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Chapter six

Kane quickly shut the door of his penthouse, he matched to the elevator and just then, the doors opened to reveal a young man, the man looked up, his blonde hair side swept on his forehead, for a moment, Kane was stunned.

What the hell?

Why did he think that the man looked like Oliver? Clearly, they are totally different, except for the fact they have the same hair color. Realizing the person was not Oliver, he intended to step into the elevator but the young guy in question flashed him a smile and Kane swears that he felt irritated.

"Hi, I'm Gabe" he stepped out of the elevator and stretched out his hand to Kane.

Just now, due to his shock of thinking that Oliver came to his house, he seemed to have forgotten a basic thing, this is his penthouse and no one comes up here unless the person wants to see him, he frowned then because he doesn't know the young man and the name is not familiar either, "who are you?"

Gabe smiled to the floor shyly before looking at Kane again, "I was sent here by doctor Miller, he wants to know why you have not been coming for your sessions and also not picking his calls" he caressed his hair softly then.

Kane noticed something he seemed to have missed, the way the Gabe's eyes dart around the hallway and how he can't look into his eyes without looking away shyly and he came to a conclusion immediately. Miller set him up with a gay.

What the fuck?

He swear he is going to break that doctor's legs when he see him. Coming to understand the kind of man Gabe is, his already cold face turned colder, "go back and tell him I will go see him tomorrow and yes, don't forget to tell him to keep a wheelchair close by" he walked into the elevator then without glancing at Gabe.

Just as the doors were closing, Gabe stopped it and rushed inside, "since I have passed my message, I will just go down with you."

Kane was silent.

But he was thinking, if Oliver is the one standing beside him now in the elevator, his heartbeats will be thumping in his chest and his ears will occasionally turn red.

He will occasionally be torn with the thought of pressing him to the wall and covering his lips with his. Sometimes he often finds himself, praying and wishing that Oliver should be gay.

But now, here he was, with a man who is just what he keeps wishing Oliver would be but nothing is happening. From the corner of his eyes, he saw Gabe staring at him.

When Gabe caught his eyes, he winked.

Kane felt nauseous, he really wanted to throw up!

He can't believe a man is flirting with him. Looking at Gabe, he is good looking with his blonde hair, light green eyes and slightly full lips. At the thought of kissing those lips, Kane really did feel his breakfast rushing up to his mouth.

He just can't understand, when he has such thought with Oliver, he always find himself fighting to stay under control and not do as he thought but now, he actually wants to throw up.

What kind of a gay is he turning then?

A special gay that is only attracted to one man?

And who is that man? Oliver?

God help him.

The ding sound of the elevator woke him up and he strode out of it immediately. He could hear Gabe running after him and his face was slowly curling up in anger, looks like he is going to be a gay killer today, he thought.

"Kan...Mr. Boron, do you mind giving me a ride?" Gabe said as he ran after him to the underground parking lot.

Kane opened his car door before turning to look at him, "how did you get here?"

"I took the cab" he smiled.

"Good" Kane nodded, his voice held no emotion, "take the cab and leave" he bent and dropped his brief case on the passenger's seat before looking at the shocked Gabe, "and yes, don't appear in front of me again if you value your life, I don't have such special taste" he got into his car and started the engine before driving off.

Gabe stood, staring after his car in silence, what just happened?

He thought Miller said he was turning to be like him and he offered to help him discover his taste, how come he said his taste is not special?

Thinking that Miller might have lied to him and he only embarrassed himself in front of Kane, he was really angry before he walked back to his car where he had parked it, he got in and drove off as well, not wanting to embarrass himself more.

Kane got to his office, he was so angry that he wants to punch someone but he decided to calm down. His punch will only land on one man's face. He told him to keep his visits to him a secret but no, not only did he not keep it a secret but also set him up with a gay!


He picked up his phone immediately to call his doctor and tell him to get ready for his vengeance, he waited patiently for the phone to be picked up and the call finally connected, he opened his mouth to send Miller to hell when a sweet voice flowed to his ear, "hey bud!"

