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Chapter seven

Kane just finished a meeting with his associates, he decided to see them off to the outside of the building as they need to discuss a few things as they go. The MavinTech will be throwing a banquet in three days time. It was for the successful pitching of their new program which was sold at a very favourable prize.

The MavinTech were really in their blissful days and Kane have been smiling more than he has in four days and far longer than that if you ask his employees who can count how many times they had seen him smile in their two hands.

Because of that, all of them knew that he was only smiling because of the selling of the program. Well, the good news is, they all will benefit from it and what is more fun than when the MavinTech is having a banquet? There are more to eat and drink and what's more? Every guests has a room to their name should they get too tired or drunk to carry on with the party.

This is because the hotel will be paid for and only the guests of the MavinTech will be seen around. Truth be told, it's such occasions that majority of the employees always look forward to.

A black biker suddenly stopped in front of the building, he pressed on the brake, lifting the back tyre off the ground for nearly five seconds before putting it back down in a perfect stop. He sat up on the bike, his feet on the ground with his hands on the throttle and on the brake respectively, he turned to look at Kane and his companions but because of his black helmet, no one could see his face.

Kane's handsome face closed up in a frown for the first time in the day, his brows furrowed as he wondered who has the audacity to do such in his company and also in his presence. He waited not really patiently for the all black biker to reveal his face.

The biker let go of the throttle and the brake, he casually thug on his black gloves before his hands reached to take off his helmet. As the helmet came off, he flipped his shiny blonde hair before turning to Kane and his companions with a smirk. He placed the helmet on the bike and with gracious movement, got down from the bike and walked up to Kane elegantly.

Kane heard the sharp intake of breath of the women beside him and he almost cursed but he couldn't because him as well was struck at the beauty of the biker. Why does it seem like he gets more handsomer every time he sees him?

He knew he shouldn't be angry at the ladies, after all, they, having an attraction to his friend is very much acceptable but the thing is, he wants him all to himself. He belongs solely to him. Understanding his thought, he felt like crying.

Just, what in the world is wrong with him?

Why is coveting a man so much?

Olivia smirked when she saw how the ladies with Kane were staring at her in an infatuated manner. That's right, let them come to her and leave Kane for her. Although it looks like they are his business associates but some of them looks unmarried and she won't take any chances.

She looked at Kane and smirked once more, she slowed down her pace as she took off her leather gloves, she was before Kane by then and slapped his chest with the gloves, "six days, really? You didn't see me for six days and you didn't get worried? What kind of a brother are you?" Although she was scolding him but everyone around could hear the love in her voice and few saw the twinkle in her eyes.

And Kane was one of the few.

He couldn't believe it, the way Oliver's eyes twinkled in the sun got him mesmerized that he forgot he was scolding him until he slapped his chest once more with the gloves, "I'm talking to you man" Oliver said.

"I'm sorry but just that, I have been busy. I told you about the pitching of the Zion Palm, it got me really busy and you weren't here, if not I would have detailed you about it" Kane hastily explained.

"But honestly, I'm not happy with you. How could you not bother to check up on me and when I call, you are either too busy to talk or you won't even pick up at all" Oliver complained.

"I'm sorry, I will make it up to you" Kane tried to pacify him. He really don't know why he always wants to pacify him when angry. He was hardly that tender to anybody not even a woman. But here he was, trying to make sure his friend like a brother is always happy.

"Who is he Kane?" One of the ladies asked and Kane had to try his possible best not to frown.

"He is Oliver Simon, nephew to Grace Herrington" He introduced.

The lady smiled, "I didn't know Grace nephew is in town" she turned to Olivia and stretched forward her hand to her, "I'm Alice Lockwood. It will be good to get to know you."

Olivia shook her hand and smiled handsomely, "the pleasure is all mine."

Alice melted in her smile and blushed heavily.

Following Alice's introduction, every other lady tried to introduce herself as well. Since they can't get Kane, maybe they will get his good brother, who knows.

