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Chapter thirteen

"Kane, the Oliver you know, the Oliver you have considered as your best friend all these months, is no one else but me. I am the Oliver you know because the real Oliver died ten months ago."

The real Oliver died ten months ago!

Died ten months ago!!

Ten months ago!!!

The words repeated in his mind countless times. He looked at the beautiful face of the girl opposite him, he tried merging it with the face of his best friend and to his horror, he found out it wasn't difficult at all to see his face while looking at hers.

No, they are twins, they are identical, he tried to tell himself.

But God, how can twins who are different in gender look so alike?

He remembered the way Oliver used to laugh and the way she use to laugh. He thought of when they will go out to eat, her choices are always the same with Oliver's.

Then he remembered Grace's words to him, "how could you forgive her so easily after deceiving you for six months?"

If Grace said so, then it has to be so. He could vividly remember that he has known Oliver for six months. Yes, six months and he has only known Olivia for roughly a month and a week. So why would Grace said she had deceived him for six months?

"Kane...I didn't mean to, it was just....after Oliver died, I was lost, I didn't want to live. Pretending to be him was the only thing that brought back my sanity" Olivia rushed to say after seeing him looking lost for a while. God help her, she never expected him to find out like this, she had wanted to tell him maybe tonight or tomorrow when they have already gotten to Florida since he would be expecting to see Oliver but now, she just doesn't know what to do. She reached to touch him but he took a step back to avoid her touch, "Kane... Please, I didn't mean too. I just...I just missed my twin so much and I wasn't thinking clearly."

"You lied to me" he whispered. He closed his eyes and his pain was written clearly on his face.

"Kane, please. I'm sorry" her eyes have already watered and it wasn't long, the tears started falling, "I didn't mean to. When I started dressing as my brother, I never expected to meet you and when I did meet you. I thought we are going to be friends, best friends and there won't be any need to tell you about my secret but I never expected to fall in love with you. I love you Kane, from the bottom of my heart. I have started loving you from when I was still Oliver but I didn't know how to tell you. Then you suddenly agreed to marry Priscilla, I became lost once more and all I wanted to do was to leave, go back to Florida and live like I never knew you. Then you barged in that day, the way you stared a me, you gave me hope. Maybe if you see me in my natural form, you might be attracted to me. So I decided to give it a try, to know if I would get the opportunity to experience warmth with you. And I did Kane, then I found out that I couldn't let go."

"And still you didn't tell me" he whispered, his eyes locked on hers, "you found the warmth you wanted with me but you didn't tell me. Olivia for a month and a week, you didn't choose a day to tell me. You led me on. Oh God" he shook his head, his hands ran through his hair, "how I must seem like a fool to you. I will talk with Oliver on the phone and I will still tell you what we discussed. We will laugh about it. How much of a fool I have been" he grabbed his hair in tight fists and pulled hard, veins were visible on his temple and Olivia need no one to tell her that he was visibly and emotionally hurt.

"Kane please" she reached to grab his hand but he retreated again. His eyes staring daggers at her.

"So the six months I have known Oliver and the one month I have known you have all been lies? You lied to me Olivia and if you are truly Oliver, you should know how I feel about lies!" He shouted.

"I'm sorry" she sobbed.

"Sorry? You are saying sorry? You have deceived me for six months Olivia!" He screamed "I hate lies but you of all people lied to me! You toyed with my feelings Olivia. What am I to you, a fool? An idiotic bastard who deserves to be played?"

"No!" Olivia denied, "Kane I have thought of you as many things but definitely not those. Kane, I love you, I really do."

Kane snorted, "love? Coming from a woman who had made me believe she is a man for six months" he shook his head softly with a low dry chuckle "I don't believe you. I may have been a fool for seven months Olivia but I'm not going to be another minute."

"Kane please, try to understand me..."

"I would have Olivia" he interrupted, "I would have if you have told me on your own accord. Tell me, if Grace hadn't mentioned it, you weren't planning to tell me right?"

"I wanted to tell you during our flight or in Florida."

"Yes, you would have told me then because I would request to see Oliver and knowing you can't pretend to be him and yourself at the same time, you will have no choice but to tell me right?"

