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Chapter ten

Olivia bit her lower lip softly then said in her sweet feminine voice, "I'm Olivia Simon. Who are you?" She titled her head to the left as she answered. Her eyes showing all innocence.

Kane gulped unknowingly, "I'm-Im Kane" he swallowed "Kane Boron."

"Oh" Olivia folded a lock of her hair on her fingers, "how did you get in here Mr. Boron?"

"That" Kane looked back from whence he came as if he was trying to know where he came from too, "em..the door?" He looked back at her in time to see her smile. Damn! He swallowed once more, his mind seemed not to be functioning well with her in the room.

Olivia chuckled, oh she loves this feeling of rendering Kane speechless. Ha! She is rendering Kane speechless. Damn, she will love to play this game well. Just then, an idea struck her. What if she get close to him now? Now that he has seen her in her female form, it's a must he is going to ask Oliver who she is. So what if? "I know you came in through the door Mr. Boron, I mean, why are are you here, who are you looking for?" She chuckled, flashing her best smile.

Kane was lost for a while in the smile and her chuckle sounded like music in his ears, "em" he licked his lips with a small smile, "I'm looking for Oliver" damn that's right, where the hell is Oliver? He frowned, "where is Oliver?"

"I'm sorry, Oliver went to Florida to meet our parents."

"Your parents?" Wait, you said you are Olivia Simon, as in Olivia Simon?"

"Yes that's my name" she smiled, "Oliver is my twin."

"Oliver is a twin? He never told me he has a twin!"

"Why am I not surprise?" She rolled her eyes and sat back down on the couch, she crossed her long fair leg over the other, "he hardly tell his friends he has a twin sister. That's because he always wants to believe that I'm his baby sister when in fact he is older with two minutes, just two minutes. Can you believe that?" Discussing this with him gave her a déjà vu. Oliver was fond of doing that, making her have the same discussion with all his friends.

Kane chuckled, "but two minutes is still something and that means you really are his baby sis."

"Not you too!" She exclaimed in exasperation.

Kane found himself enjoying her company. Guess the siblings has it in them. "So Oliver went to Florida."

"Yes. Three days ago when I arrived. How come you didn't know since you are his friend?"

"Oliver and I...we are complicated. We haven't seen or talked to each other in a week but that still doesn't mean he had to travel without telling me."

"Well, he really didn't want to leave but mom called him and I wanted to see aunt Grace and neither did I know that she wasn't even around but it's okay, I will just wait for her to get back."

"When did you arrive?"

"The day before Oliver left."

"I see. Alright then Ms. Simon, see you around."

"Please, call me Olivia, any friend of my brother is a friend of mine, even though he hardly tell his friends about me."

Kane smiled, "sure, Olivia. Bye."


Kane turned to leave but he still turned to gaze upon the pretty face one last time. He smiled and walked to the foyer and out the door.

Olivia sat and watch him leave. Let's say she had expected a different outcome. Something like Kane will ask for her number or offer to show her around town like he did Oliver. Guess her feminine charm wasn't that strong. She bit her lip in low spirit as her phone began to ring, she picked it up and was surprised to see that Kane was the one calling. It took her a second to realize he is calling Oliver and not her. She took the phone and rushed to the window where she peeped through the curtain at him as he stood beside his car outside the gate, looking so handsome with his hand holding his phone to his ear. She cleared her throat and assumed her male's voice before answering the call, "hey bud."

"Have you forgotten all about me?" Kane asked.

"Hey dude, why would you say that?"

"For a week Oliver. Seven days, you didn't call neither did you come to see me. What happened?"

"Listen bud, I really do want to call you. I mean, I miss the way we usually hang out, the things we do but ever since you decided to marry Priscilla, you hardly have time for me. You hardly have time for us" she sighed "whenever I asked to see you to catch up like bros, you always, always brings her along. Come on man, it got to a point I thought I was disturbing you. You know, something like keeping you away from spending time with your wife to be so I decided to just let you be, that you will call me when you want to see me."

Kane sighed on the other end, then said after a while, "I'm sorry."