Kane couldn't take it anymore and interrupted the ladies fantasies, "give it up, he is my sister's fiancé!"

Not only the ladies but also Olivia was shocked at his announcement.

Quentin, one of the men around laughed, "and yet, another good one has been taken" he shook his head as the other men laughed, "sorry ladies, but you are not destined to have these two men. Well you can if you talk to both Priscella and Caroline, but I'm sure they won't listen. So, you have to check for another vacancy."

The men laughed again and even Olivia let out a few chuckle. "Go easy on them Quentin, you know it's hard to find an eligible bachelor nowadays" Evans commented.

"What do you mean? Am I not an eligible bachelor?" Aidan asked with a playful frown.

Tyler snickered, "yeah right, why are the ladies not fawning on you but they are already fawning on Oliver they just met?"

"Come on, whose side are you on?" Aidan frowned.

"Oh please" Aria rolled her eyes, "I will rather be single than to be married to you."

"Bang" Rowland laughed and nudged Kane, "come on, don't always be stone faced, join in the discussion."

Kane frowned, "I'm not in the mood for that."

"When are you ever in the mood?" Alice sneered and turned to Oliver, smiling beautifully, "hey Olly, we are heading out for lunch, why not join us?"

"Don't call him that" Kane warned.

Everybody was surprised, including Olivia, what's wrong with being called Olly? It's the short for both Olivia and Oliver. She could remember both she and her brother often address themselves like that.

"What's wrong with being called Olly?" Quentin couldn't help but ask and the rest nodded in support.

Of course Kane wouldn't tell them that it's because he was jealous that someone else is calling Oliver a nickname and again, no one will dare force him to answer, he looked at Oliver, "how is your mother?"

Olivia was confused at the question, "what about her?"

Kane frowned, "her health? Is she better now?"

"Oh" she suddenly remembered that she lied about her mother being sick, "yeah, yeah, she is better now. I wouldn't be here if she wasn't" damn, that was close.

"Mm" Kane nodded and turned to his associates, "you can go now. We will talk more in the banquet."

"What about the lunch?" Aria inquired.

"I never agreed to have lunch with you" Kane responded with no care.

"God, you are no fun" she replied with a roll of her eyes then smiled to Oliver "I hope to see you in the banquet, we can talk more there."

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Alice challenged.

"Ladies, ladies, let's not fight here shall we? And please remember, Caroline will emerge as the winner" Quentin commented. Deriving a laughing fit from everyone.

Kane only but frowned deeper, "I believe you guys will see yourselves out. Let's go Oliver" he grabbed Olivia's hand and dragged her with him inside the company.

Olivia looked back at the ladies and smiled, "sure ladies, I will see you in the banquet" she winked before gasping as Kane pulled her harder, "hey!" She frowned before following him reluctantly.

The rest looked at each other surprised, "wow, Kane is really fighting for his sister" Aidan said.

"You think?" Tyler added.

"Actually, why do I think that it's for himself?" Quentin wondered with a raised eyebrow.

His comment got others to look at him like he has gone nuts, after all, everybody knows Kane is not a gay.

They all walked to their cars respectively and left the building.


Inside Kane's office, Olivia crossed her arms on her chest as she interrogated Kane, "what was the meaning of that?"

"Meaning of what?"

"You and I both know I'm not engaged to Carol, why did you say that out there?"

"Oh, are you denying that you and Carol are not in courtship? If I remember correctly, I'm pretty sure mom and dad, including Grace, agreed for you both to court in other to decide if you are going to marry? In other words, you are betrothed to each other or do I lie?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Oh come on man" Olivia threw her hands in the air, "you know I'm not in support just like you are not in support with Priscilla."

Kane frowned then, he knew deep within him he doesn't want Oliver to marry Carol but there was no better way to get the ladies to hands down and he can't claim to be the one who needs Oliver. Come on, he doesn't for crying out loud.

