The popular boy and the artist

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Chapter eight: the reveal

This morning was the worst possible morning anyone could ever have. First I got up and stepped in dog pee, then I was the last one to get to the bathroom, the shower wasn’t working so I had to leave my hair wet. I put on some dark blue ripped jeans that were in ripped in the front and back, and then I put on a white and blue striped croc-top, and my light blue and white checkered vans.

Dad told me and Garrett that we had people coming over so we had to get home early and start cleaning right away, but atleast jackson, jackie, and her little brother we coming too. I grabbed a piece of toast, shoved it in my mouth and got ready for jackson to pick me up.

I heard a honk of a car and I saw jackson with his the hood of his car up since it was raining. β€œHey sera, hurry get in” he said unlocking my side of the door. β€œI’m getting in....” I let my sentence drag along. He looked at me with a worried look then looked at the road. I don’t think he noticed his hand was on my thigh. β€œ what’s wrong” he said lowering the music that way I could talk.

β€œOh yh I just had a bad morning” I said looking out the window. β€œWant me to make your day better?” He said with a smirk along with a chuckle. β€œHow would you be able to do tha- ” I was cut mid sentence by his soft lips on mine. We stopped when we heard a loud bang on the my side of the window, that’s when i noticed jackie and lydia were watching us through the window.

β€œCome on lovebirds we still have class” jackie said rolling her eyes. β€œYou ruined the moment sis” jackson said with a huge groan. I chuckled a little while taking off my seatbelt.

We entered the main doors of the high school and everyone was staring at us then I noticed jackson had his arm on my shoulders, and he kissed me on the forehead.

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