Olivia was shocked, she expected Kane saying many things but not sorry. It rendered her speechless and she searched for what to say but came up with nothing other than, "it's alright bud."

"I came to your house to see you only to hear that you want back to Florida. You didn't tell me."

"I'm sorry man, mom called, said she wanted to see me so I left to see her, I would be back soon. It's a promise."

"That's fine. So, when are you going to tell me?"

"Tell you what?"

"That the twins we talked about in the car that first night we went out together is you."

"Wait, you met my sister?" She sounded shocked.

"You mean your twin sister Olivia? Yea, I just saw her. She is the one that told me you went to Florida."

"Damn man."

"Damn you too. Come on Oliver, we are friends. We considered to be even best friends, why didn't you ever tell me you have a twin sister? We talked that day in the car about Kevin being the one that named his twins cousins, you just played along, you didn't even bother to indicate that you are the twin."

"I'm sorry man, it's just that, I don't see her as my twin, I see her as my baby sis so I hardly mention I have a twin."

"Yea, she said the same."

"You talked to Olivia?"

"Of course. Really dude, she is...I don't know...beautiful, sexy as hell and...damn."

Olivia was blushing really hard and she had to stop herself from giggling and fought hard to keep her shyness from her voice, "damn dude that's my sister we are talking about here."

"Of course, I can remember vividly how you were after my sister in the beginning."

"Exactly. And I'm going to say to you the same thing you said to me then, don't go after my sister."

"Why shouldn't I?"

"Oh I have good reasons. First of all, that's how you told me to hands off your sister..."

"Until you get betrothed to her and I have nothing else to say" Kane interrupted.

"I'm not marrying Carol Kane. Second of all, you are getting married next month."

"Oh. That's indeed true."

Olivia found hope in his quietness and immediately added, "unless you want to cancel the wedding for my sister?"

"Dream on Oliver, I'm marrying Priscilla and nobody else."

Olivia was hurt and took all the strength in her to laugh, acting just like a man should when his friend said such "I thought maybe you want to have a change of mind."

"Whatever. I gat to go, I have something's to take care of."

"Sure, good talk dude. I have missed talking to you."

"Yea, me too. Hurry up and come back, we have a lot of things to talk about before my wedding."

"Sure. Em dude, can I ask you for a favor?"

"What's that?"

"You see, my sis is new in Australia, you think you can do for her what you did for me? You know, show her around on a private tour?"

"Are you trying to hit me up with your sister?"

"Maybe I am? So, what do you say?"

"Your plan aren't gonna work Oliver. I already agreed to marry Priscilla, it will be difficult to cancel the wedding now."

"I'm not asking you to cancel your wedding dude, I'm just asking you to help my sis enjoy her stay in Australia till I'm back. Come on, would you?"

"Fine. But you have to tell her, I won't like someone asking me why I want to hang out with her."

"Don't worry, I will tell her."

"Okay then. Maybe you can forward her number to me and mine to her. Tell her I might call her tomorrow evening."

"Sure, thanks man."

"Whatever. And try to come back soon."

"I will. Talk to you later man."

"Sure" Kane hung up, he looked back at the big building before getting into his car and driving off.

Olivia slumped on the sofa smiling shyly. Maybe this will be to her own advantage. Even if Kane is never going to be with her but at least, she gets to go on dates with him and share some time with him in her true form before he gets married. She sighed and rest her head on the sofa. If luck is on her side, she might be able to win his heart but she still can't forget that he did tell her once that he has fallen in love with Priscilla.

The thoughts dampened her spirits but as her brother used to say, 'all is fair in love'. Maybe she will just try her best now, if she win him over, then one night during their passion, she will come clean to him but if she doesn't. She sighed, then she will leave with her deception and Kane will never see her again, not her nor Oliver.

Remembering that Kane told Oliver to forward his sister's number to him, she knew she has to do something about that. As Kane already has this number as Oliver's, that means she has to get a new number and a new phone. She can't ruin her game before it even started. Deciding on that, she rushed up the stairs to her room and put on a more decent cloth before grabbing her car key and leaving the house for a new phone and sim.

