The popular boy and the artist

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Authors note

Hiiii loves, this is my first time actually writing a book and I always had a feeling I could do it. So I’m sorry if the book isn’t good enough or anything like that, but thank you for reading my book it means a lot to me. My grandma always wanted me to Wright a book and I never listened to her, but when she passed away it kinda hit me and I was like imma do this just for her.

I’m also really sorry if I don’t update every week like other people do. I have school and on top of that I have karate, so I’m usually writing the book when it’s like 9:30 P.M, then I’m really tired the next day, but I’ll try my best to keep updating
Byeeeee loves 😘πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
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