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Chapter five

"Em-em" Doctor Miller stammered for words, what is he to say in this matter? He is more than confused and at lost for words, "oh, I see. What-what do you propose we do?"

Kane frowned, "what is that supposed to mean? I came here to get a solution from you not you asking me what to do. If I know what to do, why will I be here?" He questioned the man icily.

"Calm down Mr. Boron, I didn't mean to agitate you but you see, your case is very special and I don't know what to say. This is a matter of attraction, I'm not a love doctor."

"What are you trying to say, that I'm in love with my best friend who is a man?"

"No, no, I didn't say that. I mean that your friend is attracted to you. Well, the first question will be if he is a gay? You know."

"No, I don't know" Kane shook his head with a stone cold face, "so what is my best chance of avoiding this calamity?"

"Well, homosexuals hardly make friends with men, they prefer to hang out with girls so that they will feel among. So, this friend of yours, does he act like a lady or prefer to sit around and gossip with girls with his face painted in makeup?"

The more the doctor spoke, the deeper the frown on Kane's face. Not all homosexuals are like that, you won't even know some are gays until they make a move on you or you see them with a guy and besides, a lot of gays make friends with straight guys. He tried to picture Oliver like the doctor described and he felt repulsive. No, if Oliver use to dress like that, he doubts if he would let him come close to him let to talk of being attracted to him. "No, he dresses normal and he flirts with girls like a straight man and I have never seen a makeup on his face."

"Hmm, that's strange" Miller looked thoughtful, "maybe he is the male version of gay?"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Kane furrowed his brows.

"Don't get offended Mr. Boron, we are both drawing out strategies here." After a long silence, Miller looked at him, "then what about you, are you attracted to his advances?"


As Kane drove back to his office, he can't help but replay his doctor's last question to him, 'is he attracted to Oliver's advances?'

Hell no!

A thousand times no!

A million times no, even!

How can he be attracted to a man's advances?

Come to think of it, Oliver has never made any advance on him. He had never backed him on the wall or try to kiss him. He has never touched him inappropriately, which is to say that everything is still just in his head.

He played back his reaction after his doctor's question in his mind, 'are you insane? How can you ask me such a stupid question?'

'Well, naturally for you to detect that he is attracted to you, could it be because you pay close attention to him and might have mistaken innocent friendship as an attraction? Mr. Boron, what if you are the one attracted to him?'


How can he be the one attracted to Oliver?

But wait, what if indeed it was him?

He means, he is the one that always force himself to kiss any girl that comes his way just to prove what to Oliver, that he is not attracted?

He is the one that always pay girls to suck up to his friend and will also call them in the morning to know if Oliver slept with them. What does that mean? Is he not paying too much attention on his friend?

"Fuck!" He slammed his hand on his steering wheel as he made a U turn on the road, the tyres screeching on the road. It's been two days he hasn't seen his friend and heaven help him, he miss him!

He picked up his phone and searched his name in his contact and connected his Bluetooth before putting it on his ear with his eyes never leaving the road. The call connected soon after, "hey bud" he heard the laziest of voice but yet charming say and his heart constricted. He swear to God, if he was a woman he would have melted at the sound of the voice.

Jesus, what did he just think?

He, a woman?

To hell!

He grunted.

"Kane, you okay?" Oliver asked with a little worry lacing his words.

"Yea, I'm okay" Kane hastily said.

"Okay" he could hear Oliver sigh, "so what's up, why did you call?"

He bit his inner lip, damn, he just wants to listen to his voice, "I'm on my way to your office, you in?"

"Yea sure. Of course."

"Okay then, see you in ten" he hung up the call angrily, just why is he even going there?

Maybe to have a look at his lips?

Maybe to drown in his sea blue eyes?

Maybe to watch as his blonde hair dropped on his forehead in short fringes and how it flows like a silent water whenever he shook his head?

Maybe to watch as his shoulders vibrates lightly when he laughs?

Maybe to watch those succulent lips of his move backward to expose his peerlessly white teeth?

"God, Kane, you have lost it to too bad" he slammed his hand on his steering wheel again and again as he tried to stop himself from thinking about his friend's features.

When he got to the Herrington's, he parked in the parking lot and picked up his phone once more and placed it on his ear after dialing a number, "yeah?" The person answered.

