Life As We Know It

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Chapter 5

~~ Kitty POV ~~

After I check on the girls and cover them back up with their blanket, I head back downstairs to wait with Tiffany until her brothers get here. As we wait for her brothers to get here, we get to know each other a bit better until she to go to the bathroom before her brothers get here to pick her up. While she’s in the bathroom, I hear a knock on my door, followed by the doorbell ringing. I get up to investigate who’s knocking on my door at this time of night. I open the door only to come face to face with my boss at the tattoo parlor I work at part-time as a receptionist.
“Hi, Mr. Moore. W-w-w-hat are you d-d-doing h-h-h-here?” I ask, suddenly developing a stutter.
What the fuck was that I don’t have a fucking stutter. Not even for my hot ass boss who is currently at my door at three in the damn morning. I think to myself as I openly check my boss out while I stand in my front door.
“I’m here to pick up my sister, Tiffany. And Kat, I thought I told you to call me Trey.” He tells me as a smirk form on his face.
“Oh, I didn’t know Tiffany was your sister. I didn’t even know you had a sister or siblings.” I say, starting to ramble a bit.
“Hey, Trey, you know you or Troy could’ve just texted me to let me know you were here. You know, as a normal person would.” Tiffany says as she walks into the kitchen after coming out of the bathroom.
“Hey, Tinker Bell. How was your night?” Trey asks Tiffany as she grabs her bag and puts her shoes on.
“It was fine; I had a lot of fun with her daughters. I hope I can do this again, sometime?” She says as she looks at me, hopefully.
“Sure, I hope you can too. I know for a fact that my daughters love you.” I say as she walks out of the door past her brother.
“Well, Kat. I’ll see you and the girls tomorrow at the parlor, around 11-ish?” Trey asks me as he walks down my front steps before turning back around to look at me. While he waits for my response, he openly checks me out with lust in his eyes.
“Yeah, we’ll see you tomorrow Trey. Bye Tiffany, I’ll call you tomorrow.” I yell over his shoulder as I wave.
“Well, goodnight Kat. Sleep well and try to get to work on time.” He says with an amused smirk on his face.
“I will do that if you try not to fuck anymore bimbo’s in the bathroom,” I reply sarcastically.
“Oooh, she has some spice in her.” He says as he gets into the car.
“She’s got sugar too!” I yell back, chuckling as I close the door.
Once they pull out of my driveway and down the street, I go to clean the kitchen, turn off all the lights downstairs, and go upstairs to take a shower and go to sleep.
The next morning I wake up to the smell of bacon and sausage being cooked downstairs. I sit up quickly, panicking because my children aren’t allowed to cook in my kitchen without me there. I grab my robe and rush downstairs to see my mom downstairs, taking French toast out of the pan and setting it beside a plate of bacon and sausage.
“Hi, Mommy. What are you doing here? I thought you and daddy were spending the night in Nashville for some alone time?” I ask her as I make me a plate and take a seat at the table beside my daughters, giving them each a kiss on the forehead.
“We had to come back early because Daddy had a last-minute business meeting. But I did get you Reba’s autograph.” She tells me as we all sit around the table to eat breakfast.
“Yayyy, thank you so much, Mommy. So what are you doing today?” I ask after we finish eating breakfast, and I start washing the dishes we used.
“Not much; I have lunch with your grandmother at 2 o’clock. And then after I’m going to go home a drink a bottle of wine to relax.” She tells me as she dries the dishes and puts them in the cabinet.
“Ah, tell grandma Lilliana I said hello,” I tell her as I walk upstairs to change into my clothes for the day.
“You and the girls could always come with me to lunch. Your grandmother has been wanting to see you and the girls for the longest, and you know it.” She tells me as we walk into the girl’s room to help them get ready for the day.
“Mom, you know I don’t like seeing grandma Lilliana. She always finds a way to nitpick everything I do, from where I work to how I raise my children. I don’t want to go with you to see her. But tell her I said hi and that the girls and I love her.” I tell my mom as we finish dressing the girls.
“OK, well, I will see you and my grandbabies later. I love you, Katarina; please, you and the girls, stay safe. I’ll call you later once I get home.” She tells me as she gathers the girls in separate hugs and hugs me before gathering her purse and jacket and walking out of the door.
“Love you too, Mommy,” I say as I and the girl’s wave bye to her from the front door.
After she leaves, the girls and I walk to the park down the street from the house. I let the girls play and run around for about an hour and a half before I call them to go home. When we get home, I tell the girls to clean up their toys in the living room while I make some turkey wraps and apple slices for lunch. Once I finish lunch, I tell the girls to come into the kitchen to eat their food. By the time they finish eating, it's twelve o’clock, so I take the girls to go upstairs to get cleaned up, and then I go to get dressed for work. By the time we leave the house, it’s around 12:30, so we get into the car and start the journey to get to the tattoo parlor. When we get there, I give the girls their individual backpacks filled with snacks, drinks, tablets, and their chargers. As we walk into the tattoo parlor through the employee entrance, we are met with Trey walking into the break room to get some water.
“Hey, Trey. What are you doing?” I ask once I have the girls set up with their tablets and snacks.
“Umm, I’m not Trey. I’m his twin brother Troy. And who are you, three pretty ladies?” Troy asks me, leaning against the wall checking me out.
“I’m Katarina, but my friends call me Kat or Kitty. I’m the weekend receptionist. And these are my daughters Savannah and Abigail.” I tell him as I get ready to go out to the front desk.
“How come I’ve never seen you around here, Kitty?” Troy asks as we walk to the front together.
“I recently started here, and right now, I only work on Saturdays and Sundays,” I tell him as I go sit behind my desk.
“Ah, that makes sense. So how old are your daughters?” He asks, looking towards the break room.
“They are 4, but they will be five on October 22nd,” I tell him as I open the register to make sure everything is working correctly.
