Life As We Know It

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Chapter 9

~~ Kyler POV ~~

After I leave Tiffany’s house I take out my phone and call my brother, Nick.
“Hey, Nicky. I’m on my way to pick you guys up. I’ll be there in about 15 minutes so be ready.” I say loudly so he can hear me over the music playing in his background.
“Heyyyy, Ky-Ky. Yeah, we’ll be outside when you get here.” He slurs.
“Yeah, yeah whatever.” I say before hanging up.
As I follow the directions to the house I think about the fight me and Tiffany had before I left. I probably could’ve handled things better, but her second guessing me and asking all those damn questions just pissed me off so much. I’ll call her in the morning and apologize once I calm down. Thinking about Tiff has me thinking about the bomb she dropped about Sabrina being pregnant and I slowly start freaking out hoping it isn’t mine. By the time the thought passes through my head I realize I’m at the house my brothers are at so I text Nick and tell him to hurry up and get their asses out here. Once all of my brothers finally pile in my car I head towards our house. As we pass Sabrina’s house I think back on what happened between us a couple months ago when Tiffany and her brothers were out of town.
I’m sitting in my room doing homework with my music blasting through my headphones trying to drown out the sound of my mom and dad fighting downstairs. As I’m writing a paper on Benjamin Franklin for my history class I feel someone tap on my leg, startling me slightly. I look down to see my little sister, Jessica, looking up at me with teary eyes. I pick her up and sit her in my lap whispering calming words in her ear until she falls asleep in my arms. Once she falls asleep I get up and go tuck her into her bed closing the door to her room on my way out. I walk downstairs not hearing my parents yelling and see my brothers in the living room with their girlfriends watching a movie.
“Where’s mom and dad?” I ask them peeking into the kitchen.
“They left about 5 minutes ago to see some movie.” My brother, Andy, replies looking over at me.
“Hey, want to watch the movie with us?” Bonnie, Nick’s girlfriend, asks me.
“I don’t want to impose it looks like it’s couple’s night. I’m just going to go hang with some of my friends I’ll catch you guys later.” I say as I grab my jacket walk out the door.
“OK, bye Kyler!” I hear from my brothers and their girlfriends.
I walk down my street and wonder what I’m going to do since Tiffany isn’t here. I finally decide I’ll call up Sabrina, Tiff’s best friend, and see if she wants to go get dinner or something.
K: Hey, Sabrina.
S: Hey, Kyler. What’s up?
K: I was just wondering if you wanted to go to the diner and get dinner or something?
S: Sure, I’ll meet you there in about 15 minutes.
K: OK, see you there.
End Call
II head in the direction of the diner and make it about 5 minutes early so I decide to head I and get a table. As I’m waiting for Sabrina to get here I take out my phone and play a game to pass the time. I look up when I hear someone clear their throat to see Sabrina standing over me with a smile that lights her face up. We sit and talk for a while before the waitress comes and takes our orders. Once we get our food we eat in comfortable silence until my our phones ding with an incoming message from Tiffany which we decide to ignore. We stay at the diner until closing just talking, laughing, and eating. After we leave the diner we make the decision to take the scenic route to get home which adds another 45 minutes of walking to our night. When we get to Sabrina’s house she invites me in for a drink saying her parents aren’t home. The next thing I know is after a few shots we’re kissing and stumbling upstairs to her room. (I think you guys can figure out where this went). The next morning I wake up in her bed with Sabrina nowhere to be found. I finally find her downstairs in the kitchen making coffee and freaking out over what had happened the previously night. We decide we would never tell anyone what had happened especially not Tiffany but then Tiff texted us saying she wouldn’t be home for another 3 days so we thought what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her.
End Flashback
This was almost 5 months ago when we stared hooking up and we continued to do it every time we could without Tiffany getting suspicious. I pull into the driveway of my house and help my 6 extremely drunk brothers into the house surprisingly without waking up our parents. After I drop off the last of my brothers in his room I head to my room and change into some sweatpants and a t-shirt. I lay in my bed and stare at the ceiling before I grab my phone and text Sabrina.
K: U up?
S: Yeah
K: I’m omw over
S: Ok
I get out of my bed and out my slides on before climbing out my window and walking across the street to Sabrina’s window. Once I get to her window I knock to let her know I’m here so she can let me in. After I climb in her window she sits on her bed and I take a seat on her desk chair looking at her.
“What are you doing here, Ky?” She asks looking at her nails instead of Mr.
“I heard about you being pregnant.” I say staring at her.
“What are you doing here, Kyler?” She asks again this time looking me dead in the eye.
“Who’s baby is it, Sabrina? Is it mine?” I ask my voice getting slightly louder.
“Lower your fucking voice my parents are fucking here, Kyler. And to answer your question I don’t know who the father is.” She whispers so softly I almost don’t hear her.
“What do you mean you don’t know who the fucking father is?!” I whisper yell at her.
“I mean that it’s either you or Trey.” She tells me.
“Trey Tiffany’s brother, Trey?” I ask in an incredulous tone.
“Yes, Tiffany’s brother Trey.” She says with a resigned look on her face.
“When did you sleep with Trey?” I ask, lowly looking at the floor.
“A month ago when I got really drunk and you were with Tiff for a date. So I went over to Tiffany’s house to pass out and ended up hooking up with Trey.” She says looking at the floor.
I don’t say anything I just get up and leave going back to my house. I can’t even be in the same room as Sabrina right now so I leave before I say something I’m going to regret later.

