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Chapter two

The next day, Olivia woke up nice and early, she took a shower and dressed up before going down to join Grace for breakfast. When she got downstairs, Grace was already eating her breakfast and was prepared for work. She was reading the morning papers while sipping water from a glass, she looked up when she sensed someone approaching "hey Olivia, you are really dressed this morning" she measured her from her head to the male shirt and pants she was putting on down to her shoes "and like a man. Where to?"

Olivia rolled her eyes before pulling out a seat and sitting down, she grabbed a plate of waffles before glancing at her aunt "don't tell me you are that forgetful aunt Grace. I told you last night I will be joining you to the office today to get an office and again, Kane is taking me sightseeing."

"Oh, that's true. I actually forgot" she dropped the papers and continued with her food "you are in luck though. My managing Director called in sick this morning, perhaps you can stay as a substitute for him till he returns, how about that?"

"Me, a managing director? That's awesome!"

"Of course, at least if you tell Kane your position in the office, he will see you as the...well, the man you are" she rolled her eyes while Olivia chuckled "really, I can't believe you are taking this, this far. If you start work like this then all my employees will believe you to be a man. One little lie escalading."

"Don't worry aunt, believe me, you will really not have the need to explain things to anyone."

"Meaning you are going to be Oliver for the rest of your life?" Grace asked with a raised eyebrow and a bit alarmed.

"I can't tell yet. Maybe I will drop this act in the near future but it certainly aren't anytime soon" she smiled.

Grace shook her head unbelievably, "eat up. We don't want to be late, you will need to settle in before your date with Kane."

"For the last time aunt, it's not a date."

"Whatever" Grace waved her off before continuing with her food.

They arrived at the company and Grace showed her to her office, "this is the managing director's office. This is Devon Nelson, your secretary" she pointed at a red hue haired girl, "why don't you call out everyone Devon, I have an announcement to make."

The girl called Devon glanced at Olivia with infatuated eyes before leaving the office. Damn, her work just got interesting, a lot of her friends are the secretaries of handsome young bosses and she had to be the secretary of an old man and now, a new boss just arrived in town and she is his secretary, this is amazing.

Olivia will be a fool if she says she didn't notice the way Devon looked at her or him, she smiled. It's good to know she has her brother's charm on women. If not, how will she be able to pull this off? "So I will be staying here now?"

"Yes, till Douglas return. By then, I will have someplace permanent for you. Come on, let's go tell everyone who you are and stop the gossipy stares they have been directing at you since we came in."

Olivia chuckled "sure aunt." They both left the office to the lobby where everyone gathered.

"Everyone, this is Oliver, my nephew. Douglas, the managing director called in sick this morning and lucky enough, Oliver is around, so he will be standing in for Douglas till he returns and by then, we will have a permanent post for him but for now, he is the managing director. So you all should welcome him and make him at home" Grace announced.

Everyone welcomed Olivia and some shook hands with her while some girls were already infatuated with her handsome face. She bonded with people a lot because of her sweet mouth and it wasn't long, she had made friends. She returned to her office to get her first job down. It was a good thing she studied business management in school and so it wasn't hard for her to adapt in her new work.

Devon knocked on her door after two hours of being busy at work and she let her in, "sorry sir, I wanted to ask if you want coffee?"

"Sure, get me extra large" Olivia beamed and Devon melted.

"Okay sir" she turned around to hide her blush which Olivia detected and smiled.

"Em Dev, thanks. You don't mind me calling you that do you?" She winked.

"Call me anything you want sir. I'm at your service" Devon smiled before leaving the office and something tells Olivia that her services doesn't mean only at work.

The day has gone half but she has received no calls from Kane and even though she didn't want to admit it, she was a little disappointed. She had actually been looking forward to looking at his face again. Those cold but beautiful hazel eyes and dark slicked back hair that she really want to feel it's softness on her fingers. Stop Olivia, she cautioned herself. She picked up her phone to call him but can't, it will be wrong if she call him first, she thought.