Olivia was silent and Kane laughed bitterly, "I knew it" he continued.

"No Kane. I wanted to tell you because I realized that I'm the obstacle between us now. When you told me you love me last night, I knew I have to come clean to you, that I have to tell you in order to abolish any secret between us."

"Then why didn't you tell me last night? Why didn't you tell me Olivia?"

"I wanted to but knowing how much you hate lies, I couldn't. I didn't want to ruin last night for us. So today after discussing with you about our travel. I decided that the best place to tell you would be my country. And that's because I wanted to show you Oliver's stone after that. Don't forget Kane, you said we can go anywhere of my choice but I still agreed for us to go to Florida where I know you would like to see Oliver. I just wanted to use you asking of him as an opening."

Kane stared at her for a long time without saying anything. What she said made sense, she could have chosen them going to another country and he knew he would have agreed whatever country she chose, but..." You still lied to me Olivia, you deceived me. No matter how much your reason is acceptable, it doesn't explain the fact that you have six months to tell me who you really are. You..." He closed his eyes, "you really don't know what you put me through. All the crazy nights I had, thinking I was bending" he looked at her, "I was attracted to you, even as Oliver."

Olivia was shocked at that, and her face revealed it.

Kane chuckled bitterly, "I was so attracted to you that it was driving me insane. I couldn't let my attraction lead me because for crying out loud, I'm a straight guy. I can't be attracted to a man. I assigned myself a therapist" he looked at her, "but even after doing that, it didn't stop my growing attraction. Then that night of the banquet, we accidentally kissed" he closed his eyes, "that was when I know, having a therapist, lying to myself, preaching all morals to myself that I can't be with a man and all the reason that I can't ruin my reputation, it won't stop me from falling for my best friend" he sighed, "I then made a decision, if I marry my long time fiancée, she would rein me in and I won't listen to my feelings."


"What I'm saying Olivia is that because of you, Oliver, I agreed to marry Priscilla."

"Kane I..."

"Just to forget my attraction for Oliver, I agreed to marry Priscilla and now this?" He shouted, "tell me Olivia, for all the things you put me through and tying me to a loveless marriage, can sorry stop all these? Can it heal the pain I feel deep in my heart?" He pointed to his chest at that, "you played me like a fool" his voice cracked and the tears threatened to fall.

"No" she shook her head, "Kane please listen, I didn't mean to lie to you, I..."

"I won't be a fool again Olivia" he whispered.


He shook his head to stop her, "not one more word from you, I'm afraid my heart can't handle it" he sighed and started at her for some seconds before turning and walking towards the gate.

"Kane no, listen please. I'm sorry" Olivia ran after him, calling him but he didn't stop neither did he look back. She grabbed his hand but he flung her hand away and continued walking. She kept trying to hold him but every time, he will fling her away. He got to the gate and pushed it open, then straight to his car he goes. He opened the door and got in, slamming the door shut before she could touch him.

Olivia knocked fiercely on the window but he didn't lower the glass, rather, he revived the engine and sped off. She ran after him but how could her legs compare to Audi R8? She stopped at some time, staring brokenly at the fading red light of the car.

After staring in the darkness for eternity, she turned and walked back to the house dejectedly. When she opened the door, Grace and Evelyn were already standing in the foyer, waiting for her. Her teary eyes met Grace's and she sighed and reached out for her. Olivia quickly ran into her embrace and cries filled the whole house.

"There there, my dear, it's okay now. Stop crying, you should know this would happen."

"I didn't mean to lie to him aunt, I didn't mean to deceive him. I didn't expect to fall for him" she cried.

"Hush now my darling" Grace traced her back in a gentle caress, "no one knows when they will fall in love nor with whom, so I clearly understand you. I'm sorry my honey, if I had known you haven't told him I wouldn't have ..."

"No aunt" Oliver left her embrace and wiped her tears with the back of her hand, "it's okay you told him. At least now he knows. A lot of time I had wanted to tell him but I just don't know how. I know it hurts now that he doesn't want to see me or have anything to do with me but at least, my conscience is clear, I owe him no truth anymore except apologies. And I'm going to do that until he forgives me" she sniffed as her eyes watered again, "it just that his wedding is next tomorrow, I only hope he doesn't carry on with the wedding out of anger. If so, then it will be too late for me" she sobbed.

