Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 9


“ how was she!?” I ask Alex, i have to travel here at Berlin to fix problems.

“ well cheska said they’re now busy for this fund raising they’re planning!?” Alex said

“ what about it!?” I ask him

Alex explained about the orphanage and the girls are helping that Angels Orphanage. I ask Brent to gather some information about that orphanage and the bank.

He report everything and the last things he said the bank own by David Mayer my one of the rival.

“ he meet the girl Lean!?” After i heard it i stood up

“ what!?” I yelled at him, i know that shit and I can’t let it happened my kitten will snatch with that man

Because of more work here i cant leave so i sent Alex to look out for her. I can’t take a risk to let her go.


For 3 months now we will graduated but we more busy lately for how help the orphanage. And i was just meet the owner and for bad he was always contacting to me, asking for out of date but I refuse all the time. I was not bother again that man and luckily I started forgetting him.

“ 2 months from now is the event so be ready for it!?” Samuel said

“ yes?! Thank you sam!?” I smile at him and hugged him

“ Sam?!” It was Victor behind us

“ Victor??!” I run on him and jump on him hugged him tightly like a kuala

“ shhh....!?” He hugged me too

“ Vic i miss you?!, “ i sobs to his neck

“ i miss you too Sam?! Sorry i was just too busy!?” He sit at the couch and me i sit at his lap without noticing he was with someone

“ Alex!?” Samuel called a man behind us

“ Samuel bro!?” They hugged each other, wait thats Alex the boyfriend of cheska

“ Alex!?” I called him and both of my brothers looking at me

“ do you know each other!?” They both ask

“ yes! His the boyfriend of cheska Vic? “ I don’t know but the reaction of my brothers is not good

“ Angel? Lets talk later ok? We will have some business to talk!?” Victor said and i stood up and nodded to him

“ it’s nice to see you again Lex? Is cheska know!?” I smiled at him

“ no?! I just back I’ll surprise her later!?” He smiled at me

Samuel pov

We look Samantha leave and walk to her room, Victor nodded at us to follow him to the office. We didn’t expect they know Alex? We got surprised to know that he is the boyfriend of Cheska. Alex is one of the ruthless assassin in the underworld business, he didn’t care if you are child or and old he can kill you in no mercy. They are different with Brent but they’re also known as ruthless. We can’t take the risk for Cheska safety for being with him.

“ spilled it out!?” Victor said after we enter the room

“ what do you mean!?” He ask while sitting at one of the couch

“ i know you Alex? You will not stay with a girl without no reason!?” I ask him

“ boys relax ok? I just having fun with the girl!” He shook his head

“ she’s close with Samantha Lex, and i know you?!” Victor said

“ don’t worry Vic? No harm with them!?” He said in a serious tone.

After that we discussed about why his here right now, we can’t take the risk about Sam and we were been arguing dad for the past years about arranging marriage the most dangerous man in the underworld.

“ hello, princess!?” She was busy at the kitchen

“ hi! Sam? Ahms.. lex don’t go yet you’ll eat dinner here!?” She said while slicing the meat

“ you cook?!” Alex ask

“ yes?! And my dear brothers? My friends will be sleep over here!?” Thats why she cook because of them, it was reared to see her to cook cause she always complaining that we were always busy. And it was a waste of time.

Samantha pov

Cheska surprise when he saw Alex sitting at living area with Sam and even I’m here at kitchen i heard her shouting. After we eat dinner we are all sitting at the living area.

“ how was you’re preparing the event?!” Victor ask while busy with his laptop at his lap

“ it run smoothly Vic?!” I told him

“ So after graduation we were you decide to go college?!” Samuel ask us

“ well me? I’ll stay same school, dad don’t want me to go to Paris so I’ll stay here?” Cheska said

“ I didn’t decide it for now cause my father wants me to finis at the Harvard? But I don’t know if I’ll fit there!?” Tracey said

“ well for me? I don’t know it depends to them?!” I point my finger to my brothers

“ wait? Are you serious? “ cheska said

“ yes?!” I smiled at her

“ i hate taking business add, but I can’t disobey my father cause he will throw me out of the family!!” I feel the sad on her voice

“ what do you like to be Trace!?” Samuel ask

“ i want to be pedestrian? I like kids?!” She smiled while saying it

We talk a lot, Cheska is cuddling Alex at the couch like she was sleeping at him, Tracey is also got sleep at the couch.