"I'm here" Kane answered.

"Okay. Come up then."

"Come pick me up."

He heard him sigh, "come on dude, this is not your first time coming to my office, don't tell me you have magically forgotten where it is?"

"Come pick me up" Kane repeated and hung up before getting out of the car.

Olivia could do nothing but sigh and stood up from her leather chair, she was currently wearing a white shirt with the collar button and one more button open, she contemplated about putting on her jacket and just decided against it, she is just going to pick him up in the reception, no need dressing up again.

She came out of her office to see Devon busily typing away on the keyboards, she looked up and flashed her her killer smile. Olivia returned the smile with the same intensity and Devon's heart melted. She stared after her as she walk away in an infatuated manner but Olivia could do nothing but chuckle lightly to herself.

Kane walked into the reception and everywhere went silent immediately, even the female staff that were going about their businesses couldn't help but stop and fawn on him. But who is Kane? No matter how infatuated a girl might be with him, they will never dare to walk up to him. If there is one thing Kane is famous for, is that he is the #one snobbish man on earth.

One can only share a few greetings with him if they met him in his family home during parties, but not when he is in any other place.

Kane naturally could see the fawning looks on the ladies faces but he ignored them. He stood aside, his gaze traveling everywhere until it settled on a shiny blonde who was walking up to him with a sweet smile. He was dressed in a white shirt with two buttons open, revealing his really fair neck, a navy blue slacks that enhanced his long legs. There was something different about him today.

Yes, his hair which he always leave in short fringes on his forehead was slicked black today, similar to his own but why does he feel it soothes him more than him? His fair forehead was showing to him for the first time and he couldn't help but notice how smooth and flawless it looked. His lips were suddenly inching him to plant a kiss on his forehead.

Beside him, he could hear the ladies short whisperings, "damn, is it just me or is director Oliver really handsome today?"

"He is handsome everyday but today seems to be top notched."

"I would give anything just to have him in my bed for one night."

"Hush, have you forgotten Kane is here?"

As if being reminded of something, the lady that has just been corrected looked aside to see Kane's hazel eyes burning deep in her and she hastily walked away.

"Honestly, you really need to stop doing this. Why do I need to pick you up every time you come here?" Oliver who is now closer to him whined.

"What, are you afraid of people reading meaning into it?" He knew immediately he shouldn't have said that but the deed has already been done.

Olivia rolled her eyes and gave him a brotherly hug, "what are they going to read into it? Come on, let's go up."

Kane nodded and they fell into steps together. People around couldn't help but wow at how striking they looked. This two friends really need to become a model okay, both of them together is really going to break the heart of so many women.

The ride in the elevator wasn't that quiet neither was it so conversing. They left and walked to her office where Devon looked up to greet her again with a smile but was surprised to see another beauty and her little heart couldn't take it.

Olivia chuckled, "hey Dev, get us two cups of coffees would ya?"

"Of course, I will bring it right away" she stood up and left for the coffee machine while Olivia and Kane went into her office.

"Make yourself comfortable" Olivia said as she sat on her leather chair and Kane took the armchair opposite her, "so, I haven't seen you in two days and you chose to visit in the morning?"

"Well, since you made it obvious that you won't visit me, I decided to" Kane replied casually and she smiled.

"Oh come on, it's not like that and moreover it's not my fault, you are the one that got too busy."

"Fine, fine whatever. So how have you been?"

"Great, you?"

"I'm okay."

The office door opened then and Olivia looked up to see Devon but was surprised to see her aunt, "Olivi..." Grace meant to call when Olivia interrupted her.

"Aunt, I wasn't expecting you."

Grace looked up from the document in her hands with a frown, her eyes met Olivia's who gave a sign and only then did she see Kane, "my! Kane, didn't know you came by."

"Good morning Grace."

"How are you?"

"I'm okay" he smiled.

"Well, since you have company, come find me later Oliver" she said and when she got a nod from her she turned to Kane, "oh and Kane, it's been so long we have you around, why don't you come by for dinner tonight. I'm sure Oliver would be more than happy to host you."

"Of course" Oliver agreed and Kane nodded.

"Sure Grace, I can't turn you down and you know that."

Grace laughed, "of course, you can come with Caroline too."