Kane froze, how possible?

He removed the phone from his ear and looked at the screen only to discover that in his anger, he had actually called Oliver!

"Hello? Kane, you there?" He heard Oliver's voice asking.

He quickly put the phone back on his ear and cleared his throat, "em..yeah, sure..em..." How come he is no longer angry? He asked himself.

"Okay. So, what's up?" Oliver asked.

"Great" Kane wiped his face as he tuned to face his French windows, he wasn't prepared to talk to him now so he is a little at lost on what to say.

"I was just about to call you though but since you have, why did you call?"

"No don't bother, why did you want to call me at first?"

"Oh, nothing really but just wanted to know if you are up for a drink tonight. It's been long we sat together and drink and judging by the fact that Carol never gives me a breathing space" he groaned.

Kane chuckled lightly and felt the remaining of his anger dissipating, he just don't understand why a call from him and hearing his voice can erase his anger and calm him like a sea, "what's that? You are not yet married to my sister and you are already fed up with her presence? Do you still remember I'm her brother?"

Olivia could hear the joke in his voice even if his words sounded serious, so she laughed, "well, it's not my fault that I seem to enjoy the presence of her brother more."

Hearing his words, Kane's heart melted, he really wanted to grab him in his arms and kiss him real hard. He wanted to kill himself when he got hold of his thought, "oh? Is that so?"

"Yes. Come on man, have a drink with me would ya?"

A sweet smile curved on his lips. If one should see his face, they will think the person on the other side of the call was his girlfriend, "fine, I will pick you up tonight."

"Thanks bud. Oh and Kane? No girls tonight" she hung up before Kane could answer.

Kane stared at his phone shocked, why didn't he want girls tonight? Could it be he was really attracted to him and wants to spend some alone time with him?

Kane rolled his eyes at his thought but nevertheless, he still went back to his desk smiling sheepishly. He actually forgot he had picked up his phone to send someone to hell.

Olivia stared at her phone after hanging up on Kane, she really didn't mean to say that to him only that he has gotten the habit of inviting girls whenever they go out for a drink. It's not that she doesn't want the girls around but that they always suck up to her and again, watching Kane kissing them every now and then was really getting to her heart.

She has admitted it to herself, she loves Kane and will really love to be with him but she has gotten too immersed into her play and is afraid of what his reaction will be when he finds out the truth about her gender.

Seeing him kissing other girls casually, really thugs on her heart strings and sometimes she had to stop herself from throwing herself on him and kissing him.

She still can't believe that she lost her heart to him in less than three months of knowing him. She is not a virgin and practically, she has had boyfriends before but none of them really got to her like him. She has always been the type that when she decides to do something, nothing or no one can change her mind but recently she has been nursing the idea of coming clean to Kane.

Coupled with the fact that his family wants to engage her to Carol. Carol is a good girl but Christ, she is a woman okay and and she is not going to practice lesbianism. That's if Carol will still stay with her when she learns of her true gender.

Olivia sighed and placed her phone back on the table, Kane is engaged, although he says he won't marry Priscilla, what if at the end he decides to marry her? After all, he doesn't have a girlfriend and she doubts if he is interested in any.

Is she going to be his best man then? Is she going to stay as a man to him forever? Then how is she going to live her own life? How is she going to get married?

She sighed heavily, "I'm really sorry brother, a man is making me think about betraying you" she chuckled lowly, "I said I will keep you alive in me but now, he is making me think twice. On one hand, I want to say bullshit to the crazy feelings, on the other hand I want to give it a try. I have never felt like this for a man before. But I'm afraid, I'm afraid of missing you again if I stop pretending to be you" she rest her head on her chair and close her eyes, "what am I to do?"

The day was slowly coming to an end and Olivia found herself really looking forward to going out with Kane tonight. She has missed him, a lot.

The way he use to stare at her that always makes her wonder if he is attracted to her too, her heart was always giddy when he looks at her like that but anytime she remembers that in his eyes, she is a man, her spirit always dampen.

