Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 11

Cheska pov

We have so much fun today, after we got everything and eating i was pick by alex.

I was so excited for the first we were traveling together and i was lied to my parents about it. He bring me to Berlin, at first it was so much fun but when we were at the middle of our dinner we were interrupted by some men who are wearing black suits and that night was a nightmare for me. After he killed all of them he brought me to a place where i meet his so called boss/friend and another a friend of his. At first I didn’t believe it but when I realised how he killed those mens it makes me realise. Who would believe that I’m in a relationship with a Mafia member?

“ hon?!” He was smiling at me and the girls behind me

“ so, girls see you tomorrow at the party?!” I turn to them and they nodded at me and hugged

“ see you at party girls?!” Alex said to them

“ ok?!” They both said.

I was so silent at the car and he was notice about so instead of dropping me at my house he bring me to their place.

“ let’s talk?!” He was so serious by holding my hand

“ hi! Ches?!” Brent greets me while he was at sitting at couch

“ hello!!” I smiled at him but he was looking at my like what is happening and i just shrugged at him

Alex dragged me gentle at his room and let me sit at the bed. He sat in front of me. For the 2nd time i fell in love again and i was so happy to him cause he was not like my ex that use me for a bet to get my virginity and that’s all the reason why i played every boys feelings.

“ spilled it out?!” He was so serious and I’m a little scared of his face expression right now

“ what do you mean?!” I answered him without looking to his eyes

“ you were different ches? What it is? And don’t you fucking say you’re breaking up with me cause I’m not gonna letting you go ever?!” I’m more frightened to him right now

“ I’m just tired lex?!” I told him

“ you’re staying tonight here?!” He said but I can’t stay right now cause my parents will be back tonight from China

“ I can’t alex, my parents will be arrived tonight?!” He stood up and sit beside me

“ ches?! Please be understand ok? I’ll never going to hurt you? “ he hugged me and kiss my head


I just arrived and there lots of things i have to fix to here especially my kitten. Brent and Alex was arguing for something.

“ will you two stop arguing!?” I yelled both of them

“ you should have give her space for a while!?” Brent said to alex

“ no! I can’t do that? What if she will leave for good,? “ alex look down with both of his hands to his hair

“ look at yourself Lex? You’re not the alex we knew!?” Brent said

True when she meet Cheska at first it was just a one night stand but suddenly they’ve been 5 months and all are changed when she witnessed the truth behind those sweet alex she knows. He was always said he can’t be love because of our lifestyle and he can’t risk it.

“ it always be you’re decision Lex? Either letting her go or give her time to accept it.” I suggested about it

“ I’ll think about it?!” He stood up went to his room.

This is the first time i saw him struggling about a girl, we all see how he care this girl. Hope it will not ended in wrong way cause it will be hard for him to stop for being angry.

“ how you gonna approach her tomorrow?!” Brent asking while drinking his whiskey

“ i have my ways, and I’ve done this kind of secretly seeing her?!” I said while busy with my phone.


Tonight is the night And I’m so excited about it. Sam choose white tube gown for me, i was speechless after seeing my self at the mirror and my white shoulder was more expose and there have long slit up-to my thighs so in every i step it well shows my legs. I choose to wear the gift from vic its and elegant diamond necklace and pair with the diamond earrings. Then also a diamond bracelet from Sam with a blue gemstone and also my watch and rings from mom and dad. This is the first time i will wear this, then it’s look I’m all sparkling diamonds all of it.

“ oh?! My little princess turn to a beautiful grown woman?!” Sam said

I just smiled at him and mom is more emotional right now and dad keep telling her to don’t cry cause her makeup will ruin. Vic reaction i can’t explain cause it looks like mix of something.

“ so let’s go,? “ i smiled at them and usual my escort is my two brothers.

When we got off from the limo flash of cameras and annoying questions from the reporters eel asking. Then there they was my two bestie with their partners and i saw the reaction of vic while seeing tracey but sad to say she was with Rio.

“ I don’t know how to repay all of this you’ve done to us,?!” Mrs: Aguilar said

“ there is nothing you have, it was for the children and we love them?!” I hugged her

So after of a little introduction and a speech about this event and how this why we were helping the orphanage. I’m a little bit confused about this people who are keep looking at me.