But it won't be if she is a man right? She asked herself and immediately dialed his number. The call was picked at second ring and his deep magnetic voice was heard, "hello?" Olivia took her time to digest his voice before clearing her throat to switch in her male's voice, "someone forgot a promise you know and I hate whenever I'm forgotten."

"Oliver" Kane called, "listen I'm sorry but I'm kind of busy. And important personnel who was supposed to visit next week somehow arrived today and I can't leave him hanging. How about we postpone our tour to another day but don't worry, I will still pick you tonight so we can grab a drink or two?"

Olivia was silent, she can't understand this feeling she felt inside, something like dejection? But why? "Sure, cool but I'm still not happy. If I hadn't phoned you, you wouldn't have called to tell me."

"Dude I'm sorry. I got carried away. Let me make it up to you tonight okay? We can grab dinner and I will take you to a nice club, it's part of the touring after all."

"Your treat."

Kane laughed, "sure, my treat and a fine wine to go with it."

"Okay then, looking forward to it."

"Alright then. See you tonight" he hung up.

Olivia stared at her phone and smiled, she put it down to continue with her work.

The day flew by in the blink of an eye and it was closing hours. There was a knock on the door and she called out to the person to enter. Devon stepped inside the office then, "sir, I was wondering if there is any last thing you will want me to do for you?"

Olivia smiled, "no Dev I'm good, you can leave if you are done with your work. I'm going to look for my aunt."

"Okay sir, goodnight."

"See you tomorrow Dev, take good care of yourself."

"Thank you sir" with that, she left the office while Olivia arranged her desk before leaving the office to her aunt's own.

She knocked and entered when she heard her aunt's voice telling her to enter, "hey aunt."

"I didn't see you leave in the afternoon. I thought you had a date with Kane?"

"Aunt, if someone hear you, they will think I'm gay as well as Kane. Wouldn't that be such a big news?" She sat down opposite her aunt with a smirk.

Grace rolled her eyes, "fine, I thought you would be meeting up with Kane today for your touring?"

"Yep" she picked up a magazine from the desk and flipped through it "but an important personnel showed up and he couldn't leave him alone so we rescheduled."

"To when?"

"Don't know don't care" she dropped the magazine back on the desk "actually we will be meeting tonight though. He asked to take me to dinner to make up to me and then we can grab a drink or two."

"Even though you are dressed like a man and you act like a man, may I remind you that you are not a man and shouldn't drink too much? Mind the way you drink when you go out with him tonight."

"Aunt" Olivia rolled her eyes "you might not know but Oliver use to challenge me to a beer tong and I use to beat him most a times. I'm good."

"Just be careful."

"Sure. You done, can we go now?"

"Yes, let me just put my signatures in this document."

"Sure" she picked up the magazine once more and began flipping through it again.

Kane called her later in the night and told her he was outside the gate. She left her room and met her aunt in the living room "I'm out. Kane is outside."

"Okay dear, have fun but please, try to be back on time."

"Come on aunt, I can take care of myself."


"It's Oliver aunt" she smirked "don't worry, I will be back before twelve" she picked up a slice of apple from a plate beside Grace "I gotta hurry, Kane is waiting" she dashed out of the house and Grace looked at the housekeeper worriedly.

"Please tell me I'm not making a wrong decision by letting her model her brother" she kneaded her temple tiredly.

"Since it makes her happy, you are not doing anything wrong. She will come out of it someday when she realizes she doesn't want to be her brother for the rest of her life" Evelyn, the housekeeper said.

"If Mirabelle find out I let her daughter impersonate her late brother, she will kill me and talk about my brother Malcolm."

"I'm sure they will understand. I must admit, at first I thought she was going crazy but seeing how she was getting over her twin's death, I figured it might be something she needed actually."

"Exactly! Which is why I play along with her outside. I really hope she will grow tired of it soon and get to live her own life."

"Well, she has started making friends and with boys, she will fall in love soon and will drop her act so that she can be with her loved one."

"I really hope so and Kane is really a good boy. It will be fine if our families connect by marriage" Grace smiled.

"Mr. Herrington will run back from France to make sure it's a possibility should you tell him."

