The popular boy and the artist

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Chapter Six: A day at the Beach

It’s been a few weeks since my incident, The cop got arrested for what he did to me, I got my cast’s off so my life was pretty good so far. I was excited about today, jackson was coming to me up (with lydia and jackie of course), But the most important thing was that i was going to see if i made it into the art competition. It’s where all art people gather and have to draw the category that the audience gives, then the judges pick which one wins. I’m starting at beginners but it goes all the way up to expert.

I went to the bathroom with my clothes with one hand and my toiletries in the other and one big yawn. I was up all night drawing Thinking of what categories people would choose and i would draw them. I stepped in the nice warm shower, i looked down and started laughing cause i still had my slippers on, i took them off and set them outside.

My hair was so soft in the water and it felt so good that i totally forgot that jackson was picking me up. I rushed out of the shower, dryed off fast, put on a red shirt and black pants, I put on my socks and my red and black jordons. I brushed my teeth and my hair, I didn’t feel like doing anything with my hair so i just straightened it and left it how it was.

I heard the honking of a horn and i knew that it was jackson, i started to blush and that’s where i knew i had feelings for jackson. I mean we have been hanging out a lot lately, like last weekend he picked me up and we just walked on the beach and had ice cream.

Unfortunately it’s against girl code to date your besties brother. I guess it’s okay i understand like it would be weird. I shoved all that out of mind, got my mini red and black background that i painted, i shoved my notebook into it and ran out the door.

β€œ Hey seraaaaaaaa” lydia said she smiled at me and i think she knows i like jackson since she looked at him then back at me and raised her eyebrows up and down. β€œ don’t just stand there get in” jackie said laughing. She opened the door and jumped in the back, which was weird she loves sitting in the front. There was this one time lydia sat in front and jackie pulled her out of the seat and pointed to the back.

I sat down next to jackson he was wearing ripped bathing suit trunks and lydia and jackie were both wearing a bikini too. β€œ Wait before you go why do you guys have on bathing suits” i said really confused on what was going on.

β€œ Omg we forgot to tell you, we always go to the beach once a year” Lydia said smiling. β€œ I can’t skip guys my dad would be even more pissed if i went to the beach” i said shaking my head. β€œ No, the school holds it everyone goes to the beach as celebration or something” jackson said chuckling.

β€œ Come on me and jackie will help you get your stuff” she said giggling. We got out of the car and went back inside to my room. β€œ Uh guys i never brought a bathing suit with me” i said putting my hand on my shoulder. β€œ WHAT” lydia screamed. β€œ Don’t worry i have an extra one” Jackie said pulling a very revealing bikini. β€œ Yah i’m not wearing that” i said.

β€œ Cone we have no time just put it on” lydia said while her and jackie turned around. I took off my clothes and put the bikini on it was just my size, it was a white tube top with light blue thing bottoms. β€œ Um i don’t know about this guys” i said with my hands over my face. They both turned around with what looked like silent screaming. β€œ OH MY GOD YOU LOOK GORGEOUS” lydia said, β€œ I knew that would be the right one for you” jackie said with a smile. β€œ You knew” i said with a questioned look on my face. β€œ Girl i know you like my brother so now you will definitely have his attention” jackie said giving me a hug. β€œ YOU KNOW, i’m sorry that it goes against girls code” i said.

β€œ Um we don’t do girl code, we only do it for exes” lydia said laughing. Before jackie could say anything we heard a honk of a car. β€œ Oh let’s go” jackie said. I put on some ripped short shorts and a croc top. β€œ You guys take forever” jackson said rolling his eyes. β€œ We are girls what did you expect” jackie said laughing.

We finally got to the school and surprisingly we weren’t late. β€œ Everyone onto the bus no time to waste let’s go” The principal said. When we got on the bus, lydia and jackie sat next to each other, jackson sat down and he patted the seat for me to sit down. I was about to sit down then someone pushed me, β€œ Oopsies you snooze you lose” she laughed sitting down next to jackson.

I stood back up, and walked to the back and what do you know Aj is back here sitting alone β€œ is this seat taken” i said giggling. β€œ Yes it is by a girl named seraphina, do you know where she is by any chance” he said chuckling. β€œ Oh shut up” i said sitting down.

It’s been about 15 minutes now, i drew about 5 different personalities rachel has the leader of the jaguars also known as the seat stealer. β€œ Jeez you must really hate rachel huh” Aj said looking down at my art. β€œ Huh oh this it’s nothing” i said quickly closing my notebook. I laid back and closed my eyes, before i could fall asleep i felt a warm air hit my neck, β€œ You look beautiful today” Aj whispered into my ear. I blushed β€œ T-thanks” i said tucking a piece of my hair behind my ear.

