Different Destinies

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A short story summing up the love life of a simple girl, like any other. This nameless little girl is fighting over finding her one true soulmate, despite her age and lack of experiences she is already ready to through herself in the adventure of perfecting her last love.

Romance / Mystery
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Once upon a time, not in a big castle trapped inside but behind a window staring at the pouring rain, there was a girl. Over her heart a great sadness had settled and tears on her cheeks were going down. Broken as she was, she was looking up in the sky, asking a more powerful guidance for her true love. She had thought she found it in her current lover and though he had proved far from a soulmate, her still loving heart hoped for the better. Pressured by harsh sentences she still hoped that love can change all, just like the magical fairy tales say. Unfortunately, faith had other plans for her and her first love stayed the same. Forced to leave by unbelievable reasons, the girl was now again out in the world unaware of the piece of destiny which had been created for her to follow.

This little love sick bird had roamed around her own town, beating from door to door for a bit of love, unless this time it was not him who couldn’t give it but her who couldn’t receive it. At loss of hope after trying to mend her still hurting heart, one voice appeared given from the above. In one whisper her destiny was laid ahead, with stories of the other poor souls she is going to break until she finds one to break her. Conquer or be conquered that’s the game she’ll like to play and as those were said, she was set on her new path.

Relationships came and disappeared in seconds, but love never reappeared. Inside her, she could feel the pain still crawling to her heart, refusing to go away and dragging her deeper into a black, empty hole. Her mind was going on and on about the mysterious whisper, she knew that who was to provoke the biggest pain was her soulmate. As sick as she thought this to be, her soulmate will make her pay for the fallen. Only that years have passed and nothing even near her first love had showed up.

She had false alarms of merely shadows passing by, easily forgotten faces whom she blindly thought were the ones to light up her long declined flame. But it was during one of the shadows, when her feelings have been set on fire. She left it immediately behind, following her emotions to what she thought was going to be her curse disguised as a blessing.

“Is this the one?”

She hopefully asked the force upstairs, no answer was given but both her heart and mind were telling her the same thing.

“I have never felt like this before. Is he my only?”

Even with no true response, the following made her path clear, the relationship never formed and her prince to be left with no saying. Fake voices gathered up in her mind, making her stay when she should have been long gone.

“He is the one my darling.”

“You will meet again. This is what future tells us.”

“Don’t ever stop loving him.”

Once again pain gathered up her throat, suffocating her. Just like the first time, all she felt was taking her away from life. Dreams of the deeper waves of the ocean have made their presence clear in her bones. But what was different was the new feeling she was experiencing, a terminating force under the mask of guilt was destroying her insides. It was worse than her first, all of those were paralysing her body, keeping her in one place, but what was worsening were the masked demons up in her head who were forcing her to never give up on the love she felt.

Just that where she doesn’t give up, there’s always him to do so. While she was mourning by the door, blocking with her back anyone’s way in, he chose another girl to be everything she couldn’t be. News like this pushed her into one year of solitude. Until one more ray of brightness has shown up in her life.

Different love, different pain, this time were just two damaged souls clashing into each other, slowly uniting. A touch with no real hands for a love ignited with strong flames, meant to burn forever.

“This is your one, but your story won’t be easy. Destiny will fall into place and he’ll break your heart like no one else ever will. You will break up but don’t you worry, you will always find your ways back to each other.”

Although relived at the news of finding back what she lost, the girl sweetly denied a possible break up, until the day it actually happened. Truth be told, future never lies, a pain like that comes only once in a lifetime, especially when caused by the person to whom you are strongly bonded. Unlike the others, her heart never stopped aching, not days, not weeks, not even after things were better. Shock filled her under a new form of pain which didn’t go away. But instead of running far she just fought through it, staying even with a broken heart, living against all her fears, for his love. Obstacles created by their biggest just kept on appearing, questions and lose of hope about what life really has hanging for them. The story is still fresh and their hearts so young, but there’s still one question in both their minds, what will future look like?

The love they have given, started on a rough path, covering with a beautiful and easy beginning, all the real hidden patches. The things she never knew, are all coming true in this one special relationship, the fact that no person can have a true happy ending with no little hidden mysteries to burn into pain. But now that her head is spinning, her heart is filling back with the hope which should have never left. Even if, deep inside there is still one more unanswered question which gets stronger roots day by day. Is love enough for two little birds flying out of their nest? This only years will show, as her prophecy has been fulfilled and her life is yet too far from an end.

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