Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 10


We were so busy, mom and dad will be home tomorrow they’re attending my graduation in 3 days now and next week is the big event. I don’t why but suddenly my two brothers always say stat away with David? But how can, he was a good to me. So we secretly see each other at the public library,.

“ Sam??” I was standing between his both arms and my back was at the book shelf

“ what?!” I’m looking at his eyes, there is something about deep inside of me, even his with me that mysterious man always bothering me at my mind.

“ i think I’m falling for you!!?” He lend closely to my face

“ you’re kidding right?!” I smiled of his words but instead of saying anything he kiss me?

I don’t know but, I didn’t feel anything about his kiss, yes he has a soft lips and a good kisser but his not like him? Him? Him? I need a distraction about him, maybe david is ok? I wrapped my arms to his neck and press my self more to him. We were kissing like I don’t how long cause we both catching our breath after we broke the kiss.

“ where are you!?” After i answer the phone Cheska on the other line.

“ why!?” I still gasping after that kiss and David hugging me at back and teasing my neck

“ where here at the coffee shop? Were waiting for you!?” Cheska said

“ I’ll be there at 10 minutes!?” I end the call

“ that soon!?” David sniffing my neck while his hands at my waist

“ yes?! So I better to go? See you!?” I push him a little and face him

“ ok?! Lets go!?” He said

I drive my bike to the coffee shop, and after parking it i saw they with Alex too.

“ guys!?” I sit at the empty chair

“ where were you? “ tracey ask and looking at me confused

“ what?!” I ask her while fixing my hair

“ what is that?!” Cheska touch my left neck

“ huh?!” Tracey lend me her small mirror and i saw a small red marks shit that david

“ it was just mosquitoes bites!” I smiled at them but they look at me like didn’t convince about it

“ girls? Maybe she’s seeing with someone?!” Alex said but why his expression is so serious

“ that’s a no?!” I laugh at him

“ Samantha?!,” tracey with a serious tone

“ no? You knew how my brothers are possessive about me?!” After what i said they stop the topic


I just received a call from Alex about Samantha. So i track her location where were she was and recently she was always at the public library. It makes sense so I decided appoint one of my men to look out for her.

“ goodmorning Angel?!” She woke up early, mom and dad will arrive at 9. So she was preparing a breakfast for them.

“ goodmorning Vic?!” She hugged me lightly

“ that’s delicious Sam?!” She’s making vegetable salads

“ here!? Eat it!” She give me a plate with a sandwich and a cup of black coffee

“ thank you!?” I started eating when Samuel is presence too is here

“ hmmm...Princess is making breakfast? No plans for today?” He ask her

“ hangout with the girls?!” She’s lying? I know if she’s telling the truth or not

“ Sam? Cancel it, you’ll go with me?” I ask her and she pause what i said

“ ok?!” She just smiled a little

She’s hiding something for something to us and i need to know that. We’ve been distracted about of the presence of David. We don’t want to get her involved with tHat man cause were not in good terms. We don’t know what his motives by approaching Sam, he was known as a playboy and didn’t have interested in a simple girl. Even Sam hiding her true identity she is beautiful even she wear like a nerdy?

“ mom?!” She run to them after getting out from the car

“ i miss you my baby!?” Mom said

“ dad!?” She hugged dad

“ how was you’re flight?!” We were at the dining table

“ it was ok? But you’re mom here? One of the crew was mistakenly say something and she got angry?!” We were looking mom in confused

“ i was in the restroom when I accidentally heard them about gossiping about this our little here!?” She look at Samantha

“ mom? It’s alright ok?!” Samantha said

“ boys lets talk?!” Dad stood up and excuses him self

We were at the office, we sit across his office table, he was in a serious mode.

“ Troy Mayer visited at me in my office and he was asking the hands of Samantha?!” I was stood up abruptly after i heard what dad said.

“ that’s ridiculous dad!?” I reacted to dad news

“ our family is in good relationship with the Mayer? I didn’t have see a bad idea of it? But Samantha is still an 18 so at first I declined him? But he said if the two decided about it, then i said if sam ok with it?!” Dad say

“ but dad? I didn’t think its a good idea cause we all know that she has no experience of any relationship?!” Sam angry about it

“ we will talk to her? After the graduation?!” Dad said after he dismiss us

I called Alex and Rio to meet us in the hideout and after 2 hours they arrive. My parents didn’t know i and Samuel joined in the underworld business after what happened to our sister. To protect our little Samantha we decided to joined at age of 16.

