Life As We Know It

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Chapter 8

Trigger Warning: This chapter contains moments of teen pregnancy and mentions of abortion. Read at your own risk.

~~ Troy POV ~~
After I lay Kat in her bed, I walk out, leaving her door cracked so Troy and I can check on her throughout the night. I head downstairs to the kitchen, where Trey is putting the food in the refrigerator and cleaning the dishes Kat used before she broke down. I step up beside him and help him clean by drying and putting up the dishes as he rinses them. After we finish cleaning, we head to the living room to clean up the popcorn that we wasted and fold up the blankets we won’t be using again tonight. While we clean, both of us are silent because we are both have some things in our minds. Once we finish cleaning the living room, we take a seat on the couch and let out a deep sigh.
“Do you think she’ll be okay?” Trey asks me after sit for about 5 minutes.
“It all depends on how she is after she wakes up in the morning,” I say as I rub my hand over my face.
“Well, I don’t think we should leave her alone tonight. I feel like leaving her alone; she might do something crazy.” Trey says, voicing thoughts running through my head.
“I was thinking the same thing. I think we should spend the night again even though she’s not drunk. I think one of us should go get some clothes from the house or call Tiffany and have her bring us some clothes.” I say as I lean forward with my elbows resting on my knees.
“Well, you text her and tell her to bring my charger to my phone dead,” Trey says as his phone dies in his hand.
Me: Hey Tink, can you bring me and Trey’s go-bags and our chargers.
Tink: Why are you not coming home again?
What are you guys doing, or maybe who are you doing?
Know what don’t answer that question I don’t wanna know, just tell me where you are, and I’ll bring your stuff.
Me: Ok, we’re at Kat’s house. You know how to get here, right?
Tink: Ooh, why are y’all at Kat’s house? Did you guys fuck her? If so, eww.
Me: No, we didn’t fuck her; we barely know her. Damn, how fast do you think we move?
Tink: Knowing you two, very fast. Anyways I’ll bring you guy’s stuff. I’ll be there in about 30 minutes.
Me: Ok, oh, don’t forget our chargers. And thanks, Tinkerbell.
Tink: No problem, Prince of Troy.
“She said she’ll be here in about 30 minutes with our stuff, chargers included,” I tell Trey as I set my phone down on the coffee table in front of me.
“Ok, that’s good. This has been a long day. Talking to Kat about her parents has me thinking about mom and dad, you know.” Trey says, looking over at me.
“Yeah, me too. Do you think we should tell Tiffany that they aren’t dead? Tell her that they just left because they didn’t want to handle all three of us anymore.” I ask, looking at Trey with a glossy look in my eyes.
“I don’t know. We have to think about how this will affect Tiffany in the long term. I feel like for her knowing that their dead gave her some type of closure, and telling her that they're alive and left because of us will break her heart more than them dying.” I say after thinking it over a bit.
“I get that, but my reasoning for wanting to tell her is that what if she finds out some other way and then she’s going to hate us for not telling her the truth. And I don’t think I could stand to lose my little Tinkerbell.” Trey tells me as he kicks his shoes off.
“You’re making a good point there, brother. I guess we should tell her as soon as we can. I just don’t want to see her heartbroken over those people we call parents. We can tell her maybe later this week or early next week.” I say with a dreamy look on my face.
“Yeah, that sounds like a good plan,” Trey says as the doorbell rings.
“Can you get that? I have to take a piss.” I ask as I walk to the bathroom on the first floor.
“Yeah, I got it.” He says as he walks to the front door.
~~ Trey POV ~~
I walk to the front door to let Tiffany in deep in thought about the conversation my brother and I just had. I open the front door to see Tiffany smiling down at her phone, her only care at this moment being school, her friends, and what outfit she should wear tomorrow. I step to the side and clear my throat to let her know she’s no longer alone on the porch startling her to the point that she almost drops her phone.
“Trey, don’t scare me like that!” She exclaims as she clutches her chest, glaring at me.
