His Dark Mercy (Sample)

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WARNING‼️This book contains abstruse topics such as Dark Love, Abuse, Violence etc if you are not comfortable with the above please feel free to swipe past this book. The Marino’s One of the most powerful Mafia Families in the entire world. Lead by one man. A powerful, ruthless and psychotic man. A Feared and Respected man across the Mafia World mostly known for his ruthless ways. Mateo Marino. No one dares to stand in his way Zoe the girl who didn’t even know she was so close to danger, had no idea whom exactly had set their sights on her. By the blink of an eye her life completely changed over night. Mateo turned her world upside down. She didn’t ask for any of this neither did she want it but she had no choice because Mateo had already decided that she was his. He had already chosen his Queen. Whether she liked it or not there was no escaping Mateo Marino.

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Chapter I

I smiled feeling content with myself as I walked down the hall to my patients room. I was just in the operation room and I just saved a life, I was specifically advised not to take the surgery because it was too risky.

Mrs Henandez was crushed when she heard the news about her sons surgery being too risky, her sons fate had already been decided by the doctors . He would not make it. I took the task to give it my best even though I knew it was a risky surgery. I had put everything on the line to save Mrs Hernandez' son,even though I couldn't afford to mess it up. It's not that I thought I would I just had to make the best first impression to my colleagues. This will be my first surgery in Mexico.

I have recently just moved here in Mexico. I moved here in hopes of starting my own clinic and I am working my way up there. I knew that if I messed up this surgery my hopes of being taken seriously in this hospital would be jeopardized especially as the youngest surgeon who is a black female.

I took the challenge because I couldn't bear how devastated and scared Mrs Hernendez looked when she received the news about her son. A single mother who would do anything for her only son. I could relate because I have a single mother who worked nine to five to put me through school and put food on the table. I adore my mother, she is my world. So when a single mother cries and is in pain it doesn't sit well with me.

I smiled remembering how happy the single mother was, she had cried and squeezed me to almost death. I was happy because I made her happy, I was happy because I managed to save a life and keep a family together. These were some of the reasons why I became a doctor.

When I got to my patients room I wasn't surprised to see Mrs Henandez laying beside her son their hands interwined. I smiled feeling this happiness inside of me of seeing them together. I slowly made my way out of the room, I was now satisfied I have seen my patient, now I'm heading home. I'm done for the day.

I called a cab and gave him my address to my apartment. I was planning on saving money and either renting out a house to myself or just simply buying it. I wanted to live in the peaceful parts of Mexico. I paid the taxi driver and headed up my apartment.

I couldn't wait to pass out on my bed. I opened the door to my simple apartment it wasn't much but it was currently home to me and it will have to do for now. I sighed as I thought about the long day I had today. I hopped into the shower and let the luke warm water run down my body as I washed it.

I thought of everything that I will have to go through to accomplish my dream. I want to help people and save lifes. I slipped out of the shower put on my sleep wear and then I passed out on my bed.


I turned around on my bed, the sheets tangled my feet and I fell down on the floor with a amph, groaning I quickly answered my phone "whaaaaaaaat" I whined

"Just calling to remind you about today"her thick spanish accent coated her words, I groaned

"Cottelo noooooo please" I begged trying to get out of dinner. I was still exhausted.

"........ No!"

"At least tell me Marco will not be there" I silently prayed as I looked at the time.

Damn. I had slept through the whole day and I understood why, I was so exhausted. This whole week had been busy for me. I was busting my ass proving myself, I raised my head looking at the alarm clock beside my bed again. It read 16:45

"You know I can't stop Marco if he decides to come"

Marco and Cottelo Marino the twins, Cottelo is my closest friend and Marco her brother is scary as hell, today I promised Telo I would go with her to her cousins 'Dinner Party' (dinner after the Bachelorette party, it was a tradition for some of her cousins) ..... Yes apparently that was a thing after the big crazy night. Telo and I didn't go to the actual Bachelorette party instead we laid in my apartment on my couch on netflix and chatting away the night in sweats and big t-shirts. We were invited but instead of going we made up an excuse and had a lazy day. I raised my right hand and massaged my head. I thought about ditching her but she would literally gut me alive. I sighed. Marco is coming.

"Why are they even allowed to come. It's a freaking after bachelorette dinner for your cousin" I asked puzzled

"No one will dare tell Marco and Nicholas what to do, you know that and it will only be for the first thirty minutes to make sure everyone is safe and check our surroundings as if I can't handle that. They never stay for these things anyway. "

"Will Saraphina and Sofia be there?"

"Zoe, Stay away from Saraphina how many times do I have to tell you that?!"

Saraphina and Sofia are Telo's siblings. Saraphina is Telo's youngest sibling but she doesn't want her around me. I don't understand why because she's the nicest person I know, at least to me. She is always checking up on me and calling just to say hi or hang out. Last week we went to dinner with Sofia, Telo was out of the country on some business and I won't tell her about our little get together because she will get mad. She always has this worried glint in her eyes when Saraphina is around.

