Life As We Know It

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Chapter 2

~~ Kitty POV ~~

After a couple of hours of lazing around with the girls, I decide it is time for me to start getting me and the girls ready for tonight. I look over to find that the girls have fallen asleep sometime during the last movie. After putting a blanket over them, I go upstairs to take a shower, pick my makeup, and pick an outfit for work tonight. Finally, after 45 minutes, I go back downstairs to check on the girls and make their afternoon snack when they wake up. I go into the kitchen and look in the pantry, deciding what I should make the girls for their snack. I decide to make them cheese and crackers, one of their favorite healthy snacks. After I finish making their cheese and crackers and put them on their plates, I pour apple juice into their Disney Princess cups. Once I set their food and drinks on the table, I decide it is time to wake them up from their nap so they can eat. As they eat their snack, I go back upstairs to change into my clothes and do my makeup for work tonight. The girls wander upstairs after eating and lying on my bed and talking to me while I do my makeup. Around 5 o’clock, the doorbell rings, signaling we have a visitor. Wondering who it is, I go downstairs to check after telling the girls to go in their room and stay there until I say come out. Looking through the peephole on my front door, I see a girl around 16 years old with brunette hair with hot pink tips with a backpack scrolling through her phone. I cautiously open the door, about to ask who she’s looking for or if I can help her.

“Hi, I’m looking for Katarina Jackson.” She asks before I can open my mouth to ask who she is.

“I’m Katarina Jackson. May I ask who is looking for me?” I ask, very confused.

“I’m Tiffany Moore, the babysitter you hired for tonight. Oh, god, please tell me I’m not at the wrong house!!” She says, looking around, trying to make sure she was at the right house.

“Oh, yes!! Yes, you are at the right house. Come on in. And please, call me Kat or Kitty.” I say, stepping out of the doorway to let her in.

“You’re here early.” I mused, remembering the time.

“Oh yeah. My brothers had to get to work earlier than usual because of some emergency at their club. So they had to drop me off earlier than our agreed upon time. Sorry about that. I should have called you or at least texted you.” She explains to me.

“Oh, you’re fine. I was just doing my makeup for work tonight.” I tell her.

“Well, let me introduce you to my daughters Savannah and Abigail. SASSY, BOO-BEAR, come here, please!!” I yell so that they can hear me from upstairs. They come racing down the stairs as they skid to a stop right behind me.

“What did I say about running through the house?” I ask, giving them a stern look.

“Sowwy, Mama.” They say at the same time, looking down at the floor.

“It’s okay, girls. Now, why don’t you introduce yourselves to your babysitter for tonight?” I tell them.

“Hi, my name is Savannah Jackson-Graham. Hi, my name is Abigail Jackson-Graham.” They say at the same time, making me giggle at their cute little quirks.

“Hi, Savannah and Abigail. My name is Tiffany, and I am looking forward to babysitting you two tonight.” She tells them, trying to hold in her laughs at the cuteness that is them.

“Well, since you’re here early. Why don’t I tell you everything you need to know about watching them, hmm?” I ask, walking her towards the kitchen to get her something to drink.

“So they just had their afternoon snack at 4:30, so they should be good until dinner. I like to keep them on a somewhat strict schedule when it comes to sleeping and food. Dinner is usually around 6 o’clock. I try not to give them too much junk food. Usually, on the weekends, I’ll give them something like chicken nuggets with carrots instead of fries. After dinner, it is bath time; everything for that is upstairs in their bathroom.” I tell her all of this as I show her around the house to see where everything is.

“So bedtime is at 8 o’clock on the weekends and 7 o’clock during the week, if you happen to watch them during the week, which more than likely won’t have to happen. Please make sure you lotion them down after they get out of the bath. Their skin tends to break out if not properly moisturized.” I tell her this as I walk her to the girl’s bedroom.

“After you tuck them into bed, you have to put their nebulizers on. I use this as a precaution because they have asthma; theirs just isn’t as bad as mine. You put two albuterol doses in each of their machines. Oh, before you put the nebulizer mask on, give them one syringe of acetaminophen so that they don’t wake up with a fever or throwing up or both.” I tell her to show her where the medicine and syringes are to find them later tonight.

“Ok, just to make sure I have everything down. Dinner is at 6 o’clock, for dinner something somewhat healthy, after dinner is bath time, moisturize with lotion after the bath, body wash and body lotion is in the girl’s bathroom upstairs. Before I put them to bed, give them each one syringe of acetaminophen for fever and vomiting. Also, before bed, give them both a breathing treatment with two doses each.” She repeats to ensure that she understands.

“Yep. That’s everything there is to know for tonight. Oh, if you check in on them in the middle of the night and they're not there, check my bedroom. They might be cuddled up together on top of my comforter. If they are, cover them up with the blanket at the end of my bed.” I tell her as we make our way back downstairs to the kitchen.

“All of the important phone numbers are on the fridge. If you need anything, call me if I don’t answer, call my job, and I should get to the phone as soon as possible. If the girls wake up with a fever and a bleeding nose, immediately call their doctor; her number is on here as well. She will tell you whether you should take them to the ER or not.” I tell her as I get my stuff together so I can leave for work.

“I have an errand I need to run before I go to work. So I will see you guys after I get off of work tonight. Girls, come here, please. I have to go to work so I will see you guys in the morning, ok? I love you mwahmwahmwahmwah!!!!” I tell them as I put my shoes on and open the door.

“Bye, Mama!! We love you, MWAH!” They tell me at the same time, waving to me from the front door as I get into my 2020 Range Rover Evoque.
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