to do?" I ask as I start to hyperventilate.

"Well, first, you are going to calm down. Deep breaths in, out. In, out. The next thing we are going to do is get you a doctor's appointment set up for the next couple of days." she says gently, hugging me.

"Oh. My. God. My best friend is pregnant. Ohmygod. I'm going to be an auntie!" Liv says after being quiet the whole time her mom and I were talking. Mrs. Kathy and I start laughing at her enthusiasm.

Eventually, Mrs. Kathy leaves to call a doctor friend of hers to see if I can be seen later this week. Liv and I go to our room, lay on the floor on our sides, and stare at each other. "So, how are you doing, babes?"

"I honestly don't know how I feel right now. Like part of me is excited, because you know I've always wanted to have kids. But the other more dominant part of me is scared out of my fucking mind because I'm fucking 13. So I don't know how to feel at the moment."

"Well, Katarina, from the looks of it, you seem to be about 17 weeks along, and everything seems to look good. I would like to see you back in two weeks." Dr. Goodwin says as she writes in my file.

"Why so soon?" I ask, worried as I put a hand on my stomach protectively.

"It's nothing wrong with the baby. We like to take precautions with expecting mothers who have been through traumatic experiences during the pregnancy or the conception of the baby."

"Oh, OK. Well, when can I hear the heartbeat?" I asked as I got my things ready so I could leave.

"You should be able to hear it at the next visit if you want." Dr. Goodwin says.

"OK, see you in a couple of weeks, Dr. Goodwin," I say, walking out of the exam room.

"Bye, Tammy. See you next time." I say to the receptionist as I walk over to Mrs. Kathy.

The next two weeks go by relatively fast, and soon, I, Olivia, and Mrs. Kathy are back on our way to Dr. Goodwin's office for my next check-up.

"Hi, Tammy," I say, walking into the office. "How are you doing today?"

"I’m doing pretty good, and you?” She asks.

“Today’s been good, no morning sickness so far, so that’s good,” I reply.

“Well, there is your baby’s heartbeat.” Dr. Goodwin says as a fast-paced oomph-oomph sound throughout the room.

“That’s my baby?” I ask, tearing up while looking at the screen of the ultrasound.

“Yep. Oh wait, there are your babies!” She exclaims.

“Wait, babies… as in more than one?” I yell.

“Yep, you’re having twins! Do you want to know what you’re having?” She asks.

“Can I?” I beam.

“It looks like you are having …. Twin girls!!” She declares.

“Yay, I have always wanted a daughter!” I tell her.

--5 months later--

“Oh my god.” I gasp as a sharp pain grips me as I’m sitting on the couch.

“What’s wrong, Kitty!” Livvy and Mrs. Kathy asks as they rush over to me.

“I think my water just broke,” I state, feeling a wet sensation run down my legs.

“Let’s get you to the hospital. Olivia, get her to-go bag and the baby bag, please.” Mrs. Kathy says.

“OK, Mom, I’ll meet you guys at the car,” Liv yells as she runs to get the bags.

--17 long, painful hours later--

“AHHHHHHHHHH!!” I scream as another contraction hits. “Why does this hurt so FUCKING bad?”

“It’s OK, baby. We are right here. You got this, honey.” Mrs. Kathy tells me.

“Hi, Kat. Let’s check to see how far you have progressed. It looks like you are ready to start pushing.” Dr. Goodwin tells me. “I want you to start pushing when the next contraction hits, OK.”

“I CAN’T!!” I say, crying.

“Yes, you can. Now PUSH!” She says.

--2 hours later--

“You have two beautiful, healthy little girls. What are you going to name them?” Dr. Goodwin asks me as she hands me my babies.

“Well, the oldest I think I’m going to name Savannah Eliza Jackson. And her little sister’s name is Abigail Paige Jackson.” I say with pride, beaming down at my two beautiful daughters.

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