Grace chuckled, "he would wouldn't he? I know he would have find a way to connect marriage with them if we had a daughter but too bad Kevin is not even interested with their daughter Caroline, if not he would have pushed him to marry her."

"Young master Kevin has always been different. He is not after fame."

"And to add that he always see Caroline as a baby sister, he is twelve years older after all. Well, I won't say I'm not happy for him in his marriage. He and Lisa gave me baby Diamond after all. And to think it's been long I have seen them, guess I need to plan to travel to France soon. I miss my husband and my granddaughter" she smiled happily.

Meanwhile, outside the gate. Olivia walked up to Kane who was standing beside his car "at first, I thought you were going to take forever in there."

"That's my aunty for you. She took her time to remind me that I don't know anywhere here and that I should return early. I had to remind her that I'm going with you" she rolled her eyes.

"Grace can be overprotective at times. I have spent most of my childhood with her, since she is a very good friend to my mother. I have always had the feeling that if she had had a daughter, both of them would have wanted me to marry her. Just like my father and her husband wanted their son Kevin to marry Caroline" he smiled and got in the car while Olivia did the same.

"Really? Uncle Laurent wanted Kevin to marry Caro?" She asked bewildered.

Kane smiled, "yep but Kevin was a already teenager before Caro could speak and so sees her as nothing more than a little sister. His wife Lisa was his classmate, we attended the same school together and let me tell you a secret, I had a crush on Lisa then."

"What!" Olivia laughed and Kane joined.

"What? She is beautiful, intelligent, reeks of feminine beauty. I had always known I don't stand a chance with her, judging by the fact that she was my senior and Kevin was interested in her. I must have you know, I look up at Kevin as an older brother and can't like the same girl he likes. It also doesn't help if the girl sees me as his baby brother and had eyes only for him."

"Aw, Kane found a love but couldn't pursue it because of my cousin?" Olivia joked.

"Hey, I said crush not love okay and besides you can't tell anyone this, I don't even know why I told you. I never told anyone" he grumbled.

Olivia laughed out loud, "don't worry dude, your secret is safe with me. After all you don't even stand a chance anymore, they are married now and have a beautiful baby girl."

"Diamond. I gave her that name you know" he chuckled "Lisa told me they couldn't decide a name and I looked at her and gave her the name immediately. Kevin told me about his uncle in Florida, he said that was how he named his cousins which happened to be twins. A boy and girl, I have always wanted to meet them you know."

Damn, Kevin was the one that named her and Oliver? And Kane has always wanted to meet them? She found it hard to swallow this big news.

"Kevin always bragged about how beautiful his family blood are especially his cousins and he showed me their picture once. They were really identical, I think they should be about four or five years old then. One day I almost traveled to Florida with Kevin to go see them but I got sick at the day and Kevin couldn't reschedule, that's how I never met them."

"Wow, you know about my family line a lot."

"Nah, just the ones Kevin told me" he looked at her and smiled "he hardly mentioned about any other cousins but the twins, I guess it's because he fell in love with them at first sight."

"Yea, I think so. My mother is very strict and overprotective, we don't get to travel a lot. I can count how many times I have seen Kevin or the twins in one hand" she chuckled.

"That answers it" he glanced at her "you know, I never initiate a conversation with anyone before let alone tell a story. You are really bringing out a new side in me."

"Well what will you say? It's my charisma baby."

Kane chuckled, "we are here" at that, he pulled over in the parking lot of a restaurant "this is the best diner in town."

"Really? It doesn't look it" Olivia commented as she stepped out of the car.

"Yes and it's because all these prestigious families don't know about it. You can order anything you want here. It's my favourite spot" he flashed her a smile and they began walking into the restaurant.

They found a table and made themselves comfortable, "wow, this place is deceiving outside!" Olivia exclaimed.

"Isn't it?" Kane chuckled before calling for a waiter and making his order "order what you want. We can go to the night club a few blocks away for that drink I promised you."

"Will they be hot chicks?"

Kane looked at her with a raised eyebrow, "remind me to keep my sister away from you."

Olivia laughed, "oh come on man, Caroline is a beauty."