Later in the night, she texted Kane her new number with Oliver's number, 'that's her number dude, please try to make her stay worthwhile till I'm back. Tnx man'.

She tossed and turned on her bed while biting her lips like a teenager waiting for her boyfriend to return her text message. Her phone bung and she hastily checked her phone to see a simple message from Kane, 'sure. I will try my best. Hurry back'.

She smiled and clutched her new phone while waiting and praying for Kane to call but she ended up dozing off and the phone resting on her chest.

Waking up the next day, the first thing she did was to check her new phone but still, nothing. She went downstairs to see that Evelyn has fixed rice and meatballs for her. She was surprised at the choice of breakfast but having no problem with it, she just sat down and ate.

The day passed sluggishly with her checking her new phone every minute but no call came in. She thought he said he would call her this evening? She was so damn bored, and now she can't go to the office because everyone believes that hot director Oliver has left. Although some of them called asking her to come back, some like Devon who practically confessed of her feelings to her. Saying she couldn't tell her then because she was her boss. Olivia had laughed, imagining how Devon would react if she gets to know that she is confessing to a woman. Damn, that would be a nice drama to watch.

The day came to an end but still, she got no call from Kane. She would be a liar to say she wasn't affected. It got to a point she almost wanted to call him with Oliver's number but she couldn't risk Kane thinking his friend is forcing him to be with his sister. She went to bed in low spirit that day.

Evelyn didn't think anything is wrong with her since she has become moody lately and so let it go.


Three days later, sometime towards the evening, her new phone rang, she dashed out of the kitchen to answer it immediately. She knew who it would be since it was only one person that has the number. She picked the phone and staring at the name on the screen, she sucked in a deep breath as she tuned her voice to the sexist, seductress voice before answering the call, "hello?" She slurred in a lazy tone.

"This is Kane."

"Oh, Mr. Boron, sorry, my brother did send me your number and I forgot to save it. How are you?" She proceeded to curl herself on the couch.

"That's okay Ms. Simon, and please, call me Kane."

"Then I will trade with you."

"For what?" She could sense a touch of amusement in his tone.

"Well, I will call you by your first name if you will call me by mine."

"I see. It looks like Ms. Simon will be as bargaining as her brother."

Olivia giggled sexily, "it seems I have to bring it to your understanding Mr. Boron, for as you said, he is my brother, not just my brother but my twin, so it's a given we will have similarities."

"It sounds like you have his sense of humor too."

She giggled once again. Ask her why she is giggling, she has no idea, "well, like I said, he is my brother."

"Hmm" Kane paused, "actually Olivia, I called to know if you would say yes to having dinner with me tonight."

"Why Kane, that would be lovely."

She could swore she heard him sigh before he said, "thank you Olivia. Then I will pick you up by seven."

"I will be waiting."

The call ended and she threw her fists in the air in jubilation. Jumping and shouting, 'yes, yes, yes'.

She ran upstairs to her room and threw her wardrobe open, only to be stopped short when she saw nothing good to wear. She only has the gown she had rushed to buy the day her parents arrived unannounced and she couldn't wear that because damn, it looks so official. The remaining female wears there were the once she brought with her during her little run away from home and you can imagine the can of clothes they are. It's most definitely not something she can wear to see Kane Boron.

Remembering how Priscilla use to dress whenever she sees her and Kane, how she looks sophisticated, charming and alluring as well and she realized that being a woman is a lot of trouble. If she was to be Oliver now, just a shirt and a pant will be enough to see Kane. She left her room for her aunts, all the way making a mental note to herself to go shopping for female wears if she knows she wants to keep up her little game.

When she opened the doors of her aunt's walk-in closet, she wowed for she found herself having difficulties in choosing a dress. Why go shopping when her aunt's walk-in closet can be her private boutique? She laughed at that as she settled on a milk color knee level dress. It was sleeveless with a flay cape, it would be revealing her neck and her shoulders. She nodded, loving the dress immediately. She didn't stop invading her aunt's privacy as she opened her jewelry box, picking out a round necklace that will clasp on her neck along with it's earrings and bangles, she didn't fail to notice that the set was made with diamond which means it was worth millions, but it's okay, aunt Grace won't mind, she shrugged.