“Sorry, Tinkerbell, I thought you heard me open the door,” I say, chuckling at her dramatics.
“Well, I didn’t. Anyways where are Kat and Troy, or do I not want to know?” She asks as she walks past me into the living room.
“Kat is sleeping, and Troy is in the bathroom jacking off,” I say with a straight face.
“Ewwww, why would you tell me that?!?” She yells with a disgusted look on her face.
“What is going on in here?” Troy says, walking into the living and picking up his bag that Tiffany brought.
“What were you just doing?” Tiffany asks Troy as she stares at him with disgust evident on her face.
“I was taking a piss. What did you think I was doing?” Troy says, still rummaging through his bag.
“Why would you lie to me like that, Trey!!? You’re such a dick, ugh!” Tiffany yells at me, making me laugh until tears run down my face.
“I’m sorry, but the fact that you believed me is the best part of this whole situation,” I say as I clutch my stomach, trying to catch my breath.
“What did you tell her, Trey?” Troy asks, frustration evident in her voice.
“She asked where you and Kat were, and I told her that Kat was asleep and you were in the bathroom jacking off,” I say, trying to stifle the laugh that’s coming up.
“Wow, that was childish, bro,” Troy says with a chuckle.
“Yeah, I know, but it was fun to mess with her like that,” I say with a slight smirk on my face.
“Why are you guys staying here and not coming home?” Tiffany asks, looking down at her phone.
“Kat’s going through some personal things, and we don’t think she should be alone right now,” Troy says, sitting down after he finds what he was looking for in his bag.
“Ok, whatever. Well, I’m going home to get some sleep before tomorrow morning.” Tiffany says as she grabs her purse and keys and walks towards the front door.
“Ok, be safe and text us when you get home,” I say as I hug her once we get to the front door.
“I will, Dad. Love you guys.” She says sarcastically, hugging me back tightly.
“Love you, kiddo.” We say back at the same time.
We stand at the front door and watch her get into the car and drive off before we step back into the house and lock the door. We walk back into the living room and start digging through our bags for pajamas. We both go to the bathroom on the first and second floor to take our showers and get ready for bed. After about 30 minutes, we both end up in the living room at the same time. We sit on the couch and talk about random things for another hour before deciding to turn in for the night. We go to our respective guest rooms on the second floor, and before I know it, I’m sleeping like a baby.
~~ Tiffany POV ~~
After leaving the boys at Kats house, I start the 30-minute drive home. As I’m pulling into the driveway at my house, I get a text from my boyfriend, Kyler.
Kyler: Hey, babe. Wyd?
Me: I just got home from dropping off some things to my brothers. Why?
Kyler: I was wondering if I could come over and see you. And from what I’m gathering, you’re alone.
Me: I am alone, and I would love nothing more than to see you tonight.
Kyler: Ok, I’m omw I’ll be there in 10
Me: Ok
After I finish texting Kyler, I grab my stuff from the passenger seat and head into the house, locking the car door as I walk up the pathway. Once I get in the house, after making sure I dead-bolted the door, I head up to my room to take a shower before Kyler gets here. While in the shower, I decide not to wash my hair since it won’t be dry before Kyler gets here, and I don’t want to blow dry my hair this late. When I get out of the shower, I head into my closet and grab a cropped sweatshirt with the words Eat Me, Mr. Wolf wrote on it and a pair of gray sleeping shorts. After I get dressed, I check my phone to see if Kyler has texted me yet asking me to let him. Opening my phone, I see an unread text from my best friend, Sabrina.
