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Chapter twelve

Olivia furrowed her brows at the sunlight beaming on her face, she scrunched her face before she heard the door opening, "morning sunshine" she heard and opened her eyes to see Kane standing with a tray of food, looking fresh and handsome, she smiled and he placed the tray on the vanity before climbing in the bed beside her, she could perceive his aftershave and his hair was still damp, evidence that it hasn't been long he came out of the shower.

He pulled her into his arms and kissed the nape of her neck, "hmm, if you don't get up now, I will be forced to do something else" he murmured.

Olivia giggled and wrapped her hands on his neck, "I will love to see you try" she smirked.

"You are a devil in an angel's body. A sweet angel-devil" he kissed her neck as she laughed. "Come on, you will need some strength before you can handle me again" he winked, getting up from her.

She yawned and straight herself on the bed, he opened his hand for her and she took it. He pulled her in a sitting position before reaching for the tray on the vanity and placing it on her lap, "oooh, breakfast in bed" she purred before picking the fork and digging into the pancake, "mm, nice. Just like my brother's" she smiled to him.

Kane laughed, "do you have another brother?" He asked amused.

Olivia frowned, "of course not."

"Then the brother you spoke of can't be the Oliver that I know right?"

"Why would you say that?"

"Because the Oliver I know can't cook. I can still remember the day we competed on who to make a better homemade lasagna, he almost poisoned me" he burst out laughing.

Olivia winced as she remembered, she can't believe she ruined her brother's excellent culinary skills in Kane's presence, she hopes he can forgive her for that, "well compared to me, he is better. I suck at cooking."

"I see" he nodded.

"But this is really good" she praised.

"Then eat up, I will need you to regain your strength" he winked.

"You are fucking kidding me" she rolled her eyes, deriving a laughing fit from him.

"Eat up, I need to go see if there are still some guests around, although most of them are gone."

"I'm a guest."

"No you are not. Maybe you were last night but not anymore."

"So my status has been upgraded?" She raised an eyebrow.

"I don't know what you want to hear from me and I'm not going to say anything. Eat your food" he commanded before leaving the room.

Olivia stared after him with a sweet smile, she can't believe it, gosh she made love with Kane last night. Oh heaven that's true, she made love with Kane last night.

She placed the food on the vanity and climbed in the bed, jumping up and down excitedly, she freaking made love with Kane last night!


This is big news.

But wait, what about Priscilla?

What about his wedding?

Is he still going to carry on with it?

She should ask him. Should she?

Nah, she will just leave him to tell her on his own.

With that decided, she resumed her jumping on the bed. When she got tired, she slumped on the bed, facing the ceiling, it still feels like a dream. She kissed Kane, no, Kane kissed her and he made love to her and gosh, it was just as she expected, just as she dreamed it would be.

After her emotional moment, she got up and picked her tray once more to finish her pancake and a glass of chocolate.

She freshened up and put on one of her newly gotten clothes, a red short with a top, then her flat slippers. She left the room to find Kane. Although she knew her way around, she still pretended like she was getting to find her way around. She heard Kane's voice then she followed it to find herself in the kitchen, he was on call with someone.

"I'm sorry Priscilla but I won't be able to accompany you for the cake hunt. Yes, let's leave it some other time. Uh huh. I will see what I can do. I can arrange Carol to go with you if you insist it must be today. Okay. Yes I remember your gown testing on Tuesday, I will try to make myself available" as if sensing her presence, he turned and their eyes met, he locked their gazes as he continued his call, "I already said I will try to be available. Fine, you can leave the cake that day too. Why does she wants to see us, I thought we have settled with her?" He reached out his hand to her and she took it, he pulled her into his arms and held her there, "something wrong with the decoration? You want to add something? Why can't you meet her without me? Tomorrow is Sunday Priscilla, it's my resting day. Fine let her come..." He was saying when Olivia mouthed 'I'm staying tomorrow'.

"Sorry, I can't meet her tomorrow" she saw as his eyes brightened when he said that, he kissed her hair noiselessly, inhaling her hair scent, "meet her without me tomorrow then tell me what you guys decided on. Okay. Yes. Talk to you later" he hung up and kissed her again, "when did you decide to stay?"

"On Thursday that you asked me" although hearing him making his wedding preparation hurts her, she still swallowed it. She shouldn't be expecting him to end everything with just one night right?

"I thought you didn't agree?"

"Wanted you to believe that" she smiled.

He poked the tip of her nose, "silly girl."

Olivia giggled before looking around the kitchen, everywhere was sparkling neat, she hadn't forgotten that on her way to meet him, she had noticed how neat everywhere was, it was as if there was no party last night, "did you clean up?"

