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Chapter three

Olivia woke up with a sharp headache, she groaned and her hand went to her temple, kneading it softly. She got out of the bed to realize she was still in her yesterday's clothes. She yawned and wondered what happened last night, how she got to be in her room. She undressed and went into the bathroom, she searched the shelf in the bathroom for aspirin which she took to numb her headache.

After a steamy shower, she left the bathroom for her closet where she got in a business suit. Drying her hair, she put on her wig to complete her male look before going downstairs.

Her aunt was already sitting on the dinning with a cup of coffee as she skim through the papers as usual.

"Good morning aunt" she greeted with a yawn and pulled out a chair to seat on.

Grace watched her very action before shaking her head slowly, "what happened to knowing how to take care of yourself?"

"Aunt, don't start now. What really happened last night anyway?"

"I will tell you the one I know. Kane brought you home, took you upstairs to your room and even offered to undress you" she watched the shock crept into her face and enjoyed every minute of it.

"Please tell me you didn't let him do that!" She exclaimed and as if remembering something, she breathed a relief sigh "oh, you didn't. I woke up still dressed" she smiled "thanks aunt, you are the best" she took her coffee and sipped from it.

"Don't thank me yet, next time and I mean if there happens to be a next time, I will let him do what he wants to do and I mean it" Grace warned.

Olivia smiled, "come on aunt, you wouldn't to that to your niece would you?" Her phone started ringing before Grace could reply and she brought it out her pocket to see Kane was the one calling, "why, would you look at that? Kane is calling" she told her aunt before she picked up the call "hey buddy what's up?"

"Glad you are completely sober" Kane's voice rang out with a light chuckle "I almost thought you are done for."

"Oh come on man, one's supposed to get wasted once in a while" she chuckled when Grace glared at her.

"But not the way you were yesterday. Grace almost killed me with her eyes last night."

"Like she is doing to me right now."

"She is there? Call you later" he scurried to end the call while Olivia laughed.

"Kane is scared of you" she announced.

"Why would he be?"

"Said you almost killed him with your eyes last night. Did you?"

"Don't think I did" she looks to be in thought when Evelyn came out of the kitchen carrying their breakfast. She set it on the table and greeted Olivia who beamed at her "well, let's eat if you don't want to be late for work today."

They settled for their breakfast and left for work after that.

At the office, work continued like yesterday. Olivia didn't miss the flirting glances that Devon kept passing her way. She found it funny how a woman can be attracted to a fellow woman and had to remind herself that no one knows she is a woman.

After finishing the work on her table, she realized she had nothing important to do again and so started playing a game with her cellphone. Loosing the game after three times, she gave up playing. She thought on what next to do and then decided to call Kane.

But why call him when she can go to him?

The idea stuck and she got up immediately. Leaving the office, she passed Devon on the way, "hey Dev, leave anything that come in for me on my desk, I will be out for a while."

"Alright sir, hope you get something for me on your way back" she blushed.

"Ah, don't worry, I will think of something beautiful for a beautiful girl like you."

"Thank you. Em sir, I was wondering or more like I want to let you know that since today begins the weekend, I will be free till Monday" she bit her lip.

"I will keep that in mind" she smiled and walked away.

"Hey aunt can I borrow your car?" Olivia said immediately she entered her aunt's office.

"Where to?" Grace inquired without looking up from her desk.

"I want to go see Kane. He will be at the MavinTech headquarters right?"

"Yes, that's why he is but why do you want to see him?"

"Hey, he is my friend. I don't need a reason to see him."

"You were with him last night."

"It doesn't matter. I enjoy his company."

"Hmm. Even if I give you my car, how will you know where you are going? You have refused to know your way around" she glanced at her.

"Don't worry, I will use your GPS" she beamed.

Grace rolled her eyes and tossed the key on the desk for her "I will be leaving for France sometime."

"Oh, when?" Olivia inquired as she picked up the key.

"I haven't thought of the date yet but I just think I should alert you so you won't see my leaving as impromptu. I might wake up to travel tomorrow, you know how I can be."