“And how old are you, Kitty Kat?” He asks me as the bell over the door rings signaling we have customers.
“I am 18, but I will be 19 on May 30th. Now go away so I can do my job.” I tell him pushing him behind the curtain towards the area where the other tattoo artists and piercers are.
“Hi, and welcome to T&T Tattoo Parlor. Do you know what it is you’re looking for?” I ask the three guys who just walked in.
“Well, hello there, sexy. My name is Todd, and would you believe me if I said I’ve been looking for you?” Todd says, attempting to flirt with me.
“Well, sadly, I don’t believe that, sir. Now, what exactly is it that you and you’re friends are looking for a tattoo or piercing?” I ask using my customer service voice.
“Ooooh, boys, look at this one. She seems to have a little sass in her. Well, sexy, I’m looking to get one of my nipples pierced as well as get a tat across my abs. You think I can get that done, sweetheart?” He asks in a condescending tone while he and his friend’s eye-fuck me.
“Well, I don’t know, Todd, CAN you get that done,” I ask him with a bit extra sass than usual.
“My bad princess. May I get that done, sweetheart?” He says sarcastically.
“I think that could be arranged. Is there any specific tattoo you want to get across your abs?” I ask with thinly veiled anger under my tone.
“I was thinking about getting my favorite saying.” He says, still looking at me like a predator does his prey.
“And what exactly is your favorite saying, Todd?” I ask, not making eye contact as I write down everything he said he wants to be done.
“Thanks, doll. It would be great if you could get me in to see the piercer soon.” He tells me before walking away to go sit in one of the chairs we have out for waiting customers.
“I’ll try to get you in as soon as possible, you dickhead.” I mutter under my breath.
After I write down what his friends want, I go into the back where Trey is sitting in a chair while Troy adds some finishing touches to the tattoo he’s doing. I take a seat in the only other open chair in the room as I wait for them to finish.
“What’s up, Kitty. Why so gloom?” Trey asks as he looks over once he puts his tattoo gun down.
“You have some customers out in the waiting room, who are complete assholes. Especially Todd, aka the biggest dick I have ever met!” I tell them as I hand them the piece of paper with what Todd and his friends want written on it. “Oh, you might wanna do his piercing, Troy. He thinks he’s such a lady killer that Kelly just might kill him.”
“HAHA, OK yeah, I’ll do that, Kit Kat.” He tells me, still chuckling at the thought of Kelly, his best piercer, killing a customer for trying to hit on her.
After Todd and his friends pay and finally leave, things start to speed up a bit. There aren’t any more assholes like Todd a couple of jealous girlfriends here and there, but pretty much everyone who comes in is sweet and polite. I check on the girls every time I get the chance to make sure they’re not getting into any trouble. Around midnight, I get something to drink and find the girls asleep in Trey’s office on the couch with Troy sitting behind the desk doing some work on the computer. I learned to differentiate between the two of them quickly. Trey has a butterfly tattoo on the left side of his neck that makes you want to trace it with your tongue. In comparison, Troy has a half-sleeve on his right arm that will make any sane woman weak in the knees.
“Hey, Troy. I’m sorry if they’re bothering you. I can put them on the couch in the break room.” I say apologetically, moving to pick the girls up and move them out of the office.
“You’re fine, Kitten. I moved them in here so that the couch could be open for everyone else.” He tells me as he stops what he is doing on the computer.
“Oh, well, thank you. Well, I guess I should get back to work then.” I tell him as I kiss the girls on their heads before going back to work.
After another two hours of work, we finally get our last customer to walk in at two am just as I’m about to turn the OPEN sign off. After we get her serviced and pays, I get Marcus, our most prominent tattoo artist, to escort her out to her car before I start to clean everything in the front to close the shop. As I’m finishing up, Marcus walks back in and nods, telling me good night as he walks through the shop out the back door to go home. Once I finish closing up in the front, I walk into the back to tell Trey and Troy that I’m leaving for the night.
“Hey, guys, I just wanted to let you know that I’m leaving for the night. I also wanted to say goodnight.” I tell them, sticking my head into their office as I put my jacket on.
“Let us help you get the girls in the car. It’s not safe out there for a young single mother like you this late.” Trey tells me as they both get up, put their jackets on and pick the girls up, and walk into the break room.
“You guys don’t have to do that. I can take care of myself just fine.” I tell them as I walk out ahead of them and hold the car door open so that they can put the girls in their booster seats.
“We know that, but our mother raised us to be gentlemen. And what kind of gentlemen would we be if we let a lady walk outside after midnight in this neighborhood.” They say in that creepy twin way where they finish each other’s thoughts.
“Don’t do that. I already have twins who do that weird twin finish the thought thing. I don’t need another pair of twins who do the same thing.” I tell them as I put my purse and the girls' backpack into the passenger side front seat. I turn towards them both, and before I know what’s happening, I turn around and kiss Trey and then Troy, not a real kiss, just a quick peck. But it was enough to stun them and me, so I hurry and turn around and get into my car and start the drive home before I start to overthink.
As soon as I get home, I wake the girls up and send them upstairs to take their showers and get ready for bed. By the time I get upstairs, I see Savannah walking out of the bathroom in her pajamas, holding her lotion. Abigail is turning the corner into the bathroom and closing the door as I walk into the bedroom to help Sassy put the lotion on her back. After I finish giving the girls their medicine and helping them get ready for bed, I kiss them both on the forehead and turn on their nightlight before closing their door and going downstairs to get a glass of wine. As I’m walking to the kitchen, someone rings the doorbell and bangs on the door. I open the door, not expecting to get the surprise of a lifetime.
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