The popular boy and the artist

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Chapter nine: Going to New York

I started explaining the text messages, The threats, the Jaguars, Then rachel. β€œ So that’s basically it” I said hugging my pillow. β€œ Who else knows about this” Aj said, leaning against the headboard of my bed. β€œMe and you, and of course rachel and her minions” I told him, getting up to turn off my fan.

We talked for a long time that we actually fell asleep together on my bed. I didn’t notice until my dad woke us up, telling us everyone was about to leave. I got up but Aj fell back asleep so I just left him there.

β€œBye sera hope you feel better” Lydia said walking out the door with a bunch of food trays in her hands. β€œBye love” jackie says, pulling me into a hug. β€œBye babe” jackson says kissing me on the lips. They all left except for my art teacher.

β€œHey teach what you still doin here” i said sitting on the couch next to her. β€œJust talking to your dad sweetheart, But yes like I was saying Me and Aj are going to New York to visit Aj’s father so Seraphina is welcome to join us.” My art teacher says. As soon as I heard those last few words my head turned so fast and before I knew it was making puppy dog eyes to my dad.

β€œPlease, oh please, pleaseeee dad” I whined to my dad.

β€œHunny I don’t know about this, New York is far away an-β€œ my dad was saying until carol cut him off. β€œ What if I go with them darling” Carol said. Which was really surprising cause she hardly knows me yes I might have been living with them over 2 months now but we didn’t really connect.

β€œ Boo Boo Bear, are you sure” my dad says holding his hands on hers. β€œ Yes I’m sure, now when are you going” carol said looking at my art teacher. β€œ we are going Friday night to Sunday” My teacher says.

We talked for hours and hours, we were laughing, making noises, After all this sound you would think Aj would wake up, but no he didn’t. β€œ Well we should get going” My art teacher says standing up and grabbing her plates of food and her purse.

β€œ Let Aj sleep here we will give him some clothes and Sera will sleep in garrets room” My dad says opening the door to her car. β€œ Oh I couldn’t ask you guys to do that” She says starting the engine to her car and putting her seatbelt on. β€œ Don’t worry it’s fine” Carols said swatting her hand in the air.

As soon as we said it was fine she took off just in case we changed our minds. β€œGreat my nice nice bed is now gone” I whine walking back inside. β€œ Oh you’ll be fine for one day” Carol says going into the bedroom yelling goodnight to all us kids. β€œOkay Kylie your gonna sleep with Kendall and it looks like it’s me and you Garrett” I said while we all walk to our rooms.


I woke up today with a splitting headache this morning and that wasn’t the worst part of my morning, so like any normal person I take a shower in the morning and just my luck there is no hot water and on top of that I was just finishing washing my body and the water cut off so I had wet hair, Then I had no more toothpaste so I had to use kylie which was called β€œdon’t let the cavities kill your teeth, Use PrInCeSS pAsTe” which tasted disgusting, then I woke up Aj by trying to find some clean clothes which I had none so I had to use garrets clothes which isn’t my style AT ALL, So I was wearing ripped jeans that you could see my underwear so I had to change my underwear then I put on a sports bra one thing that was clean and I had to put on a dragon croc-top, Then I messed up on my hair so I had to just put it in a messy braid-bun, and the worst part of it was I had to skip breakfast the best part of the day, I threw on my black and green Jordan’s and rushed out the door.

β€œHunny you okay you seem mad or is it sad maybe both” My dad says driving out of the long dirt driveway we have. β€œ Yes I’m fine jeez” I say crossing my arms and drawing in my art book cause my art has always calmed me down.

β€œ Nice drawing princess” Aj said, I looked up at his smirking face while he just looked over my shoulder and winked at me. It was Wednesday which is early day but it also sucks, Me, Aj, and Jackson get out but we have to wait for Lydia and Jackie until they get out which is around 12:35 or so.

I get out of the car and run to jackson and jump into his arms. We started to make out until jackie stopped us. β€œ Ew stop sticking your tongue down my best friends throat” she says, gagging. I jumped off of him and we walked in. He put his arm around my waist to show and tell all the guys I’m his and they know to back off.

I haven’t told jackson, lydia, or Jackie that, this Saturday I’m going to New York until Monday, Should I tell them Aj is going to or not. Ughhhhh.

β€œHey babe, you haven’t answered a single question yet” jackson said nudging my elbow. β€œ Huh oh yeah I’m fine, b-β€œ I was saying before Aj came and ruined everything.

