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Chapter nine

Kane wasn't surprised when his family were shocked after hearing the news that he and Priscilla have decided to marry. No, not he and Priscilla, just he. This is because ever since their betrothal have been revealed, he has been the one against the marriage and now, they are suddenly getting married.

It was a big news to them and just as he expected, His mom, Natasha and Leyla, Priscilla's mom, agreed on a date immediately. They are to be married in two months time. Kane had been shocked when he heard that, he knew they would choose a date but not so close. He tried to postpone it but no one will have it, reason is that, they have been engaged for far too long.

After the family dinner, they all said goodnight in good spirits, all except Kane. He knew he would be getting married but not so soon, deep inside his heart, he knew his reason is because he is afraid. Afraid of the marriage and that's only because, he fears that he will never be attracted to Priscilla. He wasn't attracted to her in their young days and he certainly won't be attracted to her now or even in their old days.

But he has to marry to stop himself from doing something so abominable with the man he calls his best friend. He would rather he marry than to see the look of disgust in Oliver's face when he sees him if he happens to not control himself anymore. That's if Oliver would be disgusted with him because last night, he saw otherwise in his eyes. He couldn't stop himself from thinking about that night of their accidental kiss. He is still mad at himself for kissing a man but oh, what he wouldn't give to go back to that night or to experience a night like that again. And this is the reason he must marry Priscilla, to rein him in and keep him in control, besides she is the only woman fit to be his wife.

He drove back to his penthouse and after changing into his pyjamas, he crashed on his bed. He has decided to marry Priscilla and marry her he shall. He has to put an end to whatever little attraction he might have for Oliver and to turn a blind eye to whatever emotion he reads in his eyes.

He hasn't forgotten the look of shock that appeared in his eyes last night when he told him about his marriage nor the hurt and pain that clouded his eyes. Although he tried so hard to hide it but he saw it and last night was the night he finally concluded it. Oliver is attracted to him and him he, so in order to stop both of them from going crazy, is for one of them to marry and the best is him. He shouldn't let Oliver lead him on.

He groaned on his bed and wipe his hands on his face, just one peaceful night is all he ask but no, ever since last night of dropping Oliver home, he hadn't been able to sleep, no, not at all.

He sat up on the bed with a low grunt, he buried his face in his hands and his imagination ran wild. If only Oliver is a woman, "ah" he shook his head with a groan, "don't even go there" he reprimanded himself, "he is not a woman and neither are you. Jesus can you stop thinking about this and also stop talking to yourself?" He whisper shout to himself.

He climbed out of the bed and strolled into the bathroom, he stood staring at himself in the mirror, his ruffled hair, his hazel eyes, his thin pink lips and his strong jaw, he is a fine man and a fine man like him falls for a woman. Christ, he can't waste all these manly goodness to sucking a man's prick, "yuck" he shuddered in disgust. Yep, that's right, he is a straight man, see, even the thought of sucking a man is disgusting. If he is a gay, will it be disgusting? Of course not.

He thinks he is attracted to Oliver because it's been long he has been with a woman, that's right. He just needs a wild night with a woman and everything would be forgotten. As if coming to a decision, he strode into his bedroom and picked up his phone, he dialed one of his bimbos who are ever ready to satisfy him and just like he expected, she said she will be with him in the next thirty minutes.

Kane hung up with a lewd smile, he fell on his back on the bed and place his hands on the pillow, beneath his head. He stared up at the ceiling as he count the seconds. This is gonna be a memorable night.


Olivia woke up in the morning, she wasn't feeling like going to the office again today. Kane hasn't contacted her since the night he announced to her about his marriage and she doesn't want to contact him either. Actually, she is now considering moving back to Florida to resume her normal life. She has mourn her brother enough, it's time to continue her own life.

A knock resounded on her door and she sighed, who else would it be but her aunt? Of course she has come to continue her morning routine of preaching to her. She chuckled lightly at her thought before mumbling a weak, "come in aunt Grace."