"No. You just missed the cleaner. She came early."

"What about the guests?"

"All gone" he kissed her forehead before kissing her lips, "how long had you been standing at the door?"

"Just when you were saying you couldn't make it for the cake hunt."

"I'm sorry you had to hear that."

"It's okay. I knew you are getting married so I'm not surprised."

"But after last night..."

"Kane" she interrupted, "I'm not expecting you to cancel everything just because of last night. But I'm surprised you told her you won't be available today, you didn't know I'm staying."

"I was hoping to induce you to stay with me till evening before I would drop you off."

"Oh. When did you take the tray from the room?"

"When you were bathing" he released her to turn off the dishwasher, he opened it and brought out the plates. He got the dish towel and started drying them.

"So what are we going to do today?"

"We can go for that touring which is what Oliver wanted me to do when he gave me your number. That reminds me, I should call him, we haven't spoken for long. I can't believe I forgot to call him, he didn't call either" he frowned as he placed the plate on it's hanger.

Olivia said nothing as she watched him. She hasn't been so happy as she was now for leaving Oliver's phone at home but Kane is really going to get worried if no one picked the call. But that can be explained, she concluded.

"He is going to kill me if I tell him you are with him or what happened last night" she heard him say.

"Why would he do that?"

"Mostly because he told me to stay away from you" he had finished with the plates and turned to her with a smile, "because I'm getting married."

"Oh. Well, he can be overprotective."

"I guess. But it's also for revenge" he grinned.

"What revenge?"

"I told him to stay away from Carol."

"But your parents wants to betroth them."

"That was before then" he sighed, "he respected me, he stayed away from Carol. Not that I was serious when I said that. I mean, if he really liked Carol and he told me, I would never be against them. Just like I wasn't when they were betrothed" he shrugged.

"I'm sure he wasn't serious when he was telling you to stay away from me" she hugged him, placing her chin on his chest, looking up at him.

Kane grinned and leaned forward, claiming her lips briefly, "no he wasn't. A part of me believes he wants to hook us up."

"Why would you think that?" She asked in fake alarm.

Kane shrugged, "I don't know but maybe it's because he mentioned about me canceling my wedding for your sake."

"What's going on here?" Someone said before she could answer and they both looked at the kitchen door to see a shocked Carol.

"What are you doing here?" Kane asked with a frown.

"I came to pick my car, you said I can today."

"So, is it parked up here?"

"I just wanted to tell you that I have picked it up" she grumbled.

"Don't you have my number anymore?"

"Don't turn this on me Kane. Why is Olivia still here and why are you two like that?"

"Since when do you question me Carol?"

"I can't believe you are doing this to Priscilla. Your wedding is only next month and you are already cheating on her and with Oliver's sister."

"Em Carol, we were not doing anything" Olivia said with a smile.

Carol rolled her eyes, "listen Olivia, I'm twenty one not ten, I don't need anybody to tell me something is going on. I sensed this last night and dropped my warning, I just can't believe you guys didn't listen."

"Carol, you have told me you are picking your car, now go."

"Kane, you have already accepted the wedding, I hope you know what you are doing. Dad will never let you cancel, I hope you know that" with that, she left the kitchen.

Kane sighed, "nuisance."

Olivia chuckled, "she is your sister Kane."

"I know and I love her, but she can be something else sometimes."

"You sure she won't tell Priscilla?"

"She wouldn't dare. No matter how she runs her mouth at me, she knows what to say and what not to."

"What is that she said about your father not letting you cancel?"

"Pay no mind to her, she can spout nonsense a lot."

Olivia wanted to voice her concern but he stopped her with a kiss, "now, let's go have that tour" he said. She smiled and they both left the kitchen.

The rest of the day was fun. Kane took her to all the fun places, although she is already familiar with them but it's different now. Because this time she was experiencing it with him close to her. Kane didn't hesitate to steal kisses from her whenever he got the chance, they were acting like mutually in love lovers and it made her forget about his impending marriage.

Being with him was just what she dreamt it would be, it was fun, loving and heartwarming. She wished it would never end.

The weekend was spent as if they were on their honeymoon. They wake up, eat, make love, go out, eat lunch, come back, make love, make dinner, eat, make love again, bath, then make love again.

It was intense that she lost count but she didn't mind. If this was all he could give her before his wedding, then she can endure with it but what she didn't know was that, the more she stays with him, the more she falls for him.

Kane missed work on Monday to stay and make more memories with her and by evening, he dropped her at the Herrington's.

"I will call you" he said.

Olivia smiled and leaned on the console to kiss him, "I will be waiting" she made to leave the car but turned to his smiling face, "don't forget to go with Priscilla for her gown testing and cake hunt tomorrow."