“ you look so beautiful Sam!?” It was david and her bitch date

“ oh? David!?” I fake my smile at him

“ Sam? Lets go!?” Tracey interrupted us so i just walk without a word to them.

We were so very happy cause every item sold into higher price. Antics that it have story behind of it and that’s why they always keep beating who will get the items. I silently stood up and excuse for a while to go bathroom. Vic stood up usual guarded me.

“ Victor?!” Someone called him behind while were going back and when i turn to see who was it i was frozen like my whole world was stop

“ Leandro!?” Vic smiled to him, i can’t believe it they know each other wait that night why his in the house cause he was one of the guest,?

“ it’s good to see again!” He talk like it was normal while me?

“ thank you for attending here? Hope you’ll find you’re piece?!” Vic said so they invited him

“ yes, and I’m looking at it?!” His word was directly to me how i wish Vic didn’t get

“ lean this is my sister Samantha, sam this Is Leandro Braganza my college friend and he is the son of tito Leo?” He smirked at me as of my formality i lend my hand to him and he accept it but he press it a little.

“ i Thank you in advance for spending your money here it will make a lot of help?!” I smiled at him

“ well it’s more priceless?!” He said but before this conversation long Cheska interrupted us but she was a little tense when he see Leandro but i ignore it

We were so overwhelmed cause we didn’t just get the amount we were expected but we got a lot to support the orphanage and they’re expecting by monday a contract to be sign. I was so happy tonight. Mrs: Aguilar was crying about it. It was the last item and it was so beautiful it was from one of the crown of a princess from London and it was breathtaking to look at it. Even my brother Vic bid for it but unfortunately there have a called and it was sold to 5 billion dollars.

“ Kitten?!” Someone was dragging me to the hallway while I’m going to bathroom.

“ it was you again?!” I glare at him

“ i miss you kitten?!” He was kissing my neck i try to get off him but he was so strong i was about to kneeled him but mom and Sam was walking to our side.

“ my..!” Before I finish my words he open the door behind me and push me inside.

“ you look more beautiful tonight kitten!?” I hate him calling me that and who is he?

“ why you’re keep me dragging Leandro? And Mr? I’m not a toy that when ever you want you’ll take it and if you’re not you just vanished ?!” I glared at him but as expected he grabbed my wrist to him and we were so close

“ you’ll see my kitten?!” He try to kiss my but i push him hard and walk to the door

“ stay away from me Mr. Braganza!?” I slammed the door.

I woke up late and it was almost lunchtime and mom and dad already left. Cheska called that she and tracey will be here later so i have to fix my self first. I was in the kitchen when Samuel was yelling at the living room.

“ Woah?! Thats a lots Sam?!” I shook my head by looking at him, there lots of bouquets of flowers, different chocolates and different teddy bears and the last time i saw this it was 2 years ago and he strictly told the guards to don’t accept any gifts for him.

“ this is not for me? It all for you!?” He sit at the couch

“ this is the reason why we can’t take you out from all of it!?” He was angry standing in front on us.

“ it was just and admirers Vic?!” I smiled at him

But unfortunately i was trending at the social media about it. It looks like I’m a celebrity right now and lots of calls keep disturbing us. Even dad call about it. They called me and a Diamond Angel?

“ Look Sam? They’re requesting me if I willing to be a model to their jewellery??” I told while we were eating lunch

“ No!” Vic said and he called his secretary that cancelled all his appointment to day

“ you don’t have to stay Vic?!” I told him

“ Samuel will be busy today so I’ll be you’re driver for today!?” He said

How can i scape tonight if His gonna be with always and we will meet at the coffee shop today.

“ Vic? I’ll change first ok? The girls are waiting for me?!” I stood up and went to my room

We were arguing at the car about my outfit but in the end i won. I was thinking if they have plans to get settled down cause honestly they’re not getting any younger!

“ oops,,, what the face of him!?” Cheska ask

“ nothing, ignore him!?” I rolled my eyes

“ babe?! Huh?? Oh..yes,,ok I’ll see you you too!? Bye!?” Tracey talking to her phone with Rio and for the unexpected of all of it Victor stood up abruptly and we were shock of his actions.