He is a straight guy, just like Oliver, right?

God, he doesn't know anymore.

These past six days, he purposely didn't contact him because he wants to prove to himself that he sees him as nothing than a friend and that he is not attracted to him but heaven knows how much he missed him and how he often calls his sister to ask about him.

Thank heaven that he was able to shun Carol when she questioned him and knowing his sister, she will never suspect anything and that's a relief.

He found himself considering Miller's words the last time he saw him. Should he really give in to his feelings?

But what if at the end, Oliver is not a gay, how is he going to face him then after embarrassing himself?

God, no. Oliver and him are never meant to be a thing, not in this world and certainly not in the next.

Well, they could be in the next if one of them reincarnates as a woman, right?

Ah, stop thinking too much!

He groaned.

"It's okay. No one will question if you and Carol end up not marrying. You won't be the first two engaged to not marry."

"Well, that's a relief" Olivia commented and slumped on the sofa, "so how have you been? What's with that about a banquet?"

"The company always throw a banquet when a program is sold. Zion Palm was sold three days ago, so, the banquet is for it."

"When is it?"


Olivia nodded, "three days more."

"Yes. How is your mom?"

"She is good. She is back home now."

"That's great" Kane sighed "you will attend the banquet won't you?"

"Of course, what will I be doing at home on a Saturday night?" She rolled her eyes, "besides, I already have dates" she winked.

"My parents and Carol will be there, know how you play."

"Oh come on, you have been engaged to Priscilla since childhood, tell me, did you lose your virginity to her?" She raised an eyebrow.

Kane was shocked, "shut up!" He shouted but his ears and cheeks still colored up and he averted his face.

Olivia laughed and threw her legs in the air, clutching her stomach, "I can't believe this, the mighty Kane Boron is blushing. Damn, why didn't I get this on a video?"

Kane hurled a thick file at him and he laughed louder, "shut the hell up Oliver, or else" he threatened.

"Oh else what? You will kill me? Oh come on, I will like to see you try."

"I didn't blush" he argued.

"Oh yeah? Then tell me, who did you lose your virginity to?"

"Come on, that's such a sensitive topic" he rolled his eyes but he still blushed as he remembered the said day, he was eighteen then and a typical novice.

Olivia laughed more when she saw his face, "I bet it was a random girl."

"Hell no, she was..."


"Shit, you are just making me say it" with that he threw his fountain pen at him.

Olivia caught the pen, fighting to catch her breath, "fine, fine, I won't embarrass you anymore. Oh, God, bud I never knew that behind that cold face of yours is a shy man, damn. My vision has reached new horizon today."

Kane rolled his eyes, "shut up will you? And I swear to God, if you make fun of this again, I will break your legs."

"Yeah, and you will buy me a wheelchair, then I will marry Carol so that I will never leave your family."

"Touché" Kane chuckled, "really dude, I have missed you" he really didn't know when he said that and was frantic at what his reply would be but Olivia's heart melted at that.

"Me too bud, me too. It's the reason I came here immediately on arrival. I just went home to gear up like this" she pointed at her black leather attire.

"That reminds me, you look flirty in that and with the way you behaved on the bike."

"Of course" she laughed. She can never thank her brother for all the things he taught her and she had chanced upon the bike at home during her parents visit, it belongs to her cousin, Kevin. She just had it washed and refueled, then decided to pay a visit to Kane with it.

"I didn't know Grace still has it. Now that I think about the bike, it looks familiar. Kevin had carried me a lot on it."

"See, I brought back a memory for you."

"Shut up."

"You are only shutting me up today. One day, I might just stop talking till you beg me."

Kane chuckled, "you wish" he got up then, "I'm famished, let's go get lunch."

"I thought you told that Aria lady you are not hungry?"

"I said I don't want to eat with them. What now, you are not going to have lunch with me now?"

"Of course not, I never said that" she stood up "let's go."

