Life As We Know It

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Chapter 6

~~ Kitty POV ~~

“KAT, you’re here!” My sister, Olivia, says, clearly drunk.
“Well, I live here, Olivia. What are you doing, Liv? You said you never wanted to speak or see me again.” I ask her, not moving from blocking the doorway into my house.
“I wanted to see my sister and my nieces. I can’t come to visit my family.” She asks, her words slurring so bad I almost didn’t catch what she said.
“No, now what do you want, Olivia? It is almost 10 o’clock at night my daughters are sleeping. So what you’re going to do is leave my house and don’t ever come back here unless you’re clean and sober. I will not have a junkie and drunk around my kids.” I tell her starting to get slightly angry.
“NO, what you’re going to do is get away from my house and my children. You will not be around my kids while you’re like this. I am very worried about you, Olivia. And I will not have you mess with my kids' emotions because you’re not going to be there for them. I love you, Olivia, but I can’t do this with you.” I tell her with tears streaming down my face.
She storms away from my house, making such a commotion that my neighbors have started coming out of their houses. I look at them apologetically before I go back into the house and call the police to come and get her.
The next morning I wake up around 8 a.m. to find that I have missed several calls from my Mom and Dad as well as many text messages. After I use the bathroom and freshen up, I call my Mom back.
Me: Hi, Mommy. What’s up?
Mommy: Hi, Katarina. Did your sister come by your house last night?
Me: Yes, she did. Why?
Mommy: I just got a call from the county police station. It was Olivia calling to say that she needed bail money because you called the police on her. And I just wanted to call to make sure you and the girls are okay after her showing up?
Me: We are fine; luckily, the girls were asleep when she showed up yelling. I honestly thought you were going to be mad at me for calling the police on her because she’s your daughter.
Mommy: Daddy nor I would never be mad at you for protecting your children. Honestly, I wish I had called them on her a long time ago.
Me: So what did you do when she called?
Mommy: *starting to cry* I told her that Daddy and I loved her but that we weren’t coming to bail her out this time. And that she would not be welcome in our home until she was sober for 60 consecutive days.
Me: I’m sorry you had to do that, Mommy. I told her the same thing when she called me Friday night while I was on my way to work and again last night.
Mommy: She called you Friday night?
Me: Yes, she called asking for three grand to supposedly pay off some gambling debts. But I knew she wanted it to pay for drugs. And I just couldn’t finance her habit without feeling guilty.
Mommy: I understand that, sweetie. I have to go. I have some errands I have to run before you drop the girls off later, so I’ll talk to you later, sweetness. But Daddy and I just wanted to make sure you and the girls were okay. I love you, Kat.
Me: Ok, Mommy, the girls and I will see you later. I love you too, Mommy. Tell Daddy the girls, and I love him.
Mommy: Will do, sweetness.
Me: I’ll talk to you later, Mommy.
Mommy: Talk to you later, honey.
*Ends call*
After I get off the phone with my mom, I check on the girls and see that they are still sleeping, so I decided to go downstairs and make breakfast. I decide to make chocolate chip pancakes and bacon for breakfast, which is the girls’ favorite. As I’m finishing up the pancakes, I hear the sounds of little feet coming around the corner into the kitchen. After the girls eat our pancakes and bacon, we clean the kitchen, then go upstairs to get ready for the day. I decide to get the girls' bags ready for the day while they get dressed. Once they come back downstairs, I let them watch Clifford the Big Red Dog in the living room while I get dressed for work. By the time I finish getting ready for work, it’s almost one o’clock, so I tell the girls to get their shoes on and grab their backpacks as I look for my phone, keys, and purse. Once we have all of our things, we go outside to get in the car, and then we start the journey to my parents’ house so that I can drop them off. When we get to my parents’ house, I get the girls out of the car, and we walk into the house looking for my mom, but we come across my dad in the living room first.
“Hi, Daddy. How are you?” I ask him, smiling as I watch the girls run up to give him a big hug.
