Life As We Know It

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Chapter 11

~~ Sabrina POV ~~
I wake up in the hospital and immediately see my parents standing by the window, looking out at the view. I watch them for a few minutes wondering how much they know about my current situation. As I lay there staring at my parents, the nurse comes in to check my vitals and notices that I’m awake.
”How are you doing, sweetie? That was quite a nasty spill you took yesterday.” The nurse, whose name is Alexa, asks me.
“I’m okay, just tired,” I say as I keep my eyes on my parents, who have yet to turn around.
“Well, that is to be expected in your condition. Being pregnant and having a concussion takes quite the toll on the body.” She says as I watch my parents tense up, still staring out the window.
“Well, you and baby are both doing well. I’ll let the doctor know you’re awake, and he should be in a few minutes, ok?” She asks as she takes her gloves off, throwing them in the trash.
“Yes, ma’am, thank you,” I say, finally looking at her.
After the door closes behind her, I look back at my parents, who have finally turned to look at me. Before I even make eye contact, I can tell that they are furious with me and the situation I’ve gotten myself in. I can already predict the first question they’re gonna ask me before it comes out of their mouths.
“Who’s the father?” My father asks me with a cold tone.
“I don’t know,” I mumble, looking down at my fidgeting hands.
“Speak up, girl!! Now I asked you who the father is.” My father asks me in a sharp tone that makes me jump.
“I don’t know who the father is,” I say louder.
“Humph. Of course, you don’t because you’re a whore who doesn’t know how to keep her legs closed.” My mother says, looking at me with disgust.
“You have a choice to make. You can either get this taken care of, or we no longer have a daughter.” My mother says with disdain evident in her voice.
“Mom, you can’t do this to me. I’m your daughter, your only child.” I say as tears well up in my eyes.
“My daughter would never be such a whore that she gets pregnant at 18.” My mother snarls.
“You need to make your choice now. And we hope you make the right decision.” My father says stoically.
“I- I won’t do it. I will not ‘take care of it’. I don’t care what you do, but I will be having my baby.” I say with confidence I don’t feel.
“Well then, I guess we don’t have a daughter anymore.” My mother says as she grabs her purse and walks out.
“Daddy, please don’t do this.” I plead with him as tears stream down my cheeks.
“I don’t know who this person you have become is but this is not the daughter we raised. You have three days to get your stuff out of my house.” My father says as he walks out of the room.
I sat in the bed and cried before I remembered that Tiffany would be coming at some point today. I dried my tears and grabbed my phone, and deciding to risk it; I texted Kyler.
Me: Hey, can you come to the hospital? We need to talk
Kyler: Sure, I’ll be there soon.
Me: Thanks.
Kyler: No problem.
After about 20 minutes, someone knocks on my room door, and I call out for them to come in. Kyler walks in with a bag of burgers and two drinks in a carrier. He sets everything down on the table in front of me and heads to the bathroom to wash his hands.
“Ok, first things first, scooch over. Second, do you want the sprite or coke?” He says as he hands me a dirty burger from Wingfield’s Burgers in South Dallas.
“Sprite, please,” I say with a big smile on my face.
“Here you go, mama-to-be.” He says with a cheeky smile.
“Thank you, daddy-to-be,” I say, pushing him with my shoulder.
We eat in silence for a few minutes until all that’s left between us are our drinks.
“What did you want to talk about?” He asks as we sit on the bed staring at the TV.
“My parents disowned me because I wouldn’t tell them who the father was,” I say, turning to look out the window.
“What?! Why would they do that?” He says, looking at me, anger apparent on his face.
“They said I either ‘got it taken care of’ or they no longer have a daughter. And obviously, I’m not about to kill my baby just because my parents said so.” I say, looking over at him.
“Well, what are you gonna do?” He asks with a small smile
“I thought I would get a paternity test to figure out who the father is. Then I would go from there after the results come back.” I say, looking down at my hands.
“Well, no matter what the results of the paternity tests are, I will be here for you and this little one.” He says as he places his hand on my slightly bloated belly.
“Thank you, Kyler,” I say as I look up at him from under my eyelashes.
We stare at each other for what feels like an eternity before we hear someone clear their throat. We jump apart and look towards the doorway to see the doctor standing just inside the doorway.
“Hi, I’m Dr. Jameson. Dr. Abernathy had to perform an emergency C-section. Are you Sabrina Gonzalez?” She asks after washing her hands.