Grace put her in her arms again and held her tightly, "he wouldn't, you shouldn't give him the chance to, do you understand?"

She nodded in her arms, "yes aunt."

"He loves you Olivia, I have always sensed it, right from when you were still Oliver, he had treated you specially. I'm sure no matter how angry he might be with you, he will not miss the opportunity to be with you, so let's just try our best to get him back okay?"

Olivia nodded again while Grace and Evelyn sighed at the same time. Olivia stayed in Grace arms until she stopped crying before she was allowed to go upstairs to her room.

Immediately she got to her room, she brought out her phone and called Kane but he didn't answer. She called again and again but he didn't pick up so she sent him a text message but after waiting for a reply but got nothing, she sent more and more.


Kane drove silently to his white bungalow, he had seen Olivia's calls but he couldn't talk to her now and so didn't answer. She kept calling and calling that he had to put his phone in silent. When he finally got to the house at 10:19pm, he first sent a silent prayer to heaven that he is alive and didn't get into an accident. Not that he wouldn't want anything to divert his attention and the pain he feels now in his heart.

But he also know that after treating the wound of his accident, the one in his heart would still be fresh and it will still hurt as much. He stayed in his car and stared at the house in front of him. This used to be the place of his solace, but he doesn't think it's still that because as he looks at it now, he could still remember when he pulled over and Olivia was sitting beside him. Memories of what happened between them last night was still fresh in his mind and how close and loving they had been this morning before everything shattered in the evening.

Her voice still rang clear as day in his mind, "I love you Kane, I have noticed that for a while now."

"The Oliver you think you know, has been me all along."

She said she loves him when knowing that she has been playing him. What hurts him more is that he is madly in love with her.

First time of falling deeply for a woman and she ended up being a liar. A big fat liar who had lied to him for a long seven months.

He picked up his phone from the console and got out of the car. Slamming the door shut, he shoved his phone into his pocket before walking up to the house, he input his security code and the door opened. He got in and sighed, staring at the big white couch in the living room. He had made sweet love to her on it just before they left. He slammed his car key on the couch angrily then turned on his heels to the mini bar.

He picked out a bottle of whisky and a glass, he opened it and poured himself half a glass, he took a sip and in the process brought out his phone from his pant pocket, the light flashed just in time and he saw a new text message from Olivia, in fact, it was one out of twenty and thirty missed calls along with fifteen voice mails. He clicked on the first message, putting the phone on speaker. Soon her sweet voice filled the whole house but this time, it was cracking because of her sobs.

"Kane, please, I'm truly sorry. I didn't mean to lie to you. I was just sacred of losing you. Please pick up your call."

He sipped from his glass and pressed on the next message.

"Kane please, pick up. I'm really worried about you and I want to see you. Where are you? I will come there right now."

He did a bottom up with his glass, then he poured new glass for himself, sipping from it, he clicked on the third voice message.

It was the same as the first, second and the remaining twelve, she was apologizing in all of them and asking where he is. He opened her text messages and they were the same with the voice messages only that in some of the messages, she wrote about how much she loves him then followed by the question of where he is.

After reading the messages, he placed the phone on the table with no intention to reply. His mind went back to when he first saw her as Oliver on his party. How he had felt comfortable in the midst of the stranger who seems to understand him with just one glance.

And then he thought about how he almost went crazy, thinking he was losing his preference to women and then diverting to men. He also thought about his sessions with doctor Miller and the things he told him.

He wondered now how Miller would react if he should tell him that the Oliver they have often talked about has been a woman all along.

Kane was somehow glad, at least, now he knows nothing was wrong with his preference. He had been attracted to a woman all along. Thinking to that, he felt pleased, even his heart could see through the layers of male clothes she wore and fell for her.

He soon abandoned his glass and drank straight from the bottle. When he has almost finished the drink in the bottle, he was so drunk that he couldn't stand straight. To be honest, he love his current state, now he can stop thinking about Olivia as Oliver and then back to Olivia again. He got up from the stool and had to grab the table to steady himself. When he felt better, he staggered to the living room and slumped on the couch.

