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Chapter eleven

The next day, Olivia woke up nice and early, she hastily took a bath and then put on a tight fitting jeans she had brought with her from Florida, a polo and sneakers before rushing downstairs to meet Evelyn who was making breakfast, "good morning Eve" she greeted before taking a slice of bread and stuffing it into her mouth.

Evelyn looked at her then and her brows shoot up in appraisal, "good morning Olivia, seems you are going out."

"Yes, Kane is coming to pick me up" she replied with a mouthful.

"That reminds me, what is going on? Does Kane know about your earlier charade?" Olivia was shaking her head before she could finished asking her question, so she proceeded to asking, "then how come he went out with you last night and picking you up today?"

"On Saturday, he barged into me dressed like a woman so I went along with the plan. Now, I'm Oliver's sister who came to Australia to visit aunt Grace but only to find out that she traveled to France, so I decided to stay and wait for her."

"What? Wait, wait, wait, wait, what about Oliver? Didn't he ask about him?" Evelyn was still confused.

"He did but currently, Oliver is in Florida because mom wants to see him" she shrugged.

"I don't get you Olivia, why can't you just tell him the truth? Why do you keep on lying and deceiving him more? You are making it harder for him to forgive you."

"I know" Olivia sighed, "I just..." She let out a deep breath once more, "I want to be with him okay, I want to experience what it will feel like to be with as a woman. I just..." She shrugged, "he is getting married next month. I... I just... I just want to know..."

"If you can have a moment with him before his marriage" Evelyn finished for her.

Olivia looked at her then, her eyes were dewy and her lips trembled, she looked down at her fingers, not knowing what else to say. Evelyn was right, even though she refused to admit it to herself, she knew she wants to kiss Kane, that one night of accidentally kissing him has never left her mind. She never brought it up because he never did. Besides, she knew he believes she has no idea of it, after all, she was drunk and what's worse? She was Oliver back then and nothing is going to make Kane admit kissing a man, so the best solution was to avoid talking of it and live like the day never happened but deep inside, she will never forget.

She will never forget the feel of his lips, even though it was brief, it was the best kiss she had ever had and she would give anything to experience it again. She wants more of him, all of him.

"You know lying to him is not the best option" Evelyn began, "I saw the way he looked at you last night and my six sense is telling me that if he had known you are a woman all along, you guys would have been intimate by now. Who knows, you might be the one he would be marrying next month eighteenth."

"I don't know..."

"I do. So I'm telling you, with any opportunity you get, tell him the truth. It would be better he hears from you than he founds out from someone else. Men like Kane can get any information he wants. He knew Grace lost a nephew without her telling anybody, how do you think he is going to feel if one day, just one day, he finds out that the nephew she lost was Oliver Simon, you can't imagine how he is going to feel when the truth finally comes out."

"That's the thing Eve, that's why I want to take my chances now before he finds out."

"By then you will love him more because you have gotten a taste of how it will feel to have him around and it's going to hurt more when he wish to have nothing to do with you again. I'm not saying it won't hurt now, but there is a saying, 'one never misses what they don't know'."

Olivia sighed and nodded, she let out a deep breath and smiled weakly at Evelyn, "I will tell him."

"Sooner than later."

"Sooner than later" she smiled.

Evelyn returned the smile and went back to making batter while Olivia left the kitchen to call Kane.


Kane canceled work for the day after receiving a call from Olivia. He went home and dressed in his casual wear. He had been looking forward to going out with her today but he didn't know how to call her, he didn't sleep a wink last night as all his thoughts was of her, the way she looked in her gown last night and how he wanted to peel it off her body has been eating him up. He has never longed for a woman so much and certainly not after meeting her for a short period of time. But Olivia Simon is different.

He had wanted to take her to bed the first time he saw her in that revealing chiffon long top but he had stopped himself, last night has only intensified his need for her but he knows he has to take it one step at a time. It's a given that he is attracted to her, he knows that now, he just has to play his card well and get her to be attracted to him. It won't be bad if he has the last good time of his life before venturing into a loveless marriage.