“Yes, I am Sabrina Gonzalez. It’s nice to meet you, Dr. Jameson. This is Kyler Matheson he is –.” Kyler cuts me off before I can finish my sentence.
“The father. I’m the father.” He says with confidence.
“Well, it’s good to meet with you guys. From what I’ve read on your file, you fainted and hit your head on the corner of a wood table. You’re also 18 weeks pregnant.” She says as she grabs her stethoscope from around her neck.
“Yes, ma’am, that is everything,” I say, grabbing Kyler’s hand.
~~ Tiffany POV ~~
I get out of my Uber and pay before walking into the hospital and stopping at the front desk to ask what floor they moved Sabrina to. When I get to her room, I hear talking from in the room, which means the doctor has come. I take a deep breath and walk in to see Sabrina, Kyler, and some random lady in the room talking. My eyes zero in on how close Sabrina and Kyler are sitting before making their way down to their interlocked hands. I hear the doctor say something, but I can’t hear anything other than the sound of rushing waters in my ears.
“Tiff!! I thought you weren’t coming until later.” Sabrina says, pulling her hand from Kyler’s.
“I was, but my brothers had some things to do, so I got an Uber. What is going in here?” I ask, looking around the room.
“Are you the doula or?” The doctor asks me.
“No, I’m her best friend and his girlfriend,” I say, pointing at Sabrina and Kyler.
“Oh, ok.” The doctor says with an odd look on her face.
“Anyways, mom, dad, do you want to see your baby?” The doctor asks, looking at Sabrina and Kyler before grabbing a portable ultrasound machine that was in the corner of the room.
“Wait, he’s not the dad. She doesn’t know who the father is.” I say, correcting the doctor.
“Well, from what they have told me, he is the father.” She tells me as she washes her hands.
I look over at Kyler and Sabrina, trying to get them to correct the doctor, but they both make it their job to avoid eye contact with me. At this moment, I realize that I’m dumber than I thought because, from their reactions, I can tell that they’ve been sleeping together for a while now. We sit in a tense silence while the doctor finishes up her check-up on both Sabrina and the baby. After she cleans everything up, she leaves with the promise of having Sabrina discharged before the day is over. Once the three of us are alone in the room, I stand and walk over to look out the window. We stay like this in silence for about 10 minutes until my brother’s knock on the door. I call out for them to come in and ask them to close the door behind them. Once my brothers have taken their seats, I turn around and stare at everyone in the room before asking a question.
“I’m only gonna ask this question one time, and I want honest answers only, are we understood?” I ask as everyone nods their heads in agreement.
“Who all in this room has slept with Sabrina? And just remember if I’m asking this, I already know.” I say with an ice-cold tone.
Both Kyler and my brother Trey raise their hands, and I look over at Troy with raised eyebrows daring him to lie to me. He holds up his hands in surrender, silently telling me he never looked at her in that manner.
“What the fuck is wrong with you?” I ask, looking at Trey but asking Sabrina this question.
“I-.” My brother starts before I cut him off.
“I’m not talking to you yet, Trey. Right now, I’m talking to this back-stabbing bitch over here who may or may not be pregnant with my ex-boyfriend's baby or, better yet, my niece or nephew.” I say in a calm tone while glaring daggers at Sabrina, who is hiding her face behind Kyler’s back.
“I’ll ask again since you seem to be hard of hearing. What the actual fuck is wrong with you?! What would make you think it’s ok to sleep with not only my boyfriend but my brother too?!” I say, my voice never losing its quiet calm tone.
“I’m so sorry, Tiffy. I don’t know what happened; it just h-.” She starts, but I cut her off.
“If you even try to say it just happened, I will beat your ass. I don’t care that you’re pregnant, nor do I care that you are in the hospital.” I threaten her.
“Kat, I’m sorry. The only thing I can say is that I was jealous and wanted to get back at you.” She says with tears running down her face.
“Well, I’m sorry, isn’t gonna fix this, Sabrina. Now you!” I say, turning my death glare on my now ex-boyfriend.
“Babe, I’m sorry. It was a mistake.” He says, only managing to piss me off more.
“First, it wasn’t a mistake; you knew exactly what you were doing. Second, don’t call me babe. Third, how long was it going on?” I ask with so much venom in my voice.
“It started almost six months ago when you and your brothers were out of town on vacation.” He says quietly.
“That’s what I thought. Kyler, I hope you enjoy playing daddy with your whore, and don’t ever try to contact me again. If you do, I will make sure you regret it. Do you understand me?” I ask as he nods his head.