“Hi Kitten, I’m doing well. How are you doing, darling?” He asks as he picks the girls up and throws them on the couch beside him.
“I’m fine, just a little tired after last night,” I tell him as I kiss the girls on the forehead, telling them I’ll see them later.
When I finally get back in the car, I check the time and see it’s almost 1:30, giving me thirty minutes to get to my job, almost forty minutes away. I turn the car on and start speeding to get to the tattoo parlor relatively on time, but it’s just my luck that as I’m getting off the freeway, the police pull up behind me and turn on their lights.
“Fuck!!” I say as I pull over and look in my rearview mirror to see the Officer pull over behind me. Once I see the Officer get out of the car, I come up with an idea to get out of the ticket with a 50/50 chance of working in my favor. As the officer walks up to my car, I thank the clothing gods that I decide today I wore my new tightly fitted off-shoulder crop-top. The Officer knocks on my window, pulling me out of my thoughts, as I roll my window down.
“Hello, Officer um… Davidson. What can I do for you?” I ask him as I check him out behind my sunglasses.
“Hi, miss. Can I see your license and registration, please?” He asks me, looking around the interior of my car.
“Sure thing, Officer Davidson,” I say as I hand him the required documents.
“Thank you, Miss Jackson. Just give me one minute while I have dispatch check your name.” He tells me as he walks back to his car.
“Yes, sir,” I say under my breath as I check out his ass in my rearview mirror.
“Here is your license and registration back. Do you know why you were pulled over today, Miss Jackson?” He asks as he leans down in my window.
“No, sir, I do not, Officer. Would you mind telling me, please?” I ask while leaning closer to him, getting in his face.
“You were going well over the speed limit. So I’m going to have to give you a ticket.” He tells me as he looks at my lips before quickly making his way back to my eyes. I take this as a good sign of me getting out of this ticket.
“Do you have to give me a ticket, Officer? You can’t just let me off with a warning?” I say, staring at his lips before I lick my own. You know a girl’s gotta do what a girls gotta do.
“Um, maybe I can let you off this time. Just don’t do it again, Kat.” He tells me as he takes out his ticket pad and starts writing on it.
“I thought you weren’t gonna give me a ticket?” I ask as he hands me the paper, which has his number on it.
“Well, call me when you get the chance, Kat. By the way, my name is Ronnie.” He tells me with a wink as he walks away.
“Bye, Ronnie,” I call out as he gets in his patrol car.
Once he allows me to leave, I start driving until I get to the tattoo parlor. Once I get there, I see the guys standing outside waiting for me with looks on their faces that say I’m in deep shit. I slowly park my car in one of the designated employee parking spots and get out of my car with a shameful look on my face.
“Hey, guys. What are you guys doing out here? Were you waiting on lil ol’ me?” I ask as I look at them with what I assume is an innocent look on my face.
“Where have you been? You’re almost two hours late for work?” They say at the same time with stern, angry looks on their faces making me take an interest in my shoes.
“I’m sorry, you guys. I didn’t mean to be late; my daughters didn’t want me to leave them, and then as I was on my way here, I was pulled over because I was maybe speeding a little to get here on time. I’m sorry.” I say as I look down at the ground with shame coursing through my body.
“Look at us,” Trey told me as he lifts my head up with his thumb and forefinger.
“Why didn’t you call us? We have called and texted you for the past hour. We were so worried that something had happened to you and the girls.” Troy says as they give me a hug.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to worry you guys,” I say as we stand in the parking lot, hugging for about 5 minutes.
“It’s ok, princess. Just next time, let us know if you’re going to be late, OK?” Troy says as we pull apart.
It was at this moment I realize I had slipped into little space at some point in our conversation. My face heats with the realization that I just hugged and cried in front of my insanely hot bosses. So like any other embarrassed person, I decided to walk past them into the tattoo parlor and get started doing my job.