Immediately, his body touched it, he could hear Olivia's moans as he slammed into her early this evening before they began on their journey back home. Oh, how he loves the taste of her.

Remembering such heated moment, his body reacted and he wished she was around or maybe one of his bimbos. But none of them knows the route to this place and he knows deep within him that even if he was in his penthouse, he wouldn't have called any of them. Ever since he got together with Olivia, he hadn't had another woman, neither have he missed it.

It's been her, only her and only her does he feel erection for. He closed his eyes, willing his mind to shutdown and as if hearing his prayer, he soon fell asleep.

Waking up the next day with a serious hungover, he staggered into his bathroom for aspirin. After that he took a shower then left to fix a breakfast for himself.

While taking his breakfast, details of last evening filled his mind and he felt solemn immediately. Olivia is Oliver and Oliver is Olivia. He lost his appetite for food and cleared the dishes. He went to his bar and took another bottle of whiskey before going to the backyard to watch the swans that often settle in the lake. But as he stepped out and saw the swing, he remembered how they had curled up on it yesterday and orchestrated their plan and activities they will indulge in, in Florida.

He forcefully tore his gaze from it and went on to the lake, the swans haven't arrive yet and he doesn't even know if they will. Yesterday he had been lucky enough to see a couple with Olivia and they had both enjoyed the view of watching them. The lake reminded him of a lot, especially last night, how they had made love in it. It took a second for him to realize that he can't stay there. For heavens sake, if he wants to forget Olivia or not think about her, he has to go to a place that won't remind him of her at every turn. And to think they had only spent a night there but her memory was already everywhere.

He went back into the house, grabbed his car key and cell phone, then out the door he went, locking the house as he does. He approached his Audi, got in and sped off. He most definitely can't stay in that house anymore if he ends up not being with Olivia because it won't be house of solace for him again but house of torture.


Olivia had waited for Kane to reply any of her messages but ended up drifting to sleep. Waking up in the morning, the first thing she did was check her phone, only to be disappointed and broken that there was no message from him. She dialed his number immediately but just like last night, he still didn't pick up. She kept calling but no answer, then she suddenly sat up in the bed.

Why should she sit in bed all day waiting for him to pick her calls or call back when she can go find him? Thinking to that, she climbed out of the bed and rushed into the bathroom.

After twenty minutes, she was all freshened up and dressed, she picked her phone and grabbed her handbag and car key before running out of the room. Getting downstairs, she saw Grace hanging up a call, "good morning aunt. Bye aunt" she said, sprinting past her.

"Olivia wait, where are you rushing to?" Grace called but that didn't stop her. She hopped into her car, quickly revised and out the gate she went.

She drove straight to Kane's penthouse, she is already familiar with his code so she input it and went in, the house was quiet like there is no living soul in it. She went straight to his room and threw the door ajar but he wasn't there. She proceeded to the rest of the rooms but there were all empty. Loneliness was already hitting her and her heart turned heavy as her eyes teared up.

Just before the tears dropped, two places popped in her mind and she knew he can only be in one. One she knows her way there but the second, not so much, so she can only pray he will be in the one she knows. She left the house and down to the underground parking lot. She got into her car and hastily drove to the Baron's manor.

When she got there, she sent a silent prayer to heaven before getting out of the car, she approached the gate but the security stopped her, "sorry miss, how can I help you?"

What the? She has never been stopped at the gate before. Then she remembered, she has only been here as Oliver never as Olivia. She let out a deep breath, "excuse me, I'm looking for Mr. Boron, Kane Boron."

"And who is looking for him?"

"I'm Olivia, the sister to his friend Oliver. You remember him? Oliver Simon?"

The security looked at her and just like everyone else, he saw the resemblance but just because she is the sister to Mr. Simon, doesn't mean he can let her in like that. "Well, is Mr. Boron aware you are coming?"

"Let her in John" She heard Natasha's voice and they both looked to see her standing on the lawn.

"Yes ma'am" John quickly opened the gate and Olivia went in. She gulped as she approached Natasha who was observing her every move, "good morning Mrs. Boron."