“ I’ll make a call, excuse me?!” He said and walk away

“ huh?!” Cheska with a look confused

“ well Sam? After last night? We’ve been receiving a call from the different agencies to have contracts on them? And the sales are getting up you know!?” Tracey said with a happy face

“ me too? And Vic was very piss of it?!” I told them about what happened at the house and they are both laughing about it.

As we were busy talking for something we were always interrupted about taking pictures and at first it was ok but apparently the outside of the coffee there have different reporters are coming and keep taking as pictures.

“ this is what i hate about popularity!?” I told them and we were heard Victor yelling one of the reporters.

“ we better have to go? Look at your brother it looks like he will kill all of them?!” Cheska in a worried tone

The reporters keep taking us pictures while were walking at our cars. Then we decided to meet at the house. Vic was cursing about what happened earlier.

“ vic? Do you have expected guest?!” Cause we saw different cars at the parking area for the visitors only.

“ As you heard I cancelled my all appointment? Maybe it was Sam?!” He said but as far as we know Sam flight to China earlier.

“ Mr. Victor, they’re waiting for Ms. Samantha!?” The butler was waiting for us at The front door.

“ Sam? Take the other door to enter the house and stay at you’re room with them!?” He pointed my friends who got off from the cars

Victor pov

I was so stressed this all happening, will it was good for the company cause it makes profits more but for me it’s not, we can’t take the risk her safety and I don’t want to let that happened again. As i enter the door different people from different companies.

“ good day mr. Knights!?” They all said and i just nodded at them

“ so?!?” I ask them

“ our company something to offer with Ms. Knights?!” The clothing lines

“ well ladies and gentlemen this is the first and last word I’m gonna tell this? MY SISTER WILL NOT DOING ANYTHING WITH YOU ALL!?” I stood up and tell the butler to lead them way out and without looking back i walk upstairs straight to my room.

I open my laptop and i receive different emails and i open them all and it was all about business. Mom just called and she have different invited of different associates. We were ok without this all kinds of fuss and our companies are in good state so we don’t need this all.

“ Rio? What do you mean?” Rio was furious about something

After he told me everything I felt like my world was boom, this is unexpected all of it. Different from the underworld was connecting to him and asking about the girls especially my sister.

“ Trace?!” I didn’t notice the time and it was so late and i feel hungry and there was a little person who just bumped at my back

“ sorry i just want to drink milk?!” She was a little tense

“ ah, ok?! Wait I’ll prepare for you!?” Before she declined it i open the fridge and get the milk

“ thanks?!” She can’t even look at me in the eye

“ how have you been?!” I ask her

“ why do you care?! Please I’m ok now? So please just stay whatever you are?!” She walk away without looking back

I know it was too late for me to realise how she was important to me. But before I decided to approach her, she was with Rio and i was like a broken glass for seeing her happy with him.


We have so much planned this summer vacation and it was all wasted because of the paparazzi keep following us. We declined the others offer of the different companies but unfortunately there are companies wants us because of this kind of campaign add we were making were the orphanage got more benefits of it.

“ no?!” Victor voice was echo into the whole living areA.

“ but vic we were all do this things for the orphanage?!” I slowly told him cause for now in his state I can’t keep arguing to him

“ this is all begins because of that damn orphanage?!” He yelled at me but unfortunately Tracey was in the front door

“ Sam?!” A fear in her eyes while looking at him

“ trace?!” Vic froze when he saw her standing behind him

“ we were just arguing something Trace?!” I stood up and walk came to her.

“ ah, ok?! Can we talk!?” Her eyes are swollen?!

“ what happened!?” She look at me like it was just a serious problem and it will no one know

“ let’s go to my room?!” I hold her hand

I saw Vic with a confused look but i shook my head to stay away of it. When we were at my room she started crying and told me everything.

“ what will i do?! “ I hugged her and let her cry

Cheska slowly open the door and I told her to quite cause Tracey was sleeping.

“ god?! That bitch of cousin of her?!” I look at her in confused

“ you know her?!” We were at the kitchen making sandwiches

“ yes?! She’s like and evil like everything of Tracey she wants it too all?!” But this time it is not just a simple jealousy or something.

“ then all she has to is to let it go of him! “ i just said

Cause i know how conservatives her families and they don’t want their family to get into huge scandal. I knocked slowly at the door of vic and he said to come in.