“ why?!” Alex ask while pouring a whiskey to his glass

“ we need help? The situation about this Mayer?!” They both stop

“ the Mayer had a move to my sister,? And if ever David and Sam in a intimate relationship right now? Dad will agree about this marriage!?” I explained it to them

“ then we have to make a move in faster? So it will never happened!?” Rio said

“ this is not gonna happened!?” Alex said

“ huh? What do u mean! “ Samuel ask cause he react like he was the boyfriend

“ nothing!?’” Just he said

We decided to look for her more closer thats why that David can’t go near to her.


We’ve been chatting/facetime or txting David cause i always be in guarded with my brothers. Today is my graduation day and he was calling about I’ll meet him at the men’s room at 9am? Seriously he was saying I love you but I didn’t reply about it cause we just kiss that day ok?

“ I’ll go to the restroom a bit?!” I excuse my self but suddenly my brother Samuel stood up and go with me

Until the graduation i didn’t have time to meet him until I forgot him because of the meet up of our parents and decided to eat dinner to celebrate. We have so much fun tonight we dance whole night.

I woke up in the 11am in the morning and i still have my dress. After i done taking a bath i got a message to my friends to meet at the coffee shop so i have to tell my parents about it.

“ ms. Sam a package has arrived for you!?” One of the servant handed me a medium box.

“ huh? Thank you!?” I tore the wrapped and when i open it. I was surprised it was a necklace a gold with a kitten pendant?!

“ congratulations my kitten!?” Its says from the card, and there is only one person who called me kitten and thats him

He was just vanished without a word and now? He was here again? And sending me a gift. I hide it cause I don’t want them to see this specially my mom.

“ goodmorning everyone?!” I greeted them cause they are all in the garden with a guest,?

“ you’re up?!” Vic said but the most surprising is David Is here with them

“ hi?!” He came to me and kiss my head with a hugged and honestly i saw the a death glare from my two brothers

“ what are you doing here?!” I whispered to him

“ visiting you!?” He smiled at me

“ we didn’t hear you suitor Sam?!” Victor in a cold voice

“’s not what you think guys?!” I told them but my two brothers walkout before I explained everything

After that we talk for a bit before David say goodbye to my parents and me. I called the girls to wait for me cause I’m on the way.

They were both didn’t say a single word of what i said.

“ shit, girl?! That David? I heard he was with the girl Michele? “ cheska said

“ huh? Are you sure?!” I ask her and yes she nodded. So i have to make plans to get rid of this guy for my life.

After i talk the girls we separated cause they have different plans. So i bring and a snacks for two to visit David to his office. I didn’t see his secretary at her desk so I decided to knock but no response. So i try to called him and i heard his phone was ring inside. Luckily me the door is slightly open I accidentally push it and i was surprised a scene in front of me. A girl bending at the table while a guy behind him.

“ Sam!?” He was startled to see me when i was accidentally dropped the food from my hands

“ sorry!?” I run to get out of here

Thankfully at this early i know who he is, but i fell a little hurt cause I decided to give him a chance. And i starting to like him but this is what i got. He was trying to call me but i ignore his call.

“ Sam?!” Mom knock at my door, i was here at my room whole day.

“ yes mom?!” I open the door and there she is with a food in her hands

“ you didn’t eat dinner so i bring you one?!” I open wider the door so she can enter

“ i was tired mom and get sleep?!” I lied to her

“ then finish this first ok? “ I nodded at her,

It’s been a week i just stay at the house and usually at my room. They ask me why i just said I’m tired! My friends are out of the country and next week they will be back.

“ Sam? Delivery for you?!” Samuel yelled from the outside of my door.

“ for me? “ he handed me white roses and a basket of a chocolate. I stare at Sam but he just shrugged at me.

“ for my kitten” Written from the card

“ from David?!” Sam ask but i shook my head

“ nope! I don’t know who!?” I lied to him

After 2 days I received again a present from the mysterious guy, they starting asking about it but what would i say? I didn’t even know his name. Tracey called that she arrived in early so we were be meeting up at the coffee shop.

“ where were you go!?” Samuel asking

“ I’m meeting with Tracey Sam?” He just nodded at me

She keep telling about their travel With Rio how she enjoyed with him. She have a present for me, we were middle of our conversation when the 2 bitches came at our table.

“ well, well,’! Look whose here!?” She smirked at me

“ back off bitch?!” Tracey barked at them

“ shut up you Chinese girl?!” Verna yelled

“ let me tell you girl? David is always be mine only mine!?” People starting looking at us and taking and video

“ lets go tracey?!” I stood up and walk away without looking behind. Before i got angry of them and I don’t want trouble.

