Life As We Know It

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TW: contains smut and rape Katarina Jackson (Kitty) is what most people might call a bad girl because of some things that happened in her past. After being raped by someone whom she trusted with her life, her life changed drastically. Trey and Troy Moore are twins who have always shared everything toys, food, even women. They own and operate T&T tattoo parlor as well as work at their dads bar. They meet Kitty after she hires their little sister to babysit her daughters on the weekends. The three of them will face many trials before they can settle down for a happy life. Are you ready to go on this wild ride with them.

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TW: This book contains explicit scenes of rape, abuse, and teen pregnancy.

"Please stop", she cries as her uncle forces her legs apart. "It's okay KitKat I'm gonna make you feel good. I'm gonna make you into a real woman." He pulls her nightgown off and starts fondling her growing breasts. She squirms trying to push him off saying "I won't tell anyone if you just stop, please Uncle Kieth." Kieth then takes out his flaccid dick and starts stroking it until it gets hard. He then gets between her legs and pushes into her virginal cunt.

After several long hours he finally leaves Katarina's room. 30 minutes after he leaves Kitty walks to the bathroom and cleans herself up. When she walks back to her room she is greeted by her bestfriend Olivia examine her sheets with tears in her eyes. When Olivia notices her she walks over and pulls her into a hug telling her that it will be okay. With Liv there to comfort her Kitty breaks down crying. Once she calms down she tells Liv "I couldn't stop him. He said that I asked for it because of how I dressed and acted around him. But I didn't want it Livvy I didn't ask for it". Liv hugs her again as she starts crying once more and says that she is going to call her mom.

An hour later Liv's mom, Kathy, shows up and asks what happened. Liv gives her a rundown of what happened and her mom tells Kitty to go put on some clothes so that she can take her to the hospital. Once they get to the hospital Kathy tells the doctor what happened so they decide to run a rape and call Kitty's parents.

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