"And you promised to not go after her last night" he reminded.

"Yea yea, sure" she made her order and the waiter left "is it just me or is people really checking us out?"

"What do you expect? They saw two handsome guys walk in and they couldn't keep their eyes away, especially the women."

"Let them bring it on, I'm kind of interested in a lady's company now."

"You want to get laid?"

"Wow, that's an interesting way to put it but no, I don't wanna get laid."

Kane shrugged, "your call."

Their order arrived not long after and they started eating, "wow, this is good" Olivia commented "this is really good."

"I told you."

"Kane?" A lady's voice was heard and Kane stiffened while Olivia looked behind him to see the lady approaching, she was a striking beauty with blonde hair and iced blue eyes which she contemplated whether was natural or contacts.

"Wow, killer at six o'clock" Olivia commented.

Kane heaved a deep sigh before looking looking back "Priscilla, never figured I will see you here."

"Me neither, how have you been? It's been long" Priscilla said when she was close to them.

"Yep it has been. When did you return?"

"This morning. I'm sorry I couldn't make it to your birthday last night."

"It's okay. No big deal nor hard feelings. How have things been with you?"

"Great. I was actually thinking of asking you out but since you are here, how about I join you guys?" She looked at Olivia, "but before then can I ask who your friend is? I don't think I have seen him before."

"This is Oliver, I met him him in my party last night. He is Grace Herrington's nephew."

"Oh, nice meeting you Oliver. I'm Priscilla, Kane's...friend" she smiled.

Olivia noticed the hesitation there but she still smiled, "well, any friend of Kane is a friend of mine."

"Thank you. I hope to see you around sometimes" she smiled and faced Kane "so, what do you say?"

"How about we plan it some other time Priscilla, I already promised to take Oliver to a night club and I know you wouldn't like to join and besides, we are almost done here."

"If you say so. I will call you some other time then" she turned to Olivia "it's nice meeting you Oliver."

"Same" she replied. Priscilla waved them goodbye and left the restaurant. Olivia turned to Kane then, "alright, spit it out. Who is she, an ex or ex crush, which one?"

"None of them."

"Then who?"

"My betrothed."

"Shut up!" Olivia exclaimed, "no kidding."

Kan shook his head "I'm serious."

"So what's happening? You guys don't have chemistry."

"No we don't. I have been against the marriage since I found out."

"So you aren't gonna marry her?"


"What does your family have to say about your decision?"

"Nothing. The arrangement was made when I was six and she was just a few months old. We grew up to find out about it and I have been against it since then."

"What about her?"

"Well, she hasn't tried to make a big deal out of it. She didn't say yes neither did she say no. I guess she is kind of happy that I rejected since she can't say no to her parents. The wedding has been put on stall since then. According to our parents, they said we should take two years to get to know each other and after then, if we still don't want to marry each other, we can forget about the marriage."

"How long has it been now?"

"Actually this year will be marking it two years."

"Damn, which means your deadline is almost up."

"It's not going as fast as I want actually" he dropped his cutleries and dabbed at his mouth with a napkin "I'm never going to marry her and she knows."

"That's clear to her, I guess."

"Whatever" he looked around and signalled for the waiter to bring the bills.

They left the restaurant soon after to the night club. Olivia has never been to a club before but there is no way she was going to let Kane find out. She tried as much as possible to blend in which she succeeded in doing. A lot of girls flirted with her and Kane but Kane was not interested in any of them while Olivia took her time to dance with anyone that came their way.

They painted the picture of a reserved friend and a wayward friend. It wasn't long, Olivia returned back to Kane drunk, "serves you right" he commented nonchalantly.

"Of course, at least I'm having the fun of my life while all you do is to sit here and drink alone. Man up dude" she said drunkenly.

"If it means looking the way you do now, no thank you" Kane replied as he casually sipped from his glass.

Olivia rolled her eyes "whatever man. I'm going back to the dancefloor."

"I wouldn't advise that" Kane said but before he could finish saying that, Olivia was gone and he could do nothing but sigh.