~~ Trey POV ~~
When we get to the tattoo parlor, it’s around 11 o’clock; we decided since we have time before Kat gets here, we could go to our office and finish some paperwork we didn’t do the night before. After a while, I hear the employee entrance, so I get up thinking its Kat and the twins. I walk into the break room to see one of our piercers, Kelly, getting some water from the fridge.
“Hey, Kells. What are you doing here so early?” I ask, confused because she always seems to come around three since her shift doesn’t start until 4.
“What are you talking about Trey, its 3:30? My shift starts in 30 minutes. Anyways I have to go get my station set up. I have an appointment at 4:30.” She says as she walks past me to get to her station.
“Hey, have you heard from Kat today?” I ask my brother, Troy, as I walk back into our office.
“No, why?” He asks, looking up from his computer.
“She’s late, like 2 hours late,” I tell him as I get my phone out to call her.
After about 30 minutes of Troy and me calling and sending multiple texts to her, we go outside to see if she has pulled up yet. As soon as we get outside, we see her call pulling into the parking lot. We stand by the building, waiting for her to park and get out of her car so we can ask her where she’s been.
“Where have you been? You’re almost 2 hours late for work?” Troy asks, starting to yell.
“I’m sorry, you guys.” We hear her say under her breath. I look at Troy as he looks at me, and we both have the same look on our faces questioning whether we heard her right. Before we can register what we heard, the conversation is over, and she heads into the tattoo parlor so she can start her shift.
~~ Troy POV ~~
After Kat walks past us into the front of the shop Trey and I look at each other, trying to come to terms with what she said. We have never since we’ve met Kat heard her apologize for anything she’s done. At this point, I check the time and realize I have an appointment in 20 minutes. I get up and walk into the front, where Kat is showing a customer some of our different small tattoos that are cheap and quick to heal. After the customer walks away to talk to her friend about the different options, I walk up to Kat to talk to her about something.
“Hey, Kat,” I say as she looks up at me.
“Hey, Troy. What’s up?” She asks as she makes an effort not to make eye contact.
“So, Trey and I want to talk to you after we close up. So if you could stay for a little while after the last customer leaves that would be great.” I tell her as my appointment walks in, and I call her back to my station.
“Ok!” She yells at me as she turns back to the customer coming up to her.
After about 4 hours, I finish my appointment’s dragon tattoo on her back. Once I finish her aftercare, I give the instructions to helping it heal quicker. I send her on her way to Kat to pay, and then Mike walks her to her car. After she leaves, I walk into my office and start doing some paperwork. After a while, Troy comes in, telling me that Kat is helping the last customer pay so they can leave. We take these few minutes to figure out how we’re going to bring this topic up with Kat. Once Kat finishes closing up the front, she comes and knocks on our office door. I get up and answer the door, letting her in.
“Have a seat, Katarina,” I say as I close and lock the door behind her.
“Am I in trouble? Is this because I showed up a couple of hours late and didn’t call you?” She asks as she takes a seat on the couch.
“No, this isn’t about that; we have forgotten all about that. This is about something you said earlier when we were talking.” I say as I take a seat on a chair in front of her.
“What did I say?” She asks, looking between the two of us, worried.
“You apologized, Kat. You have never in the entire time we’ve known you apologized for anything ever.” Trey says, looking at her incredulously.
“HAHAHA, I’m sorry you guys, you’re facing are absolutely priceless! Are you really surprised that I apologized for being late? I was trying to keep from losing my job.” She tells us as she calms down from her laughing fit.
“OK, whatever, Kat. You’re free to go if you want.” I tell her, chuckling, as I walk back to my desk.
“Bye, Trey. Bye, Troy.” She tells us as she walks around, giving each of us a peck on the lips. We both sit there looking after her, confused, before looking at each other with dazed expressions.
~~ Kat POV ~~
As I leave, I check everything to make sure it’s all closed before I walk outside to my car. As I get ready to leave, I get a phone call from my mom. After I connect my phone to the media system in my car, I answer the call.
Me: Hi, Mommy.
Mommy: Hi, sweetness.
Me: What’s wrong?