The door was pushed open and Grace poked in her head and smiled to her before revealing her full body, she leaned on the door and smiled to her, "don't feel like getting up today too? I must have you know that Devon or Dev to you is missing you already."

Olivia chuckled and sat up in the bed, she stretched herself lazily, "well, I'm not surprise."

"You need to get back to work Olivia."

"Aunt, I have only missed work yesterday and you are making it sound like it's been weeks!" She rolled her eyes.

Grace smiled lightly, "fine, I heard you but really, lying in bed all day aren't going to solve the issue and you and I know you are preparing to do just that today" she raised a knowing eyebrow at her.

"Aunt, just one more day."

"Not going to solve it."

"Then what's going to solve it?"

"You getting up there like you are now and go downstairs to meet the young man waiting for you."

"What! Kane is here?"

"For some reason I have no idea, yes. He wants to see you. Actually he wants to see Oliver and he was prepared to come up here when I told him you were still sleeping. You are lucky I was down there to stop him. Now, he wants to see Oliver, you can show him the real you and put an end to all these pretense."

Olivia was already on her feet searching through her wardrobe when Grace finished talking, "I'm sorry aunt but not today. Right now, I really want to know why Kane will be here without calling me, this is a first" she pulled out her male pyjamas and hastily put it on without taking off her female pyjamas to make it look more bogus on her, she fetched her her wig from her drawer and rushed into the bathroom to put it on.

"Olivia, there won't be a better chance than now. Go down there and tell him the truth, be done with this lie already. Who knows, you might be able to stop his impromptu wedding."

Olivia dashed out of the bathroom already looking like Oliver, "no aunt, if I tell Kane the truth, I won't be stopping his wedding but rather, he will ask me not to show my face in his presence again. Now that's, what Kane will do" she comb her fingers in her wig, ruffling it and then gulped, "so tell me, how do I look?" She asked in a male's voice.

Grace sighed in resignation before waving her hand in the air, "like your brother" she shook her head softly, "I just hope you know what you are doing darling. I wouldn't want you crying yourself to sleep every night."

"I'm already doing that aunt."

"Then tell him, tell him you love him, it aren't so hard. Tell him and tell him the reason you acted the way you did."

"It won't be so hard to tell him aunt if I didn't know how he hate lies" she sighed "I need to go meet him" with that, she dashed out of the room. She stopped momentarily to put herself in her act then she climbed down the stairs lazily.

Kane was standing in the center of the living room, seeing his back, her heart missed a beat, his hair was slicked back neatly as always, what she wouldn't give to have her fingers run through his hair in the midst of an intense passion. She shook her head and buckled up her emotion, "what in the hell are you doing here?"

Kane stiffened when he heard the one voice he has no idea he has been missing, he turned to see him climbing down the stairs in his pyjamas, his hair was ruffled like one that just got out of the bed and he froze. One word: handsome.

Or maybe two words: too handsome.

He never knew a man waking up from bed with a bushy hair can be so captivating, today, his vision has reached a new horizon. Only one problem, Oliver is sure as hell the only man that can portray such picturesque with a ruffled hair.

He sighed as he watched him slump on the couch, "I can't believe you were really still in bed" Kane admonished.

"Oh please, you better have a good reason for disturbing my beauty sleep."

Indeed, "I think Grace is really soft on you. I shall have her toughen up on you."

"Yeah, yeah, good luck with that" she picked a pillow and pressed it on her chest, "really Kane, what are you doing here so early?"

"Well, since you don't want to call me, I decided to come drag you out for breakfast" he sighed, honestly, even he himself is surprised. After such a wondrous and hectic night, he should still be sleeping to recover his strength but no, he wanted to know why he didn't call him all through yesterday and to know if he is okay.

A sweet smile curved on Olivia's lips, see? He didn't forget me, she smirked at him, "what? Shouldn't you be getting to know your soon to be bride now?"

"Yeah right" he rolled his eyes, momentarily freeing himself from his dazzling smirk, he walked to the single sofa and reduced his height on it, "I will be spending the rest of my life with her, a few moments away from her is acceptable."

Olivia hid very well the hurt in her voice, "so, you guys had the family dinner last night?"

