The popular boy and the artist

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Chapter Five: Skipping school and getting arrested

Before i went to sleep i took out my notebook and started drawing everyone together Jackson, Aj, Lydia, Jackie and Garrett. I drew all of them sitting down on a rock with a bunch of party stuff. I think the drawing cane out nice so i put away my notebook and tried to fall alseep but i couldn’t, so i grabbed my notebook and started drawing a bunch of random stuff, like a house, a barn, a random couple, and a meadow with horses. Then i finally went to sleep after drawing a little too much.

5:00 AM

I woke up to my alarm going off, i couldn’t figure out why my alarm clock went off and then it hit me, we had school today. I tried to get out of bed but then would wince at the pain when i put my foot down so i decided to just poke Aj until he would wake up. I poked him about forty times and he finally woke up. He looked up at me with those icy blue eyes β€œ Yes darling” he said looking up at me. β€œ Sorry to wake you but we have school today and we are all already late” i whispered so i wouldn’t wake up anyone else.

β€œ Okay goodnight darling, don’t wake me up again” he said closing his eyes to go back to sleep. β€œ No wake up i need you to help me get to the couch” i said shoving him a little bit, he mumbled something but i couldn’t hear it. β€œ Whatever i’ll just go myself then” i said, annoyed.

I put my feet down, most of my weight was on my left foot since my right foot was hurting more then yesterday. I went to walk and i tripped on my mini backpack and i thought i was gonna crash on the ground but someone caught me. I turned around and it was Aj who caught me.

β€œYour an idiot” he said with a chuckle. β€œ Thank you but i already knew that” i said rolling my eyes. I put my hands on my face in frustration, and next thing i know Aj is caring me to the couch. β€œ Thank you again” i said while he set me down. β€œ Whatever i’m going back to sleep” he said putting his hand into his hair and walked away.

β€œ Hey jackson wake up please” i whispered to him putting my fingers through his hair. I managed to get to the side his head was and put his head on my thighs. He groaned, i knew he didn’t wanna get up but he had to. I kept rubbing my fingers through his soft brown hair.

He turned around to where his head was facing up, he rubbed his eyes and when he noticed his head was on my thighs he jolted up, β€œ I’m sorry for laying on you” he said clearing his throat. β€œ It’s okay i put your head there” i said with a giggle, β€œ Oh” he said and i think he was blushing which made me feel good. β€œ How’s your foot doing” he asked looking down at the gauz, β€œ It still hurts but i’ll be fine” i said looking at my foot.

β€œMorning” Lydia said while making jackie wake up too. β€œ Morning” me and jackson said in sync, we looked at each other and laughed. β€œ So um guys, not to ruin this nice silent moment but school is today and it started an hour ago” i said rubbing my forehead.

β€œ What i totally forgot we had school shit” Lydia said, β€œ Looks like we are skipping school today” Jackie said with a smile, β€œ Ugg i had a chemistry test today too” jackson said with a groan. β€œ Don’t worry you would have failed anyways” jackie said laughing, he didn’t say anything but he looked mad.

β€œMe and lydia will go get the horses, jackson stay here with sera and help her get kylie and jacob ready” Jackie said pointing at all of us. β€œ Okay” jackson said while lydia and jackie walked out the door.

Jackson went to go wake up kylie and jacob while i sat on the couch feeling hopeless. Kylie came to me yawning, I put her on my lap and she went to sleep, jackson came back with jacob in his arms we both just laughed. Garrett came out and said β€œ Imma go outside and help the girls” walking over to the door.

β€œ We are ready let’s go” lydia yelled, which woke up Aj. He came and just passed us not helping and walked outside to get his horse. β€œ Here let me help” garrett said walking in grabbing kylie. Jackie came back and picked up jacob, β€œ Help her jackson, oh and she’ll go on your horse” she winked at me and smiled.

β€œ come on” he said picking me up bridal style. He put me on his horse, and he sat behind me with my horses reins and his. We all trotted our way back to the stables.

