Life As We Know It

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Chapter 7

~~ Kitty POV ~~
I wake up with a pounding headache and feeling like I’m about to puke my guts out. As I go to roll over onto my side my stomach lurches and I jump out of the bed rushing to the bathroom. Once I empty my stomach contents I’m left dry heaving against the side of the toilet. After I use the bathroom I decide to take a shower to get the stink of alcohol out of my hair and off my body. I turn on the water waiting for the temperature to get warm enough. As the water heats up I start undressing peeling my dress off of my body, taking my bra off, and shaking my hair out. Before I get into the shower I grab my brush and start brushing the tangles out of my hair. I get in the shower and let my muscles relax as the hot water cascade down my body. After about 10 minutes of standing under the water I grab my Shea Moisture shampoo and start massaging it through my hair starting at the roots. Once I finish shampooing I grab my Shea Moisture conditioner and massage it into my hair and let it sit for about 5 minutes before I wash it out. Once I get all of the conditioner out of my hair I grab my shower puff and squirt some of my strawberry coconut shower gel on it. As I massage the shower gel into my body I tell Alexa to start playing my shower playlist. When I finish showering I rinse the suds off of my body and step out of the shower and grab my towel of the towel rack across from the sinks. After I wrap the towel around my body I wipe the fog off the mirror and look at my hair before I grab my Shea daily hair moisturizing lotion. When I finish styling my hair I tie my silk head scarf on to keep my edges laid, before walking out of the bathroom to let my hair air dry. As I walk into my room I’m humming to myself with my eyes closed, I open my eyes only to be startled by the sight of Trey and Troy laying on my bed with their arms draped over their eyes.
“What are you doing in my bed?” I ask as I walk into my chest sitting on the wall adjacent to my bed to grab a bra and underwear.
“Waiting for you to come out of the shower to make sure you were still alive.” Troy says without moving his arm.
“Well would you mind leaving my room so I can get dressed?” I say as I walk into the closet to grab some clothes to wear for the day.
“It’s not like we’re looking. Just hurry up and get dressed, Kat.” Trey says as he lifts his head up to look at me.
“I thought you weren’t looking, Trey?” I ask as I walk out of the closet wearing my bra and underwear.
“Well, kitten we weren’t looking until you made us think there was something worth looking at. And obviously we were right in our thinking that there was something to look at.” Troy says, as he looks me up and down with a smirk, openly checking me out.
“Why don’t you take a fucking picture, it’ll last a lot longer than your memory?” I say as I turn around and go back into the closet.
When I finally come out of the closet the boys are still sitting on my bed now scrolling through their phones. I walk past them back into the bathroom to comb through my hair, pull on a head band to keep my hair out of my face, and take my silk head scarf off. Once I am satisfied with the outcome of my hair I put my hair supplies up and pull out my makeup supplies. After I wash my face and decide which makeup look to do today I put all my supplies up and clean off my vanity. I walk out of the bathroom and pass the boys leaving the room going downstairs to the kitchen. As I make it to the kitchen I hear footsteps coming down the stairs, I look up as I hear the steps stop in the kitchen doorway.
“Took you boys long enough to get down here. I’m cooking, so sit down at the bar.” I say as I rummage through the fridge for something to cook.
“Ok so what are you cooking, Kitten?” Trey asks as they take a seat on the other side of the bar looking at me.
“I’m thinking of making some Chicken Parmigiana with some spaghetti and vegetables on the side. Embracing my Italian side, which is something I haven’t done in a while.” I say, as I pull out 4 pieces of chicken from the refrigerator.
“I didn’t know you were Italian. Actually I don’t know that much about you, Kat.” Troy says as they watch me drift around the kitchen grabbing spices and ingredients for the food.
“Oh, well. What do you want to know?” I ask as I clean the chicken before placing it in a bowl.
“Where were you born?” Trey asks as the pull their phones out looking at something.
“I was born in Naples, Italy which is close to where my mother’s family is originally from. What are you guys looking at?” I ask as I put the breaded chicken in the oven.