She still picked a white color high heels with white clutch before finally leaving the closet. She rushed to her room and placed her newly gotten items on the bed, the wall clock in her room showed five thirty, which means she still has one hour and thirty minutes to dress up before Kane arrives.

She sensed someone come in and knew Evelyn was back, leaving her room to the stair rails, she shouted to her, "don't bother about making dinner for me Evelyn, I'm going out."

She turned to go back to her room but still heard Evelyn's response of "okay dear, try and have some fun, you need it." She rolled her eyes before shutting her door.

By six fifty five, she was all dressed and ready, Evelyn had marveled at how exquisite she looked and had gone rambling about how Grace would be so happy to see her acting like the fine woman she is. A knock on the door jolted her and she stood up as Evelyn went to answer the door. The poor woman almost had heart attack when she saw Kane on the doorstep, she looked back at Olivia who has appeared in the foyer and back to Kane. She repeated this action until her neck begged her to stop but she still couldn't hide the confusion on her face.

Olivia smiled at her while silently telling her with her eyes that she would explained later before showing herself to Kane who looked like he had been struck by a lightening.

He looked from her hair which was in in bouffant ponytail to her glittering neck and then her fair shoulders which were exposed. He was driven by impulse to bury his face at the nape of that neck and breathe in her scent but he stopped himself before he did just that. His eyes trailed down her curvy figure with the dress then to her long exposed legs. And for the first time, he noticed she seemed to be tall for a woman and now she is standing on her heel, making him taller than her by just few inches.

He heard one word in mind: Perfect. Just, perfect.

He swallowed the lump in his throat and his hazel eyes went back to her twinkling blue ones which looked at him expectantly. He blinked continuously and sighed before swallowing once more, "you look beautiful Ms. Simon."

"Why thank you Mr. Boron. Shall we?" She offered him a little smile while acting like she was used to men gawking at her every time.

"Of course" he shifted aside for her to pass "after you."

Olivia smiled before throwing her head back to shout to Evelyn who had walked back into the living room at some time, "I will be back soon Eve, but don't wait up for me" then to Kane she said "I'm all yours this evening, Mr. Boron" she walked passed him, trying in all might to walk sexily.

I'm all yours this evening Mr. Boron, the words repeated in his mind uncountable times, then does that mean he can kiss her and do whatever with her? Come on Kane, she is your best friend's sister who you are attracted to. You can't be thinking like this about the sister too.

"Are you coming Mr. Boron?"

Her voice called him out of his thoughts and immediately looked at her and smiled, "I wouldn't miss this night for world Ms. Simon" he closed up their distance.

Olivia was surprised when Kane stopped at the restaurant they often dined together, but that's when she is Oliver, so she has to act like everything is all new to her, "what a nice place" she purred.

"You think?" Kane smirked, "this is your brother's and I favourite diner. I introduced him to the place though. He loved it at first sight, like you did now" he looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"An answer to what you are thinking Mr. Boron, he is my brother" she giggled and got down from the car while Kane was left to wonder how he found her giggling attracting just like in the phone.

He got down too and offered her his arm which she looped hers in. When she did that, Kane couldn't help the feel of feeling complete, like he has finally gotten his missing piece. He shook his head to shake off the thought.

"Earth to Mr. Boron" Olivia raised an eyebrow at him.

Kane smiled and was lost for a moment in her blue eyes. Eyes that looks so much like her brother's and attracts him just as much. "I'm with you Ms. Simon."

They walked into the restaurant as a waitress approached them, "table for two Mr. Boron?" She asked and with a nod from him, she led them to a table and placed the menu.

"So you and my brother are best of friends?" Olivia asked as she picked her menu. She chose a white wine and Kane decided to have the same with her. The waitress jotted down the order before retreating.

Kane relaxed in his chair, not taking his eyes off of her, "yes we are. It's funny how we met though."

"Really? Do you mind telling me the story?"

He smiled, "there is not much of a story to tell. Just that, it was on my birthday, he had come offering himself as the saviour of handsome in distress" he chuckled as if reliving the moment in his mind, "he made me happy for attending my own birthday party."