He pulled out his drawer and picked the car key to his Audi R8 Spyder, it's been long he drove the car but for some reason, he wants to impress Olivia. Yep, women loves guys with toys and he? He has tons of them and can easily purchase a new one in the next minute. Yep, he has the money. Oh, now it feels so good to be filthy rich.

He glanced at himself one last time in the mirror, loving his body hug turtleneck that reveals all his muscles and biceps, yes, he admit it, he wants to seduce a woman in broad daylight, he ruffled his hair with his fingers, giving him a different but hot look, he winked at himself and smacked a kiss before leaving his room, he picked up his sun shade, dangling his key as he goes.

When he got to the underground parking lot, he slow whistles as he gaze upon his black Audi, damn, he loves his life. He got into the car and folded the roof, loving the air, he reversed from the lot and sped away, deriving a shocking gasp from people but he didn't fail to notice the look of admiration in their eyes and envy in some men.

Yep that's right, he is Kane Boron, the twenty eight years old, hot, handsome and richest bachelor in Australia. Ladies should fall, no not ladies, just one lady...Olivia Simon.

When he got to the Herrington's, he called Olivia to meet him outside the gate. He hopped out of the car and sat on the bonnet while he wait for her. He heard the door open and looked up to see a smiling girl waving at him, even dressed in a tight jeans and a polo with sneakers, she still looks breathtaking. He slowly lowered his sun shade to get a better look of her but nope, she looked really dazzling with her shiny blonde hair in a ponytail. He hopped down from the bonnet when she was getting out of the gate and offered her a smile.

Oh but what he loves more was the look of admiration in her eyes as she checked him out. Oh, he so loved his outfit, he smirked and open the door for her to get in before walking around to get in too. They both looked at each other when seated and smiled, "where to?" Kane asked.

"Everywhere and nowhere."

Kane was surprised, he raised an eyebrow at her, "so the tour then?"

"Actually, I want to go for a fun ride in this baby. You didn't tell me..." She stopped herself before saying 'you own an Audi' she smiled awkwardly but she has piqued his interest and therefore pondered in her brain for a better sentence to divert her earlier words.

"Didn't tell you what?" Kane prompted.

"You know...that you...that you love these kind of cars" she beamed.

Kane laughed, "I have not seen a man that doesn't love a car with good engine."

"Indeed, boys and their toys" she rolled her eyes, "my brother is fond of toys too."

Kane searched his memory but he can't recall ever discussing about cars with Oliver. Well, maybe it's because he never brought it up, he as well, hardly talks about cars, even though he loves them. "So, a joy ride then?"

"I'm in."

Kane smiled and pulled into the street before speeding away.

The ride was just what Olivia wanted and Kane found a good expressway to avoid traffic. Olivia has always been a crazy girl and in the presence of the man in her heart, she didn't hesitate to bring out her real self. She stood up in the car, shouting and whooping as Kane sped on the freeway. She let down her hair from it's ponytail and let the breeze blew it up, covering her face.

She kept on shouting and singing along with the song from the stereo. She was having the best time of her life.

Kane on the other hand have been smiling and laughing hardly, even his cheeks hurt but he couldn't stop smiling. God, he just loves her presence, a lot.

By afternoon, they were already hungry and then decided to have some junk. Kane pulled over at a nearby bakery and they had some muffin, donuts, cakes and lastly Cold stones which they took with them to the car. People had watched them with their eyes that they had grown immune to it but secretly, their were happy, although none of them knew what the other was thinking. Kane knew he has got it bad for her but he is not going to let it show until she gives him a go ahead.

Although he never told anyone, but what he fears the most is rejection. It was because of his fear, that's why he never told Lisa about his crush on her and also one of the reason he found it difficult to let Oliver know of his little attraction to him. Now, here he is, badly into this girl with him but he found himself having the same fear that he had when he was fifteen.

What surprises him the most was her similarities to her brother, both in face, attitude and sense of humor but what shocks him the most is the solidity of his attraction for her when he has known her in so little time but feels like ages.

His thought was disrupted when he felt something chill on his chin, he quickly glanced at Olivia to see her grinning. "Earth to Kane" she said.

