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Beth Davis likes Kenneth Piers, a whole lot. That's a fact. The moment she had seen him for the first time as a transferee back in second grade (with two of his front teeth missing), she just knew that her heart was stolen then and there. And liking someone, is quite easy. But letting that person know you like them? The difficulty level is raised to a hundred. That's is why, after all these years, Beth had kept her feelings all to herself. Now seventeen, she's thrown into a situation where her and Kenneth's path collide. And as though fate might've brought them together, sadly it didn't. A Truth or Dare did. But Beth is determined on creating her own destiny. So what if the heavens had still not made a book about their love story. It won't be a problem! Because she'll write all the damn pages of it herself. Includes: Romance, Drama and a whole lot of comedy

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Welcome Stalker


This story may contain events where Beth Davis uses strong language.
This story may also contain humor (ha! Like Beth is even remotely funny🤢) , romance 😏, drama 🎥 and action. - that last part was a lie, no action.


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So hey guys! This is my first romantic-comedy story and this has been so much fun to write. I’ve been thinking about this plot for a while now and I just knew in my heart that I had to start writing it as soon as I can.

I’ve fallen in love with the characters but mostly of Beth Davis herself. So I hope you enjoy this story, and If you like it add it to your library, vote, comment even share it to your friends. I would love feedback. Enjoy ❤️


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