Sabs: Hey, are you up
Me: Yeah, I’m waiting for Ky to get here
Sabs: Ok, well, I’ll text you later. Have fun
Me: No, what’s up? He won’t be here for at least another 5 mins
Sabs: I wanted to come over because I have some big news
Me: I can raincheck Ky if you want
Sabs: It's OK. I know you guys don’t get much alone time with your brothers there. Just text me when you wake up, and I’ll come over
Me: Ok, if you’re sure
Sabs: I’m sure to have fun with your boo and text me tomorrow
Me: Ok, love you, Sabs, and whatever the news, don’t let it stress you out
Sabs: Love you too, Tiffy, and I’ll try not to
As I finish texting Sabrina, I get a text from Kyler saying he’s outside and to let him in. I jump out of my bed with a little squeal and run downstairs to let him in the front door. After he walks in the house and I lock the door back, I turn to see he has a mischievous look on his face.
“What?” I ask as he looks at me with a look of pure lust in his eyes.
“Nothing, it’s just you are so fucking beautiful.” He says as he walks up to me and cages me in against the door.
After he says this, I grab him by the neck and pull his lips down to mesh with mine in a heated kiss. We make out against the door until we have to pull apart for lack of breath. Once we pull apart, I grab his hand and pull him upstairs to my room. Once we get to my room and I close the door, Kyler picks me up by the back of my thighs and kisses me with such brute force I’m pretty sure my lips are going to be bruised tomorrow. He pulls back, leaving me breathless as he walks us to my bed. Once we get to my bed, he throws me on my back and climbs over me, kissing his way up my throat. As he gets to my sweet spot behind my ear, I let out a moan and shudder under his touch.
“I’m gonna do some dirty, nasty, horrible things to you.” He whispers in my ear as he nibbles on my earlobe.
As I moan from his words, he kisses me, swallowing my moan into his mouth. I wrap my legs around his waist, grinding against his growing bulge, trying to create some friction. He pulls away and looks me in the eye as he pulls his shirt off, showing off his ripped abdominal area. I stare at him so long I swear I can feel myself drooling.
“Like something you see?” Kyler asks with a smirk once he catches me staring.
“I very much so like what I see,” I say with a seductive smile on my face.
“Are you sure you want to do this, Tiff? We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” Kyler tells me as he looks down at me with uncertainty in his eyes.
“If I weren’t sure, you wouldn’t be here, Ky. Now get down here.” I say as I drag him down to kiss me.
As we make things, he starts getting heated as he kisses my neck, stopping to suck on my neck, definitely leaving a hickey. His hands make their way under my crop top as he rubs my boobs; he lifts his head, staring into my eyes for permission. I nod my head and reach for the hem of my top and pull it off before he has the chance to. He stares at me for a minute before he leans down and starts kissing down my chest leaving hickeys all over. As he kisses lower down my chest, he reaches under me to unclip my purple lace bra.
“Ky-Kyler, that feels so good.” I moan as he sucks on one of my nipples, making my back arching under the touch.
He pays close attention to both of my nipples before making his way back up my neck and my lips. As he gets to my lips, my hands start trailing up and down his toned chest until I reach the top of his pants. As we make out, my hand slithers its hand into his pants and starts rubbing his rock-hard cock through his boxers.
“Shit, Tiffany.” He moans as I continue rubbing his length through his boxers.
I pull my hand out of his pants and start pulling them down along with his boxers until they reach his ankles, and he kicks them off. I take a moment to admire his beautiful body before I pull my shorts and purples thong off, leaving me naked. I push him onto his back and straddle his lap as I pull his face to mine to kiss him once more. I reach my hand between our bodies and start stroking his dick, getting off on the sound of his moans.
“Tiff, fuuuuuckkkk. If you keep doing that, I’m going to cum.” He tells me, and I stop stroking him, and I climb off his lap bending over his dick to take it into my mouth.
“Shiiiiitttttt!” He moans out as I start deep throating him.
“Mhmm.” I moan around his dick.
“Damn, Tiff. I’m close, and unless you wanna swallow, you should stop.” He says as his hands grip my hair tightly.
I keep sucking until he groans loudly before shooting his load down my throat. I swallow until he finishes releasing his baby juice down my throat. After I swallow everything, Kyler pulls me up into a feral kiss, flipping me onto my back. Once I’m on my back, he starts kissing down my throat and chest, making his way down to my pussy. He passes my pussy, kissing up and down my inner thighs until I’m writhing under him.
