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Chapter one

"Olivia?" Grace called as she pushed open the door, "may I come in?" She asked, looking at the young lady lying on the bed with all her attention on the book she was holding six inches away from her face, "I'm still waiting for your permission" she said still standing beside the door.

The girl groaned and without looking up from her book, she asked lazily "since when did you start being formal aunt Grace?"

"Well, I should respect your privacy" Grace said, closing up their distance "it's what that is expected from me since I don't know if I'm living with my niece or my late nephew" she sat down at the edge of the bed.

Olivia rolled her eyes "and why will it be so aunt?" She asked, her eyes still engrossed on her book.

"Considering the fact that I don't know if I will be meeting the female you or the male you" she touched her toes and that got Olivia looking at her. Grace smiled to her "you have been indoors since the day you arrived here, how about you go out with me tonight?"

"Not interested" she returned her eyes to her book.

"Why not? You do nothing but sit around all day, reading books. Then you go shopping but not to buy something for yourself but for your late brother."

"He is not late. He lives in me" Olivia looked at her aunt "I am him" she said in her brother's voice.

"But if you are him, then who is you? Who is my sweet, darling Olivia? Baby, I understand you miss your brother too much, trust me, I do too. But you and I know Oliver wouldn't want you doing this to yourself, he will want you to live your life to the fullest. Have fun, be happy, meet someone special, get married, have children and if you are lucky enough, twins that will be just like the both of you. He has always wanted you to be happy and he makes sure that you laugh more than you cry. What you are doing now isn't the life he want for you."

"Yea, but he is not here to make me live it. He is not here to make me laugh or do any of those things you just mentioned. We use to talk about how we are going to measure each others spouses and how we are going to reject the one we don't want. I don't see myself falling in love aunt, because everyday I remember how he use to talk about choosing a perfect boyfriend for me, I can't help but wish he can come and do just that."

"Honey, it's not the end of the world. It been three months already, I know it's not that long but you need to start working on your life. I talked with your mom today, she said that your old office manager is still asking about you. They are still interested in you working for them, don't you think you should go back now and make something out of yourself?"

"I'm never going back there, to that house. You said I can stay as long as I want here or are you changing your mind now?"

"Of course not. Baby, you are welcome to stay as long as you want. I just don't like the way you are always at home doing nothing. Okay, I have another suggestion, you can come work in my company. You can choose any post you want" she smiled.

"I will think about it" she brought her book back to her face.

Grace sighed "come with me to a party tonight. You can take some evening air and clear your mind a bit, have fun, drink, meet new friends. Honey, you have been in Australia for the past three months now but you don't know anywhere, neither do you have any friends. Now, where is a better way to get started than a party, hmm?"

Olivia sat up from her bed "I'm not interested aunt."

Grace rolled her eyes, "then what are you interested in? To dress up like a boy and stand in from of a mirror all day practicing your brother's voice and the way he walks?"

"Which I'm perfect in already" Olivia smiled causing Grace to roll her eyes once more.

"Yea, if you are so into being your brother, why didn't you cut your hair, why use wig?"

Olivia grabbed a lock of her hair in her palm and smiled "because he loves my hair and there is no day he sees me that he doesn't praise me for the length. I did thought about cutting it but I can't because of his love for it. So I decided to get a wig."

"Come with me to this party Olive, a lot of people will be there, and I will feel more comfortable if you come with me than lock yourself in here. Now, what is this your brother would have said if he was here?"

Olivia chuckled "come on baby sis, you need to live a little" she said in a perfect imitation of his voice.

"Exactly. Now, have you been living a little? He is not happy with you, you know."

Olivia smiled at a distant memory before looking at her aunt, "fine, you win. I'm going."

Grace clapped her hand excitedly, "now, that's my girl" she pinched her chin and stood up, "come to me if you don't have anything nice to wear. We are the same size after all" she made her way to the door.

"Whose party is that anyway?" Olivia's voice rang out.

"Oh, have you heard of the MavinTech?"