Kane's smile vanished, he had actually forgotten about it and it hurts him that she has to be the one to remind him, he grabbed her hand and lifted it to his lips, kissing her softly on her palm, "I don't want us to talk about my wedding or anything relating to it."

"I was just reminding you of your ..."

"Don't" he interrupted, "don't" he caress her face, tucking a tendril behind her ear, "I don't like the hurt I see in your eyes whenever you mention it."


"Olivia, don't please. Hmm?" He kiss her palm again then circling his fingers on her nape, he pulled her head closer and covered her lips with his in a passionate kiss, "I will call you tonight" he whispered while she nodded.

She got down from the car and stood aside, she waved at him and he waved back before driving off. She watched the car disappear from her sight and sighed. She can't count how many times she slept in his bed with him during the weekend and she felt satisfied, but she knew she didn't do something, she didn't follow Evelyn's advice, she didn't tell him the truth.

It's not like she didn't remember, it was just that it was so beautiful and they were both so happy that she couldn't bear to ruin the moment. But it's okay, there will always be another day. All she knows is that she would tell him before his wedding and his wedding is still three weeks away, so there is time. One of the days, she will tell him and that day, she would tell him how she is hopelessly in love with him.

After what felt like minutes, she sighed once more, Kane's car was long gone but she was still looking at where it left. She turned then, input the code and the gate opened. She entered and strolled quietly to the building.


Days flew by as Kane and Olivia got closer and inseparable, and so was Kane's wedding date approaching. They try a lot not to think about it or talk about it as Kane also stopped himself from joining in the preparation of the wedding. He hates to even think about it since all he has in his mind now is Olivia.

They meet almost everyday and they talk everyday on phone. They try to live like there was no impending doom but deep in their hearts, they knew it was inevitable.

Kane was in his office, he just finished having a meeting with his directors, he was resting with his head on the chair and his mind lost, thinking about his wedding in two days time when his phone's ringtone called him out of his thought.

He picked up the phone and sighed when he saw the caller before he picked the call, "yes?"

"Are we still having the lunch?" Priscilla's voice drifted into his ear.

"Sorry, what lunch?"

"Kane what is wrong with you? You have been forgetful these past days and so nonchalant in whatever is happening. What's going on?"

Kane let out a deep breath and pinched the bridge of his nose, "I'm so sorry about that. I just have a lot going on in the company lately. Tell me, what lunch are you talking about?"

"We are supposed to have lunch with my parents and my grandparents today. How could you have forgotten?"

"Sorry. Em, where is the venue and time?"

"Dolphins. One pm. Please promise me you would be there Kane."

"I would be, I promise."

"Okay, I will be expecting you. See you in an hour."

"Yea" he hung up and let the phone fall on the desk. He rest back on the chair and counted the ceilings in his mind. He never knew going into a loveless marriage could be this difficult.

Now he has only two days of freedom before his bondage, thinking on that, he realized he should make the most of it and so picked up his phone again with more enthusiasm and dialed a number. "Hi" he breathed.

"Wasn't expecting to hear from you now" Olivia said softly.

He chuckled, "I know but I called for a reason. I want to know if you would like to go to a place with me tonight. We will return next tomorrow evening."

"Kane, the day to return is your bachelor's night, can you make it?"

"I won't be having that. Oliver is the only friend I have and he is not around so I won't be having bachelor's night."

"Oh. Okay."

"So, will you go with me?"

"Where is the place?"

"It's a surprise" he smiled.

"You know I can't say no to you."

He chuckled sexily, "I will pick you up by six, will you be available?"

"I have nowhere to go Kane."

"Then it's set."


"Okay then, see you by six" he hung up and tried to have one or two works done but he wasn't concentrating and so stood up, got his car key and left for the so called lunch.

Kane picked Olivia at six sharp, he kissed her softly on the lips before taking her bag from her and opening the passenger door of his Audi for her. She got in with a thank you and he smiled before walking to the trunk and placing the bag in it, then he walked to the driver's side and got in. Starting the car, they pulled into the quiet evening street.

They kept driving on freeway with none of them saying anything throughout the car ride. By eight fifteen, Kane pulled in the driveway of a small bungalow. They climbed out of the car and Olivia was mesmerized. The house was simple and welcoming, and at the same time, captivating. It was surrounded with flowerbeds and lights, illuminating the white building. It feels heavenly.

She turned back to Kane to discover he was observing her, "do you own this place?"

