Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 13


I woke up in with a pain in my head, i look at the clock and it was 5:30 in the morning, I don’t know how i got here at bed, i feel a little dizzy but I managed to take a bath but the pain in my head is still aching, where are they!? I sleep alone? First i need to get med, i just grabbed the t shirt the one I accidentally borrowed from that jerk, my hair is still wet and I didn’t comb it yet, a little blurry but I managed to open the door and it was not lock,

“ Vic?!” I called but when i reach the bed it was the jerk, shit why i always got wrong the room

“ hmm..!” He open his eyes and saw me

“ sorry to disturb but i got in the wrong room again?! I need med please!?” I sit at the edge of his bed and he get up half naked, why he always has make me feel this way

“ here?!” 2 tabs and a glass of water

“ thank you!?” I stood up but he hold my wrist

“ don’t do it again my kitten? I can kill every guy in this world remember that!?” He look furious but I didn’t understand what he said

“ huh!? Let me clear with you!? We were nothing? We just sex?! So back off!?” I saw the angry in his face

“ correction Sam? We were not just sex once? More than 10times? And you still with my shirt? Huh?!” He smirked but i just smirked him too and walk to the door.

First i have to get changed before my brother saw me, I’ll prepare a breakfast quickly, but my problem is how I supposed to explain my brother.

“ please Alex? We just talk and settle how can you not understand!?” I heard Cheska complaining while alex is behind her

“ after you’ve done last night? Tell me ches!?” Alex is angry and even me I scared that kind of mood

I knock every door earlier to find them cause we can’t be late, i heard also Tracey shouting inside of one of the room i got knocked.

“ good morning!? “ i ask them but alex just glared at me before sit one of the chair

“ what happened last night!?” Tracey ask when she sit the chair

“ I don’t know?! When i heard a loud knock and when i open my eyes i was with him!?” Cheska pointing to alex

“ what about you trace!? You’re shouting like you see a big ghost!?” I tease her and she was spit her juice

“ Samantha!?” I heard vic behind me shit I forgot him but before i face him i heard someone yelling

“ where is she!?” Shit my other brother? And when he enter the dining area i can see he didn’t got chance to change his clothes?

“ goodmorning Sam?!” I greeted him

“ what the hell Sam!? You? You? What did you think huh!?” He was yelling at us

“ we were just,,!” Before I finish my words Vic slam his fist to the table and that make us flinch and look to him, this is the first time he did it in front of me

“ you act ridiculous last night sam? Tracey? You’ve been in trouble in sleeping after the incident? Cheska? I saw how you react even in a small something drop accidentally? And you? What are you thinking SAMANTHA!” He yelled my name

“ vic...!?” Shit I’m so scared right now

“ you wear like a whore last night? What were you thinking!?” He was yelling to us and i saw the two are sobbing and me? Will my tears keep flowing

“ I’m sorry,,,!?” I stood up and run upstairs the girls too.

We were crying in the room for 30minutes and after that we fix our self, we have 30 minutes left before the photo shoot, we were so silent at the car. Sam will be talking the management that this is the last.

“ Sam!?” Samuel is calm now cause he called me in a low voice

“ i know sam it was my fault and i even stole your card!?” My tears are starting flowing

“ but please next time don’t do it ok!?” He hugged me and tap my back to calm down

“ I’m still piss of Sam!?” Vic talk behind us and he sit beside me

“ I’m sorry!?” I’m sobbing right now

“ i knew it!? After that day you break the security system? I know it was you!?” I nodded at him

“ sorry!?” I hugged him too

“ we have a bad situation right now Sam? So please don’t act stubborn ok!?” Vic said and i look them confused

“ promise?!” It is the first time i saw him angry and I don’t want to see it again

“ Sam? Leandro will be driving you back now?” I look at them in confused

“ i have something important to meet right now!?” Samuel said

“ i and tracey have something to talk about!?” I smiled at vic

“ vic? Just break the wall ok? “ he look at me in confused but i just tap his shoulder

“ no!? I’m not going with you!?” Cheska is yelling while walking to us

“ we need to talk!?” Alex is behind her

“ we have nothing to talk about it!?” She was angry with Alex?

“ goddamnit Cheska? Stop acting like a child!?” Even me didn’t expect that

“ ches? I think you should two talk!?” I whisper to her and she look at me and i smiled at her

“ whatever!?” She said and alex grabbed her hand and walk a way

“ Just ask him if you want to eat at the restaurant? “ vic said while walk me to jerk car

“ ok!? Enjoy!?” I kiss him before i step in at the car

“ dinner!?” He ask me

“ ok!?” I can’t look at him

So he brought me at the finest restaurant and after we eat we got home straight no talking at the car.

“ thank you!?” I’m not in the mood and especially now his being silent was bothering me

“ Sam?!”, he called me but before i response he crashed his lips to mine. I know this time I’m falling to him but I’m also afraid about it cause even him didn’t even say a single word.

“ hmmm...!?” He growled when i try to let go of his arms in my waist

“ lean? Its 6 in the morning I don’t want they saw me I’m here at your room!?” I told him

“ then let it be? Just sleep more? I’m tired!?” He push me down back to the bed and cuddle to me and sniffing my neck

“ no!? I know Vic? And I don’t want another disappointment to him!?” He look at me in the eyes but I avoided it

Our last photo shoot is in the afternoon and my friends is not here, and I don’t know where are they. I got and email this morning that i got in Harvard. They didn’t know yet cause all they know I’ll stay at the school were i graduated.

“ Sam? They called they will meet you in the site?!” Brent said while I’m at the couch and I didn’t see Leandro

“ ok? Ahms were is Leandro!?” I ask him

“ he flight to Italy this early morning!” I feel sad when i heard it,

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