"Duh, who hasn't had about the biggest Technology company in Australia?" She rolled her eyes.

Grace chuckled, "well, since it's like that, then you should know Kane, the heir to the throne."

"I have read about him once in the papers. What about him?"

"He turned twenty eight today, so, his mom is throwing him a party as always. Which he often don't even attend. All their partners are invited as well as friends and our family is both. Some people are hoping he will show up today, after all, he didn't show up last year to his own party. Can you believe that?"

"Judging from what I read about him, yea, I believe that."

Grace smiled, "we will leave by seven thirty. One shouldn't be late at such party" she left the room.

Olivia collapsed on her bed as her mind contemplated on what to wear.

Grace looked up at the sound of approaching footsteps, she gasped when she saw the young man walking up to her with a dazzling smile, she face palmed while shaking her head slowly, "today of all day Olivia?"

"Actually, it's Oliver aunt" she said in her brother's voice before bowing like a perfect gentleman, "shall we? I can't wait to take you to the dancefloor."

"There is no way I'm dancing with you Olivia" Grace said as she looped her hand in her extended arm, smiling.

"Then what picture will you be painting to the guests, since you can't even dance with your own nephew?" Olivia smiled before walking to the car with her aunt's arm in hers. Even though she was dressed in a tuxedo, and wearing no heels, she was still a head taller than her aunt and that made her love her height the more. She noticed she grew an extra foot during her stay here and nothing made her happier, perhaps, she will still end up taller than her brother, who knows?

They got to the Boron's family mansion, Olivia stepped out of the car and helped her aunt down. Grace decided to carry on with her charade, since it makes her happy. They got into the house already swarming with guests dressed in beautiful tuxedos and gowns.

Friends who knew Grace came to greet her and couldn't help but notice the charming young man who stood beside her, "my my Grace, who is this?" They all asked.

And Grace will always reply with a smile, "meet Oliver, my nephew" and she always chide Olivia when they are gone, "if I lose my friends because I have to tell a lie for you. I will kill you."

And which Olivia always laugh and reply with, "you can just tell them he died should the time come for the truth to come out. After all, don't you have a nephew who is late?" Even though she said that jokingly, Grace didn't miss the pain that flashed in her eyes and she gently squeeze her hand.

"Everything is going to heal with time, you see."

"Grace" a man's voice was heard behind them and they turned to behold the person.

"My, my, Marcus, it's been so long" she let the man kiss her cheeks "how have you been?"

"I have been okay, and you?" Asked the tall, light gray haired man, with dark brown eyes, he looked so young even with his gray hair and people who doesn't know him will never know that he is Marcus Boron, the current chairman of the MavinTech.

"I'm fine Marcus. Where is Natasha? I haven't seen her this evening."

"Oh, she left to make sure that he will be showing up today. He did promise her he will though, she just wants to confirm it."

Grace laughed, she already know who he meant by 'he' "Kane is really stubborn aren't he?"

"Tell me about it. He has been since he was young that I'm kind of getting used to it, if I already aren't" he looked beside her to see the young man standing, "this is my first time seeing you with this young man, who is he?"

"Oh, forgive me. This is Oliver, my nephew, he doesn't visit much so you don't know him."

"But I do now" Marcus smiled and stretched out his hand to shake the man who obliged, "nice to meet you my dear."

"Nice to meet you too sir" Olivia responded in a male's voice "if I wasn't told, I wouldn't believe you to be Marcus Boron. You look so much younger than I expected."

Marcus laughed, "well, what do you know? I like you already" he said.

"Then it's my honor to be liked by you sir" Olivia continued with her praise.

Marcus laughed once more, "I will really love to have a word with you young man but unfortunately, I still need to greet other guests, perhaps some other time?"

"At your Royal service sir" she bowed, making Marcus laughed again as he left to greet other guests.

Grace measured Olivia from head to shoe, "I can't believe you are pulling this off. Well, let's see how far it can go."