“Kyler, I’m begging you pleaseeeee,” I whine with desperation and want clear in my voice.
“Please what, Tiffany?” He asks, looking up at me from between my thighs.
“Please lick my pussy. I’m begging you, Daddy.” I purr, peering down at him with hooded eyes.
“Well, your wish is my command.” He says before diving into my pussy.
He eats me out like a starved man who doesn’t know where his next meal is coming from. Once his tongue touches my clit, my back arches up from the bed. I moan loudly as he inserts one of his insanely long fingers into my pussy, my hands finding the soft strands of his long hair. I feel my orgasm building from the magic he’s working on me with his hands and mouth.
“I’m close, Kyler!” I exclaim as I feel my stomach tightening.
“Cum in my mouth, Tiffany.” He says as he inserts another finger into my pussy.
As he’s fingering me and sucking on my clit I tighten my thighs around my head like I’m trying to cut off his air supply. He bites down on my clit, sending me into my orgasm, which has me seeing stars in the corners of my vision. Once I come back down from my high, I see Kyler looking down at me with pride in his eyes at his work. I give him a small lustful smile as I try to catch my breath.
“Ima go get you some water. I’ll be back.” He says, giving me a quick kiss on the lips as he slips his boxers on.
I watch him leave the room before I roll over after hearing my phone ding. Turning my phone on, I see five missed calls and about ten unread texts from my brothers and Sabrina. I decide to open Sabrina’s text first.
Sabs: Hey 911, text me, please!!!
Sabs: Nevermind, just text me in the morning.
Sabs: I think I’m pregnant!! I’m so sorry. I never meant to hurt you, Tiffy. Please don’t hate me.
After reading Sabrina’s confusing text messages, I decided to check the texts from my brothers.
Three Musketeers
T1: Hey, you get home safe.
T2: Did you fall asleep in the bathtub.
T1: Just text us when you wake up in the morning.
T2: Love you, Tinkerbell.
T1: Love you, Tink.
T3: I fell asleep in the tub, sorry. I’ll text you guys in the morning. Love you guys, too.
After I text my brothers, Kyler walks into the room with two water bottles, a pint of cookies and cream ice cream, and a plate of cookies. He smiles when he sees me sitting up, causing me to smile back at him.
“I brought snacks for you,” Kyler says, walking in the room as I put my phone back on my side table.
“Oooh, what kind of snacks!!!” I squeal, clapping my hands.
“Cookies and ice cream.” He says, climbing into the bed and giving me a quick peck that day.
I squeal and grab one of the spoons he has produced and the pint of Cookies and Cream ice cream he brought up. We cuddle up together and watch Julie and the Phantoms as we eat our snacks, with him trying to steal spoons of my ice cream. I grab my phone off my side table when I hear it buzz with an incoming call. I look at my screen, confused when I see that Sabrina is calling because she knows I have Kyler over.
“Babe, give me a sec. Let me take this.” I say as I answer the call putting it on speaker.
Me: Hey, babe. What’s up?
Sabs: Are you busy? I can call back if you are.
Me: You’re okay, Sabrina. What’s up?
Sabs: Erm… I think I might be pregnant.
Me: Ok, have you taken a pregnancy test?
Sabs: I bought one, and it’s sitting on my desk in front of me.
Me: Ok, well, to figure out if you are or not, you should probably take the test.
Sabs: Can you stay on the phone with me while I take it, please?
“I’m going downstairs cuz I don’t want to hear that,” Kyler whispers as he leaves the room.
Sabs: Ok, I just took it. Now it says I have to wait 3 minutes until I get the results.
Me: Ok, so now we wait.
Sabs: Did I interrupt your special night with Kyler.
Me: No, you’re fine. Nothing is ever more important than you. You’re my best friend, Sabs.
Sabs: The only thing that should take precedence over me is if you’re getting your back blown out by your boyfriend.