We finally made it to the beach, I was the last to get off but jackson, lydia and jackie were all there waiting. β€œ I’m so sorry what rachel did she shouldn’t have done that” jackson said. β€œ Oooo if i was you i would have gotten up and beated her” jackie said but couldn’t finish since she saw a teacher. We walked over to the nuce incredible warm sand and found a stop to put our towels on. β€œ For some reason lydia and jackie made me sit right next to jackie and Aj since he came to join. i mouthed β€œ i hate you guys” to them they just started laughing. The worst part was that not only was i between them but the entire football team was next to us since jackson was over by us.

β€œ Well you guys wanna go in or what” jackson said pointing at us girls and the football team. β€œ yh sure” we all said. Lydia and jackie took off their tops and bottoms they were both wearing something similar to mine but theirs had straps, they had on a light blue top that strapped crisscrossed to there back and white thong bottoms. I took off my bottoms but i also felt like i was taking off my shirt in slow motion for some reason. Me, lydia, and jackie all walked down to the water and right behind us were the football team and jackson, Aj didn’t come tho he was reading some book. We were almost to the water but then lydia, jackie and I were on one of the guys shoulders and of course i had to be on jackson’s. The best part of that was that rachel was watching him carry me so i was okay with it.

After we got slammed in the water and stayed in for awhile i decided to get out, they all stayed in. When i got my towel i shook it to get off all the sand. β€œ Excuse you” Aj said looking at me with his sunglasses on. β€œ Oh i’m sorry did i get you sandy i didn’t see you there” i said laughing and laying down on my towel. β€œ Your phone has been going off” Aj said handing me my phone.

I turned around on to my stomach and unlocked my phone. When i saw who it was i knew this wasn’t good it was that unknown person again.

Unknown: you look ugly in your bikini disgusting slut

Me: oh so your here at the beach, tell me who you are

Unknown: You don’t tell me what to do but get this straight how many times do i have to tell you, STAY. AWAY. FROM. JACKSON.

Me: you sound like a psychopath btw

Unknown: anyways i came to tell you two things, 1. Ik abt your mother and her drug problem and how she was a fucking abusive slut to everyone, and 2 if i see you alone in the water i will fucking drown you and kill you and i will make sure no one ever finds you. have a nice day

Me: how do you know abt my mom, and ik you want cause i’m always with people.

Unknown: Oh and don’t tell anyone abt this or i will get someone to kill your mother and you will have no one again byeeeeeeee

Me : i won’t tell anyone just don’t hurt my mom

β€œ Is everything okay” Aj asked. β€œ Oh yh it was just my dad asking if i was okay and what is garrett doing” i said smiling. β€œ Okay well you wanna get in the water” he said getting up. β€œ NO, i-i mean no i’m fine you go ahead” i said putting my face down. β€œ Um okay cya” Aj said running to everyone in the water.

It was almost 3:00 when they called everyone to pack up there stuff and get on the bus. My stuff was already packed, i had my clothes on and my hair was dry since i didn’t get in well i didn’t want to. β€œ Hey why didn’t you get in you only got in once” Jackson said and everyone turned to me. β€œ Oh yh i cut my foot on something and i couldn’t walk on it but it’s all good now” i said with an awkward laugh. We all got on the bus and i actually beated rachel onto the bus that got to sit with jackson.

I woke up to jackson whispering my name β€œ sera, seraphina, sera” he whispered. Then i noticed i was laying my head down on his shoulder. β€œ Oh i’m sorry i was really tired” i said picking up my stuff and getting out of my seat, β€œ oh uh it’s fine” he said putting his hands through his hair.

We got off the bus and we all went to jackson’s call and when i mean all i mean, lydia, jackie, garrett, Aj and me. We dropped off Aj first then lydia then jackson dropped off me and garrett. β€œ I call shower first” garrett yelled out while walking through the door. I was getting my stuff out of the car when i saw jackie nudge jackson. I shut my door and when i was about to walk away while waving goodbye. β€œ Hey seraphina will you go out with me” jackson said smiling with his pearly whites. β€œ Yes jackson i would love that i said kissing his cheeks and walking to the door. I didn’t realize garrett was smiling at me β€œ yes i knew this day would come” he said going to the bathroom. I smiled and went to my room and satin bed smiling.

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