He chuckled softly and scooped a spoonful of his Cold stone into his mouth.

"Seriously, what were you thinking?" She urged.

"Do you really want to know?" He raised an eyebrow and when she nodded, he grinned and scooped a spoonful before rubbing it on her face, crushing the strawberry on her. She laughed and repeated his action and so, they ended up bathing each other with cream and strawberries in the car.

By evening, they were exhausted but they had the time of their lives. Kane pulled over in front of the gate and they both sighed, each not wanting the day to end but with no idea of how to prolong it without being obvious, "and that's the end of the joy ride."

"And it was a really fun one, please, do bring this baby some time again. I will like to relive today."

"You have my word."

The car was silent again before Kane said, " know, tomorrow is Friday."


"I'm throwing a party tomorrow, I would like it if you will come around" and yes, it was a last minute arrangement and now he has only tonight and tomorrow morning to plan a party, fuck. But yes, anything just to see her again. "You see, Oliver really love me throwing parties and something tells me that if I call him and tell him, he will come running back" he smiled to her.

She returned the smile, "then tell him" although she said that, she really don't want him too.

"To be honest, I don't want to. One Simon is enough and the Simon I want to attend the party is you."

Olivia blushed and bit her lip shyly, "don't flatter me Kane."

"I'm serious. So, are you coming?"

"I wouldn't miss it for the world Kane."

He smiled then, "thank you. Em, you know you can pack a little bag, you's usually a sleepover party" his heart was pounding as he waited for her response, "we can go for that touring on Saturday and Sunday, if you are up for it" déjà vu, he can remember he said similar line to Oliver.

"Are you asking me to spend the weekend with you Kane?"

Shit, she found out, "maybe I am" he shrugged, "so...what do you say?"

"I don't know yet Kane, I mean... Saturday will make it a week I'm knowing you."

"I don't bite, I'm a nice guy" he sounded calm but tell that to his pounding heart. Rejection! Please, don't let this be a rejection, he screamed in his mind as his chest rise and fall in his rapid breathing because of his fear.

"I should be the one to tell if you are a nice guy."

"Then, am I?"

"I don't know yet."

Rejection! He repeated in his mind but still smiled, "it's okay. I guess I was too fast with my request. But you are still coming for the party right?" There was hope in his voice.

"I will be at the party Kane."

"Good, I will pick you up tomorrow."

"I will be waiting" she smiled then climbed down from the car, she turned and leaned on the door then flashed her most sexy smile at him, "I had the best time of my life today Kane, thank you."

"My pleasure Ms. Simon" he smiled.

"Goodbye Mr. Boron."

"I will see you tomorrow."

She nodded then turned and input the code on the gate and got in. Kane watched her as she strolled to the building, she turned when she was at the door and waved at him, he waved back and she went inside, shutting the door after her.

Kane started the car and sped away while fighting to not think about his first rejection. The first time he asked a woman to spend the weekend with him and he was rejected. It hurts but he consoled himself, perhaps he was too fast. Just because his attraction to her was fast growing and it feels like he has known her for a long time doesn't mean it has to be the same with her. With that, he gave himself hope, he just has to try another time and keep trying till she accepts.

Meanwhile, when Olivia got into the house, she was met with Evelyn's prying eyes, "so?"

"What?" She slumped on the sofa and loosened her sneakers tie before kicking them away.

"Did you tell him?"

"Urgh, not today Eve, how did you expect me to tell him today?"

"Because he was in a good mood today. Come on Olivia, what better time to tell him than his happiest?"

"Don't worry, I will him. I promise you."

"If you want to keep him Olivia, then you can start by clearing off the obstacles" when Olivia looked at her, she added, "you."

Olivia sighed then, "I know and I will do that, soon. By the way, I will be going to his place tomorrow for a party and will be staying the night, possibly the weekend, since he asked himself. Although I made him think I wouldn't."

"Hmm, I don't see anything wrong with that. You have spent a lot of nights in his place and returned in one piece but I will like to add something now, the other times, you were a man, now, you are a woman so caution yourself well. If you are able to bring him to your bed then you must tell him about your deceit the time he will be releasing, he will forgive you anything at that moment."