“ I’ll bring Tracey to you’re room?!” Before i react to him, he pick like a bridal Tracey to his arms and walk to upstairs to my room.

“ Lex? Just follow Vic to my room and put her to my bed!?” I told him

“ ok!?” He stood up carefully and bring her to my room

“ go to sleep Sam? Let the maids clean this tomorrow?!” He told me but I’m so sleepy right now

“ Come here, I’ll carry you!?” He pick me up and I’m like a kuala to his arms.

I woke up in the 6am in the morning for pee and when i turn to my left side Tracey is not here, after i done at the bathroom i look for Tracey but I didn’t see her at downstairs so I decided to back at my room and she was there lying again, my two friends will stay here for the weekend and we will having fun for sure.

“ Vic? It’s not my personal matter but it comes to Samantha? You know I’ll interfere about it!?” I woke up by 10 and i feel hungry so after I done taking bath I decided to go down and i heard my brothers are arguing for something.

“ i know don’t worry about it!?” Vic said

“ as early Vic keep out distance to her? Or else she get hurt!? And Sam what will she feel?!” Sam is worried about something

“ for what Sam!?” They both startled 😮 of me

“ it’s nothing, Sam? You hungry!?” Samuel ask by changing the topic and i just nodded, I didn’t confront vic cause until now I’m waiting tracey to open up first.

“ Rio will be here for lunch and Alex too? Hope you’ll ok with it!?” I ask them and they look each other

“ ok?! “ vic responds

“ This is new for me,? Rio is always busy but he have time for coming here?!” Sam ask like confused

“ because he and tracey are close? As in super close!” I told them while eating my sandwich

“ here you’re milk!” Vic give me a glass of milk

“ thanks!!” I smiled to him

“ goodmorning?!” My bestie greeted in chorus

“ lets eat!?” I smiled at them

We tease Samuel while were eating breakfast and Vic just nothing reaction. After we eat, we headed to the pool side after we change into our swimsuits wear.

“ hello girls?!” Rio and alex greeted us while we are at the pool.

“ go change and join us!?” I said to them

We were so lucky to see a 4 hunks who are sitting under at the big umbrella. After observing them they talk seriously, i was confused about my two brothers especially Samuel cause lately I realised every time Rio and Alex around he was so serious mode.

“ how was with Alex!?” I ask Cheska

“ this is my First time being in a relationship with 10 years older than me but i enjoying it promise!?” She smiled, tracey said Cheska is not into a serious relationship and it was always a week relationship but Alex? It’s different other her past ex?

“ where is he going!?” I ask Samuel cause Vic walkout with out words

“ it was his work related!?” Sam said

But I think it’s not, cause as far as i see Tracey and Rio like a couple enjoying the water and the couples sweet as a sugar. After we eat dinner and we decided to hung out tonight bar clubbing. I don’t know but why others give respect to them, but I decided to ignore it. While where dancing someone grabbed my arms and it was David? I smiled at him, but I didn’t see the reaction of Alex,.

“ whose with you!?” He whisper at my ears while were dancing

“ my friends and brothers?!” I told him,

“ Sam?!” I didn’t notice Victor is behind me and slowly pulled me

“ vic?!” I stare at him but he was looking to David and they both glaring each other

“ sorry David? I gotta go!?” I whisper to him

“ ok! “ then he walk away while Vic walk back to our table and they’re all in the table too

“ lets go!!” Samuel said,

I don’t understand why they react like that? Were complaining to go home early but they are just silent. Until we reach at house we sit in the couch.

“ girls go upstairs change you’re clothes and sleep?!” Victor in a angry voice

I didn’t see him like that? So I grabbed the two go with me. I saw them walk to the office.

After that night I never ask them why cause i know they will not tell me. So we just forget about that happened that night. So were busy for our this coming final exam and preparing for our event.

“ you ok!!” Samuel ask while entering my room

“ yes?! I just tired, we were so busy lately but after this we were be free!?” I smiled at him

“ ok? Good night?!” He kiss me at my head

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