"I don't understand, you don't like your birthday parties?"

"What's there to like? It's just the same pattern over and over again. My parents business associates coming with their daughters with the hope of them catching my interest since I have refused to acknowledge my childhood fiancée."

"You have a childhood sweetheart?"

"No not sweetheart, we were betrothed when I was six and she was just a few months old."

"I see. And you don't want to marry her because?"

"I don't find her attractive. Well, not just her, I don't find any girl attractive. They are more like there for me to call on when I want some satisfaction."

"Oh" she pretended to be speechless. The Oliver version of her already knows that but now, she has to act offended.

Kane sensing something was wrong immediately sat up on his chair, "don't get me wrong Olivia, that was my way of seeing women at first but not anymore" really? He asked himself. He was also surprised at his words.

"Really? Why so?" Olivia asked. Oh, she is definitely not letting this opportunity pass her by. The waitress served their drinks and retreated immediately. She picked her glass of white wine and sipped from it while still eyeing him and waiting for his reply.

"Well, basically..." He looked at her, at her flawless captivating face with the glass placed on those seductive lips, making her more irresistible . Yes, indeed, it was because of her. After seeing her five days ago, he couldn't stop thinking about her. He already knew deep inside that he will go see her again way before Oliver asked him too. He only saw Oliver request as a go ahead order from him but if he is being honest to himself, he knew he hadn't slept well at nights because he has been thinking of her. He told himself he won't call her until after a week but he had only lasted four days.

"Yes Mr. Boron?" Olivia prompted.

"It all changed since...since I agreed to marry my fiancée" he picked up his drink to sip from and then his menu to hide his face.

"Oh" she said again. Her spirit dampening. She knew she shouldn't feel like that after hearing his response, after all, he did tell the Oliver version of her that he has fallen in love with Priscilla but deep inside, she had wished, almost prayed that he would say it was after meeting her five days ago.

Kane peeked at her from his menu, she was busy perusing her own menu and he was lost. Just why, why does he feel like he had known her for ages? Why does he feel comfortable around her and why does her presence feels so much like Oliver's?

Yes, he get it, they are twins but why do they give him the same feeling?

He sucked in a deep breath and sighed, Olivia looked up at him then and their eyes clashed, she looked away shyly and Kane found himself jubilating inside. It feels good to know that he still has his charm, at least, he is not the only one feeling this intense tension. It satisfied his male ego a lot.

"Have you chosen?" He asked in his deep seductive voice, although he added more effort to make it more deeper.

"Yes" she smiled.

He signaled the waitress and they both laid down their orders while Kane was surprised when he heard hers.

"What?" She asked when she noticed his stare.

"You and Oliver has the same taste. He orders one or more of your choices every single time."

Uh oh, she thought, that can't be her fault now, she means, she ordered her favourite dishes and she and Oliver are one and the same person, so it's understandable if they have the same taste right? But Kane doesn't know that, she reminded herself, so she smiled, "well..."

"He is your brother, I know" he answered for her with a sweet smile making her giggle, "you like giggling. I have notice."

Olivia bit her lip as she smiled shyly then, "I tends to do that a lot when I'm comfortable."

"It's a lovely sound. I would love to hear you giggle more just as I'm glad that I'm making you comfortable" he really had no idea when he said that.

"Then Mr. Boron has to make me giggle a lot" she challenged with a daring smile.

"I accept the challenge" he said. This time, she laughed and Kane was struck again. Her laughter, it sounded so familiar but only in a feminine voice this time. But what surprised him the most was how her shoulders shook softly as she laughed, so much like...Oliver and it was one of the things that attracted him to him.

"I will love to see you try Mr. Boron."

"You and your brother are so similar" he thought aloud. Realizing he had said aloud his thought, he looked at her with a smile, "it's almost as if he is here, in your presence."

Olivia was speechless, damn, she really isn't keeping up on her game. Sooner or later Kane might see through her lies. But it's not her fault, she is just so free with him like she always is even when dressed as Oliver. That familiar feeling and longing he always gives her was there, the only thing different is that she is dressed as a woman now.