“We made a list of questions we wanted to know about you. We’re asking the questions so be quiet and answer our questions. Now what side of your family is of Italian descent?” Troy says as he scrolls through his phone.
“My mother’s side of the family originated in the city of Palermo, Italy. My great-great-grandparents immigrated to the States in the late 1800’s after my great-great-grandfathers brother was murdered by the Italian mob. Shortly, after that they found out my great-great-grandmother was pregnant with one of my great-aunts so they decided it would be best to move to somewhere safer. So that’s the reason I am here in the United States and not in Italia.” I say as I put the spaghetti on the stove to boil.
“Wow that is a lot. So what you’re saying is your family has ties to the Italian Mob in Palermo. And that they moved here to keep said mob from killing anyone else in your bloodline.” Trey says as he looks at me in what I can only describe as awe-struck.
“Wait how were you born in Naples if your family immigrated here back in the 1800’s?” Trey asks finally catching onto the fact that I wasn’t born in the U.S.
“Well that is a good question Trey. When my mother graduated high school she convinced her parents to let her take a gap year so that she could visit her home country. When they said yes she was ecstatic so she called a cousin we had that was located in Naples. While there she came across this dashing young Argentinian man whom she fell head over heels in love with. They were together for 4 months before they found out she was pregnant, with triplets no less. A couple of weeks after they found out they were standing at the altar getting married in a quick service by an old friend of my dads who was a priest. About a month later my grandparents decide to visit some family that was in Palermo and while on their way there they stopped in Naples to see how my mom was doing. At this point they found out that my mom was not only married but pregnant as well. They had this huge fight that night and my grandparents disowned my mother as well as me and my sisters. Since my mother no longer had anywhere to call home she stayed in Naples with my father until she had me and my sisters at their little cottage on the edge of town. By the time she had us she had figured out my father was an drunk but decided to give him a chance to get his act together and be the father she knew he could be. When my sisters and I my mom realized that it wasn’t safe to stay with my dad because over the years he had come to be an abusive drunk who would blow up over the smallest things. Shortly after my fourth birthday my mother and our cousin packed the five of us up and we came back to the States for good. After we got back to the States my mom met with a divorce lawyer and sent the papers to my dad back in Naples. About a month after my parents legally divorced she met husband number 2, Chuck, the man I have known as Daddy for as long as I can remember. Chuck was in short of any other words perfect for my mom he was sweet, loving, and understand that she wanted nothing to do with her parents. When my mother found out I was pregnant with the girls she blew up and threw me out saying ‘No daughter of hers would be out here whoring around in her house’. So after she kicked me out my best friends’ mom and dad were sweet enough to let me move in with them until I could get my bearings. Come to find out it took me three years to get my bearings and move out.” I say as I drain the water off of the spaghetti before setting it in a bowl to the side.
“So if your mom kicked you out when you were 14, 15 years old. What happened with your siblings?” Troy asks as he sets his phone down.
“I honestly don’t know what my siblings are up to. I haven’t seen them in almost 5 years since I was kicked out.” I say as I start making the marinara sauce for the chicken parmigiana.
“Why haven’t you tried to contact them since then?” Trey asks, watching me chop up the garlic and onions for the food.
“I tried going home after I had the girls but I couldn’t get the courage to get out of the car to knock on the door. I tried calling, sending letters, and showing up at their school but I was eventually told by my surrogate mother to quit trying to contact anyone in the family for a while. You know give my mom time to calm down. Up until a month ago when I received a letter from some lawyer saying that my mom and Chuck had died in a car accident, T-boned by a drunk driver on their way home from the airport. I ignored it and every letter since then from him about my inheritance because I feel like I don’t deserve anything from them. I feel like if I were to call him and accept my inheritance I would be taking money from my siblings.” I say as I bring the sauce to a simmer.
“Why not try contacting your siblings now that your mom isn’t there to run interference? Speaking of how many of you are there?” Trey asks as I pour some of the sauce over the spaghetti noodles before mixing it together.