"It's the truth. You youngsters think you know everything, we oldies know too" she winked before entering the kitchen to fix dinner while leaving the blushing Olivia.


Kane picked Olivia by eight pm the next day, he was surprised at the small bag she was carrying and when she saw him staring, she smiled and said, "I'm spending the night" for some reason, she didn't want to tell him she would be spending the weekend as well. She had been shopping all morning, buying all sexy looking night gowns. She had made up her mind and also set a challenge for herself, she must sleep in Kane's bed this weekend, it's a must.

Kane smiled and nodded before opening the door for her like a gentleman and taking her bag from her, he put it in the backseat.

When they got to the penthouse that she knows all too well, she acted surprised and mesmerized by the fact that there is a pool. The party was already ongoing but it hasn't reached it's full swing.

"Come, let me show you to your room."

"Does my brother spends the night here?"

Kane turned to look at her surprised, "of course. This is like Oliver's second home. There is no week that he doesn't spend a night or two here. Well, apart from last week when we weren't able to see and he also traveled without telling me. Why do you ask?"

"So that you can give me his room. I will be more comfortable knowing he has been in the room, I hope you don't mind."

"Of course not, he is your brother. Come, I will show you his room." They both left for her room not that Kane knows that yet.

They joined the party after she had settled down. More people were turning up and the house was getting more sweaty and fun. Kane dragged her with him everywhere he went, although she told him she can handle her alcohol, he still made sure her drink was mild which caused her to roll her eyes. If only he knows.

"Will your fiancée be here?" She asked at some point.

Kane frowned when he heard the question, "do you want her to be?"

"I don't know, it's left for you to decide. I mean, she is your fiancée and you are throwing a party, it's expected she would be here" she sipped her drink nonchalantly but she was dying to hear his answer.

"I didn't tell her."

She swung her neck forcefully to look at him and she retrained from wincing, "really?"

Kane shrugged, "yes. Besides, she hates all these house parties and stuffs."

"Oh, I see" she turned away from him and sipped her drink.

Kane perused her, trying to gauge her reaction when a well known familiar voice called to him, he turned to see Caroline approaching them, he frowned as he waited for here to be close enough, "what are you doing here?"

"What do you mean what am I doing here? I'm here for your party" Carol was saying when her eyes met the woman beside him and she was shocked silly, first was her exquisite face and second was her obvious similarities to Oliver, "by God, you look so much like..."

"Oliver" Kane interrupted, "yes, she is his twin."

Another wave of shock, "Oliver is a twin? He never told me."

"Not only you" Kane added while Olivia rolled her eyes.

"Seriously, I'm not surprise. He is fond of doing that" she said with a smile.

"Oh. So, what are you doing here?"

"I'm here on a holiday."

"I see. What of Oliver, is he here?"

"No, Oliver is in Florida."

"What? And he never told me?"

"I'm sorry, was he supposed to?"

"Of course, I'm his fiancée."

"Wait, wait, what?" Olivia appeared shocked.

"Yes, I'm his fiancée" Carol insisted.

Olivia looked at Kane and then back to Carol, "Oliver has a fiancée? He never mentioned anything like that at home. He doesn't even have a girlfriend, how did he jumped to fiancée?"

Kane sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, "don't mind my sister. My parents saw Oliver and liked him, then they wanted to betroth them but Oliver refused and he is still refusing."

"Wow, looks like your parents love betrothing people" she laughed then corrected herself, "sorry, I didn't mean that in a bad way."

"I know. Believe me, I have thought about the same thing."


"Hello, I'm still here you two" Carol said and that got her their attention, "well, since you are Oliver's sister, I think we should get along, after all, we will be sisters soon."

Olivia smiled, "I'm sorry..."

"Carol" she filled in and stretched out her hand for a shake which Olivia obliged.

"I'm sorry Carol but if there is one thing you should know about my brother is that he hates being told what to do. If he says he won't marry you, I'm afraid he won't."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Carol demanded, she hates that Oliver has a twin and such a beautiful twin at that and now she is giving her attitude? She is hating her already.