Of course, why would he be attracted to her? That will only happen if he is a gay and she needs no one to tell her that Kane is not a gay. She can't seem to forget how loudly he made that random girl screamed that night in his room, which had also brought her nights of erotic dreams with him.

She shook her head to shake of the thought, she really don't want to think about that now and not when she will be seeing him soon.

Her phone's ringtone disrupted her thoughts and she looked at her screen to discover that it was her aunt that's calling her, she picked up her phone and answered the call "hey aunt" she has gotten used to speaking to her aunt in her male's voice as long as she is in the office, and that's because she doesn't want to give any chances of one mistakenly hearing her female's voice.

"Olivia, find a boutique and change your attire before getting into this house now" Grace's voice was heard.

Olivia frowned, while will her aunt want her to change her attire? She is used to going back home in her dressing, "why aunt?"

"Don't ask me why young lady, your parents are here and I really don't want them to kill me when they finds out I let you imitate Oliver."

"What!" The news sounded like bomb to Olivia, her parents are here in Australia? Since when and how come?

They didn't tell her they were coming over neither did her aunt. How could they just show up? "But aunt, you didn't tell me they were coming."

"How was I supposed to know? They just showed up and they are downstairs now. They are really asking about you and remembering what you have been up to you, I had to excuse myself to call you, get back here now!" She hung up.


Why did they come?

Ever since she left home that day, she has never seen her parents again. Although they occasionally talk on phone, it has never even occur to her to go back home and see them and now they are here?

Remembering that she is to be seeing Kane soon, she panicked. What is she to do?

Kane can't find out now neither can she let her parents know that she has been dressing and acting like Oliver, they will kill her!

She immediately fumbled with her phone to call him, "hey bud" she said when he picked up.

"What's up? I'm almost rounding up in the office, I will come pick you soon" Kane commented causally.

"Em, that's the thing bud, I just received a call that my mom is sick, I need to go see her so we have to postpone our drink. I promise I will treat you well once I'm back, right now I'm on my way to the airport. I only called to tell you" damn, her brain really need to be morgue when she dies. Look at how fast she came up with something which fits perfectly.

Kane felt bad, he had really been looking forward to see his face tonight and to share a few drinks with him but hearing the anxiousness in his voice, he knew it was serious. After all, his mother was the person sick, if he is in his shoe, he will do the same, "I hope it's not too serious?"

"I really don't know but dad said she was taken to the hospital a while ago, I really need to see her myself before I can relax."

"I understand. How long will you be gone?"

"It depends, maybe a few days? I will keep in touch with you" she sighed, "I'm really sorry man, I thought we were gonna have a bros time tonight."

"It's okay, your mother's health comes first" Kane answered, although he was sad, he knew Oliver needs him to be supportive now so he has to understand and he do understand, "take care of yourself okay? I will see you when you return."

"Sure man, thanks a lot."

"It's okay, I wish your mom safe recovery. Have a safe flight."

"Thanks. Talk to you when I land."


They both hang up, each lost to their own thoughts. Olivia never knew she could lie so effortlessly and with her mother's health. She looked up to the ceiling and sent a quick prayer to heaven that nothing should happen to her mother.

She finished the work on her desk and left the company. She drove straight to a boutique to get herself some lady's wears before going home.

When she got home, she parked her car in the garage and stepped out, she look at herself in the window and sighed, even she can't remember the last time she wore a lady cloth. Although she do dress like a girl when at home but that's usually a nightgown, a top with jeans. Mostly casual clothes unlike now she is in a tight fitting knee level navy blue gown, a five inches heel because she found herself wobbling with eight inches. It's been so long she walked on a heel. Her long blonde hair in a tight high ponytail, she looked really feminine and she knew neither Kane nor anybody else can recognize her now.

After checking herself, she walked out of the garage, clutching her handbag as she made her way to the terrace and then the front door, she heaved a deep breath and pushed open the door, she walked into the house. When she approached the living room, she heard her mother's voice. Damn, aunt Grace didn't lie!