Natasha smiled, "what should I address you as? Oliver or Olivia?"

Hearing that from her, Olivia froze, does that mean Kane has already told his family about her?

Noticing the shock on her face, Natasha laughed, "don't worry, Kane didn't tell me anything. In fact, I haven't seen him for the past four days."

What did she say? Then that means Kane isn't here? Olivia's mood dampened and she felt something soft and warm caress her face. She looked up to see Natasha smiling softly to her, her hand caressing her face.

"I know how you must be feeling now, I understand you too. Losing a twin is the highest form of loneliness. I know because I have lost a twin too. Her name was Natalia. So many days I went on answering Natalia, just so that I can hear her name but with time, I realized that no matter how I missed her, she won't come back, so I let go and she had always been in my heart. She died but not in my heart. So with you my darling, Oliver may have left the world, but he will always be in your heart.

When Grace called me this morning and told me, I felt so bad for you and one can't imagine the pain you have gone through. I know Kane has been seeing a girl, Carol mentioned to me and I thought he was just having his last fling before his marriage. I really never expected this but you just understand dear that the one thing Kane hate is lies and deception."

"I know, I just...I was..."

"You were afraid, I know" Natasha sighed, "I have been calling him but he has not been answering. Carol had called him too but still same."

"You don't know where he is?" Olivia asked with teary eyes and Natasha shook her head, "what about his bungalow?"

"His house of solace?"

"You know about it it?" She was surprised.

Natasha smiled, "darling, when you are a mother, you will like to know everything about your children, even those that they don't want you to know, you will just pretend not to know. Well, he was there last night but he left this morning."

"Can you find him?"

"Sweety, if Kane wants to hide from you, you won't find him, well not in a short span of time. It took me three years to know about his house of solace. Come, don't worry too much. Kane loves you, he just...wants to be alone now, I believe he will do the right thing."

"But his wedding is tomorrow."

"Honey, what will be will be. Come, come join me for brunch."

"Does Marcus know?"

"About you pretending to be your brother?" Natasha asked and when Olivia nodded, she continued, "darling, I only found out this morning, I haven't have the time to tell Marcus but Carol knows" she smiled, "she said no wonder you insist not to marry her."

That got Olivia chuckling for a while, "well, marrying her means exposing myself."

"Exactly" she led her into the house where Carol was sprawling on the couch, surfing through the TV channels. She looked up when they entered and her eyes brightened when she saw Olivia, "I really can't believe it. I need to hear from you" she jumped down from the couch and rushed to them, grabbing Oliver's hands in hers as she twirl her around, "how could you act like a man so perfectly without giving anything away?"

"Months of practicing" Olivia shrugged.

"Now thinking of the things I did to you as Oliver, I feel like puking. I understand how you must be feeling then."

Olivia smiled, shrugging once more, "I asked for it."

"Indeed. Don't worry, Kane will be over his anger in no time and come looking for you."

"I hope so."

"I know so. See, I have never seen him smitten with any girl before, so believe me when I saw he will come back" Carol smiled.

Olivia smiled, she must admit that she didn't expect to be so easily forgiven by Carol neither Natasha, it was too good to be true. Now, she has to wait for Marcus reaction to know if she will be apologizing to him too.

"Come dear, Grace told me you haven't eaten anything since last night. Let's have something" Natasha dragged her to the dinning before telling the cook to heat up some food for them.

The day flew by and soon it was over with no one hearing from Kane nor seeing him. Oliver left his house later in the evening after seeing and talking to Marcus, who surprisingly wasn't mad at her but just said what everyone else had been telling her which she already know as well. Kane hate lies.

With no one seeing him, there was nothing else to do than just waiting for tomorrow which is his wedding day, to know if he would show up.


Kane's family were surprised when he showed up at the church, all sweet and handsome. They tried to talk to him but he avoided them as much as he can. It wasn't long, the wedding started and he walked down the aisle looking handsome. He stood at the altar, straight and tall, gripping the hearts of many women but they all knew they can't have him anymore.