"Yep. Told the family and you will be sure as hell that they are thrilled. Mom and Leyla even chose a date."

"There is a date now?" Too bad, she didn't have enough time to hide the shock in her voice which got Kane looking at her with a frown.



"September eighteen."

"Oh, that's...two months away" she croaked and cleared her throat "two months away. That's good, you will be out of the bachelorhood in two months time, this calls for a celebration" she smiled but her smile faltered and her eyes brimmed with tears. She laughed nervously and blinked continuously to keep the tears at bay, "really, when are we going to celebrate?"

Kane narrowed his eyes at him, he saw everything but he is not going to point him out, not yet. He will just wait for the right time, "yes, you choose, I will do my best to make myself available" he smiled "but still, go get ready, we are having that breakfast."

Olivia nodded vehemently, "sure. I will go get ready" she stood up and climbed up the stairs more lazily then when she climbed down.

The car ride was as quiet as a graveyard, Kane said nothing as his mind kept running wild. Now, he is as sure as hell that Oliver is attracted to him, he just have to find a way to put him off. But the problem is? He doesn't know how to but he sure knows he will find a way soon. Besides, he already has a way that might work.

When he pulled over their favourite restaurant, he looked at Oliver and smirked, "we are here. Seriously bud, what's wrong with you?"

The question got Olivia looking at him with a frown, "what do you mean?"

"You are extra quiet today. I know a ride with you is always filled with jokes, so what's wrong today?"

Olivia shrugged, "nothing much, just...wondering."

"Wondering what?"

"In two months time, you will be a married man, whereas me?" She paused to sigh "I don't even have a girlfriend" boyfriend actually. "So, what's gonna become of me?" She looked at him, "when that time comes, you won't even be hanging out with me again."

"Says who? You are my best pal, if I don't hang out with you then who would I? Moreover, you have Carol" He smiled, "come, let's go have that breakfast."

Olivia rolled her eyes but made no comment.

They both got down from the car and walked to the restaurant's big glass door in time to see a blonde woman with iced blue eyes, wearing a sky blue dress, a white handbag with white heels. She was walking up to them smiling.

Olivia was shocked when she saw her and faced Kane immediately, "I thought you said we are having breakfast?"


"Then why is she here, I thought you said just the two of us?"

"Indeed but I changed my mind and gave her a call at the last minute" he smiled "don't worry dude, she is to be my wife soon, so you have to get use to her presence around us" he walked up to the approaching lady and gave her a sweet hug, he released the shocked Priscilla from his hug and kissed both her cheeks before placing a chaste kiss on her lips.

Both Priscilla and Olivia were frozen in shock as they watched him. Kane turned to Oliver and beckoned him closer, "come on man, let's go have that breakfast, some of us still has a company to run" with that, he grabbed Priscilla's hand in his and stroll into the restaurant.

Olivia walked in too after she recovered from her shock. Did Kane just kissed Priscilla?

Kane just kissed Priscilla!

Not just that, he acted as if they are couple in love!

What the hell is happening?

By the time she caught up to them, they were already seated at a table and she just pulled out a chair to join them.

Priscilla looked at him then and smiled embarrassed, "Oliver, how have you been? It's been long we talked."

"Yeah. Kane told me about you two, congratulations" she forced a smile, "you two will make one hell of a couple."

"We would wouldn't we?" Kane smiled as he brought Priscilla's hand still in his grasp to his mouth and kissed her knuckle while gazing at her affectionately.

Priscilla's face turned crimson red and she tried to take her hand but Kane's hold only tightened. Just what is wrong with him today? Why is he suddenly affectionate and attentive? She wondered.

Olivia watched them, could it be that Kane has already been falling for Priscilla but he didn't recognize it or is he doing everything deliberately? But why? The way he is acting is like a lover who just charmed his loved one. She is totally confuse.

The first time she saw them, there was no chemistry around them but now, the electricity can even spark the whole building. How is it possible? Kane also told her himself that he is not attracted to Priscilla, but what is this now?