"Don't sorry aunt, I'm my brother's sister" she winked at her while Grace chuckled. She still find it difficult how Olivia is able to act like Oliver once she is dressed like a boy.

The party kept getting busier and fun but where is the celebrant? Nobody knows. A lot of girls fawned on Olivia but only brave ones walked up to her and demanded for a dance which she is accepted of course, like the gentleman she is. She later asked Grace for a dance and it happens to be when she was talking to a friend so she can't say now but she still punished Olivia by stepping on her foot twice and laughed while Olivia winced in pain. Now she knows how her brother feels whenever she stepped on his foot while dancing. Damn it's painful, she thought.

After her dance with aunt Grace, people applauded and she turned to see the reason of the applause. Standing at the door that leads into ballroom was a tall man, who from her measurement happens to be the same height with her brother or a little bit taller. He has a jet black hair, styled all back, a beautiful but cold hazel eyes. A full straight peach lips, a nice defined pointed noise and chiseled clean shaven jaw. He was wearing a white dinner coat and a plain navy blue pants, he walked into the ballroom with gentle strides.

Olivia found herself smitten like every other girl in the room, damn, she never knew a man can be To her, no man looks more handsome than her brother and she has often wished that her husband will be as handsome as her brother and now, she was finding it difficult to tell between this man and her brother who was more handsome. "Now that? That's Kane Boron, the heir to the throne of MavinTech. Turns out that even though you are dressed like a man, he still got you" she heard her aunt's voice whispering in her ear "careful with the way you stare, so people won't think you are a gay. Now if you were dressed like a girl, I would have let you stare as you want" she looked at her aunt and she was gloating.

Olivia rolled her eyes, "aunt, I'm not going to quit my new hobby just because of a man. Sorry to disappoint you" she smiled and Grace rolled her eyes and walked away.

Just like her aunt said, the newcomer was introduced as Kane Boron and the birthday celebrant, people congratulated him and a lot went to give him a toast to which he accepted with a faint smile. Ladies flirted with him with their eyes and few mustered up the courage to talk to him to which he politely avoided them. Olivia stood aside and watched everything, a smile curled on her lips as she saw the frustrated look in his eyes at the way the girls disturbed him. She found him pretty interesting and really wants to talk to him and if possible make friends with him.

She don't know why but she feels like he could refill the emptiness her brother left in her heart, it won't be bad if she has a male friend for her male character, she is not yet interested in a boyfriend and doubts if she will ever be. She watched Kane try to avoid ladies as much as possible and shared toast with some when necessary. He cut his cake which she saw he did with much difficulty and she knew that if given a single opportunity, he will be out of there. Well, guess she will be his knight in shiny armor and rescue the handsome in distress.

She started walking towards him and she took off two drinks from a waiter's tray before she got up to him, "ladies huh? I have never seen pests bigger than them" she said the joke she had heard her brother and friends say often. She felt like she is a disgrace to womanhood by classifying them like that, after all, she is still a woman no matter what but she will think about that later because her joke, got her the attention of the man opposite her.

Kane heard a man's voice and turned to look, he was surprised at what he saw, the young man was only a head shorter than him, he has this shiny blonde hair that was side swept on his forehead, a sea blue eyes, a natural defined nose, a full heart shaped pink lips and a diamond long face, a clean jaw which looks so smooth like it has never been shaved. He was dressed in a tuxedo and was holding two glasses of drinks with a nice smile which he found strange because it was appealing to him, he waved it at the back of his mind and returned the smile "honestly, they are worst than a bug."

The young man laughed softly at his joke before handing him a drink to which he collected, "allow me to introduce myself Mr. Boron, I am Oliver Simon, at your service" he did a dramatic bow which Kane must admit was a little funny since it wasn't necessary.

"And what will be your service be to me Mr. Simon?" He asked with a raised eyebrow and a faint smile on his lips.

"To drive the pests away of course but you must be ready to pay me handsomely."

Kane smiled fully then, "I think they will be happy to be driven away by you since you have a face like that."