β€œ Hey princess ready for Saturday” Aj said smirking at jackson. β€œWhat’s on Saturday” Jackson said with one eyebrow raised. I was hoping this wouldn’t happen but of course Aj has to be in this class to. He’s in all of my classes and what’s even more surprising is that he actually comes to class, I know right so weird I’m actually kinda curious.

β€œUmm I’m going to New York with carol an-β€œ I was saying before Aj once again interrupted me. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders, I was fine with it cause we are just FRIENDS, but I don’t think jackson thinks so. β€œMe, she is going with me and my mother, oh that reminds me you and carol are supposed to sleep over My house on Friday” I brushed off his arm and I could feel my chair scooting on the ground which I noticed how Jackson was getting angry.

β€œ Well um sera I think it’s time to go to your art class” Lydia said standing up. I kissed jackson on the cheek and gave Aj a side hug which now I regret doing of how jackson pulled me actually more like yanked me away from him. Lydia and Jackie pulled me away and we practically ran to my art class.

We got to the door and I hugged them goodbye since I’m leaving early tomorrow which isFriday, to go pack for the trip. I mean yeah I’m excited to see all of my fake β€œfriends” again. I really don’t know why I’m going she didn’t even love me.

~ In Art Class ~

β€œOkay class settle down, today you’ll be painting a canvas about something you really enviously hate” Mrs. Queen. Can you believe my art teachers first name is queen. I mean she’s gorgeous, she has light brown hazel eyes as if her eyes are caramel, She has short shoulder-length brown with blonde highlights hair, The best part is she is 5’11 so she’s tall and short. The creepy part is that know one knows her last name, Not even me and I’m her favorite. I’ve tried asking Aj but he doesn’t budge.

β€œYo princess you gonna get started, My mom said begin like 10 minutes ago” Aj said snapping his fingers in my face. We started 10 minutes ago and I didn’t know, what is happening with me, I think it has something to do with New York tho.

I started painting with natural colors, and decided to draw fruit that I hate the most which would be oranges I just hate the color idk why. I didn’t like how it turned out so I decided to draw a spider cause who likes spiders gross!! But it didn’t come out how I wanted it to so I crumbled the piece of paper up and shoved it in my backpack. I could hardly breathe, I wasn’t focused, I was stressed about New York, jackson, my mom, I felt like I was suffocating.

I felt a hand on my arm moving up and down, I looked up and could hardly see cause of how blurry my vision was, I was not about to cry in front of Aj or anyone in class, The only thing I could think of was grabbing my stuff and running out the door. I went to my favorite place it always calms me down I call it β€œseraphinas rooftop vibes”.

I finally made it up all the way to the top of the stair case, And pushed open the door to the rooftop and let the cool breeze hit me. I climbed up the ladder, that led to this secret spot I made. I haven’t told anyone abt this spot not even my two bestfriends.

~ 15 minutes later ~

I woke up with the door to the rooftop closing, hoping it wasn’t a teacher, but no one comes up her just me, I wonder who it is?. β€œSera, seraphina are you here” I hear a familiar voice call my name. I heard them coming up the ladder, for a close second I thought it would be my boyfriend but out of all people it had to be Aj.

β€œHow’d you know I was up here” I asked with one eyebrow raised. β€œ Dont think I’m a weird stalking perv or anything but I’ve been watching you” he says rubbing the back of his neck.

β€œ stalker much” I giggled. We talked for what seemed like hours but was actually only a few minutes. The bell rang a few minutes later. β€œYou are okay tho right” He said going down the ladder. β€œYeah in fine just stressed” Getting my stuff packed. I walked down the ladder but only to stop half way, and looking down I noticed how two of the ladder bars have cracks in them and I was afraid if I were to step on them I would fall.

β€œ Um A-Aj can you um h-help me d-down please” I asked stuttering. He looked at me and stared at my in confusion then stated laughing at me like I was a crazy person. β€œCome here” he says putting his hands on my waist and I got scared and let go of the ladder and fell but like all fairytales he ended up catching me. As soon as he touched me I got out of his grasp and walked over to the door while yelling β€œUm see you tomorrow” and with that our conversation was over.

~ In The Car ~

We were sitting in the car, in complete an utter silence, Lydia, Jackie and I were just staring at each other not knowing if we should talk or not and finally someone did talk but it wasn’t any of us.