We ran to some trouble on our way there with some cops, the way to get to the stables was to cross the road and keep walking it was like a 30 minute walk with the horses. Apparently you can’t have horses even tho we already did and we didn’t get pulled over.

We all got off the horses, except for me i stayed on since i couldn’t get off. β€œ Get off the horse” one of the cops said, β€œ I can’t, i did something to my ankle and it hurts when i put my weight on it” i said, He walked over to me and grabbed my arm and pulled me to the ground, i screamed cause my arm slammed on the ground, and my foot was hurting worse.

β€œHEY YOU CANT DO THAT SHE WAS HURT” jackie yelled out. β€œ I do what i fucking want i’m a cop your not” the cop said to jackie. My eyes were closed but i could still hear and feel everything the pain, my friends screaming.

I opened my eyes just a little bit, i was on the floor laying down and i didn’t know where i was but i saw jackson, lydia, jackie, kylie, jacob and garrett with me.

β€œ AH YOUR AWAKE” lydia screamed tears in her eyes. Everyone came over to me, i tried moving my leg but i couldn’t. β€œ don’t move, it will hurt worse” jackson said. I was laying between his legs which made me blush. I could hear jackie yelling at the cops β€œ MY FRIEND NEEDS TO GO TO A HOSPITAL LET US OUT” or she would say β€œ YOU SON OF A BITCH YOU DID THIS”. Then it hit me we were in jail.

I heard the bars slide open, β€œ Your free to go a young woman named carol bailed you guys out” A cop said she was female too. Jackson scooped up and i started balling it hurt to much. We all walked out and Carol and my dad and kayla were all standing there. Carol Put her hands on her mouth, my dad said β€œ Oh my god” his voice breaking.

I could feel him driving fast we were all in the back of his pickup truck. I felt my eyes slowly closing, β€œ No sera stay with me come one” jackson said, lydia and jackie were crying. Then my eyes shut and that’s all i could remember until, I heard beeping again and again like it was repeating the same thing.

Then i quickly jolted up, I groaned in pain. β€œ It’s okay sweetheart i’m here dads here” my dad said holding my hand. There were flowers and get well soon cars. The thing that surprised me the most was that jackson, lydia, jackie, garrett were all still here. I smiled when i looked over and jackson was holding my other hand.

β€œ How long have i been out” i asked my dad, β€œ Almsot 4 Hours” he said with a smile. Lydia and jackie woke up to my dads deep voice. β€œ How you feeling” lydia said, β€œ yah are you okay” jackie said, β€œ Yes i’m fine only a sprained foot and wrist” i said with a smile. Then it got awkward cause everyone left the room, then i noticed that jackson told them too.

β€œ You scared the shit outta me ya know that” he said with a chuckle. β€œ I’m sorry, atleast i’m getting discharged today too” i said with a laugh.

Right in the middle of our conversation i got a text from an unknown number:

Unknown: Your fucking liar

Unknown: I bet you planned this whole thing to get closer too jackson, You slut

Me: who is this

Unknown: He was mine and you just snatched him away like the whore you are, you must take after your mom since you both are sluts

Me: Don’t talk abt my mom like that

Unknown: Don’t worry seraphina, imma make your life a living hell.

Then that was all they said, i didn’t want jackson to worry or anything cause i saw the look in his eyes, β€œ Is everything all right sera” he said with worry in his eyes. β€œ Oh yh haha everything is perfect” i said with an awkward laugh.

After an 2 hour ride i was back home in my comfy bed, The first thing i did was re-read the messages and figure out who is that β€œhe’s mine” and then i noticed something that jackie told me the first time we met β€œthose are the jaguars, the leader is rachel she is in love with my brother and claims him” IT WAS RACHEL. How did she get my number tho, I also knew she was gonna make my life hell.

2 weeks later

It’s been 2 weeks and nothing bad has happened to me, i was enjoying life i got my cast off (both of them), Me, lydia and jackie were becoming really close, Me and jackson were also becoming really good friends to.

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