The popular boy and the artist

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Chapter Four: The ride

Bzzt Bzzt Bzzt Bzzt

What’s that noise, i woke up and my phone was going off like crazy. It turned out that it was jackie and lydia texting, apparently jackie’s brother jackson and his friend Aj is coming too, and they were almost here. Wait omg there almost here i have to get dressed.

I grabbed my clothes and rushed to the bathroom, i didn’t have much time so i took a quick shower, brushed my teeth and brushed my hair. I decided to put my hair into a half fishtail braid then into a ponytail. I put a tank top croc-top and some light blue jeans.

I went back to my room to put away my clothes and decided i would take my notebook and a pencil with me just so i could take in the moment and draw whatever we see. I told kylie we had to go and meet them by the stables, i almost forgot about too put on my shoes, i decided to go with my high top converses.

β€œ Can you do my hair” kylie asked, β€œ yes but let’s do it while we are on a break on the trail” i said while grabbing a mini backpack and put my notebook, pencil, hair ties, and a brush. β€œ hurry there waiting for us” i said opening the door. We got to the stables β€œ hurry get on the horse” garrett said with a giggle.

I put my foot on the saddle thingy and put all my weight on too my foot and swung over my other leg. β€œ Sera your facing the wrong way” lydia said, β€œoops” i said with a laugh and then they joined in. Okay now i was good to go i was facing the right way and we were on our way.

We went onto this one trail it was a very steep trail too, I looked back for a second and saw jackson’s friend and his horse not moving so i went back to see what’s wrong. β€œ hey what are you doing the others are up there” i said with one eyebrow up. β€œ There’s a storm coming in we have to take shelter and call me Aj” he said while looking up to the sky.

β€œWHAT” i screamed, i guess the others heard me cause they came back to where we are. β€œWhat’s wrong” lydia asked. β€œ WE HAVE TO STAY HERE FOR THE NIGHT” i said not happy at all. β€œ She’s right, it looks like there’s a storm coming towards us” jackson said.

We tried looking for a shelter but couldn’t find anywhere. β€œ Hey guys over here” kylie said. We all rushed over since it was sprinkling and it was about to pour.

β€œNice job kylie” i said hugging her. It was a small little house, i mean we didn’t want to break in but technically it was on my dads property so it wasn’t really breaking and entering. Once we all were inside, i took off the mini backpack and noticed that it was open and i was hoping nothing fell out but i was wrong something did fall out my notebook.

I started breathing really fast and freaking out cause my notebook was gone. β€œ Hey sera are you okay” Lydia said, β€œ what’s wrong sera” jackie said. β€œ M-my notebook it’s g-gone” i said i was studdering really bad. β€œ Uh oh, Sera calm down just breath it’s okay we will find it later” garrett said, i know he knew why i was freaking out about my notebook.

β€œ i have to go find it” i said still breathing hard, β€œ no you can’t go out there it’s storming, You can always just get a new one” Jackson said blocking the door. β€œ NO NOW GET OUT OF MY FUCKING WAY” i said very angry and couldn’t control myself, i shoved him out of the way and went out outside to look for my notebook. It was raining really hard and there was lightning, the wind was blowing really hard to.

Garrett’s POV

Great now she left β€œ Thanks a lot jackson, i was trying to calm her down but your big mouth had to open” i said with my hands on my face. β€œ Me i was trying to calm her down too” jackson said. β€œ BY SAYING β€œyou can just get a new one” ARE YOU KIDDING ME” i said by this time i was pissed that i didn’t noticed Aj was gone.

β€œ Wait where’s Aj, please tell me that idiot didn’t go out to find her” i said very annoyed. β€œ I’ll just go and find them it’ll be fine” jackson said reaching for the door. β€œ NO SHUT UP AND JUST SIT DOWN BOTH OF YOU” jackie yelled, we both listened and just sat down.

β€œ Aj probably went to see if she was okay let’s hope atleast” lydia said. β€œ is sera gonna be okay” kylie asked with tears in her eyes. β€œ Aw kylie don’t cry, she’s gonna be fine one of our friends are looking for her, let’s go rest, we should all get some rest” i said walking over to the lower bunk. Lydia and jackie went to the top bunk and jackson slept on the couch with jacob lydias little bro.

Back to seraphina POV

Ugh i’m so stupid, i didn’t mean to yell or shove him outta the way. β€œI-i should’ve brought a jacket all i have is a stupid flannel” i said while shivering my ass off. I squatted down shivering, then i felt a warm jacket on me. I stood up and there was Aj standing there giving me his jacket. β€œ Here take this your shivering” he said with yet again another smirk. β€œ T-thank y-you” i said, my teeth were chattering, i was wet cold and crying.

I turned around about to walk away, but then i was pulled back and next thing you know i have to hands around my waist. H-he was holding me, and i soon stopped shivering.

β€œ I think this belongs to you” he said holding my notebook. β€œ You found it omg i- i could kiss you right now” i said then i noticed what i had just said. β€œ Well go ahead i’m waiting” he said pointing to his lips. β€œYah in your dreams now let’s go back” i said laughing.

We were almost to the small house, then just my luck i tripped on a tree branch that must’ve fell. β€œ Ow” i said touching my ankle. β€œ Woah are you okay, can you stand up” he said kneeling down beside me. β€œ no i’m not okay i wouldn’t have said ow if i was” i said while trying to stand but i just fell back down. β€œ ow ow ow, does that answer your question” i asked.

β€œ here put your arms around my neck” he said. β€œ oh okay” i said, and he bridal carried to the house, and he made me knock on the door. β€œ Who is it” garrett said, β€œ it’s me garrett” i said in pain. He opened the door and his eyes just widened. β€œ jeez did you guys get married out there too, rude i wasn’t invited” he said with a giggle. β€œ No idiot she sprained her ankle” he said entering the room.

He set me down on the couch where jackson was sleeping. Aj took off my shoe and wrapped my foot in gauz. β€œ Thanks for helping me” i said with a smile. β€œ No problem” he said with a smirk.

β€œ I found a phone while you two were gone and called dad he’s coming in the morning” garrett said with a grin. β€œ Now Aj be nice and go take her to the bed, there are some extra clothes for you guys that we found so you guys can go change don’t worry there’s a sliding door that way you can have your privacy” he said putting his eyebrows up and down.

Aj carries me into the room and shut the door behind him and set me on the bed, He gave me the set of clothes to put on. I took off my shirt and he turned around fast β€œrelax Aj i was only taking off my shirt” i said with a laugh. β€œ I know i was giving you privacy” he said.

We both were dressed and went to sleep just like everyone else.
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