“ Vic?!” He was at his table and busy with his laptop and papers

“ everything ok!?” Thank god his in calm now

“ here! We make sandwiches so I decided to bring you some of it!?” I give him the plate

“ the answer is till no Sam!?” He said

“ promise Vic? After this it will be nothing? We need to distraction and to get away for a while!?” He look at me

“ is there any problem!?” He look worried

“ sorry but can’t to tell you!? But promise after this no more!?” He silence for a while gosh if it sam? No probs but vic its not easy

“ ok!? But we want to review the contracts first ok!?” He said and i stood up and hugged him tightly

“ thanks!?” He smiled at me

Its been two days my friends stay at our place. Vic talk to the one of the companies how will be do, and unfortunately there lots of rules he suggested it. So we were going to Hawaii to model their new opening resort, then to LA for a pictorial about this environmental place, then clothing line and the last is jewellery new edition. So in a whole month we will be in all travel in different countries.

“ in two days we will be leaving so get your things and passport!?” Samuel said

“ did you’re parents know about this?!” I ask tracey and she just nodded

“ will I called already dad and mom so they’re ok with it!?” Cheska said

“ but sam? Why were using a private jet!?” I ask him

“ it was Victor suggested?!?” He said the. Walk away to answer his call

There things was sent by their drivers so we have some time to hung out outside,. After we visit the orphanage we decided to eat dinner at the Italian restaurant.

“ hi?! My daughter wants to have pictures with you!?” We saw a middle age woman and we look her daughter

“ sure!?” We stood up and walk to their table

“ hi!?” The girl was pale and thin

“ hello!? Thank you!?” She said, so we position by her side and smiled.

“ thank you!?” She said with teary eyes.

We’re sad after her mother told she was in stage 2 brain cancer and she was the one of the fan of my brother Samuel.

“ waiter!?” I called one of the servant

“ it’s my treat so order whatever you want to eat ok!?” I lend to her and smile

“ thank ms. Samantha!?” Her mother said

So we back at our table with a smiled in our faces and unfortunately our supposed to be simple dinner we got different people wants to have pictures on us even the owner of the restaurant.

“ Sam?! We are you!?” I called him cause we can’t eat because of the people who are keep coming to take pictures on us

“ i just arrived!!?” Well earlier i just called him to come hear and bring a gift his latest edition t shirt to give someone of his fan.

“ ok!?” He hung up the phone when he was at the door. But before he talk the manager first to settle the situation

“ where is she,?!” He ask when he reach our table and I pointed their table

“ just go quietly ok!?” I said to him

The girl was sobbing when she saw Samuel in this close. He sit their for a while and talk them after he back at our table.

“ so!?” Cheska ask

“ well I offered a help to sponsor her operation? So she can be more years to live? Then by tomorrow they will visit the hospital i just called when i was on my here?!” We smiled at him

“ you have a big heart sam?!” I hugged him

After we eat at the restaurant we decided to stop by the coffee shop we always hung out to buy chocolate cake. We were singing in the car when Sam get his phone and called Vic.

“ Vic? We were followed bu two black suv!?” We look at the back,

“ what it is Sam!?” Tracey ask

“ Sam?! Get the gun under you’re sit!?”

I get the 2 guns under my sit and starting loaded it with the bullets, we stop when a van stop at our front and there are mens in a black suit was getting out of the car also the cars behind us.

“ stay here?! If anyone will open the door!? Pulled the trigger! “ i told them

“ but Sam? They are lots of them!?” Tracey said with tears in her eyes

“ don’t worry they’re on their way to here!?” Samuel said

So we get out the car, i was wearing a white dress right now and it was one of my favourite. But under of my dress i hide my knife and gun.

“ Mr. Knights we just wanted Ms. Knights!?” The tall guy with blonde hair said

“ how are you sure that we will allow it!?” Samuel smirked at them

“ the. We will take her in a force? Men remember no scratch the girl!?” He said and I smirked at him

We started fighting with the mens and it was not easy cause they are trained to this work. The man behind of sam ready to fire but I jumped on him and sliced his throat. The tall man shouted to make it done quick but before they will shoot Sam they’re landed in the floor by shoot of the different guns. After they’re all dead lying at floor i saw Vic with the unexpected guys with him.