"You will come back for your bike" he said as he picked up his car key.


They both left the office then.


The day of the banquet, Olivia dressed really cute, a white shirt with a midnight blue blazer on top it, then a white pants with a royal blue shoes. Her blonde wig was slicked back. She turned to look at herself in the mirror and gasped, "damn, I'm crushing on myself" she chuckled.

She picked up a Rolex wristwatch and put it on before taking her phone, wallet and car key, then dashed out of the room.

Grace was in the living room, watching her normal TV shows, she looked up when she heard sound of footsteps and froze. Olivia flashed her a smile and Grace shook her head slowly in admiration, "really, these past few days I have been wondering if it would have been better if you were born a man because really, you will make one damn fine man."

Olivia laughed, "why thank you aunt Grace but really, I am a fine man, or aren't I?" She winked.

"Oh please, fool who you will fool not me" Grace rolled her eyes.

A few chuckles left Olivia, "that's because you know my origin" she turned to Evelyn who just walked out of the kitchen carrying a plate of fruit salad for Grace, "what do you say Eve?"

"My gracious, you look dashing miss Olivia" Evelyn gasped.

"Why, thank you" she did a perfect gentleman bow while smiling, "I have to go now. I won't be back tonight aunt, Kane booked a room for me."

Grace nodded knowingly "I'm not surprised, that's how they..." She was cut short by her phone's ringtone, she hastily picked it up "yes Natasha? I'm sorry, I won't be coming with him. Really? I'm on my way, just give me few minutes to get dressed" then she hung up and looked at Olivia, "give me few minutes, I'm coming with you."

"Wait what? I thought you said you won't be going?"

"Well, I did but Natasha called me now, apparently there is something she wants to tell me and I can't miss it. So stop asking questions while I go get ready" she stood up and climbed up the stairs.

"That means I have to put this in the refrigerator" Evelyn sighed as she looked at the plate of fruit salad, she took time preparing it.

Olivia giggled and took it from her, "I need something to entertain myself while waiting for her" she made herself comfortable in the sofa and crossed her legs.

Evelyn smiled, "indeed."

An hour later, Grace and Olivia left the manor in a white Camry.

When they got to the hotel, they walked inside with Grace's arm looped around Olivia's, people gasped when they passed, they looked really striking.

Kane was greeting a guest when he saw them, he was breathless at the sight of Oliver, why does he look more handsome every single day? He is driving him insane!

No he is not, he reprimanded himself, but he still excused himself and approached them, "Oliver, you are late" he turned to Grace with a nod, "Grace" he greeted and she smiled.

"Not my fault, aunt suddenly decided to come along and I had to wait for her" she stretched forward her hand and shook him.

Kane almost didn't want to let go, he never wants to let go whenever he shook him, his hand is so soft that sometimes he imagine him touching him. He shook his head to wake himself up from his stupid imagination.

You are going to hell Kane, he cursed silently.

"Where is your mom Kane, she is the reason why I'm here" Grace asked.

"I know, she is waiting for you in the VIP lounge, along with your other friends."

"Oh please" Grace slapped his chest lightly, "don't address them like that. I will leave you two then" with that she walked away.

"So, how is the party going?" Olivia asked.

Kane looked around at the guests who where busy catching up with one person or in groups, "as it always go" he shrugged "I will be making a speech soon, that's when the real party will be starting."

"Great" Olivia nodded, her eyes caught the sight of someone coming in and she whistled slowly, "my, my, my, look who we have here."

Kane followed her sight and stilled, he can't remember inviting her, so why is she here? "Didn't know she will be coming."

"She is your fiancée, why won't she come?" As she said this, she remembered the day she saw her in a restaurant with someone else. She really wish she can tell Kane but she has to be sure before ruining his relationship. Since she can't have him, she shouldn't ruin his marriage. But, Kane still refuses to marry her so maybe, they won't even be together.

