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Chapter four

Olivia woke up to someone snuggling into her arms, her eyes settled on Caroline who was trying all her best to be quiet and she immediately jumped out of the bed when she noticed Caroline was naked, "Jesus Carol, what in the world are you doing?"

Caroline placed her index finger on her lips to shush her, she picked the headphone on the bed and turned it off. Olivia stared at her, the headphone must have fallen off while she was sleeping. But no, she is not worrying about that yet, why is Caroline in her room and naked?

"What the hell Caroline?" She asked a little annoyed.

"What does it look like? And moreover, if you keep being so loud you are going to wake everybody up" she rolled her eyes.

"I don't care if everybody wakes up, I just want to know what you are doing!"

"Oh come on Oliver, why are you acting as if you are seeing a naked woman for the first time?"

"I would be if that woman is my best friend's sister who he has warned me to stay away from!"

"Just stop with that. I'm a big girl okay, I'm twenty one, I can make my own decisions, Kane shouldn't be the one telling me who to be with."

"Well he can't tell you but he deserves me to honor his decision of not being with you. So please, put on your clothes and head to your room before anyone sees you" she quickly looked around, hoping for no one to enter.

"I didn't come with my clothes" Caroline smiled.

"What the hell?" Olivia was shocked, does that mean she came here naked?

"You heard me."

"Since you were able to come here naked then you can leave naked as well."

"No I can't, I'm sure everyone is awake now with your shouting. So I can't leave here without anybody seeing me and it will be embarrassing if I'm naked."

"Well you should have thought about that before coming here naked."

"Actually I was hoping when we are done, you can lend me your clothes" she winked.

Olivia groaned, just what kind of bad luck is this? Why is Caroline determined to ruin her friendship with Kane? "Carol you have to leave like right now. Here" she turned to the wardrobe and brought out her coat, she threw it to her on the bed "put it on and leave, you can return it to me later."

"You are seriously going to let me go after seeing this without doing anything?" Caroline pointed at her body as she asked aghast.

"Exactly. Now please leave before Kane gets in here" she approached her on the bed and pulled her up, forcing the coat on her.

"Okay okay, no need to hurt me" Caroline said and took the coat from her, putting it on, she turned to look at Oliver to know if he would change his mind.

Olivia groaned and started pushing her towards the door, "come on, out already" she opened the door to push her out but froze when she saw who was standing outside "Kane" she exclaimed.

Kane wanted to ask why he looks frigid when he saw his sister, his handsome face wrapped up in a frown immediately and he glared at Oliver.

"Bud listen, it's not what you think" Oliver rushed to explain.

"Not what he thinks? What could it been then?" Caroline asked with a smirked.

"Shut up Carol. Why are you doing this?" Olivia asked frustrated.

"What am I doing? I'm leaving your room in your coat early in the morning, doesn't that explain everything?"

Kane looked from his sister to the person he almost considered as his best friend. He turned around and stormed towards his room.

"Kane, buddy listen, this is all a misunderstanding" Olivia shouted after him but he didn't stop to listen to her, she turned to Caroline who was walking towards her room and immediately dragged her back "oh no you don't" she pinned her on her door with a strong force. It's a good thing she always take that self defence classes with Oliver and that made her stronger than she looks "what was the meaning of that Carol?" She spat out.

Caroline gasped in fear, she could feel where Oliver was holding her arm bruising, "Oliver, you are hurting me."

"Shut up. What was that all about?" She asked angrily.

"What was what all about?"

"Why did you paint the wrong picture for Kane? Why did you lie?"

"What do you mean? I didn't say anything" she tried to free herself from him "stop, you are hurting me."

"Oliver" Kane's voice sounded in the hall "leave her alone."

Olivia looked at him and then at the whining Caroline who was already turning red and released her. She took a deep breath and calmed down "I'm sorry."

Caroline tried to rush away but Kane stopped her "hold it. I don't know how desperate you make yourself look but I don't like you putting my friend in a difficult position. If this repeat itself again, I will stop you from coming here, is that clear?"