"No!" The two men in the room shouted and Grace was shocked. They both laughed awkwardly then at their jinx before Kane looked at Grace, "let's just say my little sister don't do so well in our midst at the moment."

"Okay" Grace nodded, she knew there was something else they weren't telling her but she is not going to push it. Although she made a mental note to ask Olivia later, "don't forget to come by my office later Oliver."

"Sure Aunt."

Grace turned to leave and almost collided with Devon who was carrying two cups of coffee. She stopped herself immediately and looked apologetically to Grace, "sorry ma'am, I really didn't see you there" actually, she was busy fantasizing how amazing it will be to have both Kane and Oliver in her bed and almost threw hot coffee on her boss, thank God she recovered on time.

"It's okay, just be mindful next time" Grace said and walked out of the office.

Devon proceeded to drop the coffees on the table and still didn't forget to flash a charming smile to the two handsome men before leaving.

"That would have been a good show" Kane commented as he picked up a cup of coffee and sipped.

Olivia chuckled, "yeah, and then leave my aunt scalded, now aren't you so bad?" She accused.

Kane chuckled but didn't say anything as he continued sipping his coffee.

While watching him, Olivia zoned out, just how could a man be so perfect? And how is he able to do everything with such elegance?

Now, he even made sipping a coffee enchanting!

She really wish a good artist could paint him now, thinking to that, she silently picked up her phone and secretly took a photo of him but too bad for her, the camera's sound was on and Kane jerked his head up immediately when he heard it. Out of embarrassment, she dropped her phone. Just what will be her reason of taking his picture?

True, he is her friend but that doesn't mean she has to sneakily take a picture of him right? She mean, it will sound weird when people hear it. But she really didn't want to do it, it was just that he looked so handsome that she wanted the moment to live forever, okay!

Kane stared at Oliver pensively, does his ears deceive him or did Oliver really took a picture of him? In secret? But why?

He eyed his nervous reaction, he watched as colors creep unto his face. Damn, and here he goes with his blushing!

Unbeknownst to him, he really wanted to capture the moment and stare at in the night whenever he wants to go to bed.

Getting a hold of his thought, he cleared his throat and stood up abruptly, dropping his coffee cup on the table with a soft thud.

Olivia looked up immediately, was her attitude a while ago too obvious? Did he somehow notice how admiringly she had been staring at him? Is it because of the photo? She has s good excuse to defend herself!

"Em, I haven't really had breakfast this morning, you think you are up for a brunch with me?" Kane asked without looking at him, he fears his eyes would give him away.

Olivia nodded, "sure of course" she stood up and took a long sip of her coffee to satisfy her taste which burned her tongue. She actually forgot the coffee was still hot. She tried to numb her pain with her saliva but she knew it was out of nervousness that she burned her tongue, and who was she nervous of? Kane!

Actually, it's not wrong if she is attracted to him, she means, their unity is really accepted to both morals and the world but just that she can't bring herself to say the truth. She had vowed to bring her brother alive in her and a man is not going to make her forget her brother and again, she doubt she would contain the look of anger and betrayal in Kane's eyes when he learns of the truth.

She picked up a jacket and casually threw it over her shoulder, inserting her hands in the sleeves with such breathtaking movements that Kane couldn't stop himself from staring in awe. Just how can a man has such elegance like a woman?

He swear to God, if Oliver was a woman, he would have married her!

He woke up from his thought when he noticed Oliver was done and ready, he turned around and walked out of the office immediately. Honestly, if he were to stay there one more minute, he might really push him against the French windows and attack those lips of his that always drive him insane.

Wake up Kane!

He yelled in his heart.

when they left the office and walked outside of the company, Kane intended to walk to his car when Olivia stopped him, "hey, there is a nice restaurant just two blocks away, let's stroll down there."

"Okay" Kane agreed and they changed to the direction of the of the restaurant.

Kane could feel his friend's eyes on him and wondered why he was staring at him intently, is he checking his features?


He can't believe he is thinking that!

After staring at Kane for a good amount of time, Olivia decided to let out her question, "really Kane, I have known you for a while now and I have come to understand that you are really busy every morning at the office. So why are you here?"

"Actually, I haven't been to the office since today."

"Really? How come?"