Later that night, Kane had to help Olivia to his car while he chided her softly, "I told you to stop drinking but you wouldn't listen, now look at you. If Grace sees you like this now, I wonder what she will think of me" he helped her sit in his car gently, even he doesn't know why he was so gentle with her. He shut the door and got in the driver's side before pulling out into the already lonely streets.

He sped to the Herrington's home, his eyes constantly glancing at the sleeping Olivia, he just can't name it but something about this new friend of his keeps pulling him closer to him. Kane's eyes fell on his friend's lips and he can't imagine why a guy will have such tempting lips. His lips appeared soft and peach in color, he really want to caress it. He shook his head to shake off the thought and he concentrated on the road.

Kane parked in front of the Herrington's gate. He got out of the car, input the password of the gate which he had memorized since he was little and opened the passenger's door, he helped Oliver out of his seatbelt and just when he wanted to help him out, Olivia's head fell on his shoulder and her scent traveled to his nostril, damn, since when does a man smell so good? He thought. He removed her head from his shoulder and gaze at her face, how is his jaw so smooth? Kane wondered. Has he never shaved? Yes he knows he is way younger than him but his face really is appealing. His eyes fell on her lips once more, shit, how can his lips looks so tasty and how come he is so handsome asleep and what's with his flushed face?

Snap out of it Kane, dammit, how can you be checking out a follow man like that? You must be drunker than you thought, he told himself. Just help your friend into the house so that he can rest and for God sake please, stop imagining how soft his lips look. He helped Olivia out of the car, he put her hand over his shoulder and helped her to the gate. Something tells Kane he could carry her bridal style since Olivia was so lightweight. But he can't imagine the shock that will appear on Grace's face if she see him carrying her nephew like that and also, Oliver's embarrassment when he will find out tomorrow.

Her scent kept traveling into his nostril, she has a nice scent mixed with alcohol, he tried his best to shake off the scent. For crying out, this is a man like him, he can't, no, he shouldn't be thinking about him like that. They got to the front door and he pressed the doorbell. Seconds later, the door opened "good evening Evelyn."

"Who is that Evelyn?" He heard Grace asked from inside.

"It's young master Kane and Oliver" Evelyn replied.

"Oliver" Grace said and walked to the door, she was shocked to see Kane supporting her niece "oh my God, Olive-Oliver" she called worriedly "what happened Kane?"

"He had so much to drink. Sorry I didn't stop him" he smiled.

"I doubt he would have listened if you did anyway. Thank you for getting him back home. Evelyn and I will get him to his room."

"You sure? I don't mind taking him up. A drunk man might prove to be too heavy for you two."

"Ah, you are right. Evelyn, why don't you rush up and make sure everything is in order in his room."

"Yes ma'am" Evelyn left for the stairs.

"Follow me Kane" Grace said, she knew Olivia wouldn't want Kane finding out about her little secret so she decided to make sure that everything was okay. When they got to her room, Evelyn had already arranged everything and Kane also wasn't in the mood to check out the room, he carried her to the bed and helped her lie down.

"Should I help him out of his clothes?" He asked casually.

Grace and Evelyn were alarmed but they didn't let it show, "no it's fine, just put him on the bed. He will take care of himself in the morning" Grace said.

"Okay then" Kane replied and straightened up. They left the room and went downstairs. Grace walked him to the door, "good night Grace. Help me tell him that I will not let him drink in my presence anymore."

"I will do just that" she chuckled "say hello to your mother for me."

"I will. Good night."

"Good night Kane" she watched him walked towards the gate before closing the door with a sigh.

Kane turned back when the door closed, his eyes subconsciously went upstairs to the window of the room he just laid down his friend, the friend whose lips was messing with his mind. He don't know if it was his imagination but he think he saw the look of alarm in Grace's and Evelyn's eyes when he offered to undress Oliver. But why would they be alarmed? He is a man just like him and he bet Oliver would prefer him undressing him than any of the ladies, right?

He let out a deep sigh and continued his walk towards the gate. He shut the gate and it locked automatically, he walked to his car and got in, his eyes went to the window again, come on man, you are not attracted to a man for crying out loud. He told himself and started the car before driving off.

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