Life As We Know It

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Chapter 1

Kitty POV -- 5 years later

Groaning, I roll over in bed to see my two beautiful four-year-old daughters sneaking into my room. I quietly wait for them to get closer to the bed before I say anything. As I watch them not so quietly tiptoe into my room, I admire them and think of how lucky I am to call these two gorgeous people my daughters. As I stare into space, I realize I have given them more than enough time to get far enough into the room to jump on the bed and startle me out of my thoughts.

“Oof!’ I say as Sassy jumps onto my stomach. “Sassy, can you get off of mommy, please?”

“Sorry, Mama.” As she says that, Abi jumps onto the bed and sits uncharacteristically quietly next to me.

“Boo-bear, what’s wrong? You’re very quiet today, and that isn’t like you at all.” I ask her, worried something is the matter.

“Mama, where me and Sassy’s daddy?” She asks timidly. I take a sharp intake of breath, suddenly nervous even though I have known this day was coming ever since I put them in pre-k.

“Why do you ask, baby girl?” I ask, trying to stall as I come up with a good enough excuse to tell my daughters. Luckily I don’t have to come up with an excuse because at that exact moment, my phone rang, startling me out of my thoughts. Happy for the distraction, I quickly snatch the phone up and answer, saying ‘Katarina Jackson speaking’ in a bit of a rushed tone.

“Kat, dear, is everything OK?! Do I need to come over?! Are the girls, OK? Are you OK?!” My mom, Mrs. Kathy, asks in a bit of a panicked tone.

“No, Mom. Everything and everyone is OK. The phone just startled me out of my thoughts.” I tell her, trying to calm her down.

“Oh, OK. Well, the reason I was calling was to tell you that I wouldn’t be able to pick the girls up and keep them for the day.” She tells me in a quiet tone like she is trying not to upset me.

“Mom!! Why not?! You know my usual babysitter isn’t available tonight because it’s her 5th anniversary with her husband!” I tell her getting a bit upset.

“I know, honey. And I’m sorry, but daddy came home with a surprise trip to Nashville as well as tickets to a Reba McEntire concert. And you know how much I love me some Reba. But I know this lovely young lady who wouldn’t mind watching the girls for you until you get off of work.” She says, trying to appease me.

“OK, mom. Send me her name and number so I can talk to her before I drop the girls off. And tell daddy I said no more surprises for the rest of the year.” I tell her in a teasing manner.

“OK, baby. I’ll send you her number once we get off of the phone. Before I go, let me talk to my beautiful granddaughters.” Sighing, I hand the phones to my daughters and get out of bed. After I use the bathroom, I direct the girls into the kitchen to make breakfast and get the day started.

~~ Thirty minutes later ~~

After the girls have eaten breakfast and changed out of their pajamas, I tell them to watch TV for a while so I can take a shower and get dressed. After I get out of the shower, I check my phone to see a text from my mom.


M: Tiffany Moore 999-8851

K: Thanks, Mommy

M: No problem, sweetheart. Have a good day and kiss my babies for me.

K: OK. Enjoy your date with daddy in Nashville. And if you meet Reba, get a picture for me.

M: Thanks, honey. And you know I will.

After I finish texting mom, I decide to call Tiffany to see if she can watch Abigail and Savannah from 6 to about 3 am, usually when I get home from work.

On the phone with Tiffany

T: Hello, may I ask who this is calling?

K: Hi, Tiffany. My name is Katarina Jackson. I got your number from my mother, Kathy Graham.

T: Hi, Ms. Katarina. Yes, I know Mrs. Kathy. She’s my piano teacher. Not to be rude or anything, but may I ask why you are calling me?

K: Please, call me Kat. She said you were an excellent babysitter, and I hate to ask, but could you maybe babysit my daughters tonight from 6 to 3 am-ish.

T: Sure, I wouldn’t mind babysitting. How old are daughters?

K: Thank you, Tiffany. You are a literal lifesaver! And my daughters are four years old and can be trouble makers sometimes so that I would keep a close eye on them. Oh, before I forget how old are you?

T: I just turned 16 about two weeks ago.

K: OK. Will your parents be OK with you being out until 3 am? Also, do you need a ride home after I get home?

T: My brothers won’t mind me being out as long as I tell them where I will be. No, ma’am, my brothers don’t get off work until around 3 am, so I will have them come pick me up after you get home. Is that’s OK with you?

K: OK, last question, how much do you charge?

T: It usually depends on the child or children I’m babysitting. For 9 hours, will 135 be an OK price?

K: That is the perfect price. Thank you so much for doing this last minute. I will see you at 6 o’clock then.

T: It’s not a problem. I will see you at 6 o’clock.

Call ended

After the phone call ended, I went downstairs to spend time with my beautiful girls and relax before going upstairs to get ready for work.
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