“There are 12 of us. Yeah, my parents were very busy people.” I say chuckling at the shocked looks on their faces.
“How old are all of you and what are you names?!” Troy asks with an incredulous tone.
“Well there’s me, Rebekah, and Harper we’re all 19 about to turn 20. Then there’s the twins Chloe and Hannah they are 14. Next we have Sebastian, the only boy, he’s 14 as well. After him are the next set of triplets Aria, Zoey, and Violeta they just turned 10. Then we have Hazel who is 8 and there’s Lilliana who’s 5. And the youngest of us all little Stephany who just turned 2 this year.” I say tearing up a little at the thought of my siblings whom I have missed terribly.
“You haven’t answered my question about why you won’t try contacting them now that you’re parents are for lack of a better word dead.” Trey says handing me a Kleenex to wipe my eyes.
“I don’t know if I they will accept me or forgive me for basically leaving and not looking back at them. I’m scared that they’ll hate for not being at our parents funeral, even though I was. But I was there even if I didn’t go up to them I was there grieving with them, for them.” I say as I put the chicken back in the oven after putting the remainder of the sauce on them.
“I’m pretty sure they won’t hate you, Kitten. They’re your siblings they might not enjoy your company for a while but they could never hate you.” Troy says as he gets the plates and silverware for the three of us.
“I guess you guys are right about them not hating me, we were so close all of us before my mom kicked me out. I might call my aunt and see if the girls and I can come over for dinner and see everyone. If she says yes this would have been the first time any of my siblings have met the twins.” I say as I plate the food and set it on the bar in front of the guys before sitting between them with my food.
“This looks amazing, Kat. And it smells even better.” Trey says as they dig in to their food.
“Thank you guys. My mom taught me how to make a bunch of traditional Italian dishes before everything happened.” I say with a small smile on my face.
“Well she did one thing right.” Troy mumbles with his mouth full of chicken and noodles.
We finish eating our food in a comfortable silence the only sound you can hear is the sounds of our forks hitting our plates. After we finish eating I go to get up to put the dishes in the sink but before I can the boys grab my plates as well as their own before making their way to the sink. The boys wash all of the dishes while I sit at the bar drinking my glass of white wine. Once the boys finish washing and drying the dishes we walk towards the living room to watch a movie, since the tattoo parlor is closed and I don’t have a shift at the restaurant. As I pick a movie that the three of us would like Trey makes some popcorn while Troy goes off in search of more blankets for us. While they do their chores I decide to start the fireplace in hopes of warming the room up.
“Kat!! Where are the blankets?!” Troy yells from the second floor.
“Check the linen closet in the hall bathroom!!” I yell back as I finish putting the wood in the fireplace.
“Found them, thanks!” Troy yells as I hear his footsteps coming back downstairs.
“And I have the popcorn!” Trey yells as he walks into the room holding two large bowls full of popcorn.
“Yayyyy!!” I squeal as I make grabby hands at one of the bowls.
“You do know that you have to share that with us, right?” Troy says as I dig into the bowl once I have it.
“B-b-but you guys have your own bowl.” I say as tears start to fill my eyes.
“We’re just messing with you, Kitten. You don’t have to share your popcorn with us. You don’t have to cry.” Troy says as he wipes my tears with his thumbs.
“Thank you!” I say as I get comfortable under my blanket and start the movie.
We binge watch the Harry Potter movie series since it’s early and we have no plans for the day. After we finish Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban I get up and go into the kitchen to make a late dinner, since it’s almost midnight. I realize as I’m walking to the kitchen that we’ve been watching TV for almost five hours. As I’m cooking the guys walk in waking up from their nap scratching their heads and yawning.
“What are you cooking, good looking?” Troy asks as they take a seat at the bar.
“I’m cutting up the last of the chicken and making a chicken mushroom casserole.” I say as I maneuver around the kitchen.
“Sounds good. So what can we do?” Troy asks while they watch me.
“You can talk to me while I cook. My mind tends to wonder and right now that is not good.” I say as I open a couple of cans of Cream of Mushroom soup.