"I don't know what to say Mr. Boron."

"Then don't say anything Ms. Simon, just...let it flow."

Their eyes clashed once more and it ended with Olivia looking away shyly while biting her lower lip. Kane wanted to be the one biting those lips but he knew he can't, at least not now. He still find it unbelievable at his longing for her, it was just as strong as the one he has for Oliver and he has known her in what? Five days.

The waitress served their meals then and they both started eating silently.

While they wait for their dessert, Olivia decided to keep the discussion going, "you mentioned you had agreed marrying your childhood fiancée. When is the wedding?"

Kane didn't want to talk about his impending wedding, not that he doesn't want to talk about it, he just doesn't want to with her. For some reason, he doesn't even want her to know he will be getting married soon. He has never, never feel like this for a woman after his crush on Kevin's now wife. It was as if, she took all this attraction from him and now, here he was, getting attached to his best friend's sister. Oliver's words flashed in his mind, 'don't go after my sister'.

Can he now?

Christ, he has too.

He is getting married next month for crying out cloud!

"Mr. Boron?"

"Sorry about that. Yes, the wedding is next month, eighteenth."

"Wow, a toast to your soon to be married life" she raised her glass and waited till he did the same, "to a marriage filled with harmony" they clinked their glasses and she sipped from hers.

Kane wasn't entirely happy at her attitude. For some reason, he wanted her to feel bad that he is getting married and also to sulk and tell him not to marry but alas, it's only his wishful thinking. How can he expect a woman he has known not up to six days to feel attracted to him to the extent of asking him to call off his wedding? He must be losing it.

Their dessert arrived later, a chocolate cake which they enjoyed and after, he paid for the meal and they left the restaurant.

Sitting in the car in front of the Herrington's manor, Kane sighed and looked at the lady sitting only but one meter from him, he sighed once more, he really don't want the evening to end so soon and is already looking forward to seeing her again, "you know, Oliver wants me to show you around so, if you are up for it, we can go for your own private tour tomorrow."

"I will be delighted Kane."

"I just hope you will stick to that."

"Stick to what?"

"Kane. Mr. Boron just sounds so...distant" and endearing, he refrained from adding and looked at her, "I thought you said any friend of your brother's is a friend of yours?"

"I did say that but that friend still has to include me in his friend's list too."

"And how is he going to show you that he has?"

"By calling me Olivia" she smiled, "Ms. simon sounds so distant too."

"Good, then Olivia it is then."

"Back at you Kane."

He smiled and hopped out of his car, he walked around to the passenger's side and open the door for her, "I took you from your doorstep, it's by right I take you back there."

Olivia giggled as she stepped out of the car, "I thought as much."

"See, I told you I accept the challenge."

She furrowed her brows in an amuse frown, wondering what he meant till it dawned on her that he was talking about her giggling, therefore, she laughed.

Kane chuckled too as he walked her to the doorstep, Evelyn had left the gate unlocked for her so they found it easy to pass through. At the doorstep, he sighed and gazed upon her lovely face, he didn't want to go, certainly not without kissing those lips but he couldn't afford overstepping his boundaries. So he took her hand in his and kissed her knuckles, "I look forward to seeing you tomorrow, Olivia."

Olivia couldn't stop the blush from coloring her face, she bit her lip shyly, "and I you Kane" her date with him was just as she imagined, if not more.

Kane smiled, "goodnight, Ms. Simon."

"Goodnight, Mr. Boron."

Kane turned and walked back to his car while Olivia watched him leave. He turned and waved once to her when he got to his car and she waved to him too before stepping into the foyer and closing the door.

Kane settled in his car, his head resting on his seat and his fingers drummed on his steering wheel. He can't lie to himself anymore, he is attracted to the Simon twins but if he is asked to choose, he will go with Olivia, because with her, everything seems perfect and he won't have to visit a therapist for the fear of turning gay. But oh, why did she show up in his life now?

He sighed once more and started the car, and slowly pull into the street as his mind wondered, just what is it with him and the Simon twins?

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