Priscilla was dressed in a long milk colored silky gown, her curvy figure was exposed to every eye and Olivia sighed, she really isn't compared to her. If a woman like this can't win Kane's heart, is it she that can win his heart? Is it not better she should give up now? She won't even win him over so no need telling him the truth anyway. "Hi Kane, Oliver" Priscilla smiled when she was close to them.

"Hi Priscy, it's good to see you again" Olivia commented with a smile.

"Same here."

"Where are your parents?"

"Dad is talking with your dad outside while mom left to find your mom."

"I see."

"Oliver, I have been waiting for you" Caroline grabbed her arm immediately and clung herself to her, "you are late."

"Sorry about that."

"It's okay, come, let me introduce you to my friends" before Olivia could protest, she dragged her away.

"Wow, I have never seen Carol drag away a friend of yours like that" Priscilla glanced at Kane, "are they...together?"


"Oh, okay. So, how have you been?"

"Good. You?"

Priscilla nodded, "same. Kane, I have been meaning to talk to you but one can't see you casually anymore and you know how I hate finding you in your office."

"What is it?"

"Kane, I'm a woman, I'm not getting younger and I really want to settle down now."

Kane froze, "what are you saying?"

"I want to know your stand about us. Are we getting married or are we not getting married? Which ever it is, I will like you to let me know. I can't have people believing that we are engaged to be married and at the end you won't marry me. You are Kane Boron, girls flocks around you and I'm pretty sure a lot of them wants us not to marry so finding someone else won't be hard for you. This betrothal of us has been on for twenty three years now, my age, where is it going?"

Kane bit the inside of his lip as his mind raced, if it was before he would have blatantly said no to her, that he won't marry her but now, he don't even know anymore. With all these unexpected attraction to Oliver is driving him insane and he is not going to make a fool of himself by making a move on him only to realize the feeling is not mutual and he is also not going to be with a man.

God, it will tarnish his reputation, and his parents? What would they see him as?

Heaven, please help me, he prayed.


"Priscilla, why don't we talk about this some other time? I will call you myself, I promise. Right now, I have a lot in my mind and I still have a big speech to make tonight. What do you say in three days time?"

Priscilla nodded in understanding, "fine, I will wait for your call."

"Thank you" he smiled.

The emcee picked up the microphone then and called for everyone attention. After the normal pleasantries and all, Kane was called to address his speech.

As his rumored fiancée, Priscilla went with him and no one was surprised but rather, some ladies were jealous and Olivia was one of them.

"Thank you so much for being here, as the CEO of MavinTech, I thank you on all our behalf. To our workers, both the directors and I are proud of you and your hard works and we want you all to continue with it for the betterment of us all. We all are gathered in celebration of the successful pitching and selling of our newest program, Zion Palm. It wouldn't have been a success without you all, so, as we all know, this banquet is a form of thank you and praising of ourselves." He smiled as everyone clapped, "we will continue ..."

Olivia, right where Carol caged her couldn't keep her eyes off of him and how Priscilla was standing beside him, smiling charmingly. She noticed a new longing in her, yes, she wants to be the one standing beside him, the one everyone will recognize as his woman but she can't, no, not when dressed as a man and certainly not when she can't overcome her fear of him never forgiving her if she says the truth.

Her heart suddenly felt heavy and taking the unawareness of Carol and her friends, she slipped out of their midst and walked towards the bar. To her, no one saw her but both Grace and Priscilla saw her.

Grace sighed slowly, what happens to Kane not being her type? What happens to her not going to fall in love with him? She knew it, there is no how they will be spending so much time together without one of them falling, especially since they are opposite sex. Guess she will talk to her now, it's better she come clean now then when it will be too late.

Priscilla on the other hand was surprised, what is this she think she saw? Wait, is Oliver attracted to Kane? Hell no, it can't be possible, they are both men for crying out loud and even if she doesn't know Oliver, she knows Kane and as well, knows that he is not gay. So it's possible that her eyes just deceived her, yes, it's possible. But why does that girl she saw last week at the restaurant resemble Oliver a lot? Ah, she is thinking too much, she waved it off. Her attention went back to Kane who was still speaking.