"I first went to..." He stopped and looked at him to realize that he has his attention and sighed, "I went to see a doctor."

"What?" Olivia stopped walking and started checking him out, "are you hurt? Are you sick? Are you feeling pain somewhere?" As if suddenly realizing that she may have overreacted for a worried friend, she stopped herself and laugh awkwardly to cover up, "you really gave me a scare there, I thought I'm going to lose my only best friend and the one that makes this country bearable. Dude, don't get sick okay?"

Kane just stood and watch him, why does his heart hurt at his words that his only his best friend? And more importantly, why does he want to be more than that? "I'm okay."

"Then why did you visit the doctor?"

"I just em...I have been having a slight insomnia these last two days, so I went for a checkup."

"That's good" she nodded before looking at him, smiling mischievously, "hey bud, someone told me that having insomnia is the best time to throw a party, so what are you waiting for?"

"Why will I need to throw a party?"

"Come on man, it's been long since the last party and besides, I can't wait to watch those booty dance" she irked her brow smiling flirtatiously now.

Kane forced himself to look away, "you are looking for someone you can call a booty call later?"

"Hey! Come on man, I don't call girls booty call, I mean I don't have someone special. I prefer to call it, a trip to the heaven" she winked.

Kane rolled his eyes, of course now he is talking like a man he is. He sighed, but why is he disappointed? "And when there are no girls, what are you going to do, you will switch over to men?" Although he asked that coolly, he couldn't control the loud thumping of his heart.

Olivia who didn't know the question was a trap casually answered, "I'm not that abnormal" she looked at him with a disgusting face, "to kiss a fellow man and then do that stuff with him?" Although it will be amazing to kiss a man and do the other with him but with her current gender, she can't say that out loud and have to play her part well, ew, and that was what she said, "ew."

Kane's heart was in jubilation when he heard that and saw the disgusted look on his face but deep inside, he felt a touch of loneliness, there goes his chance of ever being with him.

They had gotten to the restaurant then and they entered while a waitress showed them to a table. They took the menu and made their orders while Olivia was careful enough not to choose peppery foods because of her burnt tongue. The waitress left with their orders, while drooling on them.

"That reminds me, you won't believe who I saw last night" Olivia began.

Kane looked at him and asked casually, "who?"

"Your intended bride."

"I don't have an intended bride."

"Come on Kane, think" she rolled her eyes.


"Bingo" she grinned.


"She treated me to dinner and she asked a lot about you. I must say she is kind of attracted to you in her own way" although it hurts her to say that, there is nothing she could do.

Kane noticed the lost and painful look in his eyes and he wondered if his eyes were deceiving him again but he shook it off, "that's her business."

Olivia chuckled but it didn't actually reach her eyes. The waitress arrived with their orders and they settled to eat. Kane took care of the bill when they were done and they strolled back to her office to get his car.

"Alright then, I will see you tonight" he opened his driver's door and looked at him.

"Sure, oh and Kane..."

"Don't come with Caroline" Kane finished and they both laughed.

"Good, see you tonight bud."

"Yeah" he replied and Oliver turned to walk away.

Kane watched as he walked and sighed.

He walks like a man!

He talks like a man!

He acts like a man!

But why is he attracted to him like a man? He mean like a man to a woman not like a man to a man. It's not like he can be attracted to him like a man to a man, it has to be like a man to a woman. He suddenly realize he was talking gibberish and shook his head with a sigh before getting into his car and driving off.


Olivia left to open the door when she heard the doorbell, her aunt just came downstairs and she had just asked her why the food they prepared was too much for just three people.

"You will see" Grace had answered and she rolled her eyes and left for the door.

She opened the door to see Kane and smiled, "hey bud" her smile froze when she saw the grinning young girl waving at her and she glared at Kane, her eyes seemed to be asking, 'what the hell men, I thought we agreed you are not to come with her?'

Kane noticed his glare and sighed, "they invited themselves."

Olivia frowned, "they?"

Just then, she saw two people walking up to the door, "Oliver, it's been so long" Natasha smiled and gave him a light hug, "how have you been?"

"I'm great, thank you" she flashed a smile "I actually thought I will be looking at this dump face all through the night" she pointed at Kane, "I never knew I will be blessed to look upon two beauties" she looked up to the night sky "thank you Lord."