She nodded, "exactly. Okay then, just let me when you know when" she turned to leave.

"And Olivia?"

She turned to look at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Return with my car unscathed and on time."

"Don't worry aunt" she left the office.

In arrival at MarvinTech, she got out of the car and was a sight to behold. She got a lot of head turns as she stroll in the company's lobby, she went directly to the receptionist and flashed her charming smile, "point me to your President's office would you?"

The young lady blushed "I'm sorry sir, is he expecting you?"

"No" she smiled "but he would love to see me."

"I'm sorry sir but the president gave us a strict order. No one is allowed into his office without an appointment."

"Is that so?" She clicked her tongue and pout her lips, looking so handsome that the receptionist was out of air for her beauty. Olivia smiled "I tell you what, how about you put him on call and alert him of my presence?"

"Well, I guess I can do that" she picked up her intercom and called the President's office and the secretary picked "there is a young man here looking for the president. Do you think he can see him?"

"I'm sorry but the president is in a meeting right now. If the person can wait for him, he will be done soon" the secretary said.

The receptionist conveyed the message to Olivia who nodded and agreed to wait while the receptionist pointed her to the waiting area.

She left and made herself comfortable, crossing her leg as she brought out her phone to text Kane, 'in your building but not allowed to enter your office'.

She dropped her phone and looked up only to catch a lot of eyes staring at her and mostly women. Hold on, she seems to be attracting women a lot, even way more than her brother. She passed a flirting smile to the ladies and they all purred, returning their gazes to their work.

Five minutes later, "Oliver" she heard and glanced up to see Kane striding towards her "I'm sorry to keep you waiting. You should have told me you were coming."

"And ruin the surprise? Hell no" she stood up and gave him a brotherly hug.

Kane froze.

Why is his body so soft?

Why does he want to hold on to him and not end the hug?

"I kinda wanted to know if I will catch you with a woman" she winked.

Kane rolled his eyes.

"Like hell. There are some things I don't bring to the office."

"Oh, looks like Kane has a protocol" she laughed and they fell into steps together. Passing the receptionist, she beamed "thanks for your TLC."

The girl blushed really hard but couldn't make a comment because of Kane.

Kane stared at Olivia with a raised eyebrow "got my female workers under your tiny finger?"

"Come on, give me some credit. It's not my fault they can't stand my beauty" she smirked.

They got into the private elevator for Kane and went straight to his office.

"So what brings you here?" Kane asked as he sat on his leather chair while Olivia sat opposite him.

"What? Now I need a reason to see you?"

"Not really" he smiled "hey, hope Grace passed my message to you?"

"What message?"

"That I won't let you drink in my presence again."

"Oh man and I was thinking about asking you to throw a party for the weekend."

Kane frowned.

"What party?"

"It's TGIF man. Don't tell me you don't have plans? I would have thrown a party but I doubt aunt Grace will let me, so I was hoping I can convince you to throw a party."

"Oliver, you are disturbing you know that? Why would you want a party?"

"To have fun, hook up with girls. Come on man, live a little" she borrowed her brother's favourite line.

Kane fell into contemplation.

"Fine" he gave in.

"Great!" She shouted excitedly "so how are you going to plan it?"

"Me? No, no, no, not me. You."


"You wanted a party, you throw a party. All I will do is to allow you use my penthouse."

"But I don't know who to invite!"

"And you want to throw a party."

"Fine, you invite friends while I handle other arrangements."

"I don't have friends."


"You heard me."

"Damn man, you cut me deep, you cut me real deep" she sulked.

Getting a hold of what she was talking about, Kane laughed.

"Except you though, you are my only friend."

"Ah, thank you. Now I'm back" she smiled.

Kane went still.

There was something about his smile.

Why is he having this pull to make him happy? Nobody, absolutely nobody has thrown a party in his penthouse before and now this friend he had met not up to a week ago is throwing a party? What the hell?