Half of her soul has been wishing she was lying but now, hearing her mother's voice, she braced herself and stepped into the living room, "mom, dad, I wasn't expecting to see you" she acted surprised as she walked up to them and hugged them each "what are you doing here?"

"We missed you" Mirabelle smiled, "since you didn't want to come see us, we decided to come see you! It's been six months Olive, don't you miss us?"

"I do, a lot but you know why I left. I'm afraid of hallucinating him" she sighed "I know it's not a good excuse, I'm sorry mom, I will try to visit from now on."

"Don't worry dear, we will do something about it" Malcolm smiled, "you can't run away from home forever. Although your mom and I are getting used to his loss but for your sake, we can always move."

"Dad, you don't have to do that."

"Yes I do, if we want our daughter to come home then we have to take some measures and we understand dear, you too were too close, it's not unreasonable if you choose not to come home" he insisted.

Olivia's eyes watered and she sniffed, "thank you dad" she smiled.

"Alright, enough touchy feelings" Grace added with a small smile and everybody laughed, "go freshen up Olivia, we are eating out, your dad's request" she added when she saw Olivia's shock.

"Oh, okay" she said and stood up, she turned to walk out but couldn't resist asking, "but why do you want to eat out dad?"

"Oh dear, it's been long I visited Australia and I have a favourite restaurant here, I always promise your mom I will bring her there sometimes, so now we are here, why not now?"

Olivia nodded, "alright. Em, aunt can I speak to you for a minute?"

Grace was surprised but she still followed her, when they got to the staircase, she whispered to her, "what is it?"

"Aunt, can I borrow a dress from you? You see, I just bought this one this evening and I can't wear it, please?"

Grace chuckled, "why, aren't you ashamed of asking for a female wear?"

"Fine aunt, I understand, tomorrow I will go get some dresses for myself but can you save me tonight, please?"

Grace sighed, "it's not like you are going to let me say no."

Olivia flashed a big small, "thank you aunt. Em by the way, how long are they going to be staying?"

"Throughout weekend, they will be living Monday morning, your dad has a shop to run after all and your mom still needs to look after her boutique."

"Well, that's fair, four days. It's okay" she turned to climb the stairs before flashing a sly smile to her aunt, "em aunt, can I take a day off tomorrow?"


"Please? Besides, I need to keep mom and dad company" she grabbed her aunt's arm as she batted her eyelashes, "please?"

"Fine, a day won't hurt anyway."

"Thank you" she kissed her cheek and ran up the stairs. Grace smiled and walked back to the living room.


Olivia felt like her world was crumbling when her dad took them to the same restaurant Kane and her usually eat. Although she was dressed like a woman but she and her brother are really identical. She fears if Kane should see her now, though he might not recognize her as Oliver but he will know they must be related, what's worse? He knows Grace has a twin niece and nephew, again? Grace is with her!

She didn't know what to say and can only pray that Kane shouldn't dine there tonight. They took a table and her eyes kept darting at the whole place. The family made their orders and she ordered a few things as well.

Right before their orders arrived, someone walked in and her heart froze, her eyes locked on the newcomer as she made her way to a table with her escort or date or something? She can't say.

Her mom's voice called her out from her thoughts, "what?"

"I said, it seems you know them. The people you are looking at" Mirabelle pointed at the newcomers with her chin.

"Oh, I'm only familiar with the lady, she is em...the fiancée of a friend of mine."

"Oh" Mirabelle looked at them again, "who do you think he is?"

Olivia looked at the man who seems to be flirting with Priscilla, "I don't know. Well, I won't consider it as anything, who knows, he might be a brother or an old acquaintance."

"It doesn't look like that to me" Mirabelle commented, she also saw the man flirting with her and the obvious blush on Priscilla's face.

"It doesn't matter" Olivia wanted to die off the matter. She doesn't want to see it like Priscilla is cheating on Kane, after all, they are not even together. They are just tied down by the word betroth, Kane has said multiple times that he won't marry her, so...