“Well we can continue with our questions from earlier, I guess.” Trey says as he lifts his head off of his arms.
“Ok well ask away. I’m an open book, well 80% open anyways.” I say chuckling at the confused looks on their faces.
“What does that even mean, Kat.” Troy asks looking me with a very confused look on his face.
“My sisters, Rebekah and Harper, and I would always joke about me not ever finishing a book past the 80% mark. Like every time I would pick up a book I would grab my calculator and multiply 80% times the number of pages in the book and then I would read that number of pages. After I finished 80% of the book I would put the book on my shelf and never pick it up again. So whenever I would say “I’m an open book” they would say “80% open anyways” and the three of us would giggle about it.” I say with a small smile on my face.
“Ok well you are weird if you only read 80% of a book.” Trey says looking at me like I’m the craziest person he’s met.
“I don’t do it anymore, I haven’t done it since I was pregnant with the twins because I had to read all the way through the pregnancy and parenting books I bought.” I say with a small chuckling.
“Ok back to the topic on hand. What is your favorite memory with your mom before she kicked you out?” Troy asks as he watches me chop an onion.
“My favorite memory with my mom? Huh… I guess that would have to be the memory of my 10th birthday. My mom had just had Aria, Zoey, and Violeta about 6 weeks prior so they weren’t leaving the house unless it was to go to a doctor’s appointment. So when my birthday came around my mom felt bad because she couldn’t take us out to do anything like we usually did just the four of us. But we understand why we weren’t going out to do anything, like our mom had just had our little sisters so we were perfectly happy sitting at home playing with them on our birthday. So we started the day like any other regular day our mom woke us with her personal birthday song she sang for all of us. We got up, got dressed, ate breakfast then we left for school. When we got home the house was like dark like no one was there so we went in and went to our room and started on our homework. Right when we finished our homework my mom walked in the room and she had this cute little homemade chocolate marble cake, which was our favorite, with the words Buon Compleanno I Miei Amori, (Happy Birthday, My Loves) which is happy birthday my loves in Italian. After we blew out the candles she led us downstairs so we could get our gifts once we got to the bottom of the stairs all of our family was in the living room and it was decorated in silver and green, our favorite colors at the time. We were so happy, not because we were having a party but because our mom went through all of that to make sure we knew that we were loved by her and our family. That has to be my favorite memory ever. Like if someone killed me today that would be the happy place I would go to the only thing I would change is that my daughters would be there too.” I say with faraway look in my eyes and a smile on my face.
“That’s a good memory, Kat. It’s good that you can still think about the good times you spent with your mom before everything went down.” Trey says with a thoughtful look in his eyes
“Well to me it doesn’t make sense for me to dwell on the bad times when there were so many amazing and wonderful times spent together. Besides if I thought about it I would end up either breaking down or hating her and I don’t feel like doing either so happy memories only.” I say as I place the casserole pan into the oven.
“Ok, I get that. What do you miss or think you will miss most about your mom and dad?” Trey asks as he stares at the oven.
“With my dad I think I’ll miss his hugs the most. Because being a daddy’s girl I always felt safest when he would hug me. I’ll miss the little notes he would leave me in random places that would remind me that I was beautiful or that I deserved the world stuff like that. And with my mom the thing I miss the most is hearing her voice on my birthday singing the song she had just for us. I’ll miss her holding me when I’m crying over a boy or because of something someone said to me. It’s the little things about my mom that I’ll miss the most.” I say as tears stream down my face. I can feel all of my bottled up emotions about my mom and dad starting to come out and I try to calm myself down but the next thing I know my vision goes blurry and my knees get weak and I hear this scream that sounds almost animalistic. I realize it’s coming from me when I see Trey and Troy rushing to my sides to try and calm me down.
“Hey, hey it’s okay to feel. Let it out, Kitten. It’s gonna be okay I know it hurts right now but it’s gonna get better.” Troy says as he catches me as I fall to the ground sobbing over the loss of my mom and dad, for the pain my siblings must be in, for my daughters never getting the chance to meet their grandparents, for never trying to reconnect with my parents.