"Nah, I'm not the heir to the throne of a big company. What will they want to do with a pretty face and no money like me? Believe me, they will choose you then thousand times over me."

"Then that only means you won't be able to render your services well Mr. Simon."

"If you say so. Then do you mind hiring my next job?"

"And what will that be?"

"To steal you out of here to somewhere far far away, I will be your knight in shiny armor. My name maybe be Oliver but I go with a secret undercover name. Savoir of handsome in distress."

Kane laughed then, "and that is an undercover name? It has already given you away."

"Only a man as intelligent as you can detect that" he smiled and stretched out his hand to him to shook which he did "call me Oliver."

"Kane" he replied "I must have you know Oliver, you just made this night a little interesting for me" he sipped his drink and glanced at the people dancing "my mother has made it a habit to throw a party for me every single year. Last year I didn't even attend" he looked at Olivia.

"What? Who doesn't attend their own party?"

Kane slightly raised up his hand, "me."

"Well, I think I would understand and might have done the same if the ladies are as disturbing to me as their are to you."

"Tell me about it" Kane rolled his eyes.

"But dude, I'm pretty sure your mother gave you a piece of her mind when she saw you."

Kane smiled, "oh she did and she made me promise then that I will attend today."

"What! You mean to tell me you already know you will attend your party this year since last year?"

"That's my mother for you."

"You can as well go back into her womb to be reborn. At least by then, I will pick you up and tickle your tummy while saying 'kuchi kuchi coo'."

Kane laughed then and Olivia ended up joining "to be honest, I think that sounds great. Get a lot of responsibilities off my shoulders."

"Yea, except you will start peeing in diapers again and I will record it and bring it back in time today to show you" she looked at him with a mischievous smile that Kane shoved her on the shoulder and she retreated two steps back laughing.

Kane was surprised why his companion's laughter sounded like music to his ears and his shoulder that he touched now was so soft, their eyes met then and his heart moved, he can't understand why he feels connected to this guy and then it hit him, he might be the friend he has been waiting for. A friend he will feel connected to and be able to share all his problems with and not the one's who just want to sit around all day and announce to everyone that they are friends with him. He knew then, that he is going to enjoy friendship with this Oliver.

"Kane" they heard and both turned to see a beautiful young girl approaching them "finally, you decided to show up" she said when she was close enough "I thought you didn't want want to show up like last year."

Kane rolled his eyes, "Caro, I have been here for like nearly two hours now. Are you just seeing me?"

"No, but I have been talking to Hillary all evening and after that, he invited me to join him on a little walk in the garden. So, now it's the time I got the chance to talk to you about being late. Do you know how worried mom was? She..." She then noticed the young man standing beside Kane who was smiling to her and her face immediately heated up and she looked down shyly.

Kane noticed the difference in her and looked at Oliver who was smiling to the girl and he rolled his eyes, "perhaps you should go back to Hillary now, you have talked to me about being late."

The girl looked up to him then, "Kane who is this? How come I have never seen him around?"

"This is Oliver, my friend" he looked at Oliver "meet Caroline, my noisy sister."

"Hey" Caroline slapped his chest "who introduces his sister to his friend like that?" She looked at Olivia "it's nice to meet you. I saw you with Grace Herrington earlier, I didn't know you were my brother's friend" she looked at Kane again "how come he doesn't come around before?"

"I just met him here and now, you happy?"

Caroline huffed at him before looking at Olivia "try to come around, I will like to see you again."

Olivia bowed to her and then picked her hand in hers, she flashed her killer smile and in her eyes, she could see that Caroline has melted "it will be an honor to gaze upon a beauty like you again so I will come around."

Caroline smiled and walked away more like ran away while trying to hide her blushing face.

Kane looked at Oliver to see that he was still looking at his sister's leaving back, "don't go near my sister."

"Come on man" Olivia laughed "she is a beauty and in case you don't know, I'm a lover of beauties."

Kane pointed at the dancefloor, "there are a lot of beauties tonight, you can look around and make your choice."