“ angel!? Ate you ok!?” He look at me up and down to see if I’m ok

“ no!? Look at my dress?! He tore it!?” Smiled at me and hugged

“ they are from the Mayer mens!?” A tall man talk behind ask after he check one of the body

“ is cheska with you!?” Alex ask

“ shit?! They’re are in the car!?” I worried of them

“ they’re!?” Vic said and after heard it he realised tracey is with us too

We walk to car and after we open it, tracey and Cheska was all crying and hugging each other.

“ ches? Trace!?” They both look at me, i step on the on the car and sit between of them.

“ who are they Sam!?” Tracey was panicking and I hugged her tightly

“ I don’t know, but we are safe now!?” But they are still sobbing

Sam and Vic with us at the car and another car behind also us. They both sleep after tired of crying. I don’t know where are we were entering a huge silver gate and there it is a beautiful mansion. Vic pick tracey and Samuel pick cheska.

“ sam?!?” Vic called

“ I’m ok Vic, don’t worry!?” I said to him

“ wait for us we will put them first at the room ok!?” Samuel said then they both walk upstairs

“ how did you do it!?” The tall man ask me

“ excuse me!?” I ask him

“ by the I’m Brent, about earlier you’re good at fighting!?” He sit at the other couch

“ we need to talk Samantha!?” Here we go again this bastard

“ no?! Stop!? Dont!?” I stood up and raise my hand

“ what is happening!?” Vic question when he reach at the last of stairs

“ nothing Vic?! “ i told him

“ first, sam get a rest first? Ok? “ Samuel said

I obey to him, after what happened earlier i cant disobey or being stubborn right now. I walk upstairs, i don’t know were the room is but i stop at the end of hallway and open the door. The room was beautiful and the black and grey theme of this room it’s more like it. I open the other door and it was a huge bathroom, for now i have to refreshen up. After 20 minutes at the water i got a new toothbrush at the cabinet. Maybe there have a clothes to wear and when i open the cabinets there lots of different expensive suits so I enter someone room? I’ll borrow a shirt maybe then i get a white t shirt.

“ holy shit?!” I was startled when i turn around and there his standing in front of me.

“ what are you doing here!?” He didn’t leave his stares at my eyes.

“ I don’t know where are room so here I am ended sorry!?” I told him

“ kitten!?” I can see the lust in his eyes

“ I’ll go first sorry for,,,” before i walk to the door he grabbed my wrist to him and i stumble to his chest and his other hands wrapped to my waist.


I slowly get up at the bed and get the t shirt to put in to her. She was freaking beautiful at my shirt and I can’t stop my self. So we ended it to the hot fuck and thankfully my room is soundproof so that her brothers didn’t notice. If Vic found that I’ve been missing around to his sister it will be big problem.

i walk downstairs and i see Sam was holding his phone and i think his looking for something.

“ lean? Did see my sister?!” He ask me

“ she was accidentally enter my room so i let her rest there!?” I normally told him but i see the confusion of eyes of Brent.

Tonight we were attacking the mayer to end this mess. We will go after the girls get back to rest. I was heading to my office when i heard something arguing and it was cheska and Alex.

“ I can’t live like this!?” Cheska was crying in front of Alex

“ i can protect you ches?!” She’s the first person who beg Alex after his mother killed in front of him.

I slowly walk to the other side and i saw Vic was sitting one of the chair.

“ this is bad Lean?!” He put his hands to his head

“ we will figure it out!?” I told him

We were eating dinner and the girls continue arguing about their photo shoots.

“ still you’re talking that damn thing!?” Brent was a little annoyed

“ excuse me mr.? Don’t call it damn cause that damn you called it will help lots of children!?” My kitten is feisty woman

“ but i think it better to cancel it!!?” I suggested it but they turn to me into venomous glare

“ that’s no!?” They said in unison

“ the team who entirely planned this? Their expenses and effort will be just nothing!?” Tracey is always a good heart and this is why My friend Vic was caught his eyes to her yes I’m the only one knows their little secret.

“ but!?” Vic said

“ no?! We can’t allow you guys to decide it, we will go for it!?” Samantha in a serious tone

“ ok?! But we will all go!?” I said and look to vic in the end he nodded.

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