"But Kane..."

"Is that clear?

She grumbled with a frown.

"You should be happy I won't be calling mom to tell her what you did. Now go to your room."

Caroline made a 'hmph' sound as she walked away.

Olivia was surprised at how things turned out, she looked at Kane who pinched the bridge of his nose.

"I'm sorry about doubting you. I have forgotten how she can be at times and to think I told you she has a thing for you last night. I should have expected her to do this. I'm sorry."

Olivia shrugged, "it's okay, I wouldn't understand things clearly if I was in your shoes anywhere" she chuckled "but I'm glad this got cleared before it escalated."

"Yeah, it hit me when I got into my room of what my sister can do and only to walk back out to see you questioning her, the way she acted proved to me you are innocent."

"It's okay. Just remind me to keep my distance from her. I wouldn't want this repeating itself and with your parents to be the spectators" she chuckled.

"Trust me, you won't want that" Kane said and they both laughed.

"You turned in early last night" Olivia began.

"Well..." Kane didn't know how to tell him that it was because he wants to get him out of his mind.

"I came looking for you" she added when it looks like he won't be saying anything again.

Kane glanced at him shocked, "you..."

Olivia laughed "don't worry, I won't tell anybody" she winked.

"Damn, I should have locked the door" Kane complained, deriving another round of laughter from her.

"I understood, you were too carried away. By the way, where is she?"

"Come on, random girls don't stay in my bed till morning" he rolled his eyes.

"I get that, so, what are we going to do today being Saturday and all that."

"I was thinking about going to that sightseeing or maybe a little trip to the pool."

"There is a pool here?"

"Of course."

"Up here, in the penthouse?"

"Didn't you see it yesterday?"

"No, I was so immersed in planning the party and all that."

"Oh. Well, on a second thought, I think we should rule out the pool from what to do."

"Why is that?"

"I'm sure it will be filled with cums" he rolled eyes.

Olivia furrowed her brows not understanding what he meant until it dawned on her. She ended up laughing really hard, clutching her tummy as she rest her back on the wall.

Kane didn't want to laugh on the matter considering he is going to spend money to get the pool to be disinfected but somehow, Olivier's laughter was contagious and he found himself chuckling.

"Good, because I wouldn't like to swim in a pool mixed with cums."

"Whatever. Go get ready, we will grab breakfast on the way. Hopefully those who are still hungover will be gone by then so that the cleaners can disinfect the whole house."

Olivia laughed again while Kane ignored her and left for his room. She went into hers to freshen up, thinking on how Carol almost ruined their friendship this morning but it's good, everything was sorted out in the end.

They left the penthouse later and grabbed brunch like Kane suggested. The touring was fun since Kane tried his best to tell a story concerning any place they visited. They went for a late dinner later in the night and turned in immediately they got to the penthouse.

The next day brought about Kane suggesting them to have a swim which Olivia couldn't help but decline. There is no way she is going to swim topless with Kane. Her breasts might be small but that doesn't mean it wouldn't poke out for Kane to notice. Her excuse for declining ended up that she wasn't feeling better.

The rest of the day was fun apparently she didn't know Kane was so much fun. They competed on who can cook better homemade lasagna as they both set to work in the kitchen, leaving it like a mess when they were done. They first ate Kane's lasagna and Olivia has to admit that his tastes so much better than hers, after all, she has never been a good cook. Oliver always make a jest of her with that as he was a perfect cook.

Kane soon found out that her lasagna wasn't that good and was glad as it didn't kill him after choking twice on it. One thing he is going to use to mock her from now on. They laughed on the matter and decided to see a movie which Kane opted to make the popcorn, reason, he doesn't want Oliver to kill him with popcorn since he didn't succeed with lasagna.

