The popular boy and the artist

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Chapter two: Exploring

Supper was over, i met the family they seem really nice. I feel really outta place tho. I met my dads wife her name is carol she’s in her late thirties and makes really good muffins, i met kayla and kylie, kayla is 14 and kylie is 6. Kayla has blonde hair and we will be sharing a room together which is fun i think i have never actually had siblings. Kylie is really sweet and she is full of energy, she has dark brown hair like my dad. They have a son his name is garrett, and you can definitely tell he’s gay, which i love. He’s 18 and i’m in love with his sense in fashion.

Garret told me that he was going to show me around tomorrow. I’m excited but nervous at the same time cause i’m from the city it’s so different from here. I went to bed around two texting my friends, but if i’m being honest they were only my friends cause i would draw them. I don’t think i’m that good at drawing but everyone said otherwise, they probably talk bad abt me now since i left and they have to find β€œa less talented drawer” in their words.

It was sunday morning and i was looking forward to exploring this town, mostly so i could draw it. I went to the bathroom to shower, brush my teeth and get dressed i wore a white shirt that said β€œwatch out world an artist coming through” and i had some ripped jeans on. When i went back to my room kayla was snoring away, i put on my black high top converse and decided to go grab a apple or something.

β€œ Are you ready yet you take forever” garrett said with a whine. β€œshhh everyone is still sleeping” i said. garrett rolled his eyes and walked over to me like he was a model doing a runway walk. He had on a pink shirt that said β€œgay is the way” and he had on some jeans with boots. β€œAre you just gonna stand there and appreciate my style or are we going to go” He said with a giggle. I walked over to him with my notebook and a pencil.

We got into a white and black truck with medium size tires but i still thought they were huge.

it was a few hours later when he said β€œwhat’s the book for, you have been caring that thing around forever” I looked down at my notebook and saw a bench β€œcome i’ll show you” i said nervously. We sat down and i told him not to laugh at my work, didn’t say anything only nodded. As soon as i opened my notebook he looked at me then looked back at my notebook saying β€œ No fucking way you drew these, there so good”.

β€œThank you β€œ i said with a big smile. I told him i could draw him if he wanted to. β€œ You can omg yassss let me get into a pose” he sat with his legs cross and his hands up with a smile on his face. It took me about and hour to draw but it came out really nice. I think he broke my eardrums cause he screamed so loud that the sheriff came over.

β€œWhat as wrong is everything okay” he had his hand on his gun, he was looking at me like he knew me but u didn’t know him. Garrett started laughing really hard β€œhahaha we are fine look at meeee”. β€œ Um son i am” the sheriff laughed, but what i was really confused was that he said son. Did garrett have two dads? β€œ No the drawing” he took the drawing from my hand and showed the sheriff. β€œ Woah son you drew this” he said with a confused look on his face.

Garrett looked at me as in to say i can’t draw for my life. He said β€œ No she did she’s an amazing artist” he said with another giggle. The sheriff looked at me β€œ Oh i’m sorry i was confused on how he drew this if it was him” He chucked and put his hand out, i shook his hand and he said with a deep voice β€œ Hello i’m derek the towns sheriff and you are?” He said with one eyebrow up. β€œ Oh sorry i’m seraphina but you can call me sera”. Garrett interrupted us and said β€œ well cya sheriff it’s almost supper time”. As we were walking away you could hear derek yell β€œ bye kids”.

We got back home and we talked laughed and i really enjoyed having a family again.

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