"So tell me, you really don't know anybody to invite over? What's a party without people?" Olivia called him out of his thoughts.

"Well, I know people. I can invite them over, they are just not my friends."

"Awesome. Now I just need to tell aunt Grace I will be staying the weekend over at your place."

"Sure" Kane agreed but be can't place why he was feeling jittery over the idea of having him in his house.

"Let me treat you to lunch."

Kane glanced at his wristwatch and nodded.

They both left the office into the elevator. At the ground floor, heads turned as they walked. Ladies wanted to approach them but no one can, who doesn't know Kane?

When they got to the car, Kane looked at her with amusement "how did you get here? I'm sure you don't know your way around."

"And whose fault is that?" She accused before getting in the car.

Kane laughed and got in too.

"So where do you know you are taking me now?"

"Just sit down and relax" she winked and Kane's breath hold, he looked away quickly to push her out of his mind. Just what is wrong with him? Why is he seeing any little action from his friend attractive?

They arrived at a restaurant not long after. Kane was surprised, "how did you get to know here?"

"I have my ways" she turned off the engine and got out, followed by Kane who looked at her suspiciously and she groaned "fine, I passed it on my way to to your office and I told myself, this place looks nice. Happy?"

Kane didn't respond.

They went into the restaurant and a waitress approached them. She beamed at them and took them to an empty table. She took their orders and left.

"Since you will be staying the weekend with me, we can go your sightseeing tomorrow and Sunday."

"I'm looking forward to it."

After their lunch, she dropped Kane at his office and he agreed to pick her up later in the day for their party before she left.

The rest of the day passed in a blur, and soon, she was home with Grace. Evelyn greeted them at the door before telling them dinner will be ready soon.

"Just what were you thinking Olivia? How could you suggest that?" Grace bellowed as she walked into the house.

"Come on aunt, there is nothing wrong with it. It's just staying the weekend with him, that's all."

"Really?" Grace turned to face her "may I remind you that you are a woman and you are going to stay a full weekend with a man like Kane?"

"Aunt please. I'm not a baby, I'm almost twenty two and if it comes to that, I'm not even a virgin. So it's not like he will be deflowering me or anything of that sort. Besides, you don't even have to worry much, he believes I'm a man. Unless you are suggesting Kane is gay."

Grace swallowed all she said "that's the thing Olive. It's almost easier putting on your charade when you are here but when living with him? It will be difficult to carry on with that you know."

"Aunt, I will be back Monday morning, I promise. We are just gonna make the weekend guys night out."

"But you are not a man Olivia."

"But that's what they believe, that's what he believe. It's nothing aunt, I will protect myself. I started this game, I will finish it. Kane won't suspect anything at all" she tried to sound convincing.

Grace heaved a deep sigh and you can see she was giving in.

"Aunt, you are the one that always want me to go out and make friends. I'm doing that now, and I haven't felt this lively like I am in months. I trust Kane, we are going into becoming good friends" she kept adding honey to the tea.

"Alright alright, you have served me your sweet tea" Grace chuckled "just be careful okay?"

"I will aunt" Olivia gave her a warm hug "thanks aunt."

"I really don't know what you did to me and how I always agree to whatever you say."

"It's because you love me" she smiled and kissed Grace cheek before running up the stairs to get ready. Kane will be there to pick her up soon.

The party turned out to be a success. The house was filled with a lot of prestigious faces Olivia never thought of seeing or meeting in her life. Some of them she had read about their scandals in the papers and some she had watched on the news. But thanks to Kane, she not only see nor meet but also shook hands with a lot of them and even exchanged numbers.

As the house was filled with men, so was it with women who were dressed seductively. Each trying to catch the attention of the men and Olivia was not excluded. Kane intended to sit aside and watch the party but not in Olivia's watch, she got him drinking and dancing in no time and he must admit, it was fun and stress relieving.

Olivia drank and danced and later on a girl suggested they play a game.

"Which game?" Someone asked.

"Truth or Dare" the girl filled in and they all groaned.

