The popular boy and the artist

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Chapter three: First day of school

Before i went to bed, dad came to my room β€œ hey sera can i talk to you outside” he asked looking at the floor with a grin on his face. I got my slippers on and put a blanket over my shoulders. β€œ Tomorrow your going to school with garrett and i do know it’s the middle of the year but your not going to stay here for the rest of school year” he said with a little chuckle, β€œ okay don’t worry i’ll try to make friends, but i can’t promise you”.

After a few minutes standing in the silence outside, we decided to go in and get some rest.

I woke up to the sound of people yelling and jumping on my bed, β€œ WAKE UP WAKE UP” kylie, kayla, and garrett said. β€œ I’m awake i’m awake” i said with a yawn. I saw they were busy jumping on my bed that i had a chance to be the first person in the bathroom so i grabbed my toiletries and my clothes and i rushed to the bathroom yelling β€œ HAHA SUCKERS”. I could hear footsteps running towards me but when they all came i shut the door.

I didn’t want to take too long so i did a quick shower, brushed my teeth, i put on a black croc-top and some light jeans that i forgot i had paint on but that’s okay, then i put my hair into a side braid and i put some clear lip gloss on. Before i knew it i was ready to go, as soon i opened the door kylie asked β€œcan you pwease do my hair sera”.

After we sat down i went straight to work with her hair i decided to do a fishtail that goes into a ponytail which then i tied her hair, Then i put a blue and white flower ribbon to match her dark blue dress with white flowers.

I also did kayla’s hair, her hair was so thin and not tangled that i decided to do space buns, i did two buns with two little strips of her hair in front, i think i did a good job. She also had on a space shirt that said β„•π”Έπ•Šπ”Έ on it with little stars, and she had on some leggings.

β€œ Are you guys going to wear those boots to school too” i said with a confused expression on my face. Carol started laughing β€œ hunny that’s all we wear”. β€œYou wear boots with everything?” i said acting like i was shocked. Garrett came out of his room with a pink shirt on that said β€œ πš’β€™πš– πš‹πšŽπšπšπšŽπš› πš•πš˜πš˜πš”πš’πš—πšβ€ and some ripped jeans with a purple jacket and boots on.

β€œHow do i look” garrett said spinning around. β€œ amazing but can we go we are gonna be late” kayla said.

We dropped off kylie and kayla at there school then dad dropped us off at ours.

β€œ Come on i’ll take you too the office” garrett said. When we got to the office garrett left me as soon as we stepped in, i don’t think he likes the office very much.

β€œ Hello i’m seraphina and i’m the new student” i said nervously. The lady looked at me with a glare β€œ Here’s your schedule hurry up or your gonna be late” she said with a scratchy voice.

My first class was history, i knocked on the door and this really handsome man i think he was the teacher came to the door. β€œ Hello you must be the new student come in” he said with a deep voice. When i walked in everyone just stared at me.

β€œ Everyone this is the new student seraphina please be nice to her” he said pointing to me. β€œ hi” i said touching my hair.

β€œ You can go sit by jackie, raise your hand jackie” he was pointing at a girl sitting in the back. i walked over and sat down next to her. β€œhey i’m jackie and this is lydia” she said and the other girl waved. β€œ hi i’m seraphina”.

Jackie was wearing a white shirt, black sweatpants, vans and a jean jacket and she had hazel brown eyes, with her hair parted to the side. Lydia was wearing a very colorful dress, some rainbow sketchers, parts of her hair was dyed rainbow colors, and she had dark brown eyes.

When class was over we talked about what classes we had, me and jackie have P.E. together but lydia has science. When we got to the girls locker room we changed into our P.E. shorts and shirt, the shorts were really short and the shirts were croc-tops. We had to do warm ups, 2 laps and then we had to play basketball, Me and jackie sucked at basketball everytime we missed we would laugh at each other.

After P.E. was lunch and i was starving. I sat with lydia and jackie at lunch, they told me about all the people, there was the football team, jackson and jackie were siblings. She told me that a bunch of girls would always come bother her about her brother.

Then there were the geeks, the gays (where garrett was), and then the jaguars, lydia told me to stay away from them especially rachel she was the most popular girl in school and she’s jackson’s ex girlfriend cause she cheated on him with a college boy, but he broke up with her and now she’s trying to get jackson back.

A few hours later, school ends

School was finally over, tomorrow i’m going to try to get art class instead of home economics. I told Lydia and jackie β€œ bye girls i’m this way”. β€œ Bye sera cya” lydia said and jackie just waved to me.

As soon as i turned around i bumped into someone by accident and my books and the persons phone fell. β€œ Oh i’m so sorry i wasn’t looking where i was going” i said while putting everything into my bag, they could’ve helped me pick my stuff up at least.

I stood back up and saw who i bumped into it was jackie’s brother jackson, just my luck to bump into the quarterback on the first day of school too. He looked down at me β€œ It’s fine but can i have my phone back” he chuckled. I totally forgot i was holding his phone.

β€œHere you go” i said. β€œ Well i should get going cya around” he looked surprised when i said that. β€œCya” he said with a weird voice.

Dad was already here waiting for me. β€œ Sorry i accidentally bumped into someone” i said with one eyebrow up, cause garrett was laughing at me.

β€œWhat are you laughing at” i said with a giggle. β€œ Someone has a crush” he said giggling. β€œ Who me”i said pointing at myself, garrett nodded. β€œ Oh no no NO i’m not into those type of guys” i said with a smirk.

β€œ Oop, we’ll talk about this later, is tomorrow good for you” he asked with a thumbs up. β€œ Uh we have school tomorrow” i said rolling my eyes.

β€œ No you don’t you only have school Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s” dad said joining in on our convo. β€œ Wait for real” i said with a smile, dad gave me a nod β€œ that’s so cool, so yes garrett i am free, oh dad can two friends come over tomorrow too” i asked.

He nodded again i don’t know why he doesn’t talk to me though, he talks to garrett and kylie and kayla. I just texted lydia and jackie asking if they wanted to they obviously said yes, but jackie has to babysit her 6 year old little brother so he’ll be coming along.

β€œ Okay then it’s all settled i’ll get the horses ready for tomorrow” he said. β€œ Wait did you say horses” i said with confusion. β€œ yep, you didn’t think we were gonna walk did you” he asked, dad chuckled. β€œ Um yes, yes i did” i said with a serious face on.

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