"I'm sorry but it's the truth."

"Hold your sorry to yourself. You know what? I don't care about what you think, I'm going to marry Oliver, in your face."

"Carol" Kane shunned and she rolled her eyes, she turned and walked away. "Sorry about that" he said to Olivia.

"It's okay, no offence taken."

Kane smiled, "let me get you another drink" he left.

The party continued increasing in vibe and everyone was having fun. Olivia's presence beside Kane shunned a lot of women away while some glared daggers at her because of the way Kane was treating her specially.

She acted nonchalant but she was really gloating, finally, she gets to stand beside him and not watch from the sides as the women swarm around him.

She excused herself to use the bathroom and on returning, she heard Kane's voice and she trailed his voice to see him talking to Carol.

"Why can't I spend the night?" Carol asked with a frown.

"Because I don't want you too."


"Carol, don't make me repeat myself. Come on, I have called a cab for you, he is waiting downstairs."

"Why can't I drive my car?"

"Because you are drunk dammit. You can come pick your car tomorrow."

"All the more reason you should let me stay."


"Oh hi Olivia" Carol smiled on seeing her, "listen, I'm sorry about how I acted earlier. It only dawned on me after I left that to win the brother's heart, I have to pass through his sister. So I was thinking maybe we can go shopping tomorrow, you know, girls outing. What do you say?"

"Em...I will think about it."

"Okay, your loss anyway. Yes I'm leaving, why don't you get your bag so we can leave together."

"She is not leaving" Kane answered before she could.

"What? How come she gets to stay and I don't?"

"Because Oliver left her in my care."

"But I'm your sister, am I not in your care?"

"You are, which is why I called a cab for you."

"That's not a big deal."

"Whatever. Now go, the cab is waiting."

Carol looked from Kane to Olivia then to Kane again, "you better not do anything stupid, remember, your wedding is next month."

"Thanks for the reminder" Kane said then opened the door and pushed her out. Carol looked at Olivia, damn, how could a woman be so beautiful? She stomped her foot in anger and walked to the elevator.

Kane shut the door after watching her safely got into the elevator, he turned to Olivia, "sorry about that."

"I feel like her last words were for me" she smiled.

"There were for you."

"Oh" she wasn't expecting him to be blunt, "but why?"

"She is intimidated by you, it's a miracle she asked you to go shopping with her, she hardly hangs out with girls she thinks are better than her."

"Why in the world would she feel like that?"

Kane shrugged, "you are beautiful."

As much as she loves his comment, she still said, "but she is your sister Kane, I should be the one intimidated by her."

"Don't say that, have you seen yourself in the mirror?"

She giggled, "well, thank you then."

"You are welcome" they stood, the tension rising until Kane said, "let's go back to the party."

"Sure" she replied and they fell into steps together, "by the way, why can't she stay the night?"

"The last time she stayed, she gave Oliver a hard time."

She laughed, "but I'm a woman, she can't give me a hard time."

"True" he shrugged, "she would give me a hard time."

"She is your sister."

"I know" he grinned and she rolled her eyes.

They went back to the party and the fun continued.

By the time the party was over, Olivia was a bit drunk and Kane was tipsy. There weren't any sober person around and a lot of couples had got a room while some didn't even bother. There were cries and moans coming from each room they passed as Kane walked her to her room. Olivia blocked her ears with her hands as her face colored up, "this place will be a mess by morning."

"Ah, I just hope they don't leave infections around and they are going to clean every cum before leaving."

Olivia spanked his chest playfully and he laughed, "I'm serious" he continued.

They stopped in front of her door and they sighed at once, it resulted to one looking away shyly and the other spell bound on his feet.

"Well, I believe this is where we say goodnight Ms. Simon" he breathed, "unless you don't want us to."

Olivia giggled softly, "then what will we be doing?"

"Oh, there are many things we can do" he whispered.

"Like?" She asked in a whisper and looked up into his hazel eyes.

"What do you have in mind" slowly, his face was leaning closer to hers.

