The popular boy and the artist

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Chapter Seven: The Date

I woke up screaming this morning, kayla wakes up by my screaming i didn’t know i screamed that loud. β€œ What is it now” she said rubbing her eyes. β€œ TODAY.IS.MY.DATE.WITH.JACKSON.” i said taking a gasp of air after each word. β€œBe careful when you stand up” she said while falling asleep. I didn’t know what she meant by that but, i didn’t really care cause i was way too excited.

β€œOw, Watch it sera jeez” Garrett said rubbing the back of his head. so kayla was right when she said β€œwatch where you stand”. β€œ Garrett?What are you doing in my room” i said very confused but i think i know the answer already. β€œ Your date obviously” garrett said getting up from the floor. β€œ Now go take a shower and brush your teeth while i pick your outfit” he said pushing me out the door. β€œ Okay” i said while walking to the bathroom.

I locked the door and stripped, i stepped into the warm water in the shower and started bathing myself. I got out after my fingers started getting really pruny, I took abt a 30 minute shower so i guess that was enough. I brushed my teeth and put my hair Half up half down with two french braids in the front. It was nice since i dried my hair a little bit that way it wasn’t soaking wet.

I came back into my room, My clothes were everywhere. β€œ Garrett oh my gosh What happened in here” i said with my mouth opened as if i was surprised. β€œ A hurricane, i’m going to go get some coffee” kayla said with a grunt. β€œ I finally found some cute clothes that were all the way on the bottom of your suitcase” he said pointing to them.

β€œ I- i can’t wear those” i said stuttering a little bit. β€œ Why not” he said sitting on my bed and patting the side next to him. β€œ I-i wore it to my best friends funeral” i said with a tear coming down my cheek. β€œ You wore a striped off the shoulders croc-top and ripped jeans with rips in the front and back, With high top shoes” garrett said wiping the tear from my face.

β€œ I don’t wanna talk about it” i said standing up. β€œ That’s okay, well then what will you wear. β€œ Well i kinda already picked something out” Pointing at the black long-sleeved see-through shirt and a tight white mini skirt. β€œ Damn where’d you get that outfit from” He said with a giggle. β€œ Jackie and lydia got it for me” i said getting it from my closet.

β€œ Okay girl you do you imma go get a coffee” garrett said strutting out the door. I put on a black laced bra and black laced underwear and then the shirt and the mini skirt, i put some make-up on and i was ready to go. I looked at my phone and saw that i had two messages from our group chat (Me, Lydia, and jackie), one from Jackson, and One from Unknown.



Me: Ik guys i’m so excited and nervous

They were really excited for me especially jackie and i was happy abt that.

Jackson: I’m on my way to come get you

Me: Ooo where are we goin

Jackson: You’ll have to find out, i’m abt 10 minutes away i’ll honk the horn cya when i get there❀️

OMG HE JUST SENR A RED HEART, I DIDNT LNOW WE WERE THERE YET. My mind was freaking out just like i am.

Me: okie byeeee❀️

Then the worst of them all, whoever unknown was i really hope they don’t screw up anything for me.

Unknown: So i guess you don’t give two shits abt your mom, wow your really messed up.

Me: Can’t you just leave me alone

Unknown: i would but you won’t leave jackson alone so i can’t.

Me: I’m not just gonna stop talking to him just cause you said so bitch tf

Unknown: 3, 2, 1.... HONK

I heard a honk from outside, I can’t believe whoever this person called it, how did they know is the real question.

Me: How did you.. whatever bye

I got my backpack with my drawing book and my pencil and put my phone in it and walked outside.

β€œ Oh my god” jackson said putting his fingers through his hair. β€œ I’m not that good looking” i said while blushing. β€œ Yes, yes you are” Jackson said leaning over and giving me a kiss on the cheek. β€œ Thank you” i said trying to get my seatbelt on but it was stuck. Jackson got out of the car and opened my side of the door, grabbed the seatbelt and clicked it into the seatbelt socket thing. β€œ I totally could’ve got it” i said playing with my hair. β€œ Your welcome” he said with a smirk and driving away from my house.