She suddenly knead her temple, she must be thinking too much. Kane definitely isn't doing any of these deliberately, because even if he is, why?

From the corner of his eyes, Kane could see the frown on Oliver's face and he cheered inwardly, this only means one thing, his plan is working. That's right Oliver, I'm a straight man and I can only be attracted to a woman, last night even proved it.

A waiter approached them with his writing pad, "what can I get you please?"

Priscilla reached for the menu and Kane took it from here, "let me order for you" he smiled and his thump caressed the back of her palm. It sent chills down her spine and she wants nothing more but to take her hand back. Kane's advances or attentiveness is really new to her and she is not sure she like it. They have only agreed to marry each other in what? Three days? Isn't it too early for him to be all lovey dovey?

Kane ordered for both of them then passed the menu to Oliver, "choose what you want."

Olivia took the menu from him and ordered a few light dishes for herself. The waiter bowed and left. She turned to her companion to see Kane smiling affectionately to Priscilla who was trying to hide the blush on her face shyly. Suddenly, the restaurant was too hurt for her so she stood up, "please excuse me, I need to use the men's room."

"Sure, take your time" Kane hastily brushed her off while Priscilla looked at her with worry in her eyes but not saying anything.

Olivia walked straight to the men's room, she bolted the door immediately she was inside, she wiped her face with her hands and heaved a deep sigh. She ran her hand through her wig frustratedly. Just what is happening? Why is Kane behaving like this?

Is it that he is madly in love with Priscilla? Since when?

How come she knows nothing about it?

No matter how she thought of it, no matter the angle she used, she still can't find the reason Kane would deliberately be feigning affection for Priscilla. She is his soon to be bride for Christ sake! No matter what, he can't be feigning attraction to her and certainly not just for her to see.

There is only one explanation for this, Kane is in love with Priscilla and he hid it from her.

Coming to that conclusion, something pulled on her heartstring and she felt like her heart has broken into a thousand pieces. She grabbed the sink to steady herself and she lost time in her thoughts and broken heart. Realizing she has been there for a long time, she turned on the tap and washed her hands and face. She took the paper napkin and dry her hands, crumbling into a ball and tossing it into the trash can in one throw.

She sighed and stared at herself in the mirror, she put every hair on her wig in place, neatened her shirt then sighed once more before unbolting the door and leaving.

When she got to their table, Kane and Priscilla were already eating. Damn, she must have been in the men's room for far too long. She approached them and they both looked up from their food in her presence, Kane's eyes revealed relief but he hastily concealed it while Priscilla's iced blue were filled with worries, "are you okay? You are awfully quiet this morning."

Olivia flashed her a smile before taking her seat, "I'm just a little sick this morning. Kane actually woke me up from bed" she added to solidify her claim.

"Oh, I hope it aren't so bad, perhaps Kane can take you to the hospital?"

"Don't worry Prisy, I'm good."

"You took long in the restroom, is everything okay?" Kane asked while forking egg into his mouth. He acted nonchalant but deep in his heart, he really wants to know.

Olivia stared at him for a while and answered, "one thing led to another."

They remained silent until they finished their breakfast and was set to leave. When they were outside, Kane tugged on Priscilla's hand that was still in his, "how did you get here?"

"Ina dropped me off."

"Oh, how are you going to go now?"

"I will call a cab."

"No need, I just need to drop Oliver at the office then I can drop you too."

"You don't have to Kane" she smiled.

"Anything for you" he kissed her knuckles once more.

Olivia couldn't take it anymore and she doubts if she could endure an entire fifteen minutes ride with Kane acting so lovey dovey. She cleared her throat and got their attention, "you don't need to drop me dude, I don't think I'm in the mood of going to the office today. I just want to go home, I can call a ride while you go drop her."

"Oh, are you okay with that?" Priscilla asked.

"Yeah" she nodded with a smile.

"I can still go drop you at home then go drop her" Kane insisted.

"That will be time consuming bud, besides, some of us still has a company to run" she joked.