Olivia smiled "you know, there is a saying that men don't like what they do to girls to be done on their sisters and you my friend just confirmed that quote. Don't worry, I won't go after your sister."

"Better" Kane replied and they both ended up smiling.

The party continued and they talked and drank together, bonding more than they expected. Kane on the other hand was happy that he didn't miss his party like he planned on doing earlier. They exchanged their phone number just when the party was coming to an end.

"So, who are you to Grace Herrington?"

"I'm her nephew."

"Really? I guess I heard wrong then."

"What did you hear?"

"That she lost a nephew three months ago."

"Oh, that's my cousin. We still miss him though" she smiled sadly.

"I'm sorry for your loss, please accept my condolence" Kane offered.

"It's okay. We are getting over it."

Kane nodded "when did you arrive in Australia?" He asked after a while.

"Last week."

"Was there a purpose?"

"Actually yes, aunt Grace offered me a nice post in her company. She wants me to be her right hand man" she beamed.

"So that means you won't be leaving anytime soon.'

"Nah, I just arrived. I haven't even gone sightseeing yet."

"Well in that case, I will be a little less busy tomorrow. If you want, I can come pick you up and tour you myself."

"Now that will be amazing, a private tour from Mr. Boron himself, boy I'm I lucky or what? I will be waiting for you."

"It's a deal then."

"There you are" they looked to see Grace closing up on them "I see you have meet my nephew Kane" she said as she patted Olivia on the shoulder.

"Yes Grace and we have a lot in common. Which reminds me, please accept my condolences on the loss of your other nephew."

Grace was shocked but she didn't let it show, "thank you but if you don't mind me asking, how did you get to know about that cause I don't think I told anyone, not even your parents."

"I have long ears" Kane joked.

Grace forced a laugh while Olivia giggled, "you guys continue, I have just spotted your mother, I hadn't been able to talk to her since tonight" with that, she left them.

"I didn't know I have been chatting with a bunny all evening" Olivia commented.

"Yes, do you mind lending a carrot?" Kane joked and they both laughed.

"You know, I'm already looking forward to my private tour" Olivia added.

"Strange but ...same here" Kane replied.

"I better go after her, if I don't drag her from there then we won't be leaving tonight."

"I advice you do so, my mom can chat a lot" Kane agreed and they both laughed before making their way to the women, "mom" Kane kissed the cheek of the deep brown haired women who smiled to him.

"You must be Oliver" Natasha smiled to Olivia.

"Pleased to meet you ma'am" Olivia returned the smile.

"He is handsome Grace" Natasha complimented.

"Isn't he?" Grace smiled before looking at the woman, "it's been so long Nat, we have a lot of catching up to do."

"I know and I will call you so that we can sit out and a have nice lengthy talk. In case you don't know, I will have you know that these two came to tear us apart" the women laughed while Olivia and Kane denied it.

They said their goodbyes later and Kane and Olivier promised to stay in touch. When they got into their car, Olivia turned to face Grace "and so I made a friend."

"And with Kane, I'm impressed. Especially how you were able to make him believe you are a man. I guess he is not as smart as I thought he is."

"Come on aunt, if not that we live together, you also won't be able to tell."

"Well you are right" Grace looked at her "how did you hit it off with Kane though?"

"It wasn't hard and by the way aunt, the offer you gave me this morning, I'm interested."

"What offer? I said a lot of things when I came to your room this morning."

"The one about giving me a post in your company."

"So you want to work now?"

"Yep, I will follow you to work tomorrow so that you can give me a nice office. By the way, Kane will be picking me up tomorrow for sightseeing."

"Wow, looks like you got yourself a date."

"Too bad for you aunt, he believes I'm a man so what you are thinking aren't gonna work."

"Come Olivia, what's the best time to get close to Kane than this?"

"Aunt, I'm not interested in anything boyfriend for now, maybe later but now, I don't want anyone."

"Well, we will see how it goes" Grace said but Olivia didn't reply. They both remained silent throughout the rest of the ride home.

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