"Nothing, maybe you can suggest."

"Ah Ms. Simon, there are a lot of things I would love to do to you" as if on cue, a loud male groan rang out from the next room, they both turned their attentions there simultaneously. Kane was the first to look away then Olivia and their eyes met.

With the alcohol running in their bloodstreams and the sounds echoing the whole house, their bodies are on fire, "something like what Mr. Boron?"

Kane's eyes trailed to her lips and he gulped, he slowly lowered his head to hers, "something like this" he brushed his lips on hers briefly.

The fire has been in her body for a long time and his featherlight touch only intensified it, "then do it Kane."

Kane has gotten the signal he wanted, without further ado, he claimed her lips with his. Her hands were round his neck in no time and she curled his hair on her fingers, something she has wanted to do for a long time now.

His hands cupped her face as he thrust his tongue into her mouth, exploring her mouth. His hand slowly going down to her waist where he tightened his hold on her and pulled her closer to him. A soft moan escaped her lips and it sounded like music in his ears, he pressed her on the door and with time, a simple kiss turned into a heavy make out session.

His lips left hers and he buried his face in the nape of her neck, breathing in her flowery scent, a scent a little familiar to him. He placed a wet kiss on her skin and she shuddered, moaning in the process. He placed his forehead on hers as he fought to control himself. He has never lost himself like this to a woman before, she is simply driving him crazy and if he doesn't have her soon, he might go insane.

Olivia bit her lower lip, her fingers still locked in his hair.

"Don't do that" he whispered.

"Don't do what?"

"Bite your lips, it's driving me crazy. I want to be the one to bite it."

"Then do."

He shut his eyes tightly at her words, "mind the things you say to me Olivia, I'm fighting really hard here to control myself."

"Then don't."

He opened his eyes and it met with her blue ones, "Olivia..."

"Don't Kane" she tilted her head and kissed him softly, I have waited a long time for this, she almost added but didn't.

Kane closed his eyes when her soft lips touched his, he groaned softly and pulled away, placing his forehead on hers again, "I don't want you to regret tomorrow."

"I won't."

He chuckled, "I just hope it's not the alcohol speaking Olivia."

His words suddenly made her bold, she removed her hand from his neck and softly trailed her fingers from his neck to his chest and stomach. Feeling his body tightening at everywhere her fingers touch gave her more stand and she let her hand go down to his bulge and she fondled him through his jeans.

A low moan left his mouth and his hand on her waist tightened, he cupped the other in a tight fist on the door. He bit his lip and opened his eyes, staring lustfully at her, "what are you doing?"

"What does it look like?"

He chuckled, shaking his head softly, "you asked for it" with that, he covered her lips with his and his hand in a fist loosened, caressing her tummy and then went upward slowly, achingly slow, he cupped her left breast and fondled it, deriving a moan from her. Her hand on his dick tightened and his body tightened as well.

Shit, he just wants to bury himself inside her. He picked her up, her legs straddling his waists and he turned the door handle, opening the door, he strode inside and kicked it shut, he proceeded to the bed and they fell on it with him on top. His lips never leaving hers. Olivia has let go of his dick at sometime and buried her fingers in his hair again.

Finally, looks like her dreams are coming true. Kane left her lips and kissed her neck, trailing kisses on her shoulders, he fell on the bed beside her and turned her on her side as his hand worked on the zipper of her gown. He pushed it off her shoulder and sat up on the bed, pulling her up with him, he locked their eyes as he pulled the sleeve off her other shoulder. He was now met with her lacy black bra which he unstrapped without looking away from her eyes.

He wants to see every emotion that flicked in her eyes, he slowly removed the cups and he looked down at her boobs, although small but he has always loved boobs that can fit in his mouth. He bent and covered her whole right breast in his mouth, ah, just the perfect size, he marveled as he suckled, enjoying the feeling in his mouth.

Olivia moaned, clutching tightly on his neck. He made her lie down and tugged the gown out of her legs, he wasted no time in removing her panties as well, now she was in her naked glory before his eyes and he loves every curve, every skin on her, she is just the perfect version of what he always wanted.