After about 30 minutes I’m finally all cried out to the point that all I want to do is go to sleep. Troy picks me up bridal style and carries me to my room and lays me in the bed before covering me up with one of the blankets he grabbed from the couch on our way. I see his shadow walk towards the door before the darkness takes over my mind. Usually when I sleep I don’t dream but tonight is different tonight I dream about my mom. The next morning I wake up feeling refreshed and I know what I have to do. As I do my morning routine I think back on my dream.

~~ Kat’s Dream ~~
I’m walking through a field of wildflowers that seem familiar but I can place the memory. As I’m walking I hear someone calling my name so I turn around to see a figure standing at the edge of the field beckoning to me. As I get closer to the mysterious figure I start to see their face more clearly and I gasp.
“Mommy!” I say as I take off running into her arms, arms I have missed so much in the past five years.
“Oh, amore mio (My love). Si sta bene (you look good). Oh, I’ve missed you so much. How have you been, amore mio.” She asks as we embrace each other
“I’ve missed you too, mommy. I’ve been good mommy it’s just been hard without you there.” I say as we take a sit beside each other in the flowers.
“That’s good, how is your child?” She asks looking at me with so much love in her eyes.
“My daughters are doing so well they are turning 5 in a couple of weeks. Your granddaughters have grown so much I just hate that they never go to meet you and dad. I just want to know why, mommy? Why didn’t you believe me? Why did you kick me out?” I ask as I look at her with tears in my eyes.
“It wasn’t that I didn’t believe you sweetie, I just refused to believe that something like that had happened to my beautiful baby girl. I was in denial about everything and angry at myself for letting it happen and I took that anger out on you. There were so many times that I wanted to find you and tell you to come home but every time I thought about it I felt like you would hate me for what I did.” She says with tears streaming down her face.
“I could never hate you. You’re my mommy, the woman who gave birth to me no matter what happens I will never hate you.” I say as I wipe her tears and hug her tightly.
“But that’s not why I’m here. I’m here because I wanted to tell you that you need to call your siblings. You need to be there for each other because I’m not there for you. You guys will have lean on each other a lot to get through this tough time. Plus I don’t want Aunt Delores to raise Stephany that’s just a disaster waiting to happen. So tomorrow I want you to call you aunt and tell her you want to invite everyone over for dinner so you all can get reacquainted. Now enough of the sad conversation do you recognize where you are?” She asks as we look around the beautiful field of wildflowers.
“No, I have a feeling like I know it but I can’t for the life of me recall the memory.” I tell her with a thoughtful look on my face.
“I don’t find it surprising that you don’t recognize this field it’s been about 15 years since you’ve here.” She tells me with a wistful look on her face.
“Where is here, mommy?” I ask her as I take a closer look at my surroundings.
“Naples, Italy of course. Your home country, the place you were born. The cottage behind us is where your father and I used to live. I remember you and your sister would spend hours out here chasing each other until I called you in for dinner.” She says with a faraway look in her eyes
“I wish you were here to take us to visit Naples.” I say as my voice cracks with emotion.
“Well I want you and your siblings to do that. I want you to visit Naples, I want you to get to know your grandparents. When you go to the house I want you to go in your dad’s office and in the top right drawer there is a piece of paper with a 6 number code on it. I want you to get that piece of paper and the big painting behind his desk you’re gonna move it and behind it there’s a safe. You’re gonna input the code on the paper into the keypad on the safe and there’s a large Manila folder with papers in them. On the first paper there’s a phone number and two names I want you to call the number on the paper and get to know your grandparents.” She says with a fierce look in her eyes.
“Ok, I’ll call them soon. I promise, mommy. I love you so much!” I say as I see her start to fade.
“I love you too, mi amore.” She whispers as she turns into mist around me.
I sit in the field for what feels like forever before I get up and walk around until I come across this beautiful waterfall. I stand there for a few minutes until I decide to take a dip in the water. As I dive into the water I feel at peace for the first time in a very long time. It is at this moment I wake up in my room.
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