The bride's matching song started and he looked at the door to see his bride looking exquisite, he sighed as everyone stood up while she began matching closer to him with her father. For a brief moment, he wished he could turn her to Olivia but he know he couldn't so he let go of the wish. She made him accept this marriage with her lies, so he would carry on with it.

"Take care of my daughter" Andrew Woolrich said to him as he handed his daughter to him.

Kane only nodded, taking her hand from him as they face the altar. He let go of her hand almost immediately. He could sense her pain but he couldn't bear to look at her, he doesn't want to see the hurt in her eyes also.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the holy matrimony of our son and daughter...." The priest began.

With all the things that were being said, Kane didn't hear any, he was lost in thought. Wondering if he was doing the right thing or acting out of anger.

As if given the privilege, all his memories with Olivia, right from when she was still Oliver came rushing into his mind. He had tried to see from her point and he realized that he wasn't angry because she pretended to be a man but because she lied to him and deceived him for months.

But if he should get married now, what will he do when he finally forgives her? Can he easily forget her like he can easily get married now? Can he easily let go of his love for her like he can easily say I do?

He shook his head at that, he can't do this. No matter how angry he may be with her, he can't forget her and he still loves her dearly.

He woke up from his thought to hear the priest saying, "do you, Kane Boron take ..."

"Wait" he interrupted as the whole crowd gasp in surprise. Kane shut his eyes and shook his head softly, he took a deep breath before turning to the veiled Priscilla beside him, "Priscilla, I don't know any word I can use to apologize to you. I know my action is really irresponsible of me but I'm very sure that just as I don't want this wedding to hold, you don't as well. So I say, why don't we both release ourselves from this hold? I can't afford marrying you when my heart belongs to another so I deeply apologize for bringing you this far" he turned to the guests, "I'm sorry for wasting every one of your time but my heart really isn't on this wedding. The one I love may have wronged me and made me appear here out of anger but what she had done is not unforgivable. What will happen when my anger finally cools down?"

He sighed and closed his eyes, the guests said nothing and he knew they were thinking on what he said, he turned to the priest, "forgive me father but I can't take a vow made with love when there is no love" he looked at Priscilla once more, "I'm sorry" he turned to leave when she grabbed his hand, just as he made to free his hand, he saw her, standing by the door, looking at him, smiling.

Kane was shocked for the woman who just entered was none other than Priscilla, if she was Priscilla then who is? He quickly turned to the bride holding his hand and hastily unveiled her face. Low and behold, it was the one woman who has buried herself deep in his heart. Olivia Simon.

When he woke from his shock, he looked at his family who were smiling at him and then at Andrew Woolrich and his wife who were still smiling then to the approaching Priscilla.

His face spoke of his confusion when he heard his father's voice, "just carry on with the wedding, explanations will be for later."

"Do you still want to stop the wedding?" The priest asked him and he couldn't find his voice and the priest continued, "then, we shall continue. Do you, Kane Boron, take this woman, Olivia Simon, to be your lawfully wedded wife, in sick and in health, in rich and in poor, till death do you part?"

Kane opened his mouth to say something but he ended up closing it, chuckling and shaking his head softly, he glanced at Olivia who is now staring at him like her life depended on it. Everywhere was quiet as they all waited for his reply. After a few seconds, he finally said, "I do."

Beside him, he could hear Olivia's sigh of relief just when the crowd started clapping in joy. Olivia wasn't the only one that let out a sigh of relief, Grace and her parents who were just alerted last night that their daughter is getting married the next day, happened to enter the church when Kane was taking his vow. Grace has filled them about the situation on ground so when Kane delayed in responding, they were all scared.

After the joy has died down, the priest turned to Olivia, "do you Olivia Simon takes this young man, Kane Boron, to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sick and in health, in rich and in poor, till death do you part?"

"With all that I have" she responded in one breath as another joy rang in the church. The rings were gotten and they exchanged the rings.

"By the power vested in me by our most high father, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride."

Kane turned to her, he cupped her chin in between his thump an index fingers, just before his lips covered hers, he said, "I still haven't forgiven you."

Olivia smiled, "then I have the whole lifetime to beg you."

He smiled before joining their lips as their family and friends clapped and congratulated them.

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