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Day before the wedding;

Olivia stayed back after joining Natasha for her brunch. Carol was browsing through her phone when she suddenly shouted, "oh. My. God!"

Natasha turned to her immediately, "what is it my dear?"

"Mom look at this" she jumped up from the couch and ran to her and Olivia on the sit out, adjoining to the living room, "look, isn't this Priscilla?" In her phone screen was a picture of Priscilla and a young man whom Olivia recalled immediately as the man she saw her with on that day her parents visited unannounced.

"Yes, it is Priscilla, who is the man?"

"That's not the only thing mom, look at the caption, 'school beauty and school beau revealed their relationship to the whole school after school game' can't you see mom? This means Priscilla and him dated in school!"

"Dear, but there is nothing wrong with her dating someone. Kane has never accepted her" Natasha said.

"That's not the thing mom. I have always have the feeling that she doesn't love Kane and everybody knows no one can say no to Andrew Woolrich apart from dad and then Kane."

"What are you saying Carol?"

"I am saying, what if Priscilla is still in love with this guy? I purposely went to surf her school site, hoping for some news and now this! What if they are still together and this marriage is the only thing keeping them apart? What if she was relying on Kane to cancel the marriage like he has been doing but he suddenly accepted, leaving her no choice but going along?"

"I see" Natasha nodded.

"No mom, you don't see. Here, let me make you see. This two people are not in love with each other. Kane doesn't love her" she looked at Olivia, "Kane loves Olivia while Priscilla loves this guy. Mom this is wrong, this betrothal thing is forcing two people who doesn't love each other to be together."

"Darling but there is nothing to do, the wedding is tomorrow, we can't cancel."

Carol gasped, her eyes twinkling as she clapped in glee, "what if we don't have to cancel the wedding?"

"What are you saying Carol?" Olivia asked.

"I'm saying, what if we call Priscilla and talk with her. Getting her to see she has the right to design her future. What if that will get us hearing from her that she doesn't love Kane?"

"I don't understand, how is that going to get us not canceling the wedding?" Natasha asked with a frown and Olivia too was confused.

"At the moment, Kane doesn't want to see Olivia and we all know that if he should show up at the wedding tomorrow, it would be out of anger. So, what if we have Olivia go in the place of Priscilla?"

"What!" Olivia was shocked.

"Olivia, dressed as the bride?" Natasha asked.

"Mm hmm. No matter how angry Kane is, he will never leave a lady standing at the altar. He is a gentleman. He won't do that to Priscilla and he certainly won't do it to Olivia."

"Hmm, that sounds interesting but honey, all the guests are going to witness his wedding with Priscilla."

Carol rolled her eyes, "who cares about the guests mom? All they know is that they would witness a wedding and then have their refreshment. We should only inform the priest, he has to know that the two people he wanted to join doesn't even love each other. Olivia name should be given to him as the rightful bride, that's all that matters."

"How did you get this idea?" Olivia asked shocked and scared.

"I have seen it a lot in the movies, I can't wait to witness it live."

"We still have to tell your father, Andrew and Leyla."

"Mom, you and dad can do that. Just tell them that Kane and Priscilla don't love each other, they will understand" she rolled her eyes.

"Well, I will see what I can do."

"You are agreeing to this?" Olivia asked horrified.

"Do you want to lose Kane to someone else?"


"Then we have to give it a try. No one knows where he is and I'm pretty sure he will attend the wedding tomorrow" Natasha said.

"But what if he become angry when he sees me? What if he really leave me standing at the altar?" Olivia was scared.

"Kane will never do that" the mother and daughter said in unison.

"Kane loves you Olivia. Even when you were dressed as Oliver, I can remember he hardly let anyone approach you, not even his business associates. No matter how angry he is at you, he won't bring you shame, you are supposed to know that" Carol continued while Natasha nodded.

"You can only risk to have. If we don't do this, there will go your chance of ever being with him. Even if he has a divorce later in future, you would have missed a lot of years with him. Besides, you don't even know if he would have a divorce" Natasha added.

Olivia bit her lip and sighed, her heart was pounding loudly in her chest but she knows they are right. If she miss tomorrow, she will lose a lot of years with him and she definitely don't want to see him marry someone else. She let out a deep breath and closed her eyes, opening her eyes again, she nodded, "let's do this."

Natasha and Carol smiled while nodding at her. She made a good decision.

After that, Natasha called Priscilla and Leyla and right in the presence of the two mother's, she admitted to what Carol said. She had been hoping on Kane to reject the marriage once more and only mentioned it to him on the banquet to hurry up his decision. But only to be called out for lunch by Kane the next day and for him to accept the marriage.

It was a big blow to her and her loved one but there was nothing they could do. They have always known that their happiness lies with Kane's decision.

When Natasha talked about Carol's plan, she willingly agreed and her enthusiasm influenced her mother. Therefore, the two women and their daughters each told their husbands and it became a plan.

Wedding day;

After the vows, they all moved to the reception party. That was where Kane was told about the plan. He didn't know whether to laugh or be angry of being forced to marry someone but he knew deep within him, he preferred marrying Olivia, despite the lies.

Malcolm voiced his regret of not giving away his daughter himself and Mirabelle also regretted not joining with the preparation.

Kane meeting his parents in law for the first time felt bad for them, even he wasn't entirely happy how the wedding was rushed and so, in order to satisfy everyone, he announced that he is going to have another wedding with Olivia, but this one will be with only family and friends.

The reception party was joyful and when the newest couple retired to their suite, in order to prove to Olivia that he hasn't forgiven her for lying to him. Kane didn't give her her wedding night. Olivia had laughed and without complaining, they said goodnight as she stayed in the bedroom and he went to the living room.

They didn't go for the honeymoon cause Kane insist that he was still angry with her.

They lived together, although not sleeping together, it was harmonious for them.

A month later, Kane took her out on a date for dinner, where he told her he had forgiven her and made her promise to never lie to him again no matter what it may be.

That same night, he proposed to her to which she said yes and that began the preparation of their second but main wedding.

They lived happily after their wedding. Although sometimes, Olivia will dressed as Oliver and she and Kane will hang out together like best of friends, they will drink, then go home to make love.

Their playfulness stopped the day which Olivia vomited and they went to the hospital to discover that she was five weeks pregnant. It was a joyful news but Kane wasn't entirely happy because he was told he is not to engage in the bedroom exercise with her for some time. Olivia had laughed really hard when she saw his shocked face that day at the hospital and right in the car, she had promised to satisfy him in some other ways which had made him brilliantly happy.

Ah, men.

She had rolled her eyes which had made him laugh but truth be told, he was looking forward to meeting his son or daughter. But deep inside, he wished his daughter will not be like her mom, and pray that she won't be driven by the urge to play a TOMBOY.


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