Olivia feigned to be annoyed when he said that and they pretended to get in to a fist fight. Although she was good with defending herself but one thing she doesn't know was that Kane was better. He suddenly grabbed her from behind and before she could say anything, he lifted up, showing off a perfect smack down. When he tried to get up from her, Olivia kicked his knee and he ended up on top her.

Their eyes locked and their breathing seized as they stared into each other's eyes. Time seems to have stopped, both lost in the moment, breathing raggedly.

Kane's eyes trailed to his friend's lips and he was suddenly consumed by the urge to lower his head to kiss him. Learning the content of his thoughts, he cursed as he tried to get hold of himself, it wasn't helping if Oliver was looking at him like that, with crystal in his eyes as if he was begging him to kiss him too.

Olivia felt her breathing turn slow as she gazed into Kane's eyes, the moment was tensed and the way he way lying on top her was almost romantic if she wasn't dressed like a man and should anyone come in now not mistaking them as gays. She gulped as she felt Kane's gaze on her lips, she had to fight the urge of licking her lips. Damn, her aunt was right, it will be really difficult to carry on with her charade while staying in the same house with Kane.

Just two nights of staying in his penthouse and she thinks she is attracted to him? She really wants to kiss him now and it will take only her leaning forward for their lips to touch. But what will Kane do should she kiss him? Why does she feel lie he want to kiss her too?

Her eyes went to his lips, it looks so attractive and succulent, she really wants to know how it will feel against hers. Memories of how wild he was on Friday night with that random girl flashed in her mind, the way she was screaming and her face turned crimson red.

Kane almost licked his lips when Oliver's eyes went to it, he could see in his eyes that he was caressing his lips with his eyes and he almost lost all his self control when he saw colors on his cheek. While is he blushing now? Wait, is it that he doesn't know something? Is Oliver gay?

Thinking to that, he immediately stood up from him, he watched as Oliver got up from the floor, avoiding to look at him. Damn, could he be right? Is Oliver gay? Come to think of it, he has never seen him with any girl. Yes, he flirts with them but he hasn't seen him hook up with anyone and now, the way he was looking at him now almost proves it.

He studied him as he rubbed his neck shyly. Look at him, he is shy! Shit, Oliver is gay!

His eyes widened as if he has made a huge discovery. But wait, if he is going to judge his friend by the way he looked at him, then what about him? He has been wanting to kiss him since that night they went to the club and he was drunk. Does that mean he is gay too?

Of course not!

He was with a woman just a day before. Since he was with a woman, that means he is straight, right?

Olivia could sense that Kane was thinking. The way his facial expressions changes from a frown, to shock, then to a frown again. She couldn't help but wonder what could be going on in his mind, "are you okay?"

Her words sipped into Kane's subconscious and he woke up from his thoughts, "em sorry about that. Em, I...I think I will be going to bed now."

"Oh okay, we can watch the movie some other time."

"Yeah, yeah, sure" Kane answered absentmindedly "em, goodnight Oliver."

"Yeah, goodnight" Olivia responded and watched him as he turned to walk away, what is wrong with him? She wondered.

Kane turned to look at Oliver at the door, he wanted to ask him out straight if he is gay but he didn't want to upset him nor did he want to invade in his privacy. For crying out loud, if he didn't tell him that mean he doesn't want anyone to know. But how can he have a peace of mind if he can't confirm this theory?

He opened his mouth to speak but then ended up closing it right back and leaving the living room.

Olivia watched him, something tells her that something is not right with Kane. It's true that the moment a while ago was kind of awkward but that doesn't mean he has to be distant right?

She decided to let go of it, maybe it's the moment that brought the reaction from him. He will be better tomorrow, she told herself. She must admit, that the moment got to her too. Damn, she never knew she being up close to Kane like that will disorient her mind. Thinking back to the moment, her body tingled with unsatisfied passion which she shrugged off and went to her room.