Natasha and Caroline giggled, "you and your sweet mouth" she complimented before going into the house with her daughter.

"And here I am, blessed with the presence of a King once more, you are highly welcome to my humble abode your Majesty?" She bowed to Marcus who laughed.

"Ah Oliver, you will never change" he chuckled "come by the office sometime, I will like us to have a little chit chat" he smiled and walked into the house after Oliver nodded.

Kane looked at him and smirked, "if you keep praising her like that, why would she stop bothering you?"

Olivia knew he was referring to his sister and groaned, "what am I to do? I can't just throw her away or ignore her, she is your sister dude. Besides, you were the one that was not supposed to come with her" she accused.

"What am I supposed to do? They invited themselves, I can't just tell her to sit down and don't come with us. Actually, I thought you are aware already, when I got home and told them I will be having dinner here, they called Grace and invited themselves. One thing you should know, Grace and my mom never says no to an opportunity to see each other."

"So that's why there are extra foods, she didn't tell me and she refused to tell me when I asked."

"Well, that's not my fault anymore."

"You should have called me!"

"How was I supposed to know she wouldn't tell you?"


Kane chuckled, "I should warn you though, I think my parents are trying to match you with Caroline."

Olivia's eyes widened and she gave a dramatic "no!"

Kane laughed and dragged him inside with him to see that everyone has settled.

"And they decided to come in" Caroline commented.

"What's with the 'no' Oliver?" Marcus asked.

"Em, nothing. Just...something this punk told me" she answered and made to sit down.

"I'm not a punk" Kane denied with an obvious frown.

"What are you then, chap? Lad? Douchebag?" She grinned.

"No my dear friend but you are obviously a frog."

"Touché" she laughed "then get ready to croak with me tonight my dear friend because obviously, a frog only befriends a frog" she smirked.

Kane wanted to counterattack but Grace cut in, "cut it out you two, we know you love each other no need flaunting it every time we are together."

The words 'love each other' slammed into their hearts, Olivia blushed while Kane tried to deny before it got to his understanding that it might not be the kind of love he was thinking about. After all, it's normal for two friends to love each other but really, he is really sensitive to the word 'love' between him and Oliver.

Natasha smiled " they are good boys."

"Boys?" Kane and Oliver were shocked, "em goddess, aren't you forgetting something? We are men not boys" Oliver rushed to say and everyone laughed.

"Such a humorous boy" Natasha insisted and a few chuckles were heard hear and there, "which is also why I believe you will match well with Caroline!"

"What?" This time it was Grace and Olivia who were shocked. Grace looked at Olivia before looking at her friend, "no, I don't really think the match will work."

"Oh come on Grace, Kevin and Caroline's match didn't happen because he sees her like a little sister."

Olivia rushed to say, "I see her like a little sister too."

"Oh please, you are not that much older" Natasha rolled her eyes.

"I still think this is a little rushed. Maybe we should take time to debate on this?" Grace added.

"Grace, you know how we have always wanted to connect with you by marriage" Marcus added.

"I know but we can't force the children to be together."

Caroline smiled "I want to be with Oliver, it won't be forced" she winked at Oliver who looked like his heart was shrinking.

"Caroline, just because you want to be with him doesn't mean it's set. What about him, does he want to be with you?" Grace asked, Christ, there is no way she is going to allow her niece to be married to a fellow girl. But why does she feel like Olivia brought this to herself?

"What do you think Kane?"

Kane who has been lost in thoughts was suddenly called back by his mother's voice, "Oliver is my friend doesn't mean I'm going to choose a life partner for him" he answered calmly unlike the chaos in his heart.

"Well then, since it has gotten to this, I say they go into courtship like you and Priscilla, what you think?" Marcus asked.

"That's good" Natasha clapped excitedly.

Grace didn't want to agree but if she say anything against it now, she will be going against her friend's happy thoughts and it's either she does that or she blows Olivia's cover. She looked at her then and their eyes met, she could see the fear in Olivia's eyes.

Kane didn't see anything wrong with his parents decision but his heart was constricting at the thought of Oliver with his sister. He really don't know what is wrong with him.

As if on cue, Evelyn announced that the dinner was ready and everyone stood up and went to the dinning table. The topic was then dropped for the moment.


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