“And now you Trey Marcus Moore! What the hell made you think it was ok to sleep with my best friend?!” I yell, not caring if anyone can hear me.
“I was drunk, and she came onto me, and one thing led to another. But it only happened one time, and I never let it happen again. I’m not trying to make excuses for what I did. I just wanted to explain what happened. But to you, Sabrina, I want you to know that if the baby does end up being mine, I will take care of my kid.” He says, making me smile slightly with pride of my brother.
“Thank you for not trying to excuse what you did cuz that only would’ve made me madder. And thank you for doing the right thing.” I say, walking over to give my brother a tight hug.
“And you are getting a paternity test to figure out who the father is,” I say to Sabrina.
I walk out of the room to see the nurses and doctors standing around staring at me with pity. I steel my back and walk down the hall to the elevators and continue out of the hospital. I’m outside when my brothers finally catch up, offering me a ride home. I tell them I’ll catch an Uber because I want to be alone right now, and I’ll see them at home later on. As I wait for my Uber, I think of the many ways my life would have changed if I never said yes to going on that date with Kyler two years ago. By the time I zone back in, I see that my Uber has pulled up in front of me, so I climb in and ask the driver to take me to the park close to my house. Once we get to the park, I pay and get out of the car before walking around the park for about an hour before walking down the street to the grocery store. I get everything I need to make garlic shrimp fettuccine alfredo and rolls for dinner tonight. After I pay for everything, I start the 10-minute trek to my house. When I get home, no one is home, so I drop everything off in the kitchen and head upstairs to shower and relax before making dinner. After an hour, I head downstairs with my phone and speaker to start dinner. By the time I take the rolls out of the oven, my brother’s walk in the front door. I call out, telling them to get washed up because dinner will be ready soon. We end the night sitting in the living room watching movies while the boys drink beers and I sip on a glass of wine.
~~ Kat POV ~~
I wake up around 8 o’clock to see the girls still asleep beside me. I get out the bed and take a quick shower before ordering breakfast from room service. After about 20 minutes, I hear a knock on the door signaling that our food has arrived. I let them in, and after I set the food on the table, I go to wake up the girls so that they can eat before we leave for the day. After eating breakfast, I pack the girls up and call the driver to meet us in front of the exit. We get in the car and head towards the hospital to sign the papers required for my parent's bodies to be sent home. After I sign the papers, the girls and I head to the airport to await our plane home. Once the plane is in the air, I let the girls unbuckle to take a nap in the private bedroom at the back. I grab my computer and go to my email to see that my parents' estate lawyer has sent me an email. I open the email to see that it’s a copy of both my mom and dad’s final will. I take a deep breath and open the document and start reading. By the time I finish reading the will, I am shocked because not only did my parents leave me all of their money, and they left all of their houses, businesses, and cars to me as well. But that’s not what shocked me; what shocked me is the only thing they left to Olivia is a trust fund with 20 million dollars only accessible to her after being sober for a consecutive 24 months. I set my computer down and grab my phone to call the lawyer, but before I can open get a text message from Tiffany.
Tiffany: Hey, can you talk?
Me: Sure, what’s up?
Tiffany: My life is completely falling apart.
Me: Why, what happened, sweetie?
Tiffany: Well, my brother is a whore who sleeps with my friends. Oh, and my boyfriend cheated on me for almost six months with my best friend. And she’s pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is.
Me: Wow. Wait, which brother?
Tiffany: Trey. I just needed to tell someone since I don’t have a best friend anymore.
Me: You’re okay, Tiff. And I’ll always be here if you need someone to talk to.
Tiffany: Thanks, Kat.
Me: No problem, babe. Text me if you need anything.
Tiffany: I will ttyl.
Me: Ttyl.
After Tiffany and I finish our conversation, I go to my contact list and call my parent's estate lawyer to talk specifics. We go over everything, and while we’re talking, the drafts trust fund papers for me to sign for the girls. We finally get off the phone when the pilot says that we will be landing soon over the intercom. I get up and use the private bathroom before waking the girls up and helping them buckle up before we begin our descent. Within 15 minutes, we have landed, and the girls and I are climbing into my car. Immediately upon getting in the car, the girls pass out in their car seats while I lower the volume of my playlist as not to disturb them. I look at the rearview mirror to check on the girls worriedly, wondering if I should take them to the doctor. By the time we pull into the driveway of our house, I have decided to call their pediatrician tomorrow morning and make an appointment for them soon. Before I get out of the car, I finally notice the car sitting at the curb. I grab my pepper spray as they open the doors and breathe a sigh of relief when I realize that it's Trey, Troy, and Tiffany. I get out of the car and walk around to Abigail’s side of the car to unbuckle her and wake her up so we could go into the house. Before I can wake her up, Trey walks up and grabs her out of the car.