"What are we, twelve?" Someone asked.

"We are not in highschool anymore" another said.

"So what should we play then?"

Kane's phone rang and he excused himself to answer. Coming back, he had a frown on his face.

"What's the matter dude?" Olivia asked concerned.

"Caro some how found out about the party and right now she is on her way."

"That's good man."

Kane glared at her.

"You promised to keep your hands off of her" he reminded.

"Yea, yea, I know but man she is a beauty. It will be fun to have her around."

"Oliver, don't hurt my sister. Don't even go near her" Kane warned.

"Don't worry, I promised you I won't then I won't. You have to trust me bro."

"I do trust you, it's Caroline that I don't trust. She seems to have a thing for you, always asking about you."

"Now it's not my fault" she grinned.

"That's why I need you to reject her should she make any advances."

"But what's wrong if I'm with Caro?"

Yea, that's right, what's wrong if he is with Caro? Kane asked himself.

It's not like he is going to hurt his sister but why can't he let him go out with her?

He can't tell but if there is one thing he knows, is that he hates the idea of Oliver with his sister or with any other girl.

Just what is wrong with him?

"Ugh" he groaned and walked passed Oliver who turned and stared after him.

Caroline arrived not long after and just like Kane said, she was after Olivia. She sat beside her, offered to dance with her. And being the gentleman Olivia is, she couldn't get herself to reject her. They were acting like a couple, a sweet one at that. Olivia would whisper something in Caro's ear and she would laugh.

Kane sat in a corner and watched them, why does he want to be the one in Caro's place? The one Oliver would be whispering something in his ears and would be laughing?

He groaned when he discovered the content of his thoughts. If he wish to be like that with Oliver, doesn't that mean he is wishing to be gay? And Oliver as well?

"Fuck" he cursed.

He hate gays, he hates them to hell and back and now he is having thoughts similar to them?

Just what the hell is wrong with him? Why is he attracted to Oliver? He forced his attention away from his friend and sister. A girl winked at him then and he stood up. He is not turning gay and he is going to prove that to himself.

He approached the girl and soon they were dancing, the girl giving him a lap dance.

Out of the corner of her eyes, Olivia saw them. She was shocked at first but later waved it off, it's good Kane is having fun, she thought but she can't understand while her eyes kept going to them. Why was she interested in how the girl was dancing and why does she feel like she can dance better than her? She brushed the thought off and gave Caro her full attention or so she thought because her eyes always stroll to Kane and the girl every now and then.

Caro sitting on her lap, got her full attention finally, she stared at her shocked while Caro smiled and bit her lip seductively. Olivia was nervous, she didn't know how to react on that but she placed her hands on her hips as Caro danced to the music.

Olivia knew she had to get Caro off her laps soon but she can't think of how to do it gently, her gaze trailed to Kane and their eyes met and locked.

She could see the burning in his beautiful hazel eyes and thought it was because Caro was giving her lap dance. She stood up awkwardly and smiled apologetically to Caro before leaving to get a drink. Her mind pictured Kane's burning eyes. He doesn't have to look at her like that simply because his sister was giving her a lap dance right? She wondered.

Kane couldn't understand why he had to get jealous because Oliver let his sister give him a lap dance. He was finding it difficult to be sane while watching them and some how, it hurt him that they were together like that.

He must be crazy, he thought. How can he get jealous simply because a girl was giving another guy a lap dance? This is insane. He stood up abruptly and dragged the girl who was giving him a lap dance a second ago to his room. Maybe it's because it's been long he had sex that's why he thought he was attracted to a man, now he is going to prove to himself that he is a straight guy and who knows, by tomorrow he will find out that his abnormal feeling for his friend it's all the effect of alcohol.

When Olivia returned to her seat, she searched for Kane with her eyes but he was nowhere to be found. She searched for the girl who was with him too but couldn't find her either. Her mind told her they might have gone to his room but she didn't want to believe it. She strolled across the many rooms in the penthouse till she got to his room, when she reached for the handle, that was when she heard it.