"But she's so nice an-"

"I know you like making friends but just stay away from Saraphina, I don't like her being around you. I really have a bad feeling about her".


"Just trust me okay."


"I will see you later, Si, Saraphina and Sofia will be there...don't be late" she hung up. I smiled at her words atleast more people I'm familiar with will be there.

I slowly stood up using the bed... I did not feel like leaving the house, ever since I got to Mexico I have been so focused on my job and working hard. Telo would only come over to hang out because I refuse to go out and she also came over for my cooking. She loved my food, I even learned how to make Mexican dishes for her which she was amazed at. I learned to make them because she told me she missed home and the food back home so I wanted her to feel some sort of a part of home.

I made it to the bathroom and stripped and got in the shower letting the slightly hot water hit my back it stung at first but then my body adjusted. I was about to go and meet The Marino's... well in person and only part of them. I don't really know much about them Telo is not a really open person. I know just enough.

I decided on wearing a yellow dress which was made out of yellow flowers and hugged my body and my yellow heels which weren't that high because then I would only be endangering my own life I can be really clumsy at the worst times, plus high heels were not really my thing but Telo insisted that this wasn't like any after bachelorette dinner this was a 'formal dinner'. I looked at the mirror the yellow complimented my brown skin in a beautiful and modest way. I love wearing yellow.

Telo said at five thirty exactly a car would be waiting to escort me and at exactly five thirty a beautiful car was outside waiting for me. I took my time to admire the car as I got in the backseat and greeted the driver he only nodded and we were off. Telo told me she would wait for me outside the gate and I am really grateful for that. She would have picked me up but she had to run some errands first. We arrived at our destination to say I was amazed would be an understatement the house behind the humongous gates was beautiful and mouth dropping. On the gates was the gold letter M. The only word that left my mouth was wow.

Telo was leaning against her silver Porsche 918 spyder. Telo was into cars and she owned a bunch of them, all of her cars were exotic and fast. She was on her phone, her body wrapped in a red alluring dress red lipstick coated her lips, she was gorgeous with her hair in ripples down her back finishing off with her red high heels. Telo looked up as I closed the door of the car.

"Wow look at you flaunting what you got" she smiled as we hugged I smiled.

"You look gorgeous Telo"

"I had to even though Mama and Papa are away on a trip again they made it very clear that I had to be well dressed instead of sweats and a t-shirts because it's important to my cousin." she rolled her eyes

" I ca-" I was cut of by the roaring engine of a car, it startled me making me jump and almost fall before Telo caught me.

"Zoe calm your clumsy ass down it's just a car" she laughed I smiled sheeply my face feeling hot.

A red Ferrari 458 italia Spider pulled up next to us, I wasn't really phased with seeing beautiful cars anymore because the Marinos were always pulling up on me. Marco got out of the car with a puzzled looked on his face, his pale blue sharp eyes looking at me. He was dressed neatly in a suit that hugged his body, his brown hair neatly in a bun. The Marinos were blessed with luxury and looks and damn Marco was fine. Before he could say anything Nicholas pulled up next to us in his white Maserati GranTurismo. He got out of the car also with a puzzled look on his face as to seeing us outside the opened gates. Also wearing a suit.

"Why are you outside?" Marco asked his voice deep cutting through the silence whilst his eyes were glued on me as if Telo was not a few feet away from me. He didn't even greet us but I wasn't going to comment on that. I looked at him his eyes were raking my body making me feel small.

"Uhhh Telo was waiting for me, let's go Telo"I said nervously, I went to get in her car when Nicholas' voice stopped me.

"Ride with Marco she's riding with me" he stated his brown cold eyes daring her to say otherwise but of course this was Telo. Nicholas is fine as hell but that was all Telo right there.

"No. " was all she said as she dragged me to her car and got in shutting the door, her engine roaring to life. Nicholas was still looking at her with his teeth clenching. Marco simply went back into his car.

"So how is Stephen? " I asked trying to avert her mind from whatever tension she had with Nicholas, she gripped her steering wheel.

"He moved away. " she gritted out now I was confused, this was not the first or the second guy that Telo has dated that has mysteriously moved away or just completely disappeared.

"What is really going on?"

"Nicholas is what is going on!" I left the conversation there, if Telo wanted to tell me something she would and I know when she is ready she will eventually tell me what's going on with Nicholas.

The huge beautiful mansion was even more extravagant as we got closer, the driveway was quite long. We got out of the car and I took a minute to fully analyze it outside it looked like a modern castle. Only word to describe it once again was wow. Telo's family was loaded so I could understand how they were able to afford this house. It looked inviting and exotic. Two story big mansion,the dream. Telo held my hand ushering me inside and immediately after I stepped inside I wanted to go home something didn't feel right. I could feel it in my gut something was about to go down but what?!. There is only one way to find out, I thought as I finally moved further in the house with Telo my whole being toppling over with curiosity.

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