Me: *Laughing* Exactly, that’s the only thing that takes precedence.
Sabs: The timer just went off; what do I do?
Me: I don’t know, maybe check it.
Sabs: Ok, I’m checking it now.
Me: Well, what does it say?
Sabs: Oh my god, I’m pregnant.
Me: Ok, well tomorrow when we wake up, we’ll call Planned Parenthood and set you up an appointment.
Sabs: Ok, thank you so much for being here, Kat.
Me: Can I ask who the father of the baby is?
Sabs: Oh, uh, just some random guy I hooked up with a while ago.
Me: Ok, well, you need to get some sleep. Stressing out isn’t good for you or the baby. Get some rest. I’ll call you in the morning. I love you, Sabs.
Sabs: Ok, I’ll talk to you in the morning. Love you too, Tiffy.
I end the call as Kyler walks back into the room
“So, what happened?” He asks as we sit in the bed staring at the TV.
“She’s pregnant,” I say as I let out a little chuckle of disbelief
“Does she know who the father is?” He asks with a hint of some emotion in his voice.
“She said he was some random she slept with a few months ago,” I say, looking at him with narrowed eyes.
“Oh, ok, well, what is she going to do?” He asks as he picks up his phone to text someone.
“What do you mean what is she going to do?” I ask in a tone of shocking disbelief.
“I mean, is she going to keep the baby, have an abortion, adoption. You know she thought about her options in this situation.” He asks, never once looking up from the conversation he’s having on his phone.
“She just found out that she’s fucking pregnant. Can the girl have a minute to figure out how far along she is before you start pushing her options on her?! God damn.” I say, getting fed up with his carefree attitude with the situation.
“I’m not saying she can’t. I’m just saying she needs to think about her options.” He says, finally putting his phone down with a huff and looking at me.
“Who were you texting?” I ask, turning to look him in the eyes.
“My brother, he needs me to come to pick him and my brothers up cuz they got drunk at a party they went to.” He says as he gets up and starts putting his clothes on.
“And you’re going to get him? He can’t call one of your five other legal brothers?” I ask, feeling a little hurt.
“Well, they’re all at the party, and all of them are drunk of their asses.” He says with annoyance evident in his tone.
“Ok, whatever,” I say with anger in my tone.
“What the fuck is your problem now?!” He asks me, getting pissed off at my tone.
“My problem is your fucking tone of voice! I need you to get your attitude in check before we have an issue.” I shoot back at him with a threat evident in my voice.
“What issues are we gonna have if I don’t fix my attitude, hmm?” He said, rolling his eyes.
“Just leave, Kyler. I’m done with this bullshit.” I say, feeling suddenly exhausted.
“No. What bullshit, Tiffany?” He asks, getting in my face.
“Your bullshit, Kyler! I’m done with you turning everything we try to talk about into a fight! I’m done with fighting with you over who I spend time with! All of this I’m fucking done, Kyler!!” I scream in his face as tears stream down my face.
“So what do you want to do?” He asks as he grabs his phone, checking an incoming message.
“I want us to work this out, Kyler. I want us to be able to have a conversation without it turning into a screaming contest.” I say, looking at him through teary eyes.
“Well, we’re gonna have to do that another day. I have to pick my brothers up.” He says, walking towards the door.
“Fine, I’ll talk to you later. I’ll text you when I wake up.” I tell him as I follow behind him, pulling one of my oversized hoodies over my head as I walk him to the door.
“Yeah, whatever. Bye, Tiffany.” He says, walking down my driveway to his car.
After he leaves, I head upstairs to take a shower and do some homework since it’s already 4 in the morning. After my shower, I put on a pair of grey shorts, a grey tank top, and a grey sports bra. By the time I finish my homework, it’s 5:30, so I decided to take a quick nap before calling Sabrina. On my way to the bed, I take off my tank top and crawl under my thick comforter. I fall asleep thinking about how life would look if Kyler and I got married and had kids.
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