β€œI don’t want you going to New York with that dude” Jackson said pulling into the dirt pathway to my house. β€œWhy is that, we are just friends jackson” i said with a confused expression on my face. β€œHe’s a man-whore and I don’t want him to rape you” jackson said sounding more serious than usual. β€œHow can you say that, you basically just said you can’t trust me” i said unbuckling my seatbelt. β€œI never said that I do trust you” jackson said. β€œObviously not” i said very frustrated. β€œ If he does anything to you in New York, I’ll get my shot gun and shoot him” He said tightening is grip on the steering wheel. Right there in that moment I was done. I opened the car door and jumped out which I have done plenty of times with my mother so I was more than capable of doing it again.

I could hear jackson yelling at me to get back in the car but I just ignored him and kept walking, I was not about to sit there and listen to him talk trash about my art teachers son. I finally made it home since I stopped to color since that always calms me down. I stopped drawing after abt 15 minutes after I started walking. That’s not the weird thing tho, the weird thing is that I started drawing Aj, I don’t know why my hand just went on it own.

As soon as I got home, I usually greet carol and my dad outside but they weren’t there so I just went into my room and changed into a sports bra and a pair of Nike shorts, I went to the vanity that Kylie has and fixed my hair into a messy bun, and threw on some socks and my slides. I started drawing my Art teacher since she is the only person I haven’t drawn I think. I technically made rachel just as a demon.

All I could hear was my stomach growling, so I got up put my earbuds in and listened to Bruises by Lewis capaldi, I walked into the kitchen grabbed an apple then I thought I heard my name so I looked around and I didn’t see anything so I kept walking till someone took out my right earbud and whispered into my ear β€œYou should really put a shirt on princess or else I’ll get the wrong idea” As I turned around, you prolly guessed who it was Aj, but to my surprise it wasn’t. It was kylie and Kendall with a recording of Aj saying that.

β€œReally guys really, You do know me and jackson are dating right” i said taking a bite of my apple. β€œYeah Yeah we know, but we weren’t joking about putting a shirt on we have guests” Kendall said putting her phone in her back pocket. β€œWhy are you so dressed up” i said looking at there outfits. β€œWe are going out to eat your art teachers taking us out and Ajax’s hereee” kylie said longing the e in here. β€œOkay give me 10 minutes” i said setting my apple on the counter in the kitchen.

I probably should have asked where we are going before I said I was going to get dressed. On second thought let me go ask real quick. I threw on a sweatshirt and walked out onto the back porch where everyone was.

β€œHey dad where are we going to eat” I said leaning against the sliding glass door. β€œWe are going to a Italian restaurant and they are apparently fancy” he said as he cleared his throat. β€œ I didn’t know y’all had italian restaurant that’s cool” i said turning on my heel to go get ready.

It took me a few minutes but I finally found the dress and a extra pair of clothes since that’s what they told me to do since we are going somewhere else less fancy afterwards. I picked out one of my favorite dresses I mean yes I hate wearing dresses but my brother gave me this on my birthday but I don’t talk about him much since he passed because of me. Okay seraphina stop you are not about to cry.

It’s a tight mid-thigh-ish (maybe a smidge shorter but that’s okay) It’s red with black laces at the top of it going down to open just a smidge but not to much opened where you can see everything, I put on my black high heels, I made sure know one saw me walking to the bathroom cause my hair was a mess. I decided to put my hair in a braid starting from the front and ending in the back but not my entire hair it was kinda half up and half down. Then I put on some clear lipgloss, mascara and my birthstone earrings and matching necklace. I looked in the mirror and said β€œI’m ready”

I walked out the bathroom and onto the back porch and the first person I just had to look to was no other than Aj himself. He had his hair parted like he always does like that sexy thug kinda look, a black buttoned up shirt but with three buttons unbuttoned and black pants and shoes.

β€œYou look gorgeous” Ms. Queen said to me. β€œThank you so do you” I said looking her up and down but like not in the way boys look at girls kinda way.

With that we were in the car, My dad was driving, carol in the passenger seat, Kendall, kylie, and my art teacher sitting in the 2nd row, and I guess you know where I ended up in the 3rd row with Aj.

My dad played country music the entire way which I was glad that I brought my earbuds and I tuned out the entire time listening to music. I looked over at Aj who looked like he wanted to kill someone, so like my stupid self I asked β€œWanna listen” as I held my earbud out for him. He took it looking thankful actually who am I kidding like he would be thankful. Thank god they invented airpods or this would’ve been very awkward.

