Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 12


It’s been a week past after the incident and no one wants to talk about it. Tracey and Cheska try their best to forget and move on. I know they’re hiding for something but even my brothers didn’t say a single word about it.

“ do you know the consequences if one of my brother saw you sneaking here at our room?!” I scolded Leandro cause every time I’m alone he sneak around and unfortunately we ended at a quick sex.

“ you’re like a drug to me my kitten!?” Here he go again sniffing my neck and wrapped his arms to my waist

“ well.. let’s just say we enjoyed this both and it was just a sex!?” I told him but for my unexpected he unwrap his arms to me and walk away without a word.

Tonight we were flying to L.A and so after we eat dinner we go straight at the airport cause our things are already there. Samuel was leave 2 days ago to Italy and now i and the girls are lying at the small room to get sleep.

“ ches? Is everything ok with you and alex!?” Tracey was froze and stare to Cheska

“ what do you mean!?” She was avoiding my eyes cause she knows that i know if she’s lying or not

“ I noticed it too!? And Alex was always sad by looking at you!?” Tracey said

“ its just I’m not the girl for him!” She look down and tears starting flowing

“ shhh... were Ches ok?!” We hugged her to calm down

She sleep after sobbing and tracey too sleeping with her side. I can’t take to look at them broken because of this relationship.

I woke up and to my surprise i was in the bed and my friends too. I got and message that the photo shoot will be tomorrow.

“ goodmorning!?” I greet the mens in the kitchen

“ how was you’re sleep!?” Vic ask

“ good?!” I sit near to him

“ what time the photo shoot!?” Brent ask

“ tomorrow 8am to 6pm, so we have a whole day to rest!?” I said to them while eating the pancakes

“ thats good to hear,!?” Vuc said

“ whose place is this!?” I ask them

“ Leandro penthouse?!” Alex said

After i eat i walk around, then my attention caught to someone who are busy in gym, i close the door and lock it. This is fun?

“ hi!?” I seductively say to him, and he stop and look at me

“ what do you want!?” He sound like annoyed,

“ so the mr. Dragging are not in the mood? What about lets change the mood?!” I walk to him and wrapped my arms to his neck he smells so good even he was all cover in sweat

“ Samantha!?” This is new he called me in my name i more press my body to him and i feel he was stiffen of it

He was froze when I’m starting kissing his earlobe, neck and down to his body. He didn’t move like no reaction lets see about it. I immediately push down his shorts and take over him.

“ sam...stop?!” He grabbed my arms and push me to one of the couch

“ what?!!?” I look at him

“ I’m not in the mood Sam!?” I feel a little hurts about it, what’s wrong of him

“ what?! Are you serious now!?” I stood up and walk to the door and slam it.


Cheska is still sleeping so I decided to take a bath first before going to get food cause I’m so starving right now. I wrapped my self the towel and to get my underwear but sadly it’s not here my small suitcase. I put in separate to I easily get it. I try to call sam but unfortunately her phone is here. To my carelessness i open the door and i saw Alex so i ask him where is sam and he pointed to the other door. I knock but no one answered but the door was open slightly so push it enter.

“ Sam!?” I called her and i heard noise at the bathroom so I knock it but to my surprise and unexpectedly It was Victor who open the door and he was half naked to my front. He is sexy all the time when i look like him like this water dripping to his great body

“ sorry I thought it was Sam i..” but unfortunately when i turn around i was bump it to a small table and my towel was down before i pull back to my body Vic grabbed my waist to him

“ its to late for that!?” I push him to his chest but its no use how clumsy i am.

I don’t know how long I’ve sleep but right now i heard my stomach sound by craving for the food. I slowly get up to not make him wake up. I don’t know how but i feel sore right now, and to my mistakes i let him again. How can I resist him? I still have feelings to him but it’s not right, I grabbed one of his shirts and slowly walk to the door.

“ where have you been? And why are you wearing my brother shirt!?” Sam ask me after i enter the room and close behind me

“ i was looking at you to ask were my other suitcase but i enter to the room Ales pointed then you’re brother is there so he lean me a shirt!?” I avoiding their eyes cause I don’t want to get caught

“ and that hickeys to you’re neck!?” Shit I’m doom

“ it was...” i sit to the edge of the bed

They are standing in front of me waiting for my answer so i have no choice to tell them the truth and unfortunately they’re shocked to my revelation.