The party was merry but Kane was restless, ever since his speech, he has not seen Oliver and he doesn't like it. What's worse? He doesn't know what's wrong with Priscilla today, she was suddenly too attentive towards him and always touch his arms, he swears that he doesn't like it one bit.

He excused himself after much effort and walked up to his sister, he grabbed her arm and pulled her away a little, "where is Oliver?"

"How should I know? I'm looking for him too" Carol freed her arm from him and rubbed it with a frown, "he left during your speech and I haven't seen him since then."

Kane bit his lip as his mind raced, where could he be? "Kane" someone called and he turned to see Aria, he rolled his eyes when he saw her, "don't roll your eyes at me Boron, I'm not here for you. Where is Oliver?" She searched around with her eyes.

"Am I his bodyguard?" He hissed.

"He is your friend."

"So?" He frowned, "I'm not in the mood for you now Aria, later" he walked away.

Grace saw him searching everywhere and approached him, "looking for Oliver?"

"Yes" there was hope in his eyes that Grace was dazzled for a while.

No, it's not possible, she told herself, he sees her as a man. "I saw him entered the VIP a while ago."

"Oh, thank you" he dashed towards the VIP immediately. He got there to see Oliver sitting with his head resting on the couch and his eyes closed. There was an empty bottle of red wine on the table. Kane shook his head with a sigh, "I can't believe this, the party has only be gone halfway and you are already wasted" he sat beside him.

Olivia opened her eyes at the sound of his voice, "look who is here, just who I want to see" she said drunkenly.

"Damn, look at you. Come on, I will help you to your room" Kane helped him up and they both staggered out of the VIP, well, that was because Oliver kept throwing himself at him.

They made it to the elevator successfully and then to room 509, a presidential suite that Kane booked for him. He swiped the card and helped him inside, they went straight to the bedroom and Oliver slumped on the bed. Just as Kane turned to carry up his leg for him, Oliver grabbed his hand and pulled him to himself, Kane fell on him and their lips met.

Kane was shocked, he waited for the repulsion he knew would come but nothing happened, rather he felt himself wanting to turn the accidental kiss into a passionate kiss. He jerked from his stupid desire and got up from Oliver immediately.

God, he just kissed a man accidentally!

He wiped his lips immediately while still staring at the nearly asleep Oliver.

"Why are you with her?" He heard Oliver mumbled and he stretched his ear to hear him, "why are you with her? Why are you not with me?"

Wait, what is Oliver saying?

"Don't you notice how I feel about you, mm?"

"Oliver, what the hell are you talking about?" He patted his cheek a little forcefully and Oliver's eyes snapped open due to the pain, "what are you saying?"

Olivia pouted as she looked at him, "why are you slapping me now? You didn't slap her and you are slapping me, why? Is it because we can't be together?" Little by little, her feminine voice was taking over.

Kane Froze.

What did he say? And what's with that voice?

No, it's just his imagination.

But be with him?

Because they can't be together?

Holy moses, Oliver is really gay? And he is attracted to him?

No, it's not possible. He is drunk, he doesn't know what he is saying.

But what is that they say? A drunken mind speaks the truth?

But it can't be possible right? Oliver never gives anything away.

"Oliver, what are you saying?"

Hearing his voice, Olivia's mind became a little clearer and she cleared her throat, "nothing, just a girl I have been fantasizing about" she look at him "I want to sleep, go back to the party" she flipped on the bed and hugged the pillow, pretending to be asleep.

Kane stared at his sleeping figure, wait, what?

Why doesn't he believe him?

He reached to tap him but stopped himself. His mind was filling up and he is afraid it will burst if he continued staying there. He turned quickly and left the room but as he did, he made a decision.


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