He nodded, "I come here whenever I want to escape from the world or to clear my mind. No one knows about this place, not even my family nor Oliver" he chuckled, "I... I wanted... I wanted to bring you here, to breathe in the wonderful scenery with me before we...before we say our goodbyes" he sighed, he walked up to her, grabbing her by the waist, he pulled her closer to him, their foreheads touching, "I wanted to show this place to you, so you can see my most peaceful place. Olivia..." He gulped, "ever since I met you, ever since I set my eyes on you, I couldn't stop thinking about you" he shut his eyes, letting out a deep breath, "you have dominated all my thoughts and..." He shook his head and smiled, "come, let me show you around" he already brought her bag out from the trunk so he dragged her inside with him.

The interior was more captivating than the outside, everywhere was white, both the sofas, the walls and the curtains. It was as if she stepped into a paradise. She let her eyes roam around, there was a kitchen, a dinning and two doors which she believes were the bedrooms.

"There is an artificial lake in the backyard" Kane whispered behind her and her eyes turned giddy, he chuckled and placed her bag on the sofa, before leading her to the kitchen and through the kitchen door to the backyard where she wowed with her mouth open. There were more flowerbeds and ten meters from the house was a glowing lake with lily pads. White and pink lily pads.

She wanted to have a swim in the lake and as if reading her thought from her mind, Kane said, "it's treated once a week so it's safe."

Hearing that from him, Olivia started undressing and in a minute, she was inside the lake, naked. She swarmed to the surface and urged Kane to join her, who immediately obliged.

They swarm in the silent night, loving the feel of the water on them. Kane's words earlier the night haven't left her mind and she knew she has less than two days to be with him and she has to make the most of it.

They held each other in the lake and slowly, Kane kissed the nape of her neck, deriving a shudder from her, coupled with the night breeze. His kisses were gentle at first until it started turning fiery, demanding. Soft moans left her mouth and he covered her mouth with his, swallowing all her moans.

Her hands went to his hair and she curled it on her fingers, Kane's hand roamed on her body in the water. His lips left her mouth, kissing her neck and she threw her head back, giving him more access to her body. His mouth claimed her right breast, sucking and teasing with his tongue as he grabbed the nipple of her left breast in between his index and thump fingers, twirling, teasing and tracing it, making her pant softly.

She let her hands traced his fine defined back, caressing and tracing with her fingernails. She could feel the goosebumps rising on his skin and she loved every one of it.

The kissing turned intense and the passion was inevitable. Kane picked her up in the water and she straddled his waist, his lips found hers as he slowly lifted her hips before entering her. A sharp moan left them both at the joining before he started moving slowly inside her.

She tightened her legs on his waist as he moved in and out of her really slow. His lips left hers and he buried his face on her neck, moaning softly, his breath caressing her skin. Her fingers clenched tightly on his hair and her right hand tightened on his shoulder. He was moving achingly slow, giving them a sweet torture but they didn't want to stop.

After sometime, her body started building and Kane increased his tempo a little, her toes curled tightly and his hands on her back and waist tightened, series of panting escaping his lips as she came around him. He followed soon after, softly calling out her name in a soft pant.

He held her in his arms as the aftermath of their passion passed, "I love you" he murmured.

That got Olivia to look up at him sharply, his eyes were closed and he breathed out through the mouth, "it's time I stop lying to myself. I love you Olivia" he opened his eyes and gazed into her soft blue ones, "I love you."

Olivia couldn't believe her eyes, she could feel her eyes brimming with tears as she stared deep into his hazel eyes, although she had dreamt of it, wished for it but she never thought it would actually come true. Kane just said he loves her, he just said it.

She knew that right now, the only thing keeping them apart is her, if only she can tell him the whole truth now and be done with everything, she opened her mouth to say something but couldn't. She couldn't ruin the atmosphere now. God, Kane just confessed to her, she can't make him angry, this night is to be treasured and it doesn't deserved to be tainted with her confession. So at the end, she didn't say anything except, "I thought it was only me."

"What are you saying?"

"I love you Kane, I have realized that a long time now" she placed her forehead on his and they both closed their eyes, "I love you."

"Oh Olivia, why did you choose now to come? Why now that my hands are tired?"

"Kane, you just have to cancel the wedding."

"I can't" he sighed, "do you remember what Carol said that day in my place?"

She nodded, "about your dad not letting you cancel?"

"Yes" he gulped, "I have rejected the marriage for eight years and one day I suddenly agreed only to cancel in less than two days to the wedding" he shook his head softly, "dad will never let me."

"But..." She got down from his arms, she was standing on her feet now and staring at him with sadness in her eyes, "you just said you love me."

"And I do. Very much but..." He looked up at the twinkling sky and licked his lips, "everything is already in order, canceling now will" he sighed, "dad will never agree."