~~ Sabrina POV ~~

After Kyler leaves I close my window and lay back on my bed trying to figure out what I’m going to do with this baby. I think about what my life would be like if I keep the baby. How would my life turn out with having a baby at 18 and finishing high school and then hopefully starting college this fall. Then I thought about what my life would be if I had an abortion and how I would feel if I were to go through with it. I fall asleep thinking of babies and how my life would change in the near future.

~~ Tiffany POV ~~

When I wake up I check the time on my phone to see that it is almost twelve o’clock in the afternoon. I get up and throw on a shirt before heading downstairs to eat a bowl of cereal. As I walk into the kitchen I jump back startled at the fact that Sabrina is sitting at my island eat a bowl of cereal with the milk and another bowl next to her.
“Good morning, Tiff!” Sabs says as she looks up from her phone.
“Morning, Sabs.” I say walking over to the island and taking a seat beside her.
“So I called the clinic this morning when I woke up this morning and they said I can come in at two thirty. Can you come with me, please?” She asks looking at me with pleading eyes.
“Of course I’ll come with, Sabs!” I say as I finish eating my cereal and take both of our bowls to the sink.
“Thanks, Tiff. I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t here to help through this.” She says with sincerity dripping from her voice.
“You know I’d do anything for you. No matter what I’ll always be here for you, Sabrina.” I say grabbing her hand and dragging her upstairs.
“Come on we have to get ready for your appointment and I can tell you all about my night!” I say excitedly.
We go upstairs and I give her all the details from last night with between and Kyler including our fight while I get my outfit for the day out of the closet. I walk into the bathroom and do my hair and makeup before I change into a pink denim skirt and white cropped hoodie. I sit on my bed and pull on my pink and white vans before grabbing my purse, phone and keys and heading out the door. By the time we pull up to the planned parenthood clinic it’s almost two o’clock so we head in so she can sign in and wait for her appointment. While waiting I pull my phone out to see I have an unread message from Kyler. I open it to see that he has apologized for how he acted last night and that he loved me and didn’t ever want to lose me. I smile down at my phone and text him back saying I love him too and that I was sorry for how I acted last night as well. After I press send the neuron comes out and calls Sabrina’s name so we get up and walk to the back. The doctor confirms that Sabrina is pregnant and we find out that she is almost 17 weeks pregnant. He tells us about the options she has including abortion, adoption, and keeping the baby. He tells her that if she wants to have an abortion that she need to make the choice soon because the window for safely terminating her pregnancy is closing rapidly. We leave the clinic and head back to my house to think about her options.
“I think I want to keep the baby, Tiff. And if I keep this baby there’s something I need to tell you.” She says as she looks at me with teary eyes.
Before she can say anything else Kyler walks in giving me a kiss on the lips before walking to the kitchen.
“Hey, babe. Hey, Sabrina.” He says as he grabs a soda from the fridge before sitting g down beside Mr.
“Hey, babe. So what were you trying to tell me, Sabs?” I said looking back at Sabrina.
“I know who the father of this baby is and if I tell you who he is you can’t be mad at me and you can’t hate me, ok?” She says as tears start streaming down her face.
“I promise you that no matter what you tell me, no matter who the father of your baby is I won’t get mad at you and I will never hate you.” I swear crossing my heart and pinky promising her.
“The father of my baby is….” That’s all I hear before she passes out.
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