β€œYour music is depressing give me your phone” he says, he doesn’t even give me a chance to hand it to him since he snatched it out of my hands and played his music. My phone tread the title Deepthroat by Cupcake. I don’t know what this song is but it sounds pretty go- WHAT IS THIS. When I tell you I paused it like the I was the flash I did.

β€œWhat is wrong with you, your so gross” i said putting my voice as low as a whisper. β€œCome on you know you loved the song” He looked at me and did his signature smirk and wink. I was so done that I snatched my AirPod and put both of them away just in case he found away to play something else.

My dad stopped the car and I guessed we were here so I took off my seatbelt and was waiting for them to get out of the car but no one did they just say there. β€œ Uh guys can we get out” i said wondering why no one is getting out.

β€œOne second darling I need to tell you the rules since you don’t know them” He said while him and everyone else took off their seatbelts. Why would we need rules it’s just a restaurant.

β€œRule number one No leaving us, stay with us at all times” He said looking me straight in my eyes. β€œSo your gonna follow me to the restaurant. I got nudged in the shoulder by Aj basically telling me to shut up.

β€œRule number two be careful, watch out for people, These parts of town usually isn’t where we would go but since we have reservations we are here” he said giving a small smile to My art teacher.

β€œRule number three Watch out when you get out of the car let Aj go first and I know this is a lot to ask but can you guys act like a couple I’ll feel a lot safer with that, just for tonight please” He says looking out the window. β€œDon’t worry sir nothing will happen to her” Aj said looking out the window too. β€œI’m not gonna question anything except for why do you guys keep looking out the window” i said, I’m not gonna question him saying β€œpretending we should date” since if he says that usually means listen to me now or get grounded so I wasn’t gonna take that chance.

β€œLook” kylie said holding onto Ms. Queens arm. I did as she said and saw a bunch of people watching our car they honestly looked like they all escaped prison or something. We stayed in the car for a little while since our reservation started at 9 which it’s now 8:50.

We got out of the car one by one then as soon as some of the boys sitting down saw me you could hear them whistling and hollering telling me to come over. I didn’t notice I was shaking until I felt an arm around my shoulders.

Dinner went pretty fast, Two really funny things happened at dinner tho. So we had a waitress and a waiter and Garrett was hitting on the waiter and saying stuff that could probable get Kylie grounded if she ever said it, but he ended up giving Me his number and not garrett, which is when my dad and Kendall started laughing. Then the waitress came over and started hitting on my dad she looked around 32 or younger, Carols got so mad that when the waitress came back over and handed him a drink saying it was on the house carol took the drink and poured it all over the ground. That’s when we had to be escorted out of the restaurant.

We asked if we could change before ether kicked us out and they said yes but fast so we all changed, I changed into a off the shoulder white top with black ripped jeans with rips in the front and back of the jeans, and put on some white and black air forces, I took my hair out of the braid and only the front pieces of my hair were wavy which was good I guess.

Of course I was the last person to go to the car, but unfortunately I was stopped by one of the boys and it ended up to be four other boys.

β€œHey sweetheart” the man in front of me said with alcohol breath he looked like he was in his 30’s or 40’s so did the guys behind him. I tried moving past them and instead got pushed to the ground and held down by three of the men I tried to make them let go but it was no use.

The man that was in the front of me came over to me and said β€œthis should be fun” and had a crooked smile on. He made the boys flip me over which then he found a zipper to my shirt, definitely the wrong day to wear a zipper up off the shoulder shirt. He took off my shirt and slid my pants half way down before someone came and punched him in the face. I layed there with my eyes closed sobbing. Next thing I know my pants are pulled up and my shirt is put on and zipped up and I’m getting carried by Aj.

I didn’t really focus on what everyone was saying I was mostly focused on crying and getting brought into the back and getting laid down on Aj’s lap. We ended up going to My art teachers house since her house was closer.

β€œAj go out her up in your room let her sleep” My art teacher said. He carried me up stairs into a room guessing this was his. He placed me on his bed and covered me up, he went to go leave but I grabbed his arm and whispered β€œplease stay with me” and which he did.

Me and carol ended up staying over and my dad would bring our bags over tomorrow which is today since it’s breakfast. Ms. Queen made peanut butter and Nutella truffles (waffles).

