black soul

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she runs from her shadow he chases her shadow they are like partners in crime but a little twist comes when they meet each other they hate each other but hold secrets that there about to find out what could go wrong while their boss of a mafia gang

Romance / Erotica
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im peacefully sleeping in my warm crinkly blanket until something rips the quilt of me leaving me totally shivering I opened my left eye seeing Layla and menele bow to me speaking loudly "hi boss sorry to wake you up but u have high school" they said while rubbing their arms I gave them a cold look thinking too myself "how dare you wake me up without my best friend here" I thought in my head until I heard loud stomps coming up the stairs and as someone walked into my bedroom I heard my best friend screaming "move bitches CC is here " she shouted at them and I giggled she looked at me devastated as I titled my head confused "what?" i said coldly "OKAY I TOLD U GUYS PERSPIFIC TO MAKE HER CHANGE INTO SOME NICE CLOTHS!" she shouted and they shivered as if she was me and I did not like that so I coughed to make her shut up "were late..." I said deadly "oh my fucking gawd why lord why?" she replied to me rolling her eyes "shut the fuck up cc I aint in the mood so get out before i fucking make sure all three of you put a bullet to your head how about that " they ran out while my best friend was giggling heh bit of a dramatic morning i looked threw my closet trying to find a nice dress because i knew i woudnt make it out the house wearing a hoodie and leggings today so i put my nice black dress on i had the perfect body and eyes everyone always told me my eyes were a bright blue with a little purple in them i put my hair in a bun while walking downstairs catcing my eye i saw my mum she came to the bottom of the stairs just like my best friend did shoving a cookie in her mouth i felt them stairing at me intensively "biana cartino miae" my bestfriend said like she saw a ghost "MY BABY GOING TO GET A BOYFRIEND" they both screamed down my ear as i got to the bottom i sighed "ugh whatever hurry up lets go Layla whats the tasks for today" I looked at her emotionless "well mich ravid wants to make a deal and meet up with you, two guys tried to steal from you this morning and 1 of your best gang member got shot in the neck causing her not to breath so to qlarify that as a better meaning she is dead boss" she said politely mum and cc looked at eachother bitting their lips knowing what i was going to do "WHAT THE FUCK LAYLA COUDNT HAVE YOU TOLD ME THAT EARLIER 2 EXTRA HOURS for fuck sake WHERE IS SHE NOW WHEN DID SHE DIE AND I WANT U TO FIND OUT WHO DID THIS OTHER WISE IM GOING TO BLOW YOU BRAINS OUT...understood" I shouted at her violently and then smiled like pyscho bitch "yes boss she I-"she got cut of "she is her grave stone hunny is a bit obviouse calm down and she will tell you after school now love you bye" she hugged me like my best cliquent didn't just die is this woman for real ?

who shot her best cliquent? what was going to happen at school
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