Kane wanted to persist but in other for his plan to work out fine, he has to oblige. Although he hates Oliver taking a cab, he can't change it. Truth be told, he would prefer Priscilla taking a cab to Oliver taking the cab. "Okay then, will call you later."

Priscilla smiled and waved once to her "bye Oliver"

"Bye Prisy, take care of yourself. Until we meet again señorita" she bowed and Priscilla chuckled before she and Kane walked over to the car. Olivia watched them for a while before fetching out her phone and calling a cab. Guess she just have to give up now.


Later that night, Kane called her to meet him at their favourite pub for a drink or two. She quickly got dressed for she has only one agenda: ask him when he fell in love with Priscilla. As it's just the two of them, she would be able to gorge the truth out of him.

When she got to the pub, she walked inside and searched for him with her eyes over the dancing bodies. Her eyes settled on his perfect slicked back hair and she smiled but just as she meant to walk up to him, she caught a blonde haired woman whispering something in his ear and Kane smiling so sweetly like a man in love. She froze on her sport, not knowing if she should keep on walking or if she should turn back.

Kane saw Oliver from the corner of his eyes, he immediately pretended like Priscilla asking him about work today in his ear was the most beautiful romantic words as he smiled so sweetly. He looked at her, "work was fine" he replied while smiling like he was telling her sweet nothings. He tucked a lock of her blonde hair behind her hair and without her knowing, he leaned closer and kissed her. He had always wondered what kissing her would be like and when he kissed her this morning, it was such a brief kiss. But this night, he lingered far much longer but to his utter dismay, there wasn't something special about kissing her and it felt just like kissing one of his bimbos.

He pulled away but still smiled as if that was the most beautiful kiss he had ever had.

"What was that for?" Priscilla asked with an amused frown.

"Nothing, I was just into the moment. You look really beautiful tonight" he said in a voice a little bit louder for Oliver who was now close enough to hear.

Priscilla smiled shyly, "why thank you."

You look really beautiful tonight. The words slammed into Olivia's chest but she waved the heartache away, "happy to see you too."

"Oh Oliver" Kane feigned surprise, "didn't know you were here already" he acted embarrassed because of what he just said and revealed awkwardness in his attitude.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt your mushy mushy words to each other, so please, carry on, don't mind me" she said in a joking manner to mask her pain.

Priscilla blushed crimson red and she slapped Kane's thigh lightly.

Anyone that saw them would really believe they are in love, talk more of Olivia.

"Hey dude, have a seat" Kane turned his attention to him and ordered a drink for him, when Oliver was seated, he began, "Priscilla and I were discussing this morning about the wedding and as obvious, you are going to be my best man but we don't who would be the made of honor. Priscilla was thinking about her best friend Ina but I'm thinking Carol will be better, I mean, since you both are courting, so we decided to ask you."

"Oh, is that so? Well, anything goes."

"See, I told you that's what he would say" Kane said to Priscilla in an accusing but yet, worshipping manner.

"I guess it's in our hands truly" she replied shyly.


Olivia watched as they act so lovingly and she consoled herself by saying it's just for the night, neither did she know, that the night was just the beginning.

Throughout the rest of the week, Kane always called to see her and any time she went, it's just to seat for the next hour or so to witness him acting lovingly with Priscilla.

It got to a point that she started making up excuses not to see him. She would rather not see him than to watch him with Priscilla.

Kane stood in his bathroom and stared at himself in the mirror, it's been a whole week since he last seen Oliver neither did he call him. He knew deep within him that Oliver is avoiding him and he's responsible for it. In truth, he should be happy that his plan is working but no, he is most definitely not happy. He missed his face and his smile.

He miss the way his shoulders shakes softly when he laughs.

He miss the way his blue eyes twinkle in the sunlight.

He miss him as a person.

In short, he miss the fun Oliver.

The Oliver he had been seeing since he agreed to marry Priscilla is the solemn Oliver, he miss the fun one. The one that always makes him miss his presence more.

The one that always makes him laugh and there is only one way to get him back.

He needs to tell him off and also to admit to him that his affection with Priscilla is fake and it was all because of him. He could remember Oliver asked him that over the phone and how he had lied with a straight face that he finds himself getting more and more attracted to Priscilla.