Seeing the way his eyes were roaming her body, Olivia got shy and made to cover herself with her hands but he stopped her with a shake of his head, "let me look, you are mesmerizing" his words made her blush even more and she closed her eyes.

She heard the sound of fabric falling on floor and opened her eyes to meet his naked chest, he was already kneeling on the bed. She gulped and her fingers traced his outline, he shut his eyes and she watched goosebumps rose on his skin.

"Your touch alone is driving me insane" he whispered.

She smiled and sat up on the bed, he helped her undress, she will help him then, she unbuckled his belt, clicked open the strap on his jeans, unzipped it then inserted her hand in his underwear, she touched him, he was so hard and ready and she loves his size, can't wait to feel him inside her.

Kane groaned at the feel of her hand on him, he hastily pushed down his jeans and underwear and his erection sprung free with her holding him, they locked their eyes once more and she curled her fingers on him and pumped. He threw his head back to contain the pleasure when he suddenly felt something warm enveloped him. He looked at her immediately to discover that she now has him in her mouth.

"Oh Olivia" he moaned.

The way he pronounced her name made her tingle in one particular area and she increased her tempo. He pulled out from her mouth at sometime while shuddering, his whole body rippling in pleasure, he leant over and claimed her mouth, making her lie on the bed, he parted her legs with his and positioned himself at her surface, "oh Olivia, please don't stop me now" he begged.

"I won't."

Her reply was all he needed as he slammed into her, her whole body tightened on him, it was a little painful since it's been long, but all it took was a few thrust from him and her body normalized, she moaned then, as the pleasure came surging forward.

"Oh Olivia, so tight, so sweet. Ah" Kane moaned as he kept thrusting into her, moans after moans escaping his mouth.

Olivia wrapped her legs on him, with time, she started moving along with him. The way her name roll out from his lips increasing her needs for him. In time, she was panting and moaning, calling out his name in soft whisper.

"I love the way you say my name now, it makes me want you more and you are so fucking tight. Damn."

"If you kill me, my brother will kill you" she whispered.

"Ah, Oliver my friend, I would like not to think about him now. It's just the two of us, with you sending me to heaven with your tight sweet body. I can't get enough."

"Then keep going."

"You just know how to urge a man on" he placed his hands on the bed and pushed himself up then he increased his pace, slamming into her, thrust after thrust in a fast tantalizing way, "ah damn it, Olivia, what are you doing to me?"

Olivia had her eyes closed, her toes curling as her body was tightening, she placed her hands on his chest, playing with his nipple, he threw his head back as low groans left his lips. He could feel her building just as he was too and he knew it was a matter of time now.

It wasn't long and she cried out his name, "ah Kane" she tightened her legs on him, her hands on his biceps as she had her orgasm.

He followed soon after with an, "oh Olivia" he shuddered as he emptied his seed inside her, he collapsed on her after, their bodies still shuddering with the aftermath.

He can't believe he had her, he never expected to, at least not tonight but he did and he enjoyed it much more than he expected. But what left him surprised was that even though he just finished making love to her, instead of his attraction for her to die down now that he had finally shared a moment with her, he found himself wanting her more, much more than he did earlier the night.

He looked at her, her eyes were closed and she was still trying to regain her strength. He slowly pulled away from her and she shivered, he lay beside her, kicking of his jeans and underwear from his legs, he scooped her into his arms, she was so weak and for a moment, he felt bad that he made the always energized girl so weak, oh but it was a pleasurable experience. He kissed her hair and whispered, "tired?" He felt her smile on his chest and then she nodded, "sleep then, because I will be coming for another round soon."

That got her to look up at him sharply and he grinned. He kissed her chastely on the lips and patted her hair, "sleep now" he lured her to asleep.

Just as he said, Olivia was awakened at the kisses on her neck and the fondling of her breasts, she opened her tired eyes to meet his smiling one, "hi" he said.

She shook her head softly with a tired smile, "you really did mean it."

"I'm a man of my words" he kissed her and it took only a few touches from him here and there to get her wet and in need of him.


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