"But Kane..."

"Hush now" he interrupted with a gentle smile, "I will think of something. Right now I have to get you inside, it's getting cold."

She nodded and he pulled her into his arms and covered her lips with his in a passionate kiss, "oh Olivia, now that I know you love me, it would be hard to leave you and marry another. So don't worry, I will think of something."

She nodded once more and he smiled before leading her out of the lake, they picked up their clothes and walk back to the house. "Go freshen up, I will fix up something for us to eat" he kissed her hair, "the door on your right" she nodded and walked on while he hastily put on his pants then opened the refrigerator to fix supper for them.


The next day, they did nothing but stay in bed all morning, sharing intimate moments until they got hungry and Kane had to fix brunch, though Olivia helped.

By mid afternoon, they were curled up in the swing at the backyard. Olivia was sitting on his laps, playing game with her android while he logged into the company's account with his to check on something's. Loving how peaceful he felt with her, he made up his mind on what he has been thinking about for a long time now.

"What if we travel out of the country?" He asked, his eyes not leaving his phone screen.

Olivia looked up at him, "what do you mean?"

"We can leave the country and return next week."

"What about your wedding?"

"That's the purpose of the traveling. We can travel tonight and switch off our phones to turn it back on after five days. I'm not saying my father won't be furious but the wedding would have passed and he will just shout at me for days or threaten to disown me only to call me back. It won't be the first time he would be doing that."


"I'm saying it would be better to avoid attending the wedding than canceling it. We can go to Florida to meet Oliver or we can go somewhere else. What do you say? Are you with me?"

"When are we leaving?"

"If we are leaving then it has to be tonight. Dad won't notice about my absence tomorrow since he would think I'm having my bachelor's party somewhere, so the flight would be successful unlike next tomorrow that is the wedding. So, are you in?"

Olivia grinned, "it feels like we are about to do something dangerous."

"We are about to do something dangerous."

She chuckled, "I'm in but we have to stop over at home, I need to pack some clothes then tell Evelyn about my travelling so that she won't be worried."

"Sure, we will drive back home by five, I need to pick some documents at home too. I will alert the company's private jet."

"Won't your dad be aware?"

"Like I said, he would think I'm going out for my bachelor's party" he grinned.

Olivia laughed, "I love this."

"I know you would" he kissed her.

By evening, they were on their drive back to the Herrington's, they decided to stop there first so that she can pick some few clothes and pass her message to Evelyn before going to Kane's penthouse. Their flight is by ten pm so they have a lot of time.

At the Herrington's, Kane decided to go in with her since she will do some packing. As they approached the building, the door flew open and a slightly worried and happy Grace emerged, "Olivia, dear I was so worried last night but decided not to call you since Evelyn told me you were with Kane" she looked at him and smiled which he returned.

Olivia was shocked silly, when did she get back? "Aunt Grace, you didn't tell me you were coming back soon."

Grace laughed, "I know, I wanted to surprise you. Dear, you don't know how happy I am that you finally put an end to that useless charade of yours" she turned to Kane and asked, "how could you forgive her so easily?"

Kane furrowed his brows at that, "I don't understand."

Olivia could feel her heart thumping out of her chest, "aunt...let's...let's not talk about that now."

"What do you mean, I have always wanted to know his reaction when you finally tell him" Grace brushed her off.

"Tell me what?" Kane asked amused.

Grace rolled her eyes, "of how she has been pretending to be her late brother. Tell me Kane, how could you forgive her so easily after she deceived you for six months?"

Kane felt like a plane took off in his ears, he stood frozen, not showing any visible reaction other than shock.

Olivia wanted the ground to open up and swallow her, she knew she should have told Grace beforehand but she just didn't expect her to be back already.

Finally sensing the tension in the air, Grace looked from Kane to Olivia then back to Kane again, "wait, you didn't know? She hasn't told you? Oh my God, but she is dressed as a woman and Evelyn told me you guys have been going out a lot these days" she looked to Olivia who now has her head bowed, "why haven't you told him?" When she got no answer, she sighed and slowly shook her head, "I think you guys need to talk. I will give you some privacy" she turned and walked back into the house, closing the door softly behind her.

Olivia turned to Kane who was now looking at her in shock, "Kane..."

He put up his index finger to stop her, "I just need to know one thing, what is your aunt talking about? What does she mean by pretending to be your late brother?"

Olivia let out a deep breath, God, she should have told him last night. But it's too late, she can't go back now, "Kane, the Oliver you know, the Oliver you have considered as your best friend all these months, is no one else but me. I am the Oliver you know because the real Oliver died ten months ago."


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