Not anyhow sound but like moans or maybe cries even and the sound of a hot sex.

Her face flushed and she turned crimson red, she never knew or never thought Kane would hook up with a girl. She was tempted to open the door and see how fast he can move which was making the girl scream like that.


She jumped like a child who had been caught doing something bad. After all, she was doing something bad. She was about to peek at her friend having a hot sex.

"Caro! Wha-wha-what are you doing here?"

"I was looking for you" then she heard the sound and turned crimson red "looks like Kane has gone to have seven minutes in heaven."

"Looks like it" Olivia agreed.

"Well, instead of you to stand here and peek at him, I can give you your own seven minutes in heaven" she licked her lips.

"I wasn't...wasn't" Olivia pointed at the door and tried to frame her words but Caro gave her the look that she won't believe whatever she said. She stopped trying to deny it and grabbed Caro's hand, dragging her away from Kane's door and the disturbing noise "listen, Caro, it's not what you think. I was only looking for Kane and was about to leave when I heard the noise before you should up" she was blushing really hard.

"Oh come on Oliver don't lie to me, I'm not a baby. Look, you are blushing."

"Honestly it's the truth."

"I know, you went looking for him but you couldn't get yourself to leave after witnessing that. But it's okay, you don't have to watch your friend have fun when you can have yours too."

"Caro, I can't. Someone has to keep an eye on the guests."

"Oh don't worry, what you will see going on there is not different from what you just saw in Kane's room" she pressed herself on her "we can have ours too" she reached to kiss her.

Olivia averted her face and the kiss landed on her cheek.

"Listen Caro, you are a very beautiful girl but I'm not the right one for you" she tried to push her away.

"How else can you be the right one for me? I'm a girl, you are a guy. I have been thinking of you since my brother's birthday party and now, here we are again in a party but no parents to watch us. We can have fun as much as we want."

"Oh Caro, as tempting as your offer sounds, I'm sorry but I can't accept it."


"I promised Kane I won't go after you and he trusts me on that."

"But why can't you?"

"I guess he doesn't like the idea of his friend dating his sister."

"If so, then we still have advantage to our side."


"He is busy now and won't come looking for me anytime soon. We can do whatever we want and I will leave to sleep in my room here before he wakes up."

"But that means we will go into secret relationship."

"It won't matter as long as we have each other."

"No Caro, I can't betray Kane's trust like that. He is my friend and more like my best friend now, I can't hurt him by doing the one thing he doesn't want me to do. I'm sorry."

"But Oliver..."

"Come on Caro, there are a lot of guys here, you can hook up with anyone you want but not me."

Caroline frowned and left her in the lobby.

Olivia let out a sigh of relief.

That was close, she thought and walked to her room. Her mind went back to Kane and that was when it hit her.


She wanted to be the one in his arms. The one he was making scream so widely. She closed her eyes to shut out the thought. She is not attracted to Kane.

Yes, she admits he is good looking, no, that's an understatement.

He is handsome, no, he knocks one out of air with his face alone, his hazel eyes, his height, his sexy body. Yes she admits, he has everything but she is not interested in him. She is not attracted to him.

After convincing herself that she was not into him, she went into the bathroom for a shower. She decided to sleep in a man's wear should anybody enter her room while she was sleeping. She can't take any chances. She fell on the bed and touched her wig to make sure it was tight. She heaved a sigh to forget about the sound she heard in Kane's room. Her body was tingling and she knew it was the alcohol but too bad, she can't hook up with anyone without blowing her cover.

It wasn't long and all she could hear were moans and heavy panting all around, she covered her ears with her hands but it didn't block out the sounds, she used her pillow but no way. She got up from the bed with a groan and went to the wardrobe.

It's a good thing she doesn't go anywhere without her headphone, she searched her bag for it and went back to bed, she put on a music and tuned the volume to max. She put on the headphone and all she could hear was her music, she smiled in satisfaction and closed her eyes. She fell asleep soon after, thanks to the alcohol.

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