Cheska was calling me at the middle of the night by telling that i was trending now at the social media. I look about it and it was the incident of the coffee shop. People are bashing with me for being and ugly bitches. They starting comparing my pictures with Michele.

“ just forget it” i told her but tracey is coming here at the house as soon as possible.

I woke up early to get ready for arriving of Tracey I don’t want her make trouble here i know my family. She keep reading and cursing the comments of my bashers. So I decided to make and full make over. We spent whole day to make this successful. We even go to shopping a new dresses of mine. Every people turning their sight to us every we past. Well unfortunately my true colours of my skin is now back, but I dyed my hair into a ash grey cause my family always said it for my safety about my red hair the natural colour of it. Tracey keep arguing me about not wearing and a contact lens cause i have a rare colour of it. Luckily i use my black Lamborghini and not my bike cause I’m wearing right now a red off shoulder dress and above the knee. Next week is the day were we waiting for and we were so excited about it.

“ Sam?!” Victor can’t believe when I enter at the door and mom and dad was stop when they also saw me.

“ you look beautiful Sam?!” Mom said

“ what makes you think?!” Vic a little annoyed about my make over

So i told them about the incident at coffee shop but in the end Vic and Sam got into an argument and thats why dad scolded at them. True my two brothers are more over protective all the time. But Vic is not ok about my whole transformation but in the end he forcefully agreed about it. Unfortunately i have a rare beauty that’s always say of my mom.

“ Sam? Can you dropped this to Vic office?!” Dad called me from the door of his office

“ yes dad!?” After He handed me the folder i said goodbye to his

I never been to his office even dad and sam, this is my first time to go there. Last night cheska arrive and we were meeting now. I choose royal blue strapless dress from my thighs then my i let my hair loose up-to my waist. In 30 minutes i arrived to his building, after i park the my car the parking area i use the elevator directly to his office. Dad give a vip card so i just swipe to get me to his office directly and it was only use for his family member. His secretary was surprised that someone getting out directly to his office from the elevator.

“ goodmorning Maam?!” I can see to her face a question look but i just smiled at her pass by.

“ oops!?” I was bumped into a hard chest

“ careful!” The man said and i was a little froze of this another greek god in front of me.

He was more taller than me? Blonde hair, chocolate brown eyes and those kissable lips of him.

“ sorry?!” I smiled a little to less the embarrassment and i step back cause my hands are with his chest

Before he will say something i walk to his side and swipe the card to the door and I hurriedly enter the door. Victor was surprised of my presence when he saw me enter the door.

“ before you say something or scolding me dad sent me here ok? Here he wants me to drop this to you?!” I walk to him and kiss his cheek and hugged him.

“ you should have called me?!” He was calm now, well this days past after I change my lifestyle he was always cold to me like he was so angry about it

“ I’m so curious about your office Vic? I can’t stay longer I’ll gonna picking up Tracey?!” When he heard the name of her he reacted a little and make normal again.

“ ok, I’ll walk you to your car?!” He said

I want to see his whole building but he declined it, so i just suggested that can we not take his pvt elevator so i can take a look a little? So he was agreed about it, we walk to the hallway with his arms my shoulder, every one was staring at us like they are shocked or something about seeing there boss with a girl whose younger to him.

“ vic? Why those you’re employees are staring like that to me?!” I ask him when we reach my car

“ it because aside from mom no other girls they saw with me that close ok?!” I smiled at him hugged him before getting in the car

“ you’re not getting younger vic?!” I tease to him and he was grinned about what I’ve said

“ now, little Angel? Take care ok? Called us if something happened!?” I just smiled at him

Cheska was noisy after she saw me, and at first she was a little angry cause she was not there. So after we checking out the event hall it was so beautiful and thanks to my two brothers about it. All item that sold will directly be to the orphanage. I don’t know how my brothers was do it but I pretty sure the items that will be presented tonight it was rare. Tomorrow is the day so we were going to go shop for our outfit but Sam called that he has already for me. So I’ll be assisting this my two friends.

“ so ches how was you’re get away with him?!” I ask her while she was looking for a gown,

“ it was ok!?” She sounds something odd

“ wait? Ok?! When i ask tracey she was so happy about it but you!?” She stop for a while before look at me

“ at first it was so much fun but there’s something happened but all are solved!?” I can see it in her eyes she was something hiding at us

“ if you want to talk about it? Where here ok?!?” She nodded and smile

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