“ so he was the guy who snatch you v that night!?” Yes i told to cheska but I didn’t tell her who was it

“ this is not the first time i caught you both but i still waiting you to open up!?” I look to Samantha

“ but Sam? He was not into age like his sister!?” I don’t know but tears starting flowing

“ don’t worry lets see after my plan i know he will not let you go again!?” She smirked at us

“ but sam? Is there something you have to tell us!?” Cheska ask

We were both laughing at her after we heard she was dumped after trying to seduce him? She was glaring at us.

“ please Vic!?” Samantha was begging Vic to allow us to go clubbing tonight.

“ it was so risky Sam!?” Vic walk out on Samantha

So they decided to not agree with it but Samantha is stubborn so she have plans tonight. We were eating dinner and it was Brent will be guarding us tonight so it was easy to sneak.

“ are you guys sleeping early!?” Brent ask

“ yes?! We were be early tomorrow! So goodnight!?” Samantha said

“ here are the plans girls? The security it tightly but i can fix it to open the door so? Let’s get ready!?” We hope we will not get caught

Samantha is wearing a red backless dress and it was so short so if she will bend a little it will expose everything, will Cheska is also wearing a silk dress and also you can’t wear any of bra of it, if alex will see her? I don’t know what will he do. And lastly I don’t know how they make me agree to wear this? It was a short dress and it more revealing it only cover my front but the cut is up-to below of my cleavage so usual bra is no use of it. We decided not to bring our phones but Samantha said she have something that if there have something happened Victor will know.

“ how did you do it?!” I ask Samantha cause it was easy to her to hack the code and open it

“ will?! I learn it at Vic secretly “ she smirked

Before we plans this scape we’ve been searching the most expensive bar on this city and we even call a grab taxi.

“ how we can get it!?” Cheska said

“ I’ll handle it!?” Samantha said, after a minute talking to the big bouncer he let us in and we saw a jealousy eyes of others girls who was patiently waiting to get in

As we expected it was a beautiful club, we choose a spot that it was close to the dance floor. Samantha order some hard drinks and I don’t know how she do it cause we were just 18 and it’s not allowed yet to drink it.


I was angry when she said that it was just a sex. And this morning I didn’t expected to her actions so i need to get distraction and i ended here at my club. Alex and Victor is here also discussing about business and problems about Samantha. I received that other leaders of mafia wants her. I was busy at my laptop when Victor stood up and yelled

“ what do you mean Samuel!?” He was talking to his brother at his phone and the look of him i think problem

“ Lean?! Why you’re phone was in red?!” Alex said while looking to my phone and this alert is from my penthouse

“ shit!?” I open it and i saw who was the caise of it, the cctv camera of my penthouse is directly to my phone.

“ Samuel called sam use his black card,” how stubborn this teenagers now

He track the card Samantha used and luckily they are here, I called the security and they confirm about this girls but he said they didn’t look like teenagers. We stood up and went to the dance floor and there they are? What the hell their wearing? I saw the angry faces of my friends by looking at them who are drunk? Someone was approaching to Samantha and dancing to her back but before the guy touched her he was kick by her.

“ you bitch?!” But before he throw a slap to her I punched him and when he saw me he stood up and run but sad to say he was caught by my men.

“ what the he’ll Samantha!?” I yelled to her

“ oh!? My grabber!?” She was teasing me

I wrapped my suit to her and pick her, i saw alex and vic they also hold cheska and tracey.

We put them at the back of car and they are singing like crazy, Victor was yelling to her sister and trying to fix the jacket to cover her body.

“ I’m sorry I didn’t know they’re gone!?” Brent in a worry face i just glared at him

“ I’ll bring her to my room!?” Alex said

“ lean?! Can you put my sister to their room I’ll put first this to mine!?” Vic said

I slowly put her to bed and get rid her hells then cover her the quilt, I don’t want vic to have a bad impression for make this girl change her dress.

“ i hate you!?” She was mumbling before she sleep by hugging the pillow

“ thanks man?!” Vic was behind me

“ let’s fix this by tomorrow!?” I told him and tap his shoulder

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