She mustn't develop feelings for Kane. In fact she can't, being with him will jeopardize her male self and she had promised herself to bring her brother to life within her. So she mustn't get to attached to Kane. After thinking on that, she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

That night, Olivia dreamt about where she was making a sweet love with Kane. She woke up breathing heavily as she realized that her body was aroused. Damn, what kind of a dream was that?

A knock sounded on her door and Kane entered almost immediately "good morning. You need to hurry up or we will both be late to work."

Seeing him standing there, talking to her, Olivia couldn't stop herself from picturing him with the Kane in her dream who was kissing every part of her body, her gaze trailed down, remembering the perfect body with well defined abs she saw and fire was lighted in her body, she wanted to rip off his clothes to know if his body is as perfect like in her dream. She shuddered and shook her head, shaking off the image from her mind.

Kane watched him, why is he like that? Why is he staring at him like he wants to rip off his clothes? He felt fear envelope him immediately. Could his theory last night be true? Is Oliver really gay?

He involuntarily took a step back, "em, I will...will wait for you in the living room. Get dressed" he turned on his hills and left the room quickly.

What's wrong with him? Olivia thought with a frown. Well, that doesn't matter now, just why did she have that kind of dream with him? She has never dreamt about a man in that manner before. Why with Kane? She groaned and got out of the bed. This is going to make seeing him a little awkward now. She rushed into the bathroom for a quick shower.

She met Kane in the living room later, they both left the penthouse. The ride in the elevator was a little awkward as Olivia tried her best to not look at him so as not to see her dream version of him.

Kane on the other hand can't wait to get out of the elevator, he could sense the tension around Oliver and he fear for his virgin body that has not been touched by a man before. He wants to get out before Oliver pounced on him. But Oliver pouncing on him was not his fear, he fears that he might let him and might even be the one pouncing on him if he delays anymore.

The elevator ding sound brought them both from their thoughts, Kane was out the elevator immediately the door opened. Olivia stared after him shocked, she looked around the elevator to know what could have been chasing him. Not seeing anything, she ran after him.

At the underground parking lot, she got into Kane's car and his fingers tightened on the steering wheel. Her brows furrowed, why is Kane acting all funny this morning? "Hey, you okay?"

"Em, yeah, yeah" Kane replied without looking at him. He started the car and they left the parking lot. The ride inside the car was more than awkward, Kane was acting as if being around her was like being around a ticking time bomb.

She couldn't understand why he has to be behaving like that and it was almost getting on her nerves, "what the hell Kane? You have been acting as if you are on tenterhooks all morning. Can you stop now, you are freaking me out."

"Sorry about that, it's just...there is a meeting I'm having this morning. It's just, you know. I will be speaking with the board of directors without my father today so...I'm kind of nervous on what they will think of me."

Olivia glanced at him after his explanation, Kane, nervous because of a stupid meeting? Yeah right, she doesn't believe that. Perhaps he just doesn't want to tell her what's really wrong and she won't force him. He just have to stop making her nervous too, "then calm down, it's not like it will be your first time having a meeting with them."

"Yeah, you are right. I just need to calm down" he nodded.

Although he said that, he didn't calm down. Olivia rolled her eyes at him and ended up ignoring him totally.

When they got to her aunt's company, she got down and they said goodbye, promising to call the other. Kane breathed out a sigh of relief as he drove himself to his office.

Damn, what if Oliver really is gay? He is not yet sure but he really has to find out. Maybe he will just watch him for the time being. Oliver being gay is not his fear, his fear is him turning him gay as well because if he is not to lie, there was a strong chemistry between them last night and he doesn't like it, not one bit.

He is not a gay, and he will never be.


Days flew by and Olivia cannot lie to herself anymore. She is more than attracted to Kane and it's not helping with the fact that she dreams about having a hot sex with him almost every night.

Although they see each other almost everyday and talked everyday on phone and thankfully, Kane has has stopped the ridiculous way he was acting around her that day, she still can't shake off the feeling that he might be watching her or maybe studying her.

