Broken and Alone

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Katalina felt like she was drowning in her own life will she or will someone help her float.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter One

I never thought things would get this dreadful. He was supposed to be the love of my life, my husband. We were so happy, he cherished me so much and gave me all the love he had to offer. Then one day came what I never expected.

I heard the click of the door and my heart raced. I haven't seen him in about a week due to he was traveling for work. I heard footsteps and the sound of heels. He walked in looking handsome as always. Then followed was a women who looked to be in around her mid 20's with long curly blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. I wondered who she was and what was she doing in our house. My husband has sometimes had work associates over for dinner but they were always male. I walked over to my husband, gave him a hug which he reciprocated and he kissed me on the cheek. I then turn to the blonde and said "my name is Katalina nice to meet you." She didnt say a word just smiled. My husband had a facial expression on his face I couldn't read. I was tired of playing the guessing games wondering who she was. I grabbed a casserole dish to set on the table I said "So is she a work associate, who is she?" The words that came out of my husbands tore my heart in two. He said "She is my girlfriend." He has to be joking I thought so I started laughing and said "good one honey but who is she really?" In my head I was pleading he was joking. He said "darling this is Stacy my girlfriend and Stacy this is my wife Katalina." My heart stopped, the casserole dish I was holding fell to the ground and time stopped. I couldn't believe him. I looked up at him to see concern in his eyes, so now he's concerned. Tears threatening to fall I ask "What are you talking about?" He cautiously said "Honey I love you and you are my number one but I needed more and Stacy gives me that." I look at him then I look at her. He is acting like this is a normal thing we talk about. The betrayal and the hurt I feel in my heart is unbearable. I wanted to scream, I wanted to yell, I wanted to do something but I couldnt move nor speak. I looked up at him with tears in my eyes and yelled" I want her to leave now, I need to talk to you right now alone!" He simply nodded and walked her out.

I took a seat at the dining room table and couldn't hold it in anymore, I started to cry and scream. He walked back into the dining room and just stared at me. I had many questions like why I wasn't enough, why he would break our vows, or the most important question did he seriously think I would stick around knowing he is with another. He said " Honey are you alright?" I started to get furious. I yelled " Am I alright, are you serious. You bring another women into my house and introduce me to her as your girlfriend are you serious. Please tell me that was a sick joke." He looked down and said "No it's not a joke but I still love you and want you as my are the love of my life." Was I supposed to get on my knees and thank him that he wanted me too? I love this man with my all. I love that he can make me laugh, that he can make my heart flutter with a single glance, and I loved that he treated me like I was the only women in the world, well apparently not anymore. I took a deep breathe and said " I can't believe you, you are not the same man I fell in love with or married." I stood up shaking my head and I started walking away. He stood up and walked after me " I love you Katalina and you are an amazing wife but I need this." I stop quickly and turn around " You need this do you, well I need a divorce." I crossed my arms across my chest, he looked shocked. Like how shocked could he be, he cheated on me god knows how many times." He cried " Oh no Katalina you don't mean that, I love you please don't leave me I need you I can't live without you!" It hurt to see him upset but he did this to himself. "You should have thought about that before you cheated on me!" I yelled. I couldn't believe this man who had my whole heart, my trust, my loyalty, and everything I had would ever do such a thing. I wiped the tears at him and looked up into the eyes of the man I loved. I said calmly " I love you so much but you have been unfaithful to me, you have damaged my heart to great capacity. I will never forgive you and I would like a divorce so you can build a whole new life with your girlfriend." Then I continued " Did you honestly think I would continue to be your wife after you betrayed me?" He didn't say a word just looked at me with sorrow in his eyes. I so badly wanted to kiss this man I love, to hug him and tell him how much I want to stay together but I couldn't. No matter how much eternal love I have for him I will never be just another option. I walked into our room and started to get dressed for bed. I crawled under the covers and he looked at me like he was asking to join. I said " you can sleep here, this is the last time we will share a bed ever." I fell asleep that night crying myself to sleep.

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