β€œYou okay hunny” Ms. Queen asked me with a worried expression on her face. β€œOh yeah I’m fine” i said and mumbled β€œit was wouldnt be the first time”. β€œWhat was that hun” Carol said walking over to the fridge. β€œI didn’t say anything” I lied. β€œI heard that princess” Aj said whispering into my ear. He’s probably lying oh well. I looked over to the door and my bags were there, I packed two bags and one backpack to bring on the plane with me.

β€œHere you both go” Ms. Queen said handing me an Aj a bag with stuff in it. We took the stuff out and it was matching outfits, oh god. β€œReally mom” Aj said rolling his eyes. β€œHey look if it makes you feel any better me and carol have the same outfit to” she said with a huge smile on her face. Oh great.

When it was time to leave, I called Jackson and telling him we were leaving, he seemed mad at me for going with Aj but I just told him don’t worry nothing will happen. It took us an hour to get to the airport, checking in was easy and then we waited 40 minutes to get on the plane. I mostly drew and listened to music while Aj did the usual flirting and making out with random girls. Then our moms were just reading magazines or on their phones.

β€œGroup A1 going to New York please board now” the intercom came on. I’m so glad we were in the first group that way I could relax and just draw. We got to our seats, our moms were two rows in front of us tho. Aj sat down next to the window and I sat next to him in the middle, I kept wondering if the seat next to me was gonna be opened or if someone was gonna sit down.

A few minutes later, A boy came he looked about the same age as us, he had light blue eyes, brown curly hair(the good type of curly), he was wearing sweatpants and a shirt. β€œHi” he said his voice deep. β€œHey” i said shyly. I looked over to Aj who doesn’t seem to happy that I’m talking to a complete stranger but he doesn’t say anything.

β€œ I’m Pierce, what’s your name” he said looking at my drawing book in my lap. β€œ I love your name, I’m Seraphina” i said with a smile on my face. β€œ I like your name better, so where you headed” he said getting comfortable in his chair. β€œ I’m going to New York, you?” I said looking out the window for a second. β€œ That’s crazy cause I’m going there too, maybe we will see each other” he said with a smile on his face.

The flight attendant came on the speakers and told us we have 1 hour left until we make it to New York. After a little drawing, listening to the music, and looking out the window I grew tired and fell asleep.


Aj’s POV

It was a little bit until sera actually fell asleep. She looked adorable when she slept, she’s so fucking Hot right now. Aj what are you thinking, she’ll never go like a guy like me, plus she’s dating Jackson.

We used to be best buds, but when my parents died it hit me hard and I went into a bad place and it kinda just stayed that way.

I felt a warm spot go cold, then I noticed that kid she’s sitting next to moved her head and shifted her body to go on him. He moved her legs on top of his legs and he moved his arm around her, what hit me hard was when this little boy thought he could get away with touching her thigh. He moved it upwards more and more until it was an inch away from her zipper. He went to pull the zipper down and that’s where I stepped in, I grabbed his wrist and moved her onto me β€œWatch it little boy you don’t know who your messing with” I said holding my grip tighter. β€œ Your hurting me stop” he said, I let go of his wrist and made sure he wasn’t gonna touch her again.

She slept for the entire hour that we had left on the plane. β€œSera wake up, sera” i said but it didn’t work, so I tried something new. I went closer to her ear and whispered β€œhey princess wake up” and with that a blush grew onto her face and she awoke. β€œSorry I didn’t mean to lay on you” she said packing her bag. β€œ Nah don’t mention it princess” he said smirking.


Seraphina POV

We got off the plane. It took us a while to get our bags but we did get them. We got a taxi and went to our hotel.

β€œOkay here are your keys and we have ours you guys are on the 5th floor and we are on the 3rd floor also be careful seraphina the hall way that you guys are in the football teams hallway so be careful” Carol said.

Me and Aj took the stairs while they took the elevator. We didn’t notice we were sharing a room until we walked inside. There was two bedrooms I get the one with the walk in bathroom. The kitchen huge and the living room is so nice. I love this hotel.

I layed down on the Queen size bed, I was gonna take a nap but then I heard yelling from the hotel room next to me. I was guessing they were about 5 guys in each hotel room. They were blasting music, and singing to the song. I might go over there and ask them if they could turn it down tho. I do that indeed.

I got out of my sweatshirt and sweatpants into ripped jeans that fitted my curves perfectly, they were my favorite pair of jeans the ones where there are rips in the front and back yeah those. Then I put on a black croc-top on and my black Air Forces on.

β€œHey I’ll be right back” I said leaving.

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