Every time they are out, Kane always invite girls around and whenever she shows no interest in them, he will nod and act as if he just discovered something interesting. She had tried to ask him about it countless times but he always denies that everything is perfectly fine.

To make it worse, Kane has develop this new habit of always kissing girls in her presence. Although she acts nonchalant about it in the surface, deep inside her heart, she was hurt because she always wish she will be the one he was kissing. She knows he sees her as a man and so will never develop feelings for her. She had been tempted times without numbers within the past month to tell him she is a woman but anytime she remembers doing one of their discussion when he had mentioned he hates deception, she will end up giving up hope.

She can't bear to see him really angry with her since he told her he stopped seeing his childhood friend when he found out that he has been deceiving him right under his nose. She decided to deal with her feelings, maybe with time it will disappear like it appeared. But deep inside, she knew it will not be possible.

Kane on the other hand got really angry with himself when he dreamt about making love with Oliver. Can you imagine, making love with a man? He hated himself ever since then and the way he makes him feel. The feeling of holding his hands when they were walking beside each other, the thought of kissing him was driving him insane. He can't believe he keeps thinking about taking his best friend to bed.

This insane!



Ha, he, Kane, fantasizing about kissing a man? That means he must be crazy than he expected. He found himself trying to prove that Oliver is a gay and that him is not by always inviting girls around whenever they hang out.

Oliver has never made out with any of the girls because he always call them the next day to ask if anything happened. Even he himself find himself funny anytime he realizes that he was forcing his friend to sleep with a girl and so always gets annoyed when the girls questions him why he wants Oliver to sleep with them.

He was trying to prove to himself that he is not gay and is not turning gay by kissing any girl that comes across his part, especially whenever Oliver is around. Once he had seen hurt in his eyes and had thought he saw wrong after Oliver acted as if nothing happened.

He found himself always occupied with plans on how to get Oliver to sleep with a woman and also showing him that if he is gay that nothing is going to happen between them because he is not gay and neither Oliver nor any man can turn him gay.

He is going crazy and he knows it.

The worst part was when he found himself scheduling a session with a therapist. He think he has lost his mind.

His first session with his therapist was by nine in the morning and he found himself going frantic the night before the day. Just what the hell is wrong with him?

Why is he hell bent on proving that Oliver is gay and he is not?

That was the question he kept repeating to himself as he drove to the office of his therapist. When he got to the door and raised his hand to knock, he paused and asked himself what he was doing there. Could it be that he is losing his mind? He turned to walk away but ended up turning back and knocking.

A man's voice urged him to enter and he pushed open the door. The man he met inside looked to be in his late thirties, he smiled and welcomed him inside, "Mr. Boron, I have been expecting you."

"You have been expecting me? Why?"

"Em, we have an appointment by nine and it's nine, so I have been expecting you."

"Oh" was the sound Kane made as he sat down. He can't believe he was sitting inside a therapist office.

"So, should we start by discussing less sensitive topics while you relax your mind?"

"Em, anything is good."

"Okay then, it's a lovely weather today, don't you think?"

"Actually if I want to know about the weather, I will watch the weather forecast."

"Hmm. Sorry about that. How are you?"

"If I'm feeling okay, I wouldn't be here right?"

"I'm sorry. What do you want to talk about?"

"Let's start by saying that I don't want this meetings to be known outside, neither the course of it. Is that clear?"

"Mr. Boron, keeping our clients problems confidential is our specialty. Trust me, no one will know you are here or the course of it."

"Good because I will like to let you know that if I hear of it outside, I will make you lose your job."

"Em, don't worry Mr. Boron, no one will hear of this."

Kane nodded "I have a problem."

"I know, it's why you are here."


"So, let's start by, what is your problem?"

"I'm afraid my best friend wants to sleep with me."

"Oh, that's em, em, a very sensitive topic" the man scratched his left eyebrow and pinched his nose, "I guess she is attracted to you then."

"That's the problem doc" Kane smiled "it's not a she, it's a he" he crossed his leg and watched as man went into shock.

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