Mommy: Nothing is wrong, Kat. I was just wondering if you would have a problem with us keeping the girls until next Sunday.
Me: I have no issue with that at all, Mommy. That would take a lot off of my plate, give me some time to relax.
Mommy: Perfect, you can have them back after you get off of work next Sunday.
Me: Have them back?! Mom, you make it seem like your plan on kidnapping them.
Mommy: Oh, nothing like that. Just Daddy and I plan on taking them to Disney World Orlando at some point during the week.
Me: Oh, that’s good. They should enjoy that. Take lots of pictures for me.
Mommy: Of course, sweetness. Well, I have to go make tonight’s’ dinner. Love you, honey.
Me: Love you too, Mommy. Talk to you later.
After I get off the phone with my mom, I look up to see the twins standing outside my door, like weirdos.
“What are you guys doing standing outside my car like weirdos?” I ask as I roll the window down.
“We saw you just sitting out here and wanted to make sure you were okay. Are you okay?” Trey asks as he walks around and gets in my passenger seat.
“Excuse you?! Why are you in my car, sir?” I ask as Troy hops in my backseat, and they both put their seatbelts on.
“Tiffany took our car earlier, and we might’ve caught your conversation, so now you’re our ride and our date,” Troy says as he hands me his phone with directions to somewhere pulled up.
“Fine, ugh!! Where are we going?” I ask as I pull out of the parking lot.
“We are going to a bar, a karaoke bar, to be exact. Where we hope to get you drunk enough to sing Elton John.” Trey says, turning on the radio.
“One you will never and I mean ever get me drunk enough to sing Elton John. Two, if I get drunk, who’s going to drive us home?” I say as I pull into the parking lot of Monruex’s Bar and Grill.
“Well, lucky you, I will be driving us home because it’s my turn to be the designated driver,” Trey says as he comes around the car to open my door.
“Ok, well, give me 5 minutes to change. Trey close my goddamn the door, and Troy get the fuck out of my car.” I say as I climb into the back seat of my car. Fifteen minutes later, I climb out of the car wearing a low-cut, thigh-length body-con black dress that hugs my body in all the right places. I paired this outfit with a pair of silver stilettos I had thrown in my trunk after a wedding I attended a couple of weeks ago. As I climb out of my car, I see the guys leaning against the building smoking cigarettes.
“Ugh, can you guys stop that? It’s gross and unhealthy.” I say as I walk up to them.
“Well, we wouldn’t be doing this gross and unhealthy thing if you hadn’t taken forever and a year to get ready,” Troy says as they put their cigarettes out and look up at me. As they look up at me, their jaws practically hit the ground as they take in what I have on.
“What the hell are you wearing?” Trey asks me as he takes in my outfit.
“What never seen a grown woman wearing a dress to the club?” I ask as I walk past them into the club.
After we walk into the club, I walk towards the bar and order a beer, a club soda, a vodka tonic, and six shots of tequila. I might as well have some fun and enjoy myself since I have to be here. So after the guys made it to the bar, I hand them their drinks, and we go find a table. After about 3 hours, I’m wasted, and Troy and I are on the stage singing, My Song by Elton John, while Trey sits at our table watching. After we finish making a fool out of ourselves, I stumble to the table and order another round of shots. After I finish the shots, Trey grabs me by the waist and throws me over his shoulder, walking me out of the bar, with Troy following behind us.
“Put me down, TROY!!” I yell as I beat against his back until he sets me down in front of my car.
“You’re drunk, Katarina. And I’m taking you home.” He says as he takes my keys from my purse and puts Troy and me in the backseat.
After we pull out of the parking lot, Trey asks me how to get to my house. I tell him to type home into the navigation system, and it will direct him there. While he’s driving, I lean over and put my head in Troy’s lap and fall asleep until Trey picks me up and starts walking me into my house. I wake up to Trey putting me in the bed and tucking me in. I finally fall back asleep and don’t wake up until almost 5 o’clock the next day.
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