But how is he going to tell him that?

He sighed and watched himself in the mirror, he cleared his throat and imagined Oliver staring at him in the mirror, "Oliver, I know you are attracted to me, I just want to tell you that the feeling is not mutual. So please, die off that feelings and let's go back to being best friends" he shook his head "mm mm, too harsh."

"Oliver, I have noticed the way you act around me and I know there is something there but I just want to tell you to please, let it go, we can't be together" he frowned at his pleading face in the mirror.

"Oliver, the way I have been acting with Priscilla is fake. In truth, I don't even have an ounce attraction for her. I have only been pretending I do because I notice you are attracted to me and what's worse? I think I am too and it's wrong because I'm a straight guy. I have never been attracted to a man before and the thought of sucking a dick is disgusting. So you see, I'm not really that attracted to you. So maybe we should just throw these feelings away and go back to being best friends. Do you know that the night of the banquet, after you were drunk and I took you to your room, we accidentally kissed. It was the reason I decided to marry Priscilla, to keep myself in check so that I won't do anything stupid" he paused "but I have been thinking about that night a lot and no kiss could compare to that accidental one we shared" his voice had turned into whisper by the time he finished.

He look up at the mirror and shook his head, no, never, he is never going to say that. Right now he just have to call Oliver to know how he has been and why he has not called him for the past one week. Although he told himself that he won't call him but he has to now or better still, he should just go see him.

Loving his idea, he turned and left the bathroom in quick strides.

Olivia was at home, aunt Grace left yesterday to Paris to see her husband, her son and his family. According to her, she will be staying for a long time there since she has missed them a lot. The man she has been replacing as the director in the company has finally resumed work and she was left with nothing to do.

Although Grace wanted to leave her as the acting CEO but she is just not in the mood to run a company now. With her emotional distress, she might end up bringing the company down. Besides, she has finally made up her mind, she will be going back to Florida to resume her normal life. Kane doesn't want her anymore or better still doesn't care about Oliver anymore since he hasn't called nor asked to see her for the last one week.

She knew with Priscilla, she would become history and definitely when the man in question is in love with the woman. That's enough, no more thinking. They are not destined to be, simple.

She combed her fingers in her long blonde hair, it's been a long time she let her hair run freely in daylight. And to be honest, she missed the feel of it on her body. She is putting on a chiffon big long top, her long fair legs were exposed and she was lying on the couch, facing the balcony in the living room with the doors open and light breeze seeping in and blowing up the curtains softly.

She was lost in thought when the door was opened with a loud voice shouting, "Oliver."

She froze on the couch as she couldn't get herself to look behind her. How did he get in? Shit, why didn't she locked the door when Evelyn left?

"Oliver" Kane was striding to the center of the living room and loudly calling out his friend's name when he saw a silhouette lying on the couch and stopped in his tracks, his eyes never leaving her.

Knowing she couldn't avoid it anymore, Olivia stood up and face him for the first time in her feminine glory. She didn't know why she was suddenly shy. Maybe it's because her top hid not more of her body and her legs from her thigh were completely exposed. She gulped as she twirled the hem of the top in her fingers, not knowing what to say in his presence.

Kane was awestruck when he beheld the beauty in front of him. Her blonde hair fell like a waterfall passed her shoulders, a few of the strands flying up softly by the breeze that was coming in through the open balcony doors. Her eyes were blue and twinkling and it reminds him of someone. Her nose was perfectly pointed and she has a diamond shaped face, a medium lips that is pink. Her face was flawless and his eyes trailed to her body, he could see her curvy figure through the chiffon top she was wearing, then down to her long fair legs. Beautiful long legs and he felt himself gulp as the heat gathered in his lower body. His gaze went back to her face and he finally figured it out, the person she reminds him. Damn, she looks so much like Oliver!

In a hoarse voice that he is not even aware of, he breathed, "who are you?"

Olivia bit her lower lip softly then said in her sweet feminine voice, "I'm Olivia Simon."


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