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My name is Chole Rock. What if your bestfriend is keeping secrets from you that you didn't think was possible... what if you're life is far from what it seems... What if you find out the person you fall for isn't someone that is good but he treats you like his queen.

Romance / Fantasy
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My name is Chole Rock. I'm 23 years old and I am 5'3. I have straight long black hair and ocean blue eyes. My best friend is Sarah Castway. She is also 23 and she is 5'7. She has been my best friend since 9th grade. We also went to collage together. She went for art as I went fr business. Oh... I guess I should also tell you Sarah's parents are kind of my parents. My parents didn't take care of me after I turned 8 years old. So I took care of myself the best I could. When I met Sarah in 9th grade we hung out most of the time. Plus they think of me as there own and I really didn't go home. So guess who paid for my college? Mr. and Mrs. Castway. I tried to refuse but they wouldn't take no for an answer. We went to college at 19, 4 year's later here we are in our two bedroom apartment in New York City.

I know this is going to sound bad but right now Sarah is paying everything from our apartment to our food. I been looking for a job for 3 months. It sucks, her parents pay the phone bill cause they put Sarah and I on the contract.

Anyway after I was done cleaning the apartment, I started making BLTS for dinner. I sat the table, put our food and two pepsi's in front of each of our plates.

Just when I sit down the door opens and closes. I look up to see Sarah coming in the kitchen. " Hey girl. " " Hey Sarah, how was your day? " " It was fine, but it's Friday and we are going out having fun tonight. " " Sarah... you know I don't have the money right now. " " Chole you know I am going to pay, plus we my dear friend are getting in free AND the drinks are free. " Okay and how did she pull this off? Wait.... I don't think I want to know the answer to that. " Chole... hello. Are you listening to me? " " Umm... yeah.. what did you say again? " Sarah gives me her your kidding look. " I said go get ready before I make you go in your night clothes. " That's when I ran to my room to get ready.

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