“Thank you, Trey,” I say thankfully.
“No problem, Kat.” He says softly as not to wake up the sleeping child in his arms.
“I got Savannah,” Tiffany says, grabbing the other sleeping four-year-old.
“I got your bags,” Troy says, grabbing the three suitcases from the trunk.
“Thank you guys so much,” I say tearfully.
“What are friends for if not to help you?” Tiffany asks as we walk in through the garage door.
Once we get in the house, I lead Tiffany and Trey to the girl's room while Troy brings the suitcases upstairs. Trey and Troy head back downstairs while Tiffany and I get the girls ready for bed before heading back downstairs. When we get downstairs, I head straight for the kitchen, grab two bottles of wine and four wine glasses. I walk into the living room carrying the bottles in one hand and the two of the glasses in the other. I set everything down before walking back to grab the other two glasses and heading back into the living room. I pour everyone a nice glass of wine before distributing glasses and taking a seat in the middle of the couch. We drink in silence for a few minutes before I say something.
“I feel like we’ve all had a fucked up week, so we can drink, and you guys can go home tomorrow,” I say, staring into my wine glass.
“You gave our sister a glass of wine,” Trey says incredulously.
“You fucked your sister’s best friend.” I shoot back, glaring at him.
“How do you know we don’t want her drinking?” Troy says while Trey pouts.
“Fine. Do you guys let her drink?” I ask in a snarky tone.
“Yes, we do,” Troy says with a smirk on his handsome face.
“Did the results come back from the paternity test?” I ask, looking over at Tiffany.
“Not yet, but the doctor said they should be back in the next few days.” She says, taking a big gulp of wine.
“When did she take a paternity test?” Trey asks, confused.
“The day I found out, she slept with everyone close to me,” Tiffany says.
“I didn’t sleep with her, Tink,” Troy exclaims with frustration.
“Why should I believe you didn’t, when your brother did!!?” She shouts back at him.
“Hey!! The three of you, stop it right now!” I exclaim sharply.
“Tiffany, I get you you’re mad because your brother did the one thing that no sibling should ever do. He slept with your best friend and then lied about it. And Troy, I understand why you’re mad because you didn’t sleep with anyone, nor did you maybe get anyone pregnant. But Trey, you don’t get to yell at her because, in this situation, you are in the wrong. Not only did you sleep with her best friend and lie about it, you could be the father of that girl’s baby. And you need to understand that while she isn’t as pissed at you as she is at said girl, she is still gonna be mad at you.” I say, lecturing them all in my ‘mom’ voice.
“So what you all are gonna do is sit here and get over it. Or you will have to deal with me, and trust me; you don’t want that.” I say, glaring at them sternly.
For the next hour and a half, they sit and talk things out, cry, and make up the way siblings are supposed to. I sit in my spot on the couch, watching them feeling very proud of myself. Once that moment of pride passes, I feel the tears start, and I turn into a blubbering mess. The three of them gather around me, giving me a group hug while asking what the matter was. And I open up to them that I miss my parents, both adopted and biological, my siblings, and just having family in general. They hold and console me for 30 minutes until I have calmed down enough to breathe without having to be coached. We spend the rest of the night drinking, trading stories of our families, and laughing until we pass out on the couch on top of one another.
I wake up to the sight of the girls standing in front of me, holding each other’s hand and rubbing their eyes sleepily. I disentangle myself from Trey’s arms and walk the girls into the kitchen and start making coffee and breakfast for all of us. While I wait for the sausage to start browning, I make myself a cup of coffee and turn to look at my beautiful girls, who have fallen asleep on each other, with a smile. I look up to see Tiffany standing in the doorway of the kitchen, rubbing her eyes. I grab a mug and fill it with coffee and point to the fridge for creamer and to the container in front of the girls for sugar. She nods thankfully as I turn back to the food to finish preparing our meal of sausage, eggs, bacon, biscuits, and oatmeal. By the time I finish making the food, the boys have walked in a made themselves a cup of coffee each, and the girls have finally woken up. I plate the food and start distributing food to everyone. I grab my plate, and we all sit around the kitchen table to eat breakfast and talk. As we’re eating, I look up and smile because everyone is enjoying the food and each other’s company. I look up and wish for many more mornings, days, and nights like this with my family.
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