It was almsot 12:00 and we still didn’t make it to where he wanted to go. β€œ Where are we going” with a small giggle. β€œ You’ll see we are almsot there” he said looking at the road. I felt like we were driving for hours, I eventually fell asleep. I felt my seatbelt get taken off of me, but i didn’t wanna wake up so i just left my eyes closed. β€œ Hey sera wake up, if you don’t wake up we aren’t getting crazy ice cream” he said with a chuckle. I immediately woke up and said in a baby voice β€œ crazy ice cream” while getting out of the car hugging him.

Crazy ice cream was the best ice cream place in the world. We walked over and ordered our ice cream and sat down on the stairs watching people skate, since right next to the ice cream place was a skating park, Jackson got a double chocolate fudge ice cream and i got the artistic ice cream, They named the ice cream after me since i drew the sign for the ice cream place.

β€œ Come on, let’s go for a walk” jackson said getting up, holding his hand out for me to grab it, I stood up grabbed his hand and we walked over to the trail that led to this really pretty scenery. We talked abt ourselves and we laughed sometimes. β€œ I-i can’t walk anymore” i said squatting down. β€œ Come on get on my back” he said turning around, I jumped on his back and it felt amazing, all the wind blowing in my face, Especially just being there with him. We made it to the top of the trail and there was a nice bench that we walked over to sit down at. You could see his icy blue eyes more since the sun was shining in his face. It was the perfect time to draw.

I took out my notebook and a pencil and started drawing him. β€œ What are you doin miss” he said looking at me with a smile. β€œ Shhh i’m drawing you” i said very concentrated on my drawing. β€œ Oh okay” he whispered. After a few minutes i showed him the drawing β€œ done” i said said passing him the notebook. β€œ Holy shit sera i look better on paper” he said looking at me, i just laughed. He started flipping through the pictures and then stopped on one, it was a picture of my mom when she wasn’t a drug addicted and my best friend before she passed. β€œ Who are these people” he said tracing it with his finger. β€œ Oh that’s my mom and my best friend before she was a drug addict and my best friend passed” i said trying not to cry.

β€œ If you don’t mind me asking how did your best friend die” he said scooting closer to me and putting my legs on his. β€œ Um Her name was peri short for periwinkle, And um she killed her self at the age of 14 we were only in 8th grade when it happened” i said with some years tricklying down my face. β€œ I’m so sorry” he said pulling me closer to him, β€œ I’m fine now it was a long time ago” i said hugging him back. β€œ 2 years isn’t that long tho” he said standing up. β€œ Ik but i’m fine trust me” i said standing up.

We walked back to the car. β€œ OH yes this is my favorite song” he said turning up the song. The song was Mood swings by pop smoke. He rolled down the all the windows and put the roof down. After a 2 Hour drive home it was already 3:30. I got out of the car, so did he. He held my hands, β€œ I had a really fun day today” he said with a smile. β€œ Me too” i said with a giggle. He pulled me closer, he had one hand on my waist and one on my cheek. He leaned down and kissed me, His soft lips touched my lip gloss lips. We just stood there kissing. Then we both stepped back. β€œ Goodnight jackson” i said kissing him on the lips as saying goodbye. I turned around and was about to walk away, until i was pulled back into his arms. β€œ Your mine” he whispered, I blushed i was really hoping he didn’t hear my heart beating so fast. He let me go gave me a kiss on my forehead, cheek, and my lips.

I walked into the house and went into the kitchen. Carol, My dad, Kylie, Kayla, and Garrett were all staring at me. β€œ Soooo how’s it go” garrett said sounding very interested in what i was about to say β€œ let’s just say it went well” i said blushing. β€œ WHAT DO YOU MEAN LETS JUST SAY TELL USSSS” kayla yelled. β€œ It was amazing and we ended the night out with a kiss” i said blushing. β€œ Imma kill him” my dad said folding his arms. β€œ Oh stop, i’m glad you had fun now girls and garrett go to sleep” carol said swatting her hand to the rooms. β€œ Mommm i’m one of the girls how many times do i have to tell you” Garrett said while walking to his bedroom. β€œ Go to sleep girl” carol said with a laugh.

Soon everyone fell asleep.

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