Their dinner arrived and she stopped thinking about Priscilla and her date or whatever he is. It's not like she would be telling Kane anyway, after all, she wasn't suppose to still be in Australia at the moment. The family enjoyed their dinner and went home satisfied.


Kane entered doctor Miller's office in the morning, he casually made himself comfortable on the sofa as Miller was not in the office at the moment.

Miller stepped out of the restroom and was shocked to see him, "Mr. Boron, I wasn't expecting you today."

"Of course, I wanted to know what's the meaning of the game you played yesterday."

"What game? Oh, you mean Gabe" he casually sat on his armchair, "I'm sorry about that, you see, every time we have our sessions, you always talk about how you fear your friend pulling you into abnormal taste, I just wanted to try out, to know if you are attracted to other men or just him."

"I'm not attracted to him!"

"I know, you keep telling yourself that."

"I'm serious, I'm not attracted to Oliver okay."

"Mr. Boron, have you stop to ask yourself if this Oliver is seeing a therapist for your sake?"

"I..." Kane stopped, that's true, Oliver can't be seeing a therapist for his sake. Oh wait, there is a reason for that, "why will he be seeing a therapist if he is a gay?"

"That's fair" Miller nodded "but Mr. Boron, yesterday with Gabe, did you feel any attraction, even if it was in the slightest?"

"Hell no, every single thing he does disgusted me. I almost threw up in the elevator."

"I see. But anytime you are with this Oliver, you always want to press him on the wall and kiss him?"

Kane shrugged and answered in embarrassment, "something like that" he looked at Miller, "no one must hear about this, I haven't break your legs for telling Gabe about this."

"You can be rest assured that Gabe won't tell anyone, he is my cousin and he knows who you are. Who will believe him when he says that Kane Boron is a gay? The women you have been with will laugh at him."

"Are you indirectly calling me a womanizer?" Kane threatened.

"Of course not, I'm just saying, you and I know you have been with a woman before no?"

"Well, I have been with a few."

"Exactly, plus your identity, no one will believe him and he knows better than annoying you."

Kane nodded, "fair. Consider your legs still yours at the moment."

"Thank you. So, back to this Oliver, has he ever given you the impression that he wants to press you on the wall and kiss you or maybe wants you to kiss him?"

Kane bit his lip as he thinks, "well, not exactly but one day in my penthouse, we were just throwing fists at each other playfully and then, I did a smack down on him and some how we both were lost in the moment, his face colored up and he bit his lips shyly" he shook his head to shake off the thought, he looked at Miller "it was the day I figured out he might be gay."

"I see, so both of you were lost in the moment and you figured him to be a gay. Why didn't you figure yourself too?"

"What do you mean? I have been with women, I know myself, of course I'm not a gay."

"But you wanted to kiss him that day" he smiled when he saw the look on Kane's face, "you might not have told me that but your face gave you away. And that got me thinking, since you want to kiss him so badly, why don't you give it a try."


"Yes, see what's so special about it. Let your heart lead you once."

Kane smiled and stood up, he took steps closer to Miller slowly and the corner of his lips lift up in a smirk when he sees the older man cringing on his chair, he slowly bent his face to him, his hands on the chair's arm rest, he trapped Miller with his body, "how about I try with you first?" With that, he lowered his lips to his.

"No, no, don't, I'm not attracted to you" Miller hastily covered his mouth with his palm.

Kane frowned, "I know, I just want to know if my body will be excited with the thought alone. You are my doctor, I can use you for experiment" he leaned closer again and Miller stilled like a statue while watching Kane's lips coming closer and closer to his lips dreadfully. Just when he thought he can't hold on anymore, Kane stopped, his face wrapped up in a frown before he quickly stepped away from Miller and grabbed the trash can by the door, he threw up mercilessly inside it.

Miller place his hand on his chest as he breathed out in relief before getting up to get water for him. Immediately he touched Kane who was throwing up, Kane shook off his hand and glared at him before walking out of the office in quick strides.

Miller shrugged and went back